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  1. I really enjoyed doing this video with my friends Callum Mackie and Mike Bridge about the state of play on the golf courses in Thailand at the moment. We tell a few great stories as well.
  2. Hello again everybody. As I’m sure you’re aware the bar is closed at the moment until the Covid restrictions are lifted. Hello again everybody. As I’m sure you’re aware the bar is closed at the moment until the Covid restrictions are lifted. Just to let you know that there are girls living above the bar and we’re trying to get through it together and having a smile. I want to thank Frosty for letting me post in here and let you know what I’m up to. Many thanks. I’ve got a live stream today for those people that can’t make it into Thailand it’s at a good time zone for people living in Australia and New Zealand so I hope people from those territories can tune in and enjoy the entertainment.
  3. Never hire me as a private investigator. This video shows you why. Happy New Year everybody in Pattaya Talk.
  4. If you are thinking of taking a holiday in Thailand soon, here is a fun guide on how you can help keep Pattaya COVID free. Please like and subscribe to my channel.
  5. Don’t miss tonight’s YouTube livestream, with special guest, Adam from Cherry Bar, aka Hammer. It’s live tonight at 2:15am Thai time, 7:15pm UK time, 2:15pm Eastern Standard Time. Search for LePubPattaya on YouTube and join in.
  6. A few places you may not have been to, away from the bar scene.
  7. This video has been very popular, Hidden Pattaya. A walk around a few places away from the bar scene.
  8. to sure if we have any boxing fans in here, but this fight will be apron. 4:30am on Saturday night. All welcome.
  9. A quick walk around Pattaya Beer Garden, or an attempt to anyway.
  10. Happy weekends everyone. The bar not doing too bad this week. Let’s get the weekend in gear. This is Joy and Tree.
  11. I don’t ever gossip about customers and who they barfine, but I’m not sure. He is definitely a BM on another forum. Hope you understand.
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