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  1. Never booked with them .but reading the reviews that Brown1950 linked to, I'd give them a miss. sometimes paying a bit extra to go direct with the Airline or through a repuatble TA is worth not getting a headache when things d go wrong.
  2. I heard he died while Cherry Bar was on Soi 8, as I seem to remember it was Adam who reported it to the board, as one of his staff found him. Odd how these people find themselves remembered by so many others. Pale face Lady, Glitter Man and the guy in the pic whom I always thought was called "Tony". They all have their own stories, sometimes interesting but sadly in many cases, tragic.
  3. Yes, he was found dead in a skip. Always felt bad for this bloke, he was dealt a pretty crap hand in the first place, abused by people all his life, then died in a rubbish bin. That sucks whichever way you look at it. I hope that wherever he is now, he is enjoying an existence somewhat more pleasant and rewarding.
  4. Hi Firth Sorry mate I was on about this one, looks pretty derelict to me lol, although I might be well wide of the mark :
  5. Great pics firth and thanks for taking the time and effort to upload them. I'm a bit surprised to see some "derelict" and abandoned boats, along with a couple of derelict buildings. Even in Brentford I'd have thought it would be prime houseboat real estate!. Any idea what boat is behind the foliage in this pic? - With a rig like that it looks commercial.
  6. GBP 37.82 A seriously hard kick in the nuts there, looks like the next "threshold" of bad news will be if it drops under the 35 baht barrier. Shit it.
  7. As per the title. Will you double up next year if you can, or maybe have a lot more to spend and play with and maybe splash out a bit?. Maybe that side trip you've always wanted, or even perhaps extending beyond your usual stay?. I've mentioned elsewhere that the budget for my trip this year is going to act as a cushion if anything goes wrong, but once the uncertainty is more or less a thing of the past, I intend to use it and maybe add a bit more to it for next years trip. If nothing else this whole saga has perhaps taught us all that anything can indeed happen, out of the blue. we all work to a budget, and sometimes it's more fun if that budget has an inbuilt flexibility to it, especially as we aren't entirely sure of the effect this will have on prices, rates and perhaps air fares.
  8. 38 dead according to the website, plus some worrying news coming out of London regarding how close the UK was to defaulting at the start of all this. FTSE been depressed all day as well.
  9. Nope. Thailand closed to international arrivals until 30 June. Any "Thai" planes you might see are either repatriation flights, or possibly aircraft going for storage somewhere, or maintenance.
  10. If you arrive from outside Thailand then you'll be put in prison, because the only way you would get in at the moment without the relevant criteria being met ( legally repatriated) then you'd have to have been a stowaway and as such an illegal immigrant. I don't think the Thai authorities take too kindly at illegal entry, probably less so by foreigners in the current climate. The reality has already been mentioned here, but in answer to your hypothetical question, then the outcome above is probably the only feasible one. You could maybe hypothesise the following: An aircraft flying over Thailand in their airspace declares a Mayday and is allowed to land at SVB. The aircraft is seriously damaged and as such, the passengers need to be allowed entry / Transit into LOS until a replacement aircraft can be provided, in which case, they would be quarantined at the airlines expense. If it was longer than 14 days, arguably the Thai Authorities would still isolate them as they have not entered the Kingdom illegally, but still have not met the criteria to enter the Kingdom legally. Any thoughts on that anyone?
  11. As MLC said, it's not just Expedia doing this, bear in mind all of a sudden these companies saw a sudden stop of cashflow, coupled with demands for bookings made over the last year to be returned. I don't think any company has the financial strength to weather that kind of a storm. It is a sad fact of life and I feel your frustration, that the people on the end of a phone in these places have a pre written "refund script" which they use in order to delay, then dissuade people from pursuing it further. Very often it is older people who fall for this tactic. You did well to get a refund, it sucks that it took so long but at least now you have something back, there are many others who lost everything.
  12. It seems a very seldom replied to section (2013 by the looks of it), would it not be better archived somewhere and replaced with something new to inject some new discussion and topics ?. I understand the topics were posted by Martin and are all locked. Perhaps a new "archive" or "Epic threads from the past" section would be made up?. Maybe open up a thread for discussion and a vote?. Do we need any more or new sub forums on PT?. Just throwing an idea around...
  13. I mentioned elsewhere, with the uncertainty in the private sector not only in the UK but Europe and possibly Worldwide, not going on holiday this year sucks big time, but the money I would have used for that is going to act as a cushion if it all does go south. Many people in the UK have foregone their hols but instead spunked out on new cars, home improvements or other stuff, a lot of it probably frivolous and not needed. It's their choice of course, but I was always brought up to keep some money aside for a rainy day. Maybe we need this year away from Pattaya in order to re assess how and where we stand with the place. Upon our return, will we realise that being treated with disdain by many of the girls is no longer going to be acceptable?, will we vote with our feet and make them work for our money, rather than us putting in the effort?. I sure hope so.
  14. As did I, but I didn't open the link as the headline of the email was all in Thai. In the UK media , BA Senior management is really getting a hard time over the treatment of the employees, who (the management) in turn are blaming the Govt for not relaxing the rules on flying and distancing, it's like a never ending circle of blame.
  15. It's great that we live in a time where a procedure involving the heart can be done in a matter of minutes and the patient sent home the following day. I've met Barry a few times through a mutual friend, I hope he's doing well and trust he will make a full recovery, he's in very good shape for his age (sorry Barry lol) so will hopefully be playing tennis within a month or so, albeit at a slightly reduced pace. 🙂
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