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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. CNN is in Atlanta CN Tower is in Toronto CN = Canadian National Railways
  2. 30 years ago people who voiced these types of oddball theories would have wound up in in the looney bin.
  3. Flight 93 was going at almost supersonic speed when it hit nose first into solid ground. Pieces would be particles at that speed. Even if you follow the nutjobs and Alex Jones types that it was "a missile", it would still crash and maybe even the same way. The USA had the right to go after Al Qaeda and Bin Laden before 9/11 and only the sad and closeted conspiracy hounds would think the USA did 9/11 to that degree (one small building would have sufficed or no building at all, e.g. just Flight 93) and that somehow enough explosives to take down two buildings were planted by demolition experts with nobody knowing. What rubbish perpetuated by the joke of what the internet has become in some respects. The Pentagon was seriously damaged even though it is build like a fort. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/gallery/2017/mar/31/pentagon-after-911-attack-american-airlines-flight-77-in-pictures https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a5659/debunking-911-myths-pentagon/ https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a5688/debunking-911-myths-flight-93/ Within these two articles are links to the other preposterous nonsense.
  4. I was there tonight and she's there for sure. Actually every night I've dropped in this week.
  5. Yes but with name tags you could take notes. Accompanied with hand drawn sketches, great system if you're an artist.
  6. Yes there is a lady there who works in that role however I did not know her name. I was thinking BGs and really do not know any of their names either. No name tags and such.
  7. I was there last night and have dropped in a bit over the last week and it's operating fine. Which lass is Ilene?
  8. I ate there today. It just reopened after he had to go back to Vietnam for a funeral. Great Pho and 95 Baht for a big bowl of beef tenderloin is a good deal. Also flank, meat balls and then combos of two.
  9. I spoke to the chap who owns Canterbury Tales and he said Buakhao is lower than 3rd road so Little Pattaya Creek will flow towards the sea when it rains. It is really a substantial trough vis-a-vis the business entrances. Also vehicles are now double parking mostly just on the paved road vs. the ground closer to business entrances, and thus the street is actually blocked worse than before with delivery vehicles and various morons. On the plus side it seems other little MPs and bars are taking advantage of the fancy pants road and opening soon, one next to next Amon shortly (and Amon's cousin opened up right next to Amon) and a couple further down the Soi.
  10. I went to the Soi for a bevy at the bookstore and can report the road surface is in pretty good shape but the method of paving has left it opposite what you would normally see, e.g. a road crowned in the centre. It's more like a shallow paved ditch with tapered sides and a depth of a good foot or so from the business entrances. I don't know if water flows towards Buaokow or 3rd road but a good rain should turn the soi into Little Pattaya Creek with all the water flowing to whichever end is lower. If it can't drain then I'd expect an hour or so the low lying businesses like Pat Massage may offer swimming to their menus.
  11. Missing still is the "lower" asking price. Full disclosure and all that. For $50 it's a risk, battery and the iOS problem. More than that a new Kindle Fire would be a better tablet for many. Good luck but this is just too obscure to make the effort for anyone to bother. Tips get someone with a phone with a better camers to photo front and back and actually say the price . Nobody wants to discuss via PM when the only disclosure is a too high price at the outset. They see hmmm...4 to 5 X value, I can't be bothered to offer 25% of that. You've listed it in half a dozen sites and it's still for sale . A firm price of $50 or whatever might actually sell it.
  12. Well this is a user to This is a user to user forum. A lot of users , here for a long time. We share advice. You are the one with the 4X market value quote for an obsolete iPad that won't support current apps and will have a soon dead battery. Apparently it's all you have "contributed". I'd rather advise other users than worry one of your saturation ads is noticed as being a bit generous (to you). I see you have posted this on every Thai related forum and for sale site from Craigslist on down (maybe 7 or so) thus this user-to-user advice in this one forum won't do you much harm . Maybe post an asking price that is sensible and fix the model number to one that exists. If you might take 1000 Baht for it then don't ask for 6,500 expecting someone to offer 20% of the asking price (though you said the price is lowered yet oddly, did not mention that lowered price). Also post an actual picture vs. Apple's picture of a new one so a buyer might see its actual condition.
  13. I suspect the same. And I will be at the DTAC counter first, though I could fiddle with it waiting for my suitcase. Something I would like to know with DTAC is when you buy the 1 month/ X GB package (which I think was 5GB) they say something is allocated to SMS and calls but they don't say how much. If you add Baht to the account is that all towards SMS/calls? Assuming one runs out. Calls and SMS have mostly been superseded by Line/WhatsApp/Messenger and such locally and back to home. I am going to try the codes here at home now just for the heck of it. Nope no luck.
  14. I have no idea of the local number (in November/December I honestly never made or received an actual phone call and made and received one SMS to/from my daughter so she could add it as a contact) , but I was hoping at the DTAC counter I can find that out, avoid the fee for a new SIM and the passport stuff and all that. Well, it costs nothing to ask them to scan the SIM and maybe I save three bucks.
  15. You sure it's A1936 and not A1396? There is no A1936. The A1396 had 3G and wifi. (Though if it was originally Verizon there may be no SIM because they were 3G over CDMA which is useless, not that 3G is that great even on GSM) . If it is the A1396 it was discontinued 5 years ago and has been unsupported by Apple for nearly 3 years and only supports to iOS 9.X and thus will not run many apps which require iOS 11 or 12. For anyone thinking about it. Price on eBay is only around $50 (and those are falsely advertised with 4GB of RAM when in fact the iPad 2 has 512MB) so over $200 was pretty dear for something that is more or less obsolete. Anyone wanting an iPad used or not should look at nothing older than the iPad Air or Air 2 if you want to actually run iOS apps. Even then, they are slow.
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