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  1. I've been reading up on the new 777x and it seems to be getting closer to the actual test flight stage, (Q2 2019) with deliveries expected in 2020 (as I understand it). From first impressions it appears to be quite revolutionary in a number of areas, not least the Engine design and development, along with folding wingtips and pax capacity of over 400. Some are saying this could kill off the A380. I'm not so sure if that is a fair or relevant comparison, perhaps putting it up against the A350 might be better, here's an interesting comparison: https://simpleflying.com/777x-vs-a350/ Anyway, speaking of Engines, here's the new GE9x strapped to a 747, the comparison to the GECF6 this particular 747 has, to give y'all an idea. Either way, hopefully it'll be better for the end user (us) in both comfort and reduction of costs.
  2. Butch

    Indian girls

    cleared that up for me then lol.
  3. Butch

    Indian girls

    Call me a cunt, but are we on about "totem pole" Indians or "£4 for a loaf of bread" Indians?.
  4. That's not unusual in the field of Airline customer service, you've only got to look at that utter shower of shit which is BA, (actually the UK side is worst of all, the HK staff bend over backwards to help pax) . EVA weren't much better last year when they cancelled their flight out of LHR either, leaving pretty much everyone in the dark. They're supposedly 2 non budget airlines, who are keen to point out to everyone how great they are. By far the best customer service out there is Cathay Pacific, never had an issue using them, but the flights do come at a bit of a premium compared to others. I can't see any of the big carriers swapping BKK for UTP, as BKK is a global hub, I think the best bet anyone can hope for is that either Emirates or another ME or even Aeroflot use UTP as a second stop or as an interim for flying onward from there (Vietnam or somesuch place).
  5. I wrote a long and comrehensive reply to a thread, only to be timed out by the system, hence it is now lost. What is the time out and how can I change it?.
  6. Very probably the case, I've tried myself and keep getting "no flights available" , plus trying to book for May for example gives a message "No flights avaialable in May" A friend recently flew Thompson (TUI) direct to Vietnam, he said it was bloody horrific and not a patch on EVA, Thai or indeed any of the ME Airlines. I have flown (read: suffered) a 4 hour Thompson flight to Turkey, which was made much more enjoyable by a really badly behaved 3 year old we had with us, and a very stroppy Mrs as a direct result. I may be wrong but I think they also do a weak attempt at premium economy (extra legroom seats) - probably the only way to fly long haul with them tbh.
  7. Butch

    The rate on the street.

    I agree, it is sad and it is also a poor reflection on farangs in general. I used to call them "lost souls", the balloon chasing budget watching tightwad expat who never leaves a tip and makes a pig of hmself at any free buffet, that was even a few years ago when it was over 50 baht to the sterling. Then again, it's probably no measure of wealth. I have an expat mate who is as tight as a ducks arse, yet he is pulling in £2.5k a month net and sits on half a million quids worth of property assets, yet he still drinks draft and his wardrobe consists of singha singlets and cargo shorts, he rents a real dump of a place just this side of sukhumvit, so I guess there are exceptions to every rule. I can't think of anything worse than being in funtown with no money to enjoy it. I know that some of these guys live literally week to week, and have a daily budget of a few hundred baht in some cases, so any decrease in the rate or increase in costs will always hit them hard. It's not due to boredom, it's due to falling into a rut and not being able to get out of it. If you ever talk to these guys (and I know a few of them) they always bemoan the 2 week millionaires (but happily accept a drink from them), they have a heirarchy of dislike, with big spending Asians at the top, followed by Thai males, baht bus drivers, two week tourists, bar owners, Indians and Russians (the last few in no particular order). They convince themselves and try to convince you that they are living the dream. Well, my dream doesn't match up with sitting outside a supermarket drinking cheap beer at 10:00 in the morning . They also have a self imposed sense of superiority, on the basis that they live there and I don't, ergo it stands to reason I know fuckall about the place. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I couldn't and wouldn't live in Pattaya. As with anything, the novelty wears off after a while. I'll have even money that the most stalwart of Expats on this board sometimes feel that the hassle of going to a GGB is really not worth it, and they would rather stay at home, as opposed to us tourists who, even if we're laid low with the Pattaya flu will drag ourselves out of bed just to maximise our time there. Anyway, sorry for my TF and going off topic. Don't expect sterling to get any better until Brexit is agreed or over with, meanwhile a stronger Baht will have double the effect. The GBP and PHP rates are not that fantastic either.
  8. Butch

    Bali Café on Soi Buakhao

    Great review Evil, the price point seems to be very reasonable indeed. Thanks for posting it up, I'll give this place a look sometime in the future.
  9. Butch

    Monkeywatch - December 2018

    "We are the world bar" - The one next to the burger king (between Soi 7 and 8)?. didn't know it had closed down!. Oh well ,another Pattaya institution gone. Enjoyed many an afternoon in there sinking cheap Tiger beer and watching the world (well, traffic) go by.
  10. Yes, However there is speculation of the person(s) when they are caught being charged for other offences such as reckless endangerment etc which may add to the sentence. I'm not a lawyer but I can see an example of these people being made as a pretty strong deterrent.
  11. Not sure if already reported on the board (or even in the correct section) but someone has been flying drones in and around the approach vectors of LGW since yesterday, closing the Airport and stranding thousands of pax. Some saying it is not terror related, some speculating it might be a minor or fringe group of environmental activists and some saying it could be a couple of spotty teenagers. Either way, the Military have been called in and when the catch the perps, they'll be getting a serious stretch inside. Threads on PPrune: https://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/616498-gatwick-drone-s.html BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-46623754 Pisses me off to think that some selfish shit has ruined the holidays of thousands of people just for their own agenda. I hope they really get their comeuppance.
  12. Butch

    Congratulations on the Upgrade

    Looking good Frosty, thanks for taking the time and effort.
  13. Butch

    trying to recall a venue

    Ahh, absolutely spot on! That's the place. Great sleuthing Forcebwithu. I was beginning to wonder how bad my memory was. I wasn't too far out with my "Big C" guess it seems. Thanks mate, much appreciated. FWIW The food and prices there are very reasonable. Seems to be a Thai family favourite, especially at weekends.
  14. Butch

    trying to recall a venue

    Nope, not Ninja, definitely. My sense of direction is pretty shite, although I recall it being more central / Big C area, possibly between 2nd and 3rd rd.
  15. Butch

    trying to recall a venue

    Hi Chaps I'm racking my brain on a place that a friend of mine took me to eat last year in Pattaya, the problem is he can't bloody remember the name of it either!. It is set back from the road a little bit, has numerous plastic / wooden tables outside and a toiler block on the left as you enter. It is quite a large area. I think it's near the Big C, basically it's an open air dining place where you grab a table, and then go up and select your food , pile it up on a plate and cook it either over an outside BBQ provided and then over the table delivered cooker. I can recall that in order to select your food you have to walk up some steps to an elevated platform where everything is under cover (like a big marquee), the BBQ pit is also on the platform and is used by everyone to BBQ the seafood. It's one price , fixed per person with drinks on top. Fairly sure it's second road area somewhere but bollocksed if I can recall. virtual (or real) beer to anyone helping my grey matter become less grey and more matter....