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  1. Opening a bar when the Sterling is at its weakest against the thb in its history, low season, increasing difficulties for ex pats to remain in country, decreasing visitor numbers and on a street which already has increasing competition. Utter madness. he’s gambling on it getting busy on the back of the NW groups increased presence, and the increase in business in that area, but with the amount of bars in difficulty as I write this, perhaps rather than opening a new venue, maybe getting one already on its knees and doing a refurb and turning it around might have been a less risky option. Then again, I know Jack about running a bar, by my own admission. i noticed the NW group icon in the corner of the video, so is the youtuber sponsored by the NW group or is this yet another NW bar but perhaps “under the radar” of the others. He mentioned that he’s going in with other bar owners from the “xtra bar” whomever they are. thanks for the link FBWU, interesting viewing.
  2. Great pics FBWU, the driver of that truck probably shit his pants. It's not your normal or regular recovery job. Probably needed to be craned out "Somchai, we've got a job for you" "OK boss, I'll get the tow rope ready" "Yeah...good luck with that".
  3. There is some mileage in that idea. The RP is upping its game regarding tourism, hotel quality and costs, it's just being able to put up with the fucking abysmal infrastructure. Cebu is actually getting very popular now, but it is one flight out of MNL to get there. Anyway. that rate is shit.
  4. This year has not been kind to EVA, earlier on we had an issue whereby a member of CC was forced to wipe the arse of a passenger, which, to me highlighted a serious failing in Junior managment (the regular CC was made to do it, it should have been the most senior member of CC , not the lowest - that smacks of poor leadership) It also demonstrated that the passenger was not treated as he should have been, that being as an unruly or non cooperative one. One would ask why the Captain did not intervene in this instance. EVA airs comments on this event were typically defensive but the reality of the situation has been reported as being different. Reports suggest the CC Member didn't really have a choice. Secondly, we have seen numerous serious delays. One EVA flight was 2 days late out of LHR back in Feb, and since then there has also been another 18 hr + delay. EVA's flights from LHR and even Amsterdam have been consistently late inward and outward for at least the previous year or more. They only have a 37% frequency of being on time on that journey. We also see 10 abreast seating in Econ and the loss of a toilet in the rear, a decline in on board service and absolutely abysmal Customer Service on the ground. Now, this global strike has entered a new phase because talks have broken down, so we will see more disruption. It is damaging the Airline exponentially, and given the unreliability (which to many comes before price point), previous customers like myself will be leaving in our droves. If we make a comparison to the other two direct Carriers from the UK, Thai and BA, we see that Thai are almost spot on with their departure and arrival times twice a day. No staff disruption and from what I gather, a good CS base in the UK, BA, again, not without its problems and always slightly more expensive than the others, with good times, but an abysmal reputation in the Air and on the ground, however, delays are minimal and overall a well timed service - that has to count for something. After this, we have the other carriers, non direct and mostly ME. All pretty reliable with good CS, good timings and good economy products. People seem to be of the concensus that they would rather get to their holidays in Thailand slightly later, than not at all. Hopefully one of the Airlines will capitalise on this bad fortune EVA is having, and offer another direct LHR or European service to BKK. Be interesting to read BM's thoughts and opinions on this.
  5. Maybe the shape of things to come, reminds me of the Police protectoron from the console & PC game "Fallout 4"
  6. List of upcoming cancellations; https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3728476 And it continues;
  7. I noticed they have cemented the concrete pipes together, handy for when the ground beneath them settles and all the joints crack and break, also not accounting for the heavy traffic running over it plus the added weight of water / debris running through. I'm no civil engineer, but from my very limited knowledge, awkward bends and angles are either designed out of a plan, or if no other option available, they come pre formed as one piece and that only as a last resort.
  8. In some ways I compare Walking St and some of the side Sois over pattaya with my old home town. When times were great, we had clothes stores, Dixons, hardware stores, sweet shops, joke shops, Mens clothing stores, Halfords, Cafes, Jewellers, Menzies etc etc, something for everyone. Town was always packed on a Saturday afternoon and you could guarantee meeting up with a few mates somewhere. Today, it's got betting shops, pound shops, cash converters, "sell your gold" shops, Costas, Starbucks, Sports direct, 5 mobile phone providers plus a carphone warehouse and Turkish Barbers. As you get towards the outer edge of the main street it's Eastern European convenience stores. There are a few stalwarts there still, a Debenhams due to close, plus a handful of independant shops struggling. It is a shithole. As a result, no one has any need to visit, so the high street is pretty much deserted on weekdays and slightly busy at weekends. Although there are different reasons for the decline, the progression has been slow and deliberate, and it's only when you look hard and see what has happened over the years, make a comparison that the reality of it all hits home.
  9. +1 Yogi, big lol with the nostalgia trip of words like "hussies" and "scarpered" lol (joking mate) Next thing, you'll be on about Dickie Davies, World of Sport and light yellow farahs. Anyways, have a dose of nostalgia on me.
  10. Ahhh... now you see the difference between UK and US Colloquialisms. Scarper, or scarpered is a saying we used back when I was at school to runn away, it might be a bastardisation of scampered, but possibly from the 19th century Italian scappare ‘to escape’, influenced by rhyming slang Scapa Flow ‘go’. (from the web)
  11. I was tempted to put this as a reply to Yogi's excellent post in my excellent topic of "exchange rate tipping point", but thought it might need a thread of its own to avoid TF'ing. Having given it some thought, Will the next stage for the bars, given the lack of custom, be laying off girls?. Could we see the WS big guns suddenly realising that you need at least a few customers to run a laundry, and as such start decreasing the amount of Agency girls they employ?. After all, the secret of running a good laundry is getting some kind of return on your cash. I would imagine. More to the point, the struggling beer bars, A/C joints and those with an independant source of income (that being mongers and tourists) suddenly realising that the costs are seriously outweighing the income. Khun Somchai big boss: "khun manager, how many BF's did we hit tonight?" "none boss" "S/T's surely?" "none boss" "LD's then, tell lme about LD's" "34 boss" "34? all night? Am I going to have to tell somchai lead-pipe to check your pockets?" "no boss, 34 total" "fucking hell. Start charging for the toilet and put the prices up".
  12. Great post and a very interesting analysis of how things are as we head into the depths of low season, along with an up to date scan of LKM. Not looking good, not good at all. Kudos for using the word "scarpered" havn't heard that for donkeys years lol.
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