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  1. Butch


    EVA won't credit my miles back I think, I can't really decipher the T&C's, but I only used a few thousand miles to defer the cost by £50 or so. The refund was for the total amount I paid minus the cancellation fee. I also paid to pre book my seat, I'm getting that refunded apparently but it was in a separate email.
  2. Butch


    I'm finding myself agreeing with you. Thai for me from now on. I'm even considering BA over EVA at the moment. I just had my refund from them but trying to call the UK office is impossible, they don't provide an email address so it is down to applying online for the refund and hoping it gets done. Terrible. Shame they don't have a PE but I'd rather fly econ on a reliable airline to be honest. Are you a member of the FF? if so how do you find it?.
  3. Butch


    Mine went back to my debit card, a billing cycle for a CC is between 20 and 45 days, but in my email it also said the payment date is 2 months from date of issue (which was the 1st April as well). It might be that you need to give it 24 hours for it to appear on a CC statement. If it has been refunded, then it might be currently "in the system" , so it has been refunded but not "registered" per se. I had this with a partial parking refund to my CC last week.
  4. Thanks FBWU, Pattaya looks eerie being so quiet. Keep safe mate.
  5. Butch


    Bazle, My refund came through today, it was the cost minus the £165 cancellation fee, paid into my account. I applied the same day you did. hopefully yours will come through soon as well mate.
  6. Actually scrub that. 4 episodes in and it has turned into a modern day PC virtue signalling wank fest. We have an illegal immigrant who turns out to be virtuous and a hero, despite the middle class white woman leaving him for dead in the first ep. We have strong female lead characters, a stereotypical male sex offender / rapist and weak white males in their roles. We also have a scene where highly trained Soldiers can't kill an alien, but a woman picking up an assault rifle for the first time, can. Utter bollocks and don't waste your time. I was actually cheering for the martians by the end.
  7. Butch


    There is a massive backlog. Imagine every pax these Airlines carry in the UK alone from around 1oth March (or earlier depending upon their destination) applying for a refund, it's going to run into the tens of thousands. EVA for example, one 777 outward a day, that's 300+ pax a day who may have cancelled their trips from early March through to say, the middle of May, and my trip was scheduled for May as well, so I imagine it is a bit of a headache.
  8. Butch


    No worries mate. I'll let you know when mine is refunded, with any luck they should be around the same time. I'm just fucked off that EVA didn't have an email address anywhere on their site, and the London office wouldn't answer their phones, so I had to do a bit of hunting around to get any kind of response (the feedback form goes direct to CS in Taiwan)
  9. Butch


    I processed mine on the same day! They told me in an email yesterday that it will take between 4 weeks for the money to be refunded due to high volumes of demand. If you use this form linked below (feedback form) and in the box at the bottom, copy / paste your refund details with the reference number etc which you would have got by email when you applied, they'll tell you how it's going: Here's my reply: "Please kindly note that we have received your refund application for electronic ticket number 69524xxxxxx85 and have already started the refund process. Please kindly allow up to 4 weeks for the refund to be registered into your bank account. Kind regards, Bhavini EVA Air UK you might get a bit of a touchy reply, telling you it's for feedback concerning a flight experience only but they will forward it to the relevant office. https://booking.evaair.com/flyeva/EVA/B2C/feedback.aspx This is the email the reply above came from: csuk@evaair.com
  10. Problem is Bullfrog is that it seems to be wiping out more blokes than women. 71% in Italy male to female mortality and possibly double in Spain... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/26/men-are-much-more-likely-to-die-from-coronavirus-but-why
  11. Fox's new contemporary take on War of the Worlds is quite good. Not exactly fast paced initially but there are some tense scenes and the acting is pretty good as well and some decent camera work. Couple of characters developing nicely. Be warned, I have found myself getting a bit frustrated at the apparent lack of common sense during an alien invasion...:)
  12. Some very interesting points here. I'm going to sound self contradictory in this post, but what I want to do is offer both sides of a discussion we had today. In response, I can see the point regarding expecting too much from the Airlines given current events, but as bullfrog points out, they perhaps have a substandard system during normal service which goes to absolute shit when hit with a crisis. Crisis management is what it is all about, and given that the warning signs were there the moment China and Italy went into lockdown, they should have mobilised their Emergency plans and made preparations. They all have Crisis management procedures, and I would have thought that the closure of Global airpsace / closure of borders would have sat fairly high on the agenda. One of my issues is the fact that they cannot be contacted at all, be it for rebooking or repatriation. no phones being answered, no emails being responded to, tickets being cancelled ad hoc and pax being left stranded with no comms. People are having to go to alternative airlines and then pay a fortune just to get home, this is a massive and unacceptable failing in a time of crisis, and seems to be a trend among the larger carriers. That's an observation of my own, however. Sadly though, pretty much all the blame lies at the feet of Managment. Cost cutting and trimming staff is all part of the bottom line, and this directly hits customer service. People rely upon airlines to get them home, as there is often not much of an alternative. Or maybe we have taken flying for granted?. Perhaps we look at long haul flight, and the fact it is so reliable despite having massive logistical needs just to get one plane from A to B, when the shit really hits the fan, we blame the airlines for not being able to "magic" a plane out of nowhere to bring us and all our kit home safely?. We were chatting at work today (2m apart) that just because an Airline has 200 planes, they don't necessarily have 200 crews to fly in them. (I chatted to an EVA Cabin crew once, the logistics in getting an "out of place" crew back into their roster is a real headache, it's not just a case of sticking them on a plane to Taipei). No CC = No flight. simple as that, there may be 200 pilots but they can't fly if the safety req's are not met, and that includes (I imagine) a minimum CC count. Do we hold the Govt responsible as well?, Did they give enough warning that this was going to leave thousands stranded?. From what I've seen there has been a lack of information put forward, Airlines have a responsibility to their Customers, whether it is to keep information updated or to issue a refund for a pre paid ticket (consumer law comes into effect here as well as the T&C's of the ticket rules) or even to acknowledge and email. In the case of many, this responsibility is not being met.
  13. Seems like it is across the board then. I've been reading flyertalk and Trip advisor, most airlines are an absolute shower of shit in times of crisis, and many are just an absolute shower of shit anyway. Cathay has always been second to none for CS, which is why we fly them all the time. We opted for direct PAL this year for a change and also because we nearly missed our HKG-LHR flight last year due to a heavy rainstorm in MNL. Cathay were absolute mustard during the volcanic ash issues , because we had booked a codeshare Cathay/ BA flight, they helped us out, the Duty manager took us into his office at NAIA, made a call to HKG and booked us onward. BA met us off the plane in HKG and escorted us through security onto the Aircraft. Second time they came up trumps was when Mrs Butch needed to get there in a hurry, one call, no faffing around they had her going out within 24 hours, it was an econ fare and unusually, it wasn't really much more than we normally pay. I was expecting at least 2 grand for a short notice ticket, came in at less than half that. I'm a bit surprised at Oman being rubbish. I was under the impression they are a relatively new and small Airline, so one would have thought they would have their act together, but it proves that customer service these days is becoming less important.
  14. EVA are awful. no method of contact, phones permanently engaged, no email address on the website and the only way to get a refund is via an online portal. Shocking CS in a time of crisis. Edit in, email found for EVA, for all the good it will do; feedback@evaair.com Thai, they have email addresses, but never answer them, no acknowledgement either. Same goes for the phones, always engaged. Terrible. BA Again, phones always engaged, but at least an email acknowledgment. during the volcanic ash disaster several years ago, BA (well, Cathay actually) were very good in the SEA end, but that's probably more to do with having decent staff in HK than the usual gang of wankers in the UK. PAL The TA we used answers the phone and PAL offer a free rebook. Email confirm has been sent. Not bad. Not sure about the others. In summary, I hope both Thai and EVA get their CS acts together, either that or they are shown to everyone that their CS is abysmal.
  15. As I said before, that rebar gives me the shits big time. I think it is because when I was at primary school we had to watch these "gore fest" "educational govt safety videos - building sites bite" has a lot to answer for!
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