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  1. All there now. Only 7 read by West as he never did read more.
  2. Ok, it is Box. The username is taltos1802@Gmail.com and password reykjavik75. I am still working on the upload and will let you know when it is all finished.
  3. Is it alright to put them in my Box instead? They are about 8GB.
  4. I like the idea of Taltos uploading them to his dropbox and giving us the link. Finally found them on a spare HD and am working on it.
  5. Yes, that is him. I have them somewhere. Is it not possible to send them through Dropbox or something?
  6. MM, as you liked Flashman and audiobooks get those read by Timothty West. Absolutly brilliant and such a shame he only did 7.
  7. Is this not a regular USB cable with a mini plug? If you go to the 3(?) floor where the cheap store is on the left they should have USB memory card reader with shuch a cable.
  8. As I said in my earlyer post, they usually last for a short time. It was on the news here to night that it might change to lava eruption wich means no ash in a weeks time.
  9. The eruption in 2004 lasted 5 days. They are predicting a similar time now, might be a few days longer as this one is more powerful. P.s Not to nitpick, but Öræfajökull is the largest volcano in Iceland and the second largest in Europe after Etna in Italy. Grímsvötn are however the most active one.
  10. Get ready for a repeat from last year http://eyjan.is/2011/05/21/eldgos-hafid-i-grimsvotnum-dokkur-gosmokkur-sest-vida-a-sudurlandi/ Yes, there is a new eruption here in Iceland and those contryes around us have been warned.
  11. I paid a green/yellow taxi about 900 with the meter on last week.
  12. Always sit at the back. At least the girl knows what she is in for.
  13. In the end we took a van from here Dive Pro Training. Cost 2.000, all included, and they were waiting at gate 3 in arrival with my name on a card. The driver had almost no english but there was a lady with him with fine english. Had a very good e-mail from Peter, the owner, with a telephone number to call if something went wrong. Overall no problems and no hassle.
  14. Sorry lovedog100, you are right and that is what I would do on my own. The 5 of us might even do it but is out of the qustion with my mother along. Here we are talking about someone who define 100m as a long walk. However the minibus was not small and I wanted to let those board members who are intrested in this opinion know about it. As I said before it was 1000tbt lower than others. Jacko, at no time did it feel unsafe and with 2 children aboard we would have asked him to drive slower if that was a consern.
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