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  1. Why? Do you believe BA has a source in the Thai government or has influence here?
  2. Heard nothing.... it is open to International tourism now actually! Just 14 days quarantine required.
  3. Schools need to reopen to get the kids educated. The World is getting the better of covid now. Sorry I do not see how road accidents has anything to do with Covid or schools....
  4. Didn't we have this discussion already?
  5. @PoolHustler posts here and he rents out various vehicles.
  6. I don't know that because schools have been closed. And by the way it has been happening. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/more/science-and-research/transmission_k_12_schools.html During the study period, the researchers identified nine clusters of COVID-19 cases involving a total of 13 educators and 32 students at six of the elementary schools. (A cluster was defined as at least three linked cases of COVID-19.) It is a contagious virus that spreads like colds and flu. The kids bring such back home from school... I can only think of a doctor's waiting room being as bad. (Or a sports venue).
  7. Too right, hate when my bony ass starts to ache and we are only 2-3 hours into the 11.......
  8. Yes but more generally I would expect schools to be a risk even if those attending are not likely to develop serious symptoms. I am old enough to remember how even nits could spread through a school.....
  9. I was concerned that kids were a line of communication that needs to be considered, the kids themselves do not appear to get sick. School closure seems to have been an important factor in the UK lockdown approach... but hard to say which components in a package of many yielded the main benefit. It is possible too that the studies are not there to make any claims, but I do fear the approach of claiming a lack of empirical data substantiates anything. Scientists seem to generally see school closures as of little benefit restricting Covid. Data on the effects of school closures on COVID-19 are limited as the pandemic is still under way, but researchers at University College London said evidence from flu epidemics and outbreaks caused by other coronaviruses suggests their impact on the spread of the disease will be small.
  10. Will teachers not have been vaccinated already? I thought the issue would likely be the kids spreading it amongst themselves and taking it home.
  11. Thanks, much appreciation for the effort. An all round post, updating us on Bangkok, some examples of great dining, and a lovely lady to round it off!
  12. I did Qatar in Biz on Dreamliners, very good flights.
  13. Who is most of us? I think quite s few guys would take up the offer you mentioned, particularly if it also bypassed quarantine requirements. The recent engine loss was on a 777-200. So also puzzled by concerns relating to a Dreamliner.
  14. Thais don't eat beef much, except in the south. Is the expat market big enough?
  15. Some off topic and replies removed.
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