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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I love the way they have considered what will happen to all the water when it rains...
  2. Chelmsford? Hello there from Sunny Suffolk 🙂 A few mates from work who visit pattaya regularly now opt for the Emirates out of Stansted, taking that extra hour of M25 travel out of the equation makes a big difference. The A120 once you get off the A12 and past the single lane carriageway (only 9 miles so even at 50 mph it's only about 11 or 12 minutes) is then trouble free dual carriageway all the way there. Brilliant. Same goes for several girls heading back to the Philippines. Also, another major bonus is that National Express runs coaches from nearby Ipswich to Stanstead (via a couple of pick ups) then onto LHR. I've heard good reports about the service into BKK, it leaves around 21:10 for the night flight, arrives at 18:30 ish, or 15:10 arriving at 12:15 (both +1) coming back though is an 03:30 departure (or 02:20) arriving UK at 13:30 . Just did a search for June and it was £613 , not too shabby but not the cheapest out there.
  3. for those of us without FB, can someone please post the story?.
  4. Many years ago I worked for as it was back then, Customs and Excise in the UK in a civilian capacity. It's now all under one roof of "home Office" and "Border force". One of my best mates works for the border force in a middle management role. Even back then there was "profiling" of people, the reason for this is that very often the "mules" were clean, usually guys or girls in low paid jobs, targeted with the promise of a chunk of dollar for bringing through a few "9 bars" of hash, also along with a decoy who had the same type of holdall and if possible, wearing very similar clothes (it was the 90's so shell suits for the guys and girls lol!) This was at a sea port that had passenger ferries on what was a major drugs and hardcore porn route from Holland to the UK. Believe it or not, some really nasty porn on VHS/ BETA videos were fetching some serious money. I remember itemising a load of "Color climax" Cine film that was once seized, and yes, in order to determine the level of how "bad" it was, we watched it (only the normal stuff that would be banned otherwise, nothing that was really really bad - that always went across to the Police, watching porn was a perk of the job back then and done out of sight and out of mind). Facial recognition was then in its infancy and was being rolled out by the Police at footy matches, it was also in use by the Intelligence services in Ireland and by C&E, but it was horribly unreliable and unlike today's systems , *I think* it relied on an image search rather than facial parameters - but I could be wrong, one thing I did know was that it didn't work very well on Asian or black people. Sorry about that, but it just didn't. Nowadays with facial recognition and smart passports, all your movements are known. your profile pings up the moment you pay for your ticket with your CC, all that info including your seat selection (if any) is stored, linked and databased. Much like the API you have to enter for the USA, it is pretty much done anyway, all you are doing is confirming any current info (or updating). They even know where you are via the GPS chip in your smartphone, so there's really no escape. when 9/11 happened, I still had numerous stamps in my passport, including Yemeni ones. Even after it was replaced I was always stopped at LHR & LGW for a search and a few innocent questions. (the questions by the way are always gauged on your reaction time to them, not necessarily the answer you give - although stupid answers will yield a reaction as well). In answer to your question Teelack, yes. you will soon be stopped, asked a few questions about where you've been, then a couple of specific questions regarding your answer (default answer is BKK, so the officer will probably have 3 questions about BKK in his noggin to ask and get a reaction) - usually done in 3's because a cycle of 3 can determine true or fraud usually. They'll take your phone, scan your laptop and let you on your way. Best way through is to co-operate if you're clean, they'll then remove any tags and you'll be fine for 3 or 4 years unless you do something daft.
  5. I think there is a judgement call to be made on connection times, a sweet spot between not crapping yourself that you won't have time as opposed to sitting around an Airport for hours on end. I like to have 3-4 hours for a connection, 1/2 hour to deplane, 1/2 hour through security gives 2 1/2 hour around the airport before the open the gate, depending. anything less than that gets my heart rate up a bit, especially transiting through HKG or one of the ME Airports.
  6. You could stay at the upper end of Bukhao, the baan bukhao is cheap, plus you can cut through New Plaza to Soi 8 just down the road, and there are baht bus to LKM and back from outside the LK royal suites. http://www.baanbuakhaopattaya.com/ https://www.google.com/maps/@12.9349073,100.888461,3a,75y,330.45h,94.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4los6 Kev in thailand did a review on it as well.
  7. I'm not as old as you are Jacko...😂 😂😂
  8. That was an interesting scenario and gave rise to more research into the psychological condition of "scenario fulfilment". Way above my level of understanding but it is a kind of "brain fog" in high stress situations whereby the persons is faced with a certain a scenario and course of action, then fills in any gaps using their own judgement, or that's what Air Crash investigation said on Discovery 🙂 Back to the topic, the TOR system does have IFF but it seems in this case, the difficulty faced was identifying the targets which were non hostile: https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-iran-crash-missiles-explainer/explainer-missile-system-suspected-of-bringing-down-airliner-short-range-fast-and-deadly-idUKKBN1Z90A0
  9. It is a nice area, so nice in fact we almost brought a plot of land there, having just seen the sitrep on SKY news, it is looking quite possible it will kick off any time soon. Always the pragmatist, Mrs Butch has said that the land will be much cheaper as it was the same when Pinatubo erupted, so the chance of a bargain , and at the same time ignoring the very high possibility that it might erupt again in a few years time and also ignoring my statement of not wanting to live (or not as the case may be) next door to one. https://www.cnnphilippines.com/news/2020/1/12/naia-flight-suspensions-tal-volcano-ashfall-ash-cloud.html
  10. Heard some good reports about Opey. In the end my friend went through Honey rooms and got a place in VT6 for 1800 plus the utility bills, which were fairly minimal. Very pleased with the service and he will use them again, he didn't need the maid service as his Mrs did all the dhobi stuff for him.
  11. The Taal volcano is spewing out a lot of ash and as such has meant that a lot of, possibly all flights into and out of NAIA suspended for the time being. Lake Taal and Tagatay are about 45km from us in Bacoor (give or take) and land there is very expensive as the air is (was) cleaner and the views of the lake pretty spectacular, however, even in our area of Manila (which we just returned to the UK from) people are wearing masks and ash is settling. I've asked the in laws to ping me a few pics. It's a bit of a shame really because we were planning to build our retirement home near to Taal, our other option being to move near to Legaspi which, ironically is on the doorstep of another active volcano. I did inform her that I don't want to spend my retirement dodging pyroclastic flows, boulders hurled 6 km in my direction and sulfur saturated air. She called me a moaner. Anyway, anyone flying to the RP and into NAIA might find themselves diverted to Clark or somewhere equally accomodating.
  12. I'm surprised that the SAM didn't have "friend or foe" recognition software built in, plus don't SAM systems have a safety net built in against stuff like this by not targetting passenger airliners because they emit specific squawk?. My very limited and probably incorrect take on things anyway.
  13. Butch


    From what I've read over the last few weeks, even the Thais are bemoaning the strength of the THB. Exports are getting hit pretty hard along with the tourist trade. It is seen as a safe haven for many investors in SEA, this has also effected the Philippine peso but to a lesser extent, the main issue there being the Chinese investment pushing up the price of land in and around Manila. I don't think we will see any improvement in the $/£ THB anytime soon, and while this is a baht thread, developing issues between the USA and Iran could have an effect on the strength of the dollar ,as well as the cost of oil which then filters down to international exchange rates, but that's only the simplified way I see things, so I may well be wide of the mark on that.
  14. 737-800 down in Tehran. still under investigation.
  15. bloody hell they haven't even shuttered off the edges. That'll be broken to bits after a bit of rain and foot traffic.
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