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  1. Good point Gottsy, but I'm not sure if it applies to Asian carriers, in this case I was using Cebu Pacific who are useless at the best of times. I did eventually get my ticket refunded for the inward journey which was roughly 4000 peso, but it took me 6 months and a few shitty emails to get that. I've learned a lesson though, from now on I put in the hand carry a spare pair of underpants, along with a change of clothes, as well as a phone charger.
  2. Hi Gottsy Welcome to the forum mate, I've often wondered how Pattaya was way back when , would have been great to visit the place back in the day.
  3. The Sterling rallied a bit yesterday, hopefully there will be some improvement. Thanks for the update Jacko.
  4. Hi when I type “pattayatalk.com” into the address bar i get a “server not responding” message. In order to get into the forum I need to google pattayatalk forum and link in from there. is the problem my end or the other?. I’ve deleted cookies etc and am having the same issue on iOS and windows, since last night (weds 13th). cheers.
  5. They have indeed, They seemed to have pulled a bit of a flanker with this one, upgrading to 2 services a day is no small measure for any Airline, all in what, less than 10 months or so?. I think it was announced the flights would commence on 08/06/18 Brown1950 said. Not bad going.
  6. Your itinerary sghould list the type of Aircraft upon which you will be travelling on each leg, or if you are concerned about the Seoul - BKK Aircraft, just throw the flight number into google and then search for the flight details.
  7. Bump, map updated with a couple more venues, and any bars of interest or deserve an honourable mention I'll add here as well.
  8. Looks great, especially on a 747. According to an FB post I saw on another forum, the landor colours were speculated to be on G-CIVB, but I'm not complaining!. It's also a shame it's going West, we live on the Eastern corridor and often see the stuff heading to SEA if they opt for the flight path over N Essex. Rumour is that BA have introduced a "retro interior" across the enitre fleet in economy, consisting of worn seats, 340p IFE, unpalatable food and Cabin crew who look upon anyone in Y,B,H or below with disdain. In order to truly add to the experince, luggage is mishandled and expensive items stolen by baggage handlers, and the toilets have been upgraded to smell of stale vomitus along with a yellow urine stained toilet seat. To avail of the experience, all you have to do is book an economy ticket with BA to any destination.
  9. Here's their latest offering, an A319 in BEA Colour scheme...
  10. Brexit uncertainty is fuelling this. As time goes on and no extension is offered, it might get worse. Thanks for the update Jacko.
  11. Yep a majority of Airlines are routing south of Indian and Pakistan, some now using Dubai as a refuel stop as it has added time to the journey. Mrs Butch is heading out to the RP with Cathay next week, she got a 40 kg allowance in business, so always worth checking. 20kg is a bit mean to be honest, even though I usually come in at 17 kg on my outwards trips in econ, it's always nice to have a few kg spare in case you want to take something extra. This might be a reaction for the EU-Thailand flights which are currently being re routed around India as it adds time and mileage to the journey, considering Thai run flights out of Frankfurt, UK, France and several other cities and in many cases , more than one service a day, just look at FR24 for flights heading into BKK between 0500 ad 0700 and you'll see what I mean. Expect some others to follow suit in the coming weeks.
  12. Yep, I guess it is hit and miss and probably time of day etc. Like many I won't spend a red cent in any bar connected with him.
  13. Baht buses are still 10 baht. Soi Bukhao and LK Metro has expanded exponentially bar - wise. In fact, I tend to stay around that area now as Beach Rd / Second road hotels have lost their lustre, and you can cut through to Sois 7,8 and Central festival from Bukhao in an easy 5 min walk. Sois Chaiyapoon and Lengkhi are also popular for massage parlours and cheap guest houses / restaurants. Soi Honey is also a good massage venue. As mentioned elsewhere, everywhere you walk there is some cunt with a camera, either vlogging on youtube or just taking photo's. WS is terrible for it, LKM getting progressively worse. Speaking of which, Soi diana seems to be dying a very slow and tortured death for some reason. Papagayo still has a massive Gin menu though. JP bar has gone i'm told, late night Ibar and Insomnia nightclubs for off duty girls, but Insomnia seems to be full of vest wearing middle eastern musclemen for some reason. Lucifer, Red Car (gullivers - the one with the Vette on the wall) and 808 above Candyshop offer the nightclub experience, also Miami on WS might be worth a look if FL action is your scene (and at 5k a pop plus BF longtime, why wouldn't it be lol?) Plenty of GGB's, prices covered elsewhere on the forum. Windmill for good fun, hands on as well, Babydolls same same. Beer bars abound, still offering happy hours and many in the Bukhao area offering 2 for 1. Plenty of live music bars around, almost one on every busy Soi. Daytime fun: More Gentlemens Clubs, MC Taxi drivers are now fairly knowledgeable regarding locations, just show them a google maps pic. Soi 6 is still busy but has effectively been ruined in the opinions of some (myself included) as the Nightwish group have opened numerous bars along there with the same kind of approach, loud music, lots of girls rinsing newbies for drinks. Even the managers get in on the act. However, Ruby club and a few select others are still open for naughty, behind closed doors fun. Nighshit are expanding their operation into Chaiyapoon as well apparently. Still numerous daytime bars open along Beach Rd, Tahitian queen A/C still a welcome change from a hot day, PBG offering half decent food but the service sucked big time last I was there, 45 minutes for Tom Ka Gai... Multitiude of massage parlours in the Chaiyapoon, Lengkhi / Honey area, most offering happy endings. not sure on prices though, or quality of the girls. Some decent restaurants in town, Grottinos for a good Italian, plus a few specialist places opennig up (Wine Bistro, craft beer joints). Other stuff: Terminal 21 is a massive shopping centre, but never been there. A few Starbucks / Costas opened if you want a coffee and a read of the paper. Motorcycle hire still available cheap, but make sure you are legal, the fines are getting ridiculous. Loads of Hotels to choose from ranging in price and quality. LK group are very good, Eastiny and flipper are the budget end and look very tired. Sabai group again are mid range but again need updating.
  14. Good review Bazle, Kev in thailand recently visited it as well and did a video. 59 baht for bottled beer (according to the vid) isn't too shabby either. I'm partial to a Madras or Chicken Ceylon, but £7 for a decent Indian with a soft drink is not bad at all. They seem to have a good selection of draft, plus some craft beers. I'll definitely give it a visit in the future.
  15. I noticed on FR24 that there's a BR067D (D designates a delayed follow on day flight for EVA planes), seems like EVA will have 2 planes in LHR today, I expect one will take the pax who didn't travel yesterday out this afternoon sometime.
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