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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. How about the Dusit? I hear it has been refurbished so the tired appearance should have been lifted. Always found the service pretty good there, on the Exec. floor. Haven't stayed for a spell though, last time I looked the refurb had given the prices quite a bump up. If it doesn't work out drag your cases across the street to the Holiday Inn.
  2. I too have been looking at Transferwise, I always incorporate the 'fee' into the rate, and want to see 38+ net of charges. You have to watch how much it is... can be as little as 7 GBP on £1000, but on £5000 jumps to £30. More if you use cards. Thirty quid is more than I used to pay my bank for a telex transfer, now it is free. T/W still win on exchange rate overall, and bypasses the Bangkok Bank exchange charge. Haven't seen the news yet... but as the exchange rate had gone up slightly, I expect it won't please me. .
  3. Don't do it. Much of my anger at BA last time was really delayed shuttles to and from Manchester. But at LHR, from the overcrowded lounges, we were bused to the aircraft. It was still a rubbish old 777, with a bad seat and defective IFE. For the return leg into BKK I did get a particularly good stewardess, kept the liquid flowing, a little bit of a surprise, a heavy Eastern European lady....
  4. Yes it is actually wider on the 777s , but the A380 Cabin is still far better, it is a Flat Bed. That doesn't suit me though as I find being fully flat gives me back ache. I like the private layout of the window side seats and you feel it is roomy. There is the option of going sitting in a different seat too, one in the bar! Although I was just taking a quick look at prices BKK-MAN, at 89,000 baht on EK, I am more tempted by Qatar at 69000 baht. A Limo isn't worth that difference.
  5. They can probably get more passengers in them than the carriers that fly Boeing 737- Max aircraft. I agree with your sentiment... so what happens, seats reconfigured and toilets or galley at the back?
  6. Yes, I am sitting on my hands at the moment, the recent slight improvement had me getting ready to transfer some money but I too feel a 'swell of optimism'....it will surely end in tears, mine.
  7. Butch, it ain't much different in the UK except they have to wrap up better.
  8. Had a bit of a reputation and not the place to be hanging around in your silky clingy shorts!
  9. How about Flymaybe? (Flybe). I used to use them a lot to IOM and found them actually OK. Oops, you are right, just checked... all their flights are via IOM (or Newquay). What happened to the alternatives down to London, there used to be some! Also extra cost is silly if looking for a cheap flight.
  10. Well book an early shuttle on BA.... they can hardly get you to their own flights!
  11. My Emirates cars were usually new Mercs. I have more concern wrt licencing of taxi drivers in the town. They were all Indo/Pakistani and some did not know English, nor the way to the hospital. Licences were bought... guess who runs the councils.
  12. Perhaps you would like to show up at the Pattaya Talk Crawl, Wed 18th Le Pub 8pm... then off round Walking St Go-Gos,
  13. No I think you are correct..... it used to be more. Likely reduced when they increased the number of airports in the UK. I used to chat to the drivers and they said something about bringing passengers from quite far North.
  14. No 70 miles for Manchester, and most UK airports.Some variation depending on where from internationally. It is 60km for Bangkok. Pattaya is fixed price of 2800 baht so I certainly don't use that! https://www.emirates.com/uk/english/experience/chauffeur-drive/
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