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  1. Washing Machine-12 Kilo-LG brand- Perfect condition. Only used 2-3 times a month. Like new-never repaired. Product# WF-T1277TD....Asking 10,000 baht. I can NOT deliver to you.
  2. Yes, any interested potential buyer should assume that the keyboard is defective. I thought I was being clear when I posted that it will ONLY work using the one(1) key that I have.
  3. Small safety box- work ONLY with key. I have the original instructions and mounting hardware. I was never able to get the electronic keypad to work. It work fine using the KEY. I only have ONE(1) key. Free delivery in Pattaya and Jomtien. Outside box dimensions: Width: 9" or 23cm, height: 6.5" or 17 cm, length: 6.5" or 17 cm...Asking 345 baht.
  4. SandPiper of California-S.O.C.- very strong travel bag . Good condition. Military style and strength. Also have smaller matching bag. Asking 2,700 baht.
  5. New Plastic-Bags- like Ziplock- Strong- Silver/Aluminum color. Different sizes... (12cm X 18cm)..(15cm X 18cm)....(17cm X 22cm)...(18cm X 26cm)...(23cm X 30cm).. About 250-300 bags. Almost 4 kilos of New bags. Very strong bags. I can bring to you in Pattaya and Jomtien. Possible shipping anywhere in Thailand....I can sell all or some bags...1800 baht for all.
  6. This land has been Sold. Thanks to all posters. While I didn't make a lot of money I did average a better return than leaving the money in the bank.
  7. Thanks !!! You will pay more But you will also get more. Newer is always better if you can afford it. Good Luck with it.
  8. The tablet is sold. Thanks to all posters.
  9. Samsung Tablet. 16 GB, Wi-Fi, Works Great. No scratches on screen. Black color. Model: SM-T560NU . 9.6 inch Touch-Screen Tablet. Asking 2,700 baht or near offer. Can be seen anywhere in the Pattaya or Jomtien area. Google the model # for full details and specifications. Stock Google photo.
  10. The condo has been rented. Thanks to all posters.
  11. Agree 100% , and I have lived in Nirun for 9 years. You can walk around Nirun at ANY hour and never feel threatened. I assume people that make these comments have never lived in Nirun condos. Most are very friendly people.
  12. Hahaha...Good one...That is the true Thai style to raise the prices when things get slow.
  13. I never heard of that reference. Please explain. I lived in Nirun for 9 years and I am up very late most nights and almost never saw any problems at Nirun. Once in a while, a very drunk farang might be passed out somewhere but the Nirun security will quickly help him up to his condo.
  14. I don't know if it is very slow in Pattaya right now but surprisingly, the condo is still available for rent.
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