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  1. What is tne difference between: Renewel of adult passports at 3740 Renewel of first adult passport at 4930 Both links look they take you to the same place
  2. My arrival on 17 Oct, I got a stamp in the passport and the T.M.6 stuck loose in the passport. Nothing stapled in the passport
  3. Was there 2 days after it opened. Not sure how many from Bangkok are going to be coming on a regular basis....it looks almost identical to the one in Bangkok. They do need to sort out traffic, it funnels out into a giant parking lot.
  4. XE shows 33.0685 and 30 minutes ago when I cahnged $200 at TT it was 32.92
  5. Y2k was a HUGE deal with lots of people saying the world was goung to end...until it 1 Jan 2000 and then very little actually hapened. Less then 7% of the worlds population is in EU
  6. ttk


    Saw this last Saturday...not sure if this site or not
  7. Wow .... You think it will take hours of repetion to learn how to use a clutch???? You never mention what will happen after the 5-10M ride.....most people would use the brakes to stop....but you never mention learning the "friction point" of the brakes. Sounds like it would be best to give up the screaming and idea to even ride a MC
  8. Brexit is a big deal if you live in the EU. Google tells me that is only 6.9% of the worlds population. China accounts for around 19% with India another 18%. All told, Asia has 62% and Africa 16%. Neither of these continents will be impacted much I do not see any major impact to 93.1% of the worlds population no matter what happens. Again, Google says the British Pound has fallen 12% or so against the Euro and 5% against the USD. That is great news for the EU and USA. Y2K was hard to avoid unless you lived in a 3rd world country without any modern technology. My point was that a
  9. Anyone recall the Y2K doom and gloom? Computers will crash and the world will come to an end. Turned out it was all BS and only a few very trivial hiccups. I suspect BREXIT to be the same. All doom and gloom by people with agendas
  10. I always use my drivers license at exchange booths. They have yet to require a passport. In case they ever do, another booth is close by. Loosing a passprot would cause all kinds of headaches that I avoid by not carrying it.
  11. Never seen them jump on a bike and give chase. They do tend to setup checkpoints at natural chokepoints (entrance to walking street, red lights, and other places where you must slow down) . They will then jump in front and grab the bike keys.
  12. A while back I heard that you will not be able to rent a motorcycle without the IDP. Can anyone verify that this is the case now? I googled for rules and all I can come up with is this. "According to the UN Traffic Act of 1949 and the Thai Traffic Act of 1979, an IDP is not required if you are a tourist/visitor in Thailand as long as your license is in English, has a photo, and your country is a contracting state of the 1949 treaty, which most are." That would indicate that they are not required for most drivers.
  13. The airline website. If I flew infrequently and had zero status in an airline flyer program, I would probably use search engines for cheapest flights.
  14. Must have been a great party since Hammer has still not recovered going on 3 days now.
  15. They may be 1/3 of tourists but they probably take way over 1/2 the time to get through. Ever watch them in line? I was unfortunate enough to hpget stuck behind a plane full one time. They get to the front and then realize they need to fill out the immigration form. At that point they stand there , or just palnt themselves on the floor,and fill out the form...blocking the entire line.
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