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  1. The subject of the corona virus and Chinese tourism to Thailand managed to make National Public Radio in the US.
  2. The ground traffic pattern has changed since they opened the new terminal. Before, you would typically taxi past a few military aircraft parked at the north end. Often, one or two would be US. Now, you are too far away to tell.
  3. They use grain combines for harvesting now, somewhat small ones but certainly recognizable as such to a farm kid from the midwest.
  4. In the US, at least, the uniformed officers wear name tags. Once in Seattle an officer approached me in Customs and asked for my passport. I gave it to him and, because I wasn't invited to follow, stayed planted where I had been standing. Sure enough, another guy comes up and asks for my passport. I was very glad I could say "Mr. Smith has it."
  5. It's not unknown to share facilities in the U.S. One is Honolulu International/Hickam AFB. A number of Air Reserve or Air National Guard squadrons at civilian airports.
  6. I would be at least uncertain as to whether a civilian airliner would have an IFF transponder. My very dated understanding of the concept was that the targeting radar pinged a targeted military aircraft and, if it is a good guy, it returns the code for "I'm one of yours." Not much good if a random commercial aircraft comes back friendly. Designing an air defense system which doesn't periodically shoot down commercial aircraft must pose challenges. I suspect the South Koreans would have insight on that given that given the location of Seoul Incheon and Kimpo.
  7. Once my Eva flight out of Bangkok was quite a bit delayed. In Taipei, I was convinced I would miss the connecting flight to Seattle. I headed straight for the gate but did not run while I rehearsed my "Guess what boss" call. To my relief, they had held the flight.
  8. By way of possible explanation, the decision to launch has to be made a fairly low level without much time. Otherwise, you can end up taking a hit like the USS Stark did when an Iraqi Mirage fired two Exocet missiles which struck the ship on 17 May 1987 killing 37. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Stark_incident
  9. nkped


    I know vendor pays the credit card issuer a percentage when a credit card is used. Not sure about a debit card used as a debit card.
  10. Southwest had one where a piece penetrated the fuselage and a woman died as a result. The stranger report is that it continued flight for a few minutes after the transponder shut down.
  11. nkped


    Was on the way to the Avenue for lunch and an ATM visit. Had contemplated taking it out of my US account until I went past a T-T booth. Okay, I still have money in Bangkok Bank.
  12. nkped


    Note that Boris kept his distance from Trump in the run up to the election.
  13. nkped


    20 and a few satang to the USD in 1975, but a red note went further. Memory fading in my dotage, but I thought the USD was below 30 in the last 15 years.
  14. Haven't done it in 4-5 years, but used to splurge and go to the Marriott on Sukhumvit in Bangkok for a couple of nights (convenient to Nana Plaza). They had staff visible at the doors in the day time. In the evening you didn't see them and a guest didn't seem to be a concern.
  15. Did my 90 report online yesterday afternoon. The receipt said 2:28pm. The email saying it was approved was sent at 4:18pm.
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