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  1. It is all about re-work here, makes me think of the R-Con corner.
  2. Never had a problem to get to get a M/C Taxi homeward and it is not far. During the Covid lockdown it was dark and dodgy everywhere.
  3. Me too. Is the bar area going to be open too...? I have yet to see the latest on the relaxation of restrictions.
  4. If it rained in town like it did at my place last night it got a good testing.
  5. A cheap place to stay occasionally for those normally out of town, who like a night out and unable to drive home.
  6. Except my bank which offers free transfers.... TW is preferred simply because they offer far better exchange rates. If anything their transfer costs are high for the type I do.
  7. I had one done 14 months back at BHP.... bloody horrible.
  8. I have never held a bank account with TW, ie lodged funds. Interesting concept...can I transfer Sterling into Thai baht for them to hold and pull it back into the UK as Sterling later at the current rate.... seems a way of currency hedging?
  9. How often are the Ekamai buses running? Might do a few days myself.
  10. Never knew who owned it, but it sure looked out of place empty like that. I would not have sneaked in there for a pee though, all sorts of dodgy characters hanging about there, apparently you were one of them. Was there a pumpkin house in North Pattaya or did I imagine it a few times?
  11. Much appreciated pic report. You mentioned a few places I am familiar with.... no more Windsor Suites for me eh? The pic of your hat, sitting on a stuffed elephant, well I will not say what it looked like at first glance!
  12. It stayed empty a darn sight longer than I expected..... like the bit that used to be between Beach Rd and 2nd... I think it became VT 6 eventually.
  13. Here come a few million quid apartments perhaps?
  14. jacko

    Premier League

    Are you aware of what has happened recently at Burnley wrt BLM?
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