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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Well I didn't want to put you off. I only used half of my ticket, ex Bangkok and it was business class so got drinks etc. Didn't realize they were a budget carrier! The long haul on the A350 from BKK was OK, poor transit with a slow security check and not much in the way of facilities at Helsinki. The hop to Manchester was late and I got a tour of the UK , Lake District etc. It was also really rubbish.... I turned my nose up at the food, some crappy pasta thing.
  2. It is likely even more noticeable at weekends when we have quite a lot of Bangkok drivers around. They push and squeeze and do not give much clearance.
  3. I have just been riding around those areas and noticed non of those! Beware jacko on the road fellow Pattaya drivers! I zone out......
  4. Today's rates.... probably the weekend's rates. After I took this pic I went to Big-CX and it was busy. Particularly busy were the two exchange places on each side of the main ground floor pedestrian entrance. I guessed mostly Russians, appearing to be exchanging cash. These places are bank affiliated so the rates would be lower, so I compared them to my picture. USD were about 1 baht per $ (big bills) down on TT Exch. Couldn't see Rubles there, but surely the rate would again be inferior .... I was thinking to let a few of them know they were losing out, then thought, they probably won't speak English, and these are the same ignorant sods who wont shuffle up on the baht buses... fxck them!
  5. I see no mention of the Chinese Carriers....or do they just fall in the middle and not top nor bottom? I got an 'OK but nowt special' from a pal for China Southern, ex LHR. Poor early Bangkok arrival time, but fair connections. Surprised Lufthansa is getting reasonable reviews, I used them a couple of times over a decade ago and eventually moved to KLM. Most of the European carriers had poor short hops from Manchester and I hated CDG and FRA airports. Back then Lufthansa used 747 to BKK and as I got a cheap ticket, I ended up in the middle seat of a row of 5 on a packed flight...... not fun. So really OK now?
  6. Yes there was. Kinda surreal to be sitting at a bar chatting to your neighbour
  7. Better than Emirates or better price-wise?
  8. One never knows, I thought one had to have a Non-Imm-O or Extension to get the 5 year licence.
  9. For houses one has to order a truck/ tanker to come deliver and fill your tank up. I have never had to do this in my current place, but my prior rental I had to do it quite often. The pipework was rubbish there, always failing and even when there was water it had hardly any pressure and those with below ground tanks fared better. Trouble is once this system gets organised and palms are being greased, one finds utility water is being cut more often by a guy with some money in his pocket. My neighbour has an automatic sprinkler system and a monthly water bill of around 4000 baht, that won't help supplies. Another actually had a bore hole but it has dried up. My Mrs uses water like it is a never ending supply, house cleaning day a small pool's worth gets used. Why anyone needs to flush a toilet 3 times per visit I never could understand.
  10. WIN (Motorcycle taxi). Or do you expect to have a lot of shopping to carry back?
  11. I arrived before they opened, but the girl upstairs checking things decided she wanted a copy of something else. By the time I returned and had the paperwork accepted the morning group was full, and I had to come back in the PM. I was there until about 3pm.
  12. Not sure, always best to make use of it as soon as possible. I would expect next day to be no issue.
  13. That in itself, while OK, sometimes doesn't suit some regional IOs... they want you to change to a Non-Imm-O. If retirement extensions join the throng, I would expect it to be for all. Heads down in the meanwhile.
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