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  1. Thanks !!! You will pay more But you will also get more. Newer is always better if you can afford it. Good Luck with it.
  2. The tablet is sold. Thanks to all posters.
  3. Samsung Tablet. 16 GB, Wi-Fi, Works Great. No scratches on screen. Black color. Model: SM-T560NU . 9.6 inch Touch-Screen Tablet. Asking 2,700 baht or near offer. Can be seen anywhere in the Pattaya or Jomtien area. Google the model # for full details and specifications. Stock Google photo.
  4. The condo has been rented. Thanks to all posters.
  5. Agree 100% , and I have lived in Nirun for 9 years. You can walk around Nirun at ANY hour and never feel threatened. I assume people that make these comments have never lived in Nirun condos. Most are very friendly people.
  6. Hahaha...Good one...That is the true Thai style to raise the prices when things get slow.
  7. I never heard of that reference. Please explain. I lived in Nirun for 9 years and I am up very late most nights and almost never saw any problems at Nirun. Once in a while, a very drunk farang might be passed out somewhere but the Nirun security will quickly help him up to his condo.
  8. I don't know if it is very slow in Pattaya right now but surprisingly, the condo is still available for rent.
  9. Your right. That's a word that I have never seen used when describing Nirun Condos. hahaha
  10. Your right. The condo is 26 meters. All the small blds. condos are the same size.
  11. Nirun studio condo-CORNER- for rent..6000 baht monthly with FREE Internet/wi-fi and Free Siphon cable TV. You pay yourself low Gov't. priced electric and 450 baht monthly for Nirun service + whatever your water usage monthly. . This condo has air conditioning, hot water, sofa + coffee table, TV, microwave, blackout curtains, computer desk, chairs, refrigerator, bed(with sheets and towels-if needed) and full furniture. Available now. To move in, you need to pay the first months rent and a refundable 2 months deposit. Nirun is a large Condo complex with 2 swimming pools, 24 hour security, , restaurants, bars, internet shops. Like a small city. Located very close to Big-C Extra mall, across from the ShagWell Hotel. The condo is located on the 5th floor(corner unit-so you have a extra window), in the smaller buildings(B-1). There is a lift/ elevator. There is a small balcony and is near a large open area so you get a lot of breezes. It is very clean, quiet, and private...Thank you
  12. The iPad is temporarily or permanently off the market. I am letting a Thai neighbors kid play with it until she gets bored. I downloaded many age-appropriate games for her to use. The Thai father was concerned about borrowing it because she might break it or lose it. I told him he owes me nothing if that happens. Now I get the biggest smiles everytime I see her.
  13. Yes, same here. It seems like that battery will last forever. You would never think that being so old you would still get good battery capacity.
  14. That's the problem with Apple, you can't add a memory card to get more storage space. I am not a big fan of Apple. This iPad has worked perfectly for 7 years.
  15. I would take 3,500 baht. I see them listed on eBay for 4,000-9,000 baht....Only 2 were listed for 1,500 baht and Both of them were Broken and being sold for 'Parts-Only'....I thought it might be better to keep price discussions off the main thread. Especially when most of the posters have no interest in buying this for any price. It might be a nice toy for a 4-6 year old to play basic games on. Certainly not for you high power gamers. But of course, you knew that already.
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