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  1. 4 pm to 2:30 a.m. each day both Saturday and Sunday no traffic on Beach Road, from Dusit curve to south of Central Festival so assuming this music fest has been staged before on Beach Road, what do the baht buses do? 3rd Road? They go north to the dolphin roundabout but have to get back south somehow or Naklua will have 2,000 stranded buses in about 2 hours.
  2. Most of us sleep 8-10 hours, some commute 1-2 hours, some work where personal electronics are not allowed in the workplace for 4-5 hours at a stretch, and yet we all survive 5, 10, 15 hours with no wifi. Read a book, watch a movie and connect when you land. I get offered free wifi in business and first class and I don't use it. More to life than Facebook. I was sitting across from Red Point today on a really tired looking Soi 6 due to lack of punters. 100% of the girls were sitting out front with their noses buried in phones for IG or FB or whatever. Not appealing if one feels you are interrupting them.
  3. On their pricing page you can see B1,200. It will be interesting to see how long they are able do this as the immigration officer (not the ladies at the entrance who take the FT card) wanted my boarding pass.
  4. I get my bike tomorrow and Rubber Land beckons. Better be some Trojans there.
  5. I arrived at 10:50 and was 3rd in line in Fast Track. Despite there being instructions in the language of the passenger and an animated diagram as to what to do, the two in front of me were faced with their own personal Rubik's Cube. Then when I am the next to go, this guy in the longer next line, who was related to the two before me asked if I'd mind if he and 4 of his group went ahead of me. Yes I mind and no they didn't. 5 more people baffled by a piece of glass is too much. They may still be in the line. From door open on the plane to the hotel in Pattaya 2 hours and 10 minutes which has to be a record. Including DTAC in the luggage area with two really cute DTAC girls. Same prices as outside but with no lineup.
  6. I fear he prepaid for this and the cash is sunk. Prepaying for hotels is the equivalent of buying the basic fly or else airfare saving 3% in the process and having no ability to bail out. I see on the map it's walking distance to Rubber Land, might be very low cost condoms there. I wound up on Suk 46/3 once by accident on my bike and this is around there but wow not great access to anything familiar. Apart from Rubber Land which I now want to go to.
  7. I suggest for non emergency treatment you send a message to Gavin Wadell at Phyathai hospital in Sriracha. He coordinates expat treatment e.g. those who pay cash. You're met by a nurse and translator, see a specialist on the dot in time, front of the line to imaging and in and out PDQ. It's not that far. I used Mr. T. I sent an SMS at 2 pm and had an 11 am appointment the next day. I saw a neurologist, perfect English, had a CT scan, got an OK, pills, DVD and all in an hour for $250. If you're going to get an imaging study you may as well have an expert tell you what they see. If you're not seen by an MD regularly they do monthly promotion deals of dozens of tests for big discounts. An email a month. I got good emergency treatment at Pattaya Memorial for a dog bite, but nowhere as white glove or any cheaper than Phyathai.
  8. I am going to guess Tobie (or To-bee) is involved in this venture. I guess if you were homebound this sort of thing might appeal but I don't mind at all going to Food Mart.
  9. $100 cheaper than a first skydiving jump which boots you out at 4,000 feet with a static line.
  10. If you pay enough you can walk on a deck on the outside on top of the bulb there at the top of the tower, 1,168 feet above the ground. CAD $195 apiece. Ropes and such included.
  11. The 1,800 foot one in the background with the red arrow pointing at it.
  12. CNN is in Atlanta CN Tower is in Toronto CN = Canadian National Railways
  13. 30 years ago people who voiced these types of oddball theories would have wound up in in the looney bin.
  14. Flight 93 was going at almost supersonic speed when it hit nose first into solid ground. Pieces would be particles at that speed. Even if you follow the nutjobs and Alex Jones types that it was "a missile", it would still crash and maybe even the same way. The USA had the right to go after Al Qaeda and Bin Laden before 9/11 and only the sad and closeted conspiracy hounds would think the USA did 9/11 to that degree (one small building would have sufficed or no building at all, e.g. just Flight 93) and that somehow enough explosives to take down two buildings were planted by demolition experts with nobody knowing. What rubbish perpetuated by the joke of what the internet has become in some respects. The Pentagon was seriously damaged even though it is build like a fort. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/gallery/2017/mar/31/pentagon-after-911-attack-american-airlines-flight-77-in-pictures https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a5659/debunking-911-myths-pentagon/ https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a5688/debunking-911-myths-flight-93/ Within these two articles are links to the other preposterous nonsense.
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