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  1. Being that buying or rent a motorbike costs very little and motorbike taxis cost even Less, walking is certainly a personal choice but I would never consider it a problem. Not like in New York city where a taxi will cost you a small fortune.
  2. I never felt scared or worried walking back to Nirun in my 8+ years of living there. Getting transport to get back to Nirun is almost never a problem as there are thousands of taxis always waiting to serve you almost anywhere in Pattaya.
  3. I could lower the rent for 4,000 monthly.
  4. Nirun Condos (2) are available for rent or sale.
  5. I really don't know but I see people at both places 9-10pm and later. I'm sure Bo's is open early, serves breakfast. I am guessing that their prices are reasonable as they do get a regular crowd. There are also some places in the back of Nirun, near the big buildings. When you have time, take a walk thru.
  6. I really don't do what you are looking to do but there are several bars/restaurants inside of Nirun that you can be alone or talk with expats. Most of those don't have bargirls. The 'Legends' bar and 'Bo's both seem to be popular with the expats. I see a few regular expats that sit at the bars directly across from Nirun and they get a great view of the coming and going along the busy soi and also can watch all the in/out from the 7/11. Good place to chill out with a beer and people watch. Some of those have bargirls but they will leave you alone once they see your not interested in them.
  7. I have another Nirun condo that I could sell. This is a Corner unit and has a extra side window. being it is on the 5th floor and buy a large open area you get a tremendous amount of wind/breezes. Many of the renters that have stayed there never use the air cond. Several because of low electric usage have not paid any electric bill for months. Asking 720K with a 50-50 split of transfer fees. Before all of the photo analyst experts tear apart the photos, these were taken a while ago. I never bother my renters so I haven't taken any new photos. There is a customer who has been there fo
  8. I could also rent it out . 5,000 monthly....Govt electric. Renter pays electric, water, and Nirun service fee(300-450).
  9. Yes, I would think that some are doing the Airbnb thing. With such low initial cost and low carrying costs it is certainly easier to beat the return you will get from the banks. For the Chinese, it keeps some money out of the watchful eyes of the government.
  10. Honestestly, I don't really know but I would quess a little of both. With a 300 baht monthly service fee and no taxes to pay, the carrying costs are very little. Even if you only use it a few months every year or occasionally rent it out it comes out as a good investment as the prices have been rising. With banks paying such very low interest it becomes a place to park some money.
  11. Thanks !!! I don't know why I let that troll on the other site get to me and then I do the worst thing you can do, I Feed the Troll. I did get a recent offer of $675K but I think they will return selling for 725K-750K as they did before the virus thing started. A lot of Chinese buyers were grabbing them up as soon as they hit the market as there really is nothing close to that price and the location is very convenient. I could always just rent it again. The last renter, who just left, stayed there for 6.5 years.
  12. Info update: The condo is 26 meters. There are lifts/elevators in all buildings. You still need to be able to walk some stairs as you must walk up to get to the elevator/lift and also where they stop will require you to walk up/down some stairs to get to your room. It is not suitable for someone in a wheelchair.
  13. I could also rent it out . 5,000 monthly....Govt electric. Renter pays electric, water, and Nirun service fee(300-450).
  14. Nirun condo, in Pattaya, for sale. 4th Floor. B1 building. Studio- 26 meters. Balcony faces out towards the A1 building. Tray ceiling with recessed corner lights. Original bathtub. Full Furniture. Asking 720,000 baht with 50-50 split of transfers cost. Condo is in farang name and has been owned by farang for 8 years and can be transferred quick
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