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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hi Pattaya Talk. Still here Here’s todays line up June 1 2022
  2. Few shots of the staff taken on Wednesday
  3. We have a new chef, Gordon who has added some Thai food and this special, hope made hamburger
  4. All the staff have had first shot and most are getting their second shot before me! Il sure all Pattaya residents know already, but they are now accepting walk ins for Pfizer at Centfal today. No appointment.
  5. Egg salad sub, freshly baked. Read, with a dressing of your choice. Made by the girls. Delivered 80฿
  6. Today’s special. Once it’s gone it’s gone. Cream of ham and mushroom soup. Home made with fresh cream. 160฿ for delivery 0908201125
  7. Special next week is slow cooked lamb Irish Stew
  8. Yes, there is talk. I think it may involve Koh Larn. let’s wait and see.
  9. Yes and yes. It’s 20 baht as long as it’s not too far in Jomtien. If you want to order please call 0908201125 Cheers
  10. Sorry to disappoint you but I’m STILL HERE!! Had a heart attack in June. Feel a lot better now, lost a lot of timber and changed my whole lifestyle. Thabks to everyone who enquiries about me. The bar is still open as a restaurant, but only doing takeout and deliveries. It’s a very small trade but even if I sell just one coffee a day it’s “up yours” to COVID-19. Hooe we can all meet again soon. That will be a great day. Gonna post some photos of the food we are preparing and delivering daily. Take care everyone.
  11. I think the objections are from Thai land owners overlooking the beach who realize that with cars parked and food stalls permanently on the walkway their premises are not worth as much. Thzts my felling anyway.
  12. Sorry I’m late to this topic. I got my AZ two weeks ago in Bangkok. I am slowly getting the staff vaccinated, if they so desire, but it’s a slow process as they do not want Sinovac.
  13. Just an update for all Pattaya Talk folks. Le Pub is open selling food and soft drinks, but more importantly some great conversation to keep you sane. Ive posted our menu, it’s basic, but all food is home made. I’m particularly proud of our triple cooked chips (British style) they’re big and greasy but soft and delicious. We are showing sport as well. There is a little foot traffic in the daytime, so we open at midday till 7:00pm, check Google or Facebook for the exact opening hours. We have a couple of waitresses in every day if you want a little female company.
  14. I talked to Pete this week and fans of the beer garden can be reassured that it isn’t closing permanently whatsoever , just waiting for things to pick up.
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