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  1. You can't call it a beach if there are no ladyboys!!! chers rb
  2. Hammer, try eating some of the food this time chers, congrats rb
  3. Hey, thanks this is the guy I had all my work done with in the past at PIH and have been satisfied with the work and would like to continue with him but when I asked the "new" at PIH staff about him I got the blank stare!!! He's a little femmy but pretty good, I believe he got hid dental degree in Pittsburgh or somewhere in the US. chers rb
  4. Ya, it seems the entire staff at PIH dental clinic has changed---and not for the better!!! I've had tons of work done there with great results but on my last visit was not impressed with the "new" dentist I got or the work I had done. Use to be willing to pay the little extra $ for what I use to consider better work done at PIH, but I be looking else where in the future. chers rb
  5. long lasting residual affects!! chers rb
  6. Ya but have you ever eatin the food or just the vendors? chers rb
  7. Thanks all getting packed and ready to go wooh wooh rb
  8. No my daily withdraw is 1k USD, I can't remember if the yellow (Karsha?) or the red one's will only give you 10k TB. I think the ones at the Ave and the ones outside of Royal Gardens might be the ones were I was able to get 20kTB? I think the ones at the 7/11's are the ones I could only get 10kTB from per transaction so I'd have to do 2 transactions. I get in Wednesday night Mar 25th for a month and have to pay my rent Thursday morning, I'm on Soi17 behind the 2nd rd by VC/waking St. chers rb
  9. been my experience that different ATM's have max about you can withdraw at a time, some have a 10k TB limit per transaction. Would like to withdraw at least 20k to pay for rent. Has anyone found a ATM that will give out 20k, or can you go into bank with card and get your daily limit from a teller? Hate paying the ATM fee more than once if I don't have to, chers rb
  10. I thought you gave up on "OR" Just follow the parade of LB's! food is good at good price, especially good for watching the sunrise after hiting JP for late night/early morning. Is the constrution done on the north side of JP by the pool playing area? chers rb
  11. I get question all the time "why Thailand?" Maybe I can go with you and you can show me "all" the gr8 tourist sightseing spots!! I only tell them when I've returned, never when I'm going next!!! chers rb
  12. I to would "stay home" if the US was being invaded by Putin and thery were shooting down comercial airliners!!! chers rb
  13. Looks like what I throw-up after eating pizza! chers rb
  14. hab a gr8 time! wish I was there so I could celebrate with ya! chers rb
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