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  1. 14/11/19 - UK time is 16:19 - PT going very slow and the message above appears. Same again at 16:21, 16:24 Not sure if it is my end or PT end, but I'll log out, reset my PC and log back in later.
  2. Bloody hell Rawhide, there can't be that many carriers left for you to try 🙂 They route via Frankfurt, the product is very good, I went over to youtube to see how the cabins are in Econ and PE, very impressive.
  3. Nice with Ice was an upstairs bar next to the PO (or just up from it) one would take a copy of the Times, sit down at the bar which had cut outs in it along with a small curtain to protect your privacy, and the girl would get to work. Pumpstation was the same premise, also Golden girls a bit further up was a traditional BJ bar. Pumpstation also had a small sofa and curtained off area if you wanted to go further with the girl. Or so I'm led to believe.
  4. I'll be carrying a lot of stuff. then again, the average motosomchai can handle some serious luggage, so it might be an option.
  5. That's a very good price. Lufthansa are one of the better airlines these days as well.
  6. Couple of good suggestions there, cheers. I wasn't sure if I needed to charter a baht bus, but grab is also an option I hadn't thought of.
  7. Does anyone know the easiest and best way to get to and from the Market from say, Central Pattaya or Bukhao?. I'm not sure if baht buses run up and down Theprassit from the junction of Thappraya Rd, so in essence it could be a 3 x baht bus journey plus a bit of walking.
  8. Do you know if the 787 is currently in service on a route or is it part of a fleet upgrade and going to be brand new?. I'm currently deciding whether to book now for May 20, if this was going to be put into service earlier it might have been an option, given that the BA PE product on the 787 seems to be pretty good (or at least better than the 777 equivalent from the online reviews).
  9. Didn't they do that recently?. Hopefully it'll be cumulative and star to make a difference soon, but then again I'm quite obviously no expert given my recent predictions
  10. I'm not on about the basic level of ability, I believe that a basic understanding such as how to ask for food, directions, the numbers, money and simple stuff like "what do you like or can you do ??" are essential and polite given that we are a guest in their Country, but I'm on about the more the advanced level of Thai like future tenses, holding a conversation for more than a couple of minutes, stuff about the weather and how to install a proximity sensor to the hoist bearing on a ZPMC Post Panamax crane. English ability among the girls is definitely and very clearly improving to a point where all or many staff in Beer bars and GGB's have a good grasp. GG girls are even polishing up on their Hindi and Korean. Google is of course a blessing, I had a conversation using google translate with a Korean girl lost up at Terminal 21 last trip. I now know what "fuck off " is in Korean at least. Given that there are now hand held translation devices, akin to something you might see on Star Trek, and the tech is becoming even more advanced as time goes on, how long will it be before we can have a "Babel fish" like implant to do it all for us I wonder. Back to the current situation, as I said, a basic and polite understanding and ability is good to have, but as girls are beginning to learn more and at an earlier age, tech is making life easier for both parties and English is now (as far as I know) being taught in Primary schools in Thailand, is it really worth dusting Benjawan Poomsan Beckers book off anymore and playing the tapes?.
  11. Nice report that Bazle, thanks for posting.
  12. Most of it is probably under Chaiyapoon and the R Con Sewer project. It's probably going to get worse as well, increased demand through massive building projects versus zero investment in infrastructure supplying it. Same thing is happening in parts of Manila, although the electricity supply is also pretty limited at times.
  13. the very same. She did say she was thinking about working elsewhere last time we spoke. Oh well, onwards and upwards I guess.
  14. Good points and valid, but I think the concept of "3 holers" like the DC10, MD11 and Tristar are confined to history for the exact reasons which you mention. Eveything today seems to point at 2 engine capacities for all ranges.
  15. As long as Ploy is sitting on your lap, there's no such thing as bad news...
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