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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. got the cricket on now and we’re very busy :)
  2. I think many bars will be laying off staff. I’m not taking on any more staff at the moment and I’ve had girls asking for work all the time. I do see the “exchange rate crisis” as an opportunity to try new things, new ideas. I’ve invested in a new tv system and I’m doing more advertising, changed the menu. All little things but dipping my toe in the water. I pity those bars who haven’t saved up for the hard tiles and thought that it would always be good, even in low season. Many bars will fold, many not paying salaries already and waiting for the inevitable. Whilst im no economist I feel that what goes up, must come down, so the exchange rate will get better and we will slowly get back to a better trade. For me, raising prices isn’t an option, although I hear of a Thai run bar near me starting to charge for customers to play songs on YouTube in the bar and the usual bill padding and 500฿ managers drink. Thais will always do that I’m afraid.
  3. Sorry it’s been a while since I posted, I’ve been having trouble logging on using Tapatalk, which is how I do all the forums. Anyway, thanks to all Talk members who are always popping in and having a chat. Bar is still up to scratch if a little quiet like all bars right now. Thiught I would post my new bar snacks menu, available from 6pm till close. See you all soon. Phil
  4. A few photos of the line up at Le Pub. Promising more to come. See you all soon.
  5. Last time I flew Air India I was sat next to a Indian lady who was asking me to go to her hotel in New Delhi that night. Thankfullly I was transiting.
  6. Dave is very upbeat despite this setback and has lots of projects in the fire.
  7. BTW an omelette restaurant has opened two doors down from my bar and they have the nerve to call it an Egg Center Cheeky buggers.
  8. The newspapers are too expensive after licensing and printing costs. I have a promotion in my bar where customers bring in newspapers on the flight over here and I give them a free drink. It works very well.
  9. They scam Thais as well. The feeling is if you can afford a big car that takes a lot of gas then you have enough money already.
  10. We didn’t vote to put the eggs in the cake in 1974, we voted for an omelette but the omelette started getting fatter and fatter and turned into a cake WITHOUT ASKING US. So when we voted if we wanted to leave the cake we said yes. We never voted for a European political Union, only a kind of trade deal (EEC) As soon as we saw what the real agenda was and how this was not what we wanted we democratically elected to leave. Democracy being,as it is, the pillar of the EU, we will be given every assistance to leave. We all know what happens next.
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