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  1. You caused me some mental grief.... I recall that building before it became Hard Rock, but for the life of me could not remember the old name. It opened as Hard Rock around 2001 or so after substantial renovation, but I had stayed there prior and had foolishly pre-paid in Bangkok for several nights there.... That was my early days and I was a bit green around the edges, and stupidly feared arriving in Pattaya and not being able to find a room..I used to be straight on the razz, so used an agent near Nana. The hotel hit me with a joiner fee which I think was 500 baht... could have found an alt
  2. IIRC only upstairs was gong when I last went... or perhaps I was so used to simply going straight there! Punters were in such short supply, naked girls were stood looking bored on stage.... some barely clothed were wandering around and being direct.. and a few LDS got you close company and you got hands on. A deliberate avoidance of eye contact you experienced is perplexing.... perhaps they suspended bar-fining to keep girls in house....
  3. Thank you, I was wondering about Kink and had not heard any mention of it. Last time I was in there (during that small hiatus between Covid closures), I really got some attention.... not an inexpensive experience, they were desperate!! The 'new guys' are perhaps not new to the girls.
  4. I could never figure out what that place wanted to be.... when I went there were few girls, no showing going on, but packed like an Oz rugby club party! Another time, got sat with a new girl from Chiangmai and it was a good crack.
  5. Probably not, but they likely could have got you a Covid Extension..... As land borders open I expect the days of Covid Extensions are limited.
  6. Correct officially.... one had to basically kill off the O-A and do as you say. Although over Covid I was told this was possible, at a price. A lot of accommodations were made over covid.... the volunteer extension might be an example.
  7. Well does not specify with or without money in the bank....or even whether it includes converting a TR or Exempt entry to a non-Imm-O. All about backhanders these days, even getting a driving licence people are being persuaded to use an agent.
  8. Coincidentally traffic issues on Buakhao were mentioned today on Asean Now/ Thai Visa, and the blocking of traffic in front of Treetown particularly, parked vehicles being blamed. My issue is usually the parked bikes are so close one cannot access places from the road.... tumbling amongst half a dozen motorcycles after several beers will get those Thai outstretched compensation palms waving. Is hydrant a bad translation of bum gun?
  9. At the moment they are shut (or playing games), and past good venues may not be the ones of the future, they have been shut over a year. The Windmill, Dollhouse, Beavers, Pinups, were past Walking St popular targets, Kinks on LK Metro was well ahead of others. A lot has changed in the intervening time and to be honest, I am not sure it will ever compare to its past highs. ,
  10. No not really...... it seems more venue dependent. There might be a rule in quite a few places that they do not openly get your old man out, but generally you can never be quite sure how far things can go. For a newbie, I would always suggest a few days in Bangkok and some in Pattaya. Many then decide to go straight on to Pattaya in the future... mostly it is somewhat cheaper.... but for better looking girls, some of the Bangkok venues are well ahead. I like a trip to Bangkok just to see the obviously classier, better dressed girls one sees on the Skytrain even.
  11. Who knows, I suspect a few more months too, when Thais are less concerned about Covid.
  12. Well you are paying more for an accommodation that we all know is a a bit shady. The branch at the top of soi 6 is the one I have always heard of, but you have to imagine the one near immigration, just up on 2nd Rd, is in on things. You might have to buy insurance!
  13. No, what you refer to as the 90 day reporting is address reporting and no check on the bank account. If you do a retirement extension 'straight', you will have to show you had the 800k for 2 months prior to the application. Then you receive a paper telling you to return 3 months later with the updated bankbook, to show you have left it untouched. At the time of subsequent renewal, it is expected they look for 12 months bank statement to ensure you complied with the previous extension rules... 800k/400k/800k for 3/7/2 months. When an agent does things, you don't even need to attend!
  14. You have a slight but valid point. The Expats would be in violation of rules, there would be no solace in blaming the agent, nor immigration...
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