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  1. Not free then? That is all very comprehensive Bill but a bit mind numbing. I simply figured if my Thai Mrs can't register, as she is not old enough, it is unlikely I will be able to. it will get sorted but as is often the case here they will debate the hell out of it first. I have hopes private hospitals will eventually be offering paid for vaccinations, because the government organized one is failing to do the job. Until then, or infections plummet, I am leading the life of a hermit.
  2. Can't get into mine now.... had to pay my last bill from outside, through a sliding small window.
  3. Presuming everyone pays bills based on a metered connection some data should be possible on that. Accepting there is a lot of unmetered wastage from simple evaporation, to that small river near the school that was there a week.
  4. Have you been over indulging yourself?
  5. Longer than that I believe......
  6. It would be a dangerous ride around town at night these days.... one reason I don't.
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