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  1. I have downloaded it but not yet had an opportunity to use it. Downloaded based on a couple of good recommendations and fed up that Grab had put up their prices. (Hate their food delivery drivers too, keep buzzing me and causing me to start)
  2. Not to be too much of a killjoy... but a couple of domestic cases of Covid recently in the Chiangmai area.... people able to travel from Burma without restriction or quarantine. Also talking to a pal with a Cambodian 'wife'... she is aware that minibus services are crossing from Cambodia near Poipet... they swap bus a few times to cover their tracks and any police stop is handled with a bit of cash. Worrying, Thailand internally is open for business and the potential for spread in the cooler weather is high....
  3. They fail to mention that there actually are insurance policies that are less comprehensive, actually near useless, with large deductibles, that fulfill the second insurance obligation. The limiting factors, in a country where there is no free to user, National Health Service, is their own ageing and health. What Charles fails to mention, is that he could simply return on a Re-Entry permit, where at the moment, only the Covid insurance is needed. There is also the SETV, and for the UK, a Non-Imm-O based on retirement. Neither currently require the 400/40k insurance. There is a worldwide pandemic going on, one would expect some restriction on travelers. Visa Waivers will return when the West gets to grip with Covid.
  4. Take your charge off the meter he refused to use.
  5. Haha, that made me laugh a little..... I often get on buses at Ekamai that look so old I wonder if they will make it, they of course do, but maybe a little more sedately, which is good. Thanks again.
  6. 210 lbs is 15 stone 165 lbs is 11 stone 11 Definitely needed to scale down there.
  7. Two pals there both have extra studio units they usually rent out, and as far as I know are sitting empty. They usually get very lucrative renters over high season and especially the peak period. Not this year.
  8. Spoke too soon as usual, had a bit of rain today!
  9. Pattaya should not be needing much water this season...... unless we have a Songkhran.
  10. jacko


    I pay more now for sure.... but depends on how many servers and countries it can support.
  11. jacko


    Why does the advert not tell us how much?
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