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  1. Ahhh...like me you also fell for the old “nice new Toyota” at the airport which “Had a problem” at the nearest garage, then we had to transfer all our luggage into a crappy old Mazda with useless air con and yaba powered driver. Up and down over the bloody uneven road below the under construction flyover, 2.5 hours into town...
  2. I really can't believe this shit. I trapped my fucking foreskin in my zip fly this morning. We did indeed "have a bleeder" as they say, currently sat in a loose pair of boxer shirts with the end of my penis covered in a mixture of Savlon and blood. Just when I thought things were getting better. still, Mrs Butch is happy, as I'm flying out to the RP this week and was hoping to head over to LOS for a bit, I guess that puts her mind at rest. Having a scab covered penis is arguably not a great starting point for any potential liasons (despite my mongering career being over).
  3. Seems that EVA are stopping the Tuesday flights for the month of May (7,th, 14th , 21st and 28th) then they are reinstated at the beginning of June. The timetable also seems to have a bit of a moment listing only 3 flights for the first week of June, but then sorts itself out and they come up. Any ideas why this might be?, possible reconfiguration of planes, maintenence or something else?.
  4. Pushing 26 degrees C Saturday Sunday, slightly cooler today in East Anglia. Nothing a cold bottle of Aspalls Vintage Cider can't cure though, sitting in the garden on the bench watching the planes coming over destined for Stansted and a few coming out of LHR heading towards Asia, while eating a pint of cockles and listening to some Rolling Stones. Manila pushing 50 degrees C in some Urban areas (Urban heat Island effect) , Mrs Butch just got back (Sat) and said it was opressively hot, so I'm expecting a massive bill from Meralco as the A/C's have been running non stop for about a month now. It's my turn to head out to Manila soon, I hope to get a side trip into LOS planned if I manage to get the time, hopefully this time Cebu Pacific won't lose my luggage.
  5. Totally agree. Climate change is happening, but it has been part of the cycle of the Earth since it got an atmosphere. The effect the UK has on the global climate in comparison to India, China, South America , Africa and Russia is miniscule, if anything at all. Man does have an impact, but so does nature. Even if the whole of Europe and the USA make changes, if the rest of the world doesn't, then it is pointless. I find it ironic that the protesters hit the Shell building in London, yet Shell is one of the biggest investors in renewable energy sources and research, but the middle class environmental "warriors" fail to see or acknowledge that. The Police in London have proven themselves once again to be totally ineffective. They have failed in stopping knife crime and now they can add this to their list of inadequate achievements. I would ask how the crusties managed to get a lorry and a plastic boat into an area where traffic is banned, and why at the first sign of the protestors refusing to move, they didn't crack open the riot gear and go and bust some skulls, because had it been a Brexit rally , that surely would have been the case. I also see that thespian slag Emma thompson thoughtfully flew in from the USA on a 747 and went straight out to support the protestors...all we need now is her odious turd of a husband telling us all how wrong we are. Cunts.
  6. Well, it seems the middle class elite champagne socialists have called off targetting and disrupting the entire schedule of LHR, possibly on threat of getting punished, and not let off with a gentle slap on the wrist but perhaps something more severe like getting twatted with a baton and thrown in Scrubs for a week. Stopping traffic in London is one thing,threatening to break into and getting onto an active Runway on an Airport and glueing yourself to a 777 is something else and *I think* might be treated by the not-so-lenient-anymore Authorities as a terrorist incident (which they seem keen to apply to anything which they whimsically wish to these days). https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/apr/19/extinction-rebellion-stages-youth-protest-at-heathrow-airport https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/extinction-rebellion-protests-police-surround-climate-change-activists-at-heathrow-airport-as-a4122006.html (Sorry about the left wing wanker guardian / standard link) Fine and dandy to protest, not fine and dandy to disrupt people going on a well earned break which they have probably saved hard for.
  7. Oh no, what a shame...
  8. checklist, checklist, checklist, checklist. Visual, physical, secondary, final. I work with checklists all the time and have to make them up for other people as well, so I'm used to it. Didn't stop me leaving the keys for our cases on the kitchen table in the UK when we turned up in Marina di Carrera for a family holiday though, plus our cases were all samsonite hardshells lol. It still happens , I suppose we're more relaxed on holiday and in holiday mode so stuff might well get forgotten, but the truth is we do most of it as routine anyway, such as turning off the cooker or lights when we leave the house and locking the doors. I've turned around 15 miles away from home and gone back to check if I'd locked the doors once (I had). I expect we're all the same, get into the Taxi for the airport and rummage through your bag to make sure your passport, ticket and money are there, despite the fact you checked it when you left the hosue, got into the car and was 10 minutes down the road 20 minutes ago... always helps to make sure. Best advice is to leave a key with a trusted neighbour so if, horrors of horrors you think you might have forgotten to turn off the A/C, heating, bathroom tap or flush the massive turd in the toilet, you can always give them a call.
  9. Apart from a couple of fully legal "scams", the CC companies are clued up these days. We put all our business expenses on AMEX for the points, then claim the VAT back at the end of the Tax year (20%), it's simply using a regular CC for business use as opposed to using the HSBC one which the account is with and getting jack shit in return. AMEX also have a travel agent service which we also put on expenses, it gives preferential avios points as well as the purchase points so again, kind of getting two for one. I guess some people are too busy to go through the T&C's of credit cards looking for loopholes these days.
  10. For a hotel transfer, I'd bite the bullet and use a proper taxi. nothing screams "cheap charlie" more than sitting on an MC taxi while holding a suitcase btween you and the driver. In the rain. Baht bus costs on "the circle" of second & beach rd remain 10 baht, bukhao 10 baht all the way along from klang to the market, and they seem to be a better class of Bahtbus Somchai there, they actually give you change when you hand over a 20 instead of driving off in a cloud of non DPF'd diesel fumes. Motorsomchai as always negotiate, I got stung 100 baht for Bukhao to Walking at midnight, following day the very same guy charged me 50 baht at 8pm. I asked him why and he just smiled but oddly when we stopped he bought me a "bag" of coca cola from a vendor along with one for himself. Weird. I try to use him whenever I see him now, we have a gentlemans agreement of 70 baht regardless of time of day and destination. Otherwise Nam does local stuff as well as Airport runs.
  11. Yep, spot on. I also used to fly Elite (Evergreen deluxe iirc) on the 747 combi's out of LHR and it worked out at £75 extra each way (£150 total) over the economy fare which really was a no brainer. Better seats, better cabin and at the time a very unique offering when Thai only had the 3 class on their 747's as opposed to EVA's 4. Biz and first were in the upper deck and separated into 2 areas, back when the CC gave a bow and received a round of applause from the pax upon getting to the gate. As time has moved on, other airlines have seen the value in this class and have adopted it. I remember filling in about 3 surveys for EVA online a couple of years ago, so it was evident they were doing the research to change something back then. I pretty much always fly PE to LOS, and occasionally to the RP, but Cathays 777's are still 3-3-3 so it's not much of a ballache if I'm on my own, but with the family we always go PE or Business depending upon the deal we can get. EVA have indeed built upon their success and deservedly so. Saying that their Customer service on the ground really sucks, in the air it's a different story though. With regards to their FF program, I've never been particularly enamoured with it, it has always struck me as being less than fair , especially in comparison to Marco Polo (although MP is a paid subscription so not really fair of me to make a comparison there). It is better than some and worse than others. Thanks for the post Cal Eden, I remember you did post it elsewhere mate, and sorry I should have linked to that in my op.
  12. As of March / April EVA are rolling out new fare families withing exsisting fares, if that makes sense. Instead of the old fare rules designated by letter, they're now split into 3. Now whether this is a good or bad thing is anyone's guess, but they seem to be selling it as being full of advantages which it obviously isn't going to be for the end user. Also, EVA WiFi has changed, instead of purchasing time you now purchase chunks of MB to use during the flight. I've added it as a youtube link rather than being embedded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1bVvwR3PHs
  13. Correct, but that doesn't mean that the objects hitting them would have behaved any diffrently, given that fundamentally they were both reinforced structures designed to absorb impacts of extreme weather and possibly given the previous twin towers attack, an incident similar to this. There would still be an obvious debris field. I also cannot for one moment believe that one of the most important strategic buildings in the USA didn't have any kind of outward looking surveillance systems. I have worked on US Bases in the UK in the mid to late 90's and the security there was tight to say the very least, they were even running facial recognition with thermal and movement detecting security systems monitoring the perimeter and other areas.
  14. San franciso cocksucker!
  15. Yep, i'm at pains to see how two other planes of equivalent size managed to bring down two skyscrapers and leave a debris field several miles wide, yet one hitting a low level ground object didn't, and also did very little localised damage. I also refuse to believe that the most important strategic building in the USA second to the Whitehouse doesn't have a functioning CCTV system, neither have any radar images been released. It stinks, even to this day.
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