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  1. I would say that is not the case in the Pattaya area, although more recently I get waved through just out of town.....
  2. Or somewhere you personally know..... "Gold Start ratings are supplied by the property to reflect the comfort, facilities and amenities you would expect." Areca only has 3.5, and although it may depend on which of the 3 buildings you are in, I would personally give it a four.
  3. Am I in the wrong toilet, or has Pattaya gone non binary? The rates... in BigCX anyhow. This is a recently completed paving area, Steven King's IT is living down there! BMW drivers, same the world over. FU everyone else..... This old bar area is behind Ali Baba Indian, corner Klang and Beach Rd. Many years ago my landlord had 2 bars there and owned the world. Burned the candle at both ends, had a stroke, bar business just took a nose dive..life crashed. The area is still decrepit well over a decade later, and dogs make me fearf
  4. Not sure it is much of a cunning plan or simply the way things get done here.......do nowt until one's hand is forced, usually at the cost of a life or three.
  5. With the long term threat of being 'illegal businesses' I expect people do not want to invest in the structures...
  6. Well it rained most of the night where I am so perhaps so!
  7. @frostfire I have been recently been getting the following message and the board goes offline for a few moments (laptop use)... precursor of issues maybe? The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.
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