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  1. I wish I could figure out why.... All diversions have been stopped this time round, when cycling about the lake should be as safe a thing as one can do... more so than going to a little convenience shop. Nice to be back into cooler weather with some rain.
  2. Coincidence... saw one crossing the road on my way back from dinner Sunday evening...mud crab?
  3. I read on ThaiVisa/Asean now, that it was to be AZ.
  4. You never know... I expect the efforts to vaccinate has picked up in Bangkok........travelling is permitted to get vaccinated.
  5. I can only say I heard of a Thai friend getting jabbed in Bangkok and the one used was AZ. Where all these vaccinations go to and get used seems to be a National secret here.
  6. Let us know, but I don't think that stuff is even in the country yet........
  7. Plenty of mad cows in the USA already. Hot Bovril was also a drink these machines dispensed... the tea and coffee were usually truly awful.... so Bovril was preferred or sometimes soup.
  8. Perhaps per week, numbers seem to bounce between 600k and 1m+ on a daily basis...still a fair old crack.
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