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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I haven't researched it, but generally USA phone plans are very expensive and poor compared to what is offered in say the UK. They often tie you in to rather domineering contracts too, along with companies that deliberately restrict the phone's capabilities. (I can get a plan in the UK offering 5000 minute, 5000 texts and a huge 20GB of data at under $25/month, and this will work all over the EU) But you do offer a fair deal for USA guys travelling here.
  2. Yes, if you do not have a bank account in Thailand you could get by without. But how about getting on-line with your phone. Data requires a network number, even Wi-Fi available in Malls often originates from the networks provided free to their customers. Free Wi-Fi is usually crap. There will be a lot of freeloaders on a free WI-Fi, or even managing to get onto a business network. If one Thai knows the password, all her friends will too. As I learned on Soi Chaiyapoon recently. All the girls were on the restaurant opposite's Wi-Fi!
  3. There is also another post saying the place is up for sale.
  4. jacko

    Site downtime today - My bad!

    How did someone get a message to you? I noticed the site was down early this morning, and have been checking back throughout the day. (Actually thinking it was a biggie as the down-time got longer). I realized I didn't have a way of getting a message to you. Perhaps you could give a few of us Mods your phone number or some way of contacting you for the future?
  5. jacko

    The rate on the street.

    Last night at the TT on Beach Rd near Soi 7.
  6. jacko

    The rate on the street.

    People who live out here, and go back to UK for Xmas, say the aches start when they get off the plane!
  7. jacko

    Premier League 18-19

    Well Utd got the result at Wembley , I am sure that pleased you.
  8. jacko

    The rate on the street.

    Friday afternoon. 11 Jan2019.
  9. jacko

    Indian girls

    One works in Little India, The Fisherman Cafe out by the lake has one or maybe two. Almost certainly a member of the owner's family.
  10. Your report reminds me of a line I have used on some very odd occasions, when meeting the same results. 'Excuse me, do you have a menu? You appear to have given me a list of things you don't have!' Of course I usually get the Thai waitress gormless look back, but have a little giggle to myself. (I am a sarcastic sod!) Thanks again.
  11. jacko

    Dining at The Avenue (Updated Jan. 10, 2019

    So this large place is in the Avenue? It is enclosed and has AC?
  12. Qatar were using UTP onto Doha with a stop in Rangoon, but that seems to have been dropped. Can't recall it's demise being mentioned anywhere. More suitable for me as I want to avoid LHR and go straight into Manchester, so a Middle East or other stopover is obligated. Actually the main Bangkok airport is as easy, as I live near to the motorway entrance on the North of Pattaya.
  13. Well the text alone is there at the bottom for me..... Why can't I drop a screenshot in here?????
  14. Maybe you are on a phone, I am on a laptop?
  15. jacko

    Movie Quiz #11

    Patrick Macnee.