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  1. I had a least 10 Exmas dinners there
  2. Stayed at LK for 71 days just left feb 5th not 1 problem
  3. Hi looking for a condo in View Talay Jomtien 1 2 or 5 from Dec.1st till Feb.28th Will pay up to 15000 baht per month Thanks
  4. Hi Need a place Dec.1st till Feb.28th would prefer 2B Thanks Art ccc.art@telus.net
  5. Hi Looking to rent a place in View Talay 2A or 2B from Dec.1st till Feb 28th. Thanks Art
  6. need a place from dec 1st till feb 29th anything available and what price Art
  7. Really dont want a dark damp room really liked Deana Estates but seems there booked for my timesDec1st till Feb.28th.But want to stay in that area.If you see anything decent around there in your travels would appreciate it. Thanks
  8. Hi Anyone stayed there its close to were i want to stay
  9. Went there just about every night on my way home usually after 1 A few times they were out of ribs so had the chicken which was also good.Back in Nov.for 3 months.Perfect snack place for me
  10. they are a great late snack on the way home and there is always a cart around for your date
  11. Bell bus is allright saves you1000 baht compared to taxi and about 20 minutes longer
  12. Had it done in Canada in the morning went to work the next day
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