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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. You don't say from where you are starting but via AKL Singapore has a 4 day a week flight leaving at 1:20 am through SIN which should be able to be connected to on a earlier flight the prior day. Qantas has daily flights leaving at 6 a.m., via SYD, no idea if you can arrive for that flight or not. If you can take MH at 1:10 a.m. you can take SQ at 1:20 a.m. both ex AKL. MH certainly has more flights especially on the return. 6 vs. 4 but SIN has to be a better connecting airport.
  2. Turns out the back building and pool is open, and at a good price, so I am going there for a month two weeks from now. Give them a chance, and I know the area, the laundry, the Family Marts and the back building is quieter.
  3. Anyone know if it's reopened as usual? It's actually the only place I have stayed at but the last trip was late 2019, and their website still refers to the restaurant as closed due to COVID which sounds off. I liked it because it was not far by BB to the beach but uphill enough that the rain never caused an flood and the price and rooms were more than fair. If it is gonzo what's the hotel of choice with bedrooms and fast wi-fi that's not somebody's condo? Not Chaiyapoon budget style but not uber-hassle Hilton etc.? I was hoping a Marriott would open but nothing useful other tha
  4. How long is a string? I'd expect dick all for capital gains in a market with excess supply but you could be a landlord or AirBnB operator if you lived there to manage it. For a yes no answer I'd lean a lot towards no.
  5. I asked them several times to improve their signs on telephone poles from the Bun Kanchana alleys, but they never did and when I encountered 4 mangy angry street dogs on the street one before theirs I swore off ever going there. Also if you're out on bike or scooter there are less frightening routes (than Sukhumvit) back to Pattaya via the Pattaya bypass that goes by the little railroad station. Though you have to cross Sukhumvit once which is its own adventure.
  6. I ride a bike from the bottom of the hill from Pratumnak to the beach and out to Na Jomtien where the road such as it is, ends. You can get around to Sukhumvit or 2nd Road with some zigs and zags from the end. There are two seafood restaurants at the end that are popular, not for me because I don't like seafood but maybe a good choice for foodies. Baht buses beyond Chaiyapruek are few and far between but I see a handful. Very nice for riding, almost no traffic. The beach out that far is mostly rocks and boulders. There are a lot of sois and alleys and a couple roads between Beach and
  7. Could be a good decoy safe in a condo where it is very obvious and the real one is better hidden.
  8. I think when he said the keypad never worked you could assume it's defective. Still for ten bucks if it works with a key and can be lag bolted to a concrete wall or floor it would keep quick hands away .
  9. Good news for investors. I have acquired a considerable supply of "other", "miscellaneous", and "hmmm...not sure" to quadruple production. Send cash in 1000B notes (minimum 100) to Shyster McChemist 123 What The Hell Are Those Pills Street c/o Near the Dumpster Behind the Food Mart and Only between 3 and 5 a.m. Pattaya With your name and contact details. And your tolerance to "hmmmm....not sure". For testing.
  10. "Negro" rap? Were you there in 1965 and it was a bar in Alabama?
  11. I am starting a Thai small business and looking for investors. I have secured a good amount of "etc." so we can get a pill machine and make Black Aunt, and a companion drug, Black Uncle.
  12. If it is cheaper than generic Viagra and you trust whatever Mongolian quonset hut factory its made in, Black Ant is still just a dose of Viagra with a list of nonsense other ingredient allegedly added. You have to like a list of ingredients that just adds "etc." at the end of the line probably due to no room to add more yak penises and hippocampuses.
  13. It's Eva Air's duty to buy a replacement ticket even on a competitor assuming you can reach them which seems to be more than difficult. On another site someone said they were rebooked outbound to Bangkok on BA via London from LAX, and the same class of service (PE) that they had on Eva. After even a couple of days it has to be nigh impossible to manage all these people, the worst cases people stranded away from home vs. not having left yet.
  14. They have cancelled all flights until June 28 though if they settle they would restore some, somehow. Offering refunds, apparently hours or days for e-mail reply, 800# jammed, people stranded all over hell's half acre. I don't think they are working too hard putting passengers on other airlines, certainly not BA which is not Star Alliance.
  15. If you are Chinese they are in Chinese, etc. And there is an animation that a child could follow. Still the two ladies ahead of me a couple weeks ago were complete tools at it with several attempts. And then her husband with 5 more people in the line (no doubt 5X useless at it given a chance) one over asks me if he and they can cut ahead of me. He stayed in his line as you can imagine.
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