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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Well it is obvious they don't want Covid moreso. And the fact that they are considering this new Tourist Visa type actually tells me they do want tourists.... but are being very specific about what type. What the Maldives and DR do is up to them and I think Thailand has a right to make its own choices too... there aren't many good examples out there to suggest what Thailand should do beyond current measures. Have to see what the full requirements are for this new TV, I know I was disappointed when I saw the O-X terms.
  2. I am pretty sure this is specific, it obviously is aimed at those who can tolerate a 2 week quarantine as I do not see that going away just yet. An accommodation for snowbirds, winter with us away from the misery of cold and Covid. I think there will be some takers.... although I have a parallel thought.... what is to stop a person like myself, changing status from a retirement extension, to such a Visa (other than quarantine and a trip somewhere)? Gone is the need to have 800.000 baht sitting in the bank, or monthly 65,000 being deposited. We shall have to see what else is required, remember the multiple entry TV? Not as popular as perhaps hoped, but then they did not want that used by people in reality living in Thaland.... now they are less discerning. In the past new Visa types that were thought to be useful came with onerous requirements, the O-X for example and it's tying up of a lot of your money, then the insurance requirements for O-A. This one will likely also have insurance needs, and older guys will struggle to get cover.
  3. I would love to drink red wine, but more so when at home. One of the advantages of being in the UK was the large selection of wines from all over the world, and sometimes at very cheap prices. Try this one then that one, have another bottle of that as liked it previously. It is expensive in Thailand. As to drinking it when out in the evenings, not a chance, very very likely it would be adulterated here. It would give me a fair old headache too.
  4. Perhaps a simple lay-off or staff reduction.
  5. Who needs to keep up to speed now? Anyhow you can see the OP was edited after my question.
  6. @sailingbillI found keyman's topic for you to read..... I hope it is of use.
  7. It would seem apparent that any health issues were already present when he accepted the job! I just knew I sent that money too soon!
  8. As bullfrog said, @keyman can help here, having had the IOL replacement done in Pattaya and told me he was very pleased. He no longer gets blnd drunk !
  9. Because I sent some Sterling over yesterday it is now free to climb to new heights.
  10. Be interesting to know if this is caused mostly by demand from Thais wanting to return, or a heavy chunk of foreigners desperate to return and 'do the time'.... must be quite frustrating, like a pal of mine seperated from his Mrs and Thai home for 5 months now.
  11. Ang on, got a bit of steam left in the current one yet!
  12. Only thing missing is the optimism to book I guess.
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