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  1. I had the misfortune to want to go down and back on Soi Siam CC road yesterday...what a mess. Avoid at all costs. The police were not even allowing people to head East past the Railway Line Bypass, and being sent off towards the railway station.
  2. Darn. Popped into town yesterday and completely forgot.
  3. The oldest astronaut.... William Shatner
  4. I am not going into town all that often , not much reason. Will get a pic next trip.
  5. Seems to occur for short spells only.... and then all okay for a while..... mostly seen when I 'submit reply' (But not this time).
  6. I guess if you simply put the sheet in again the same, but moved the original ID on the copier. These folks can do your head in at times......
  7. Someone I know had a recent incident wrt renewing a Retirement extension based on the 65k/month income. His usual way to do this is to supply 24xbank statements. 12 monthly ones from the Thai bank each showing the 65k coming in, + 12 from Australia showing the same money being sent out. This recent renewal, he was sent off to some special Kasikorn Branch on Klang, where he had to obtain a single 12 month bank statement just showing all the International deposits. An extra effort and major mess about. Asked and he was unsure if this particular statement alone would suffice in the future.
  8. @frostfireGetting a lot of the following incidences... even losing posts. Resource Limit Is Reached The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.
  9. Under normal circumstances, yes. Only hearsay, but I have heard of agents being able to get this done.... or it might simply be a signing off on the insurance requirement (as the money in the bank requirement can be).
  10. They don't want to.... I strongly believe they simply wish to push 'business' into the hands of Thai companies. You are fortunate if you carry International Insurance that is readily accepted and pays out wrt Thailand. Have you considered talking to an agent to see if they can 'get the A knocked off' your extension.... because it looks like the cost of the obligatory insurance is set to rise by a factor of maybe 7x!
  11. The increases in infections are reflected mostly in school age children, along with the families of them... the vaccination levels are about 35% in the children group, as they did not start so long back in the UK... plus there is now a vaccine apathy. The rising deaths is apparently reflected in the elderly mostly 80+... they were first vaccinated early in the year and their resistance is waning.... booster vacs have been slow to take off, and again some apathy. Infection numbers, deaths and hospitalizations are all on the rise in the UK... getting vaccinations done is hopefully they way
  12. Let us not mince words... these policies are poor.. and considering they are obligatory should we be surprised? Saw a report of some company who were seemingly avoiding a claim on Covid insurance.... This seems to have come out of the blue.....
  13. Well I will tell you now, I have seen a push for higher prices in Pattaya for services, but probably it is not general. After losing money for 2 years there will be a desire to recover some surely.
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