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  1. Rejected, not a shock. Next week's project.
  2. Not in hand. Sent the 90 day report in online this morning. Plenty of time to rectify if it is kicked back.
  3. Got the email saying my 90 report is coming due so that part works. Have a bit of a wrinkle. Recently moved. With the assistance of an agent did my retirement extension with the new address. Haven't otherwise reported the new address. Will be interesting to see if I can do the 90 day report online. Will give myself time in case in goes tilt.
  4. A matter of performance by management but when you order the special in a restaurant and you get a look of blank incomprehension or of terror.
  5. 36.86 to the USD on a credit card transaction at Big C.
  6. FB postings but supposed to be 42C/108F in Nakhon Phanom, plausible that far inland.
  7. The road construction on Sukhumvit south of Thepprasit has gotten ridiculous.
  8. Proof of the address was an electric bill.
  9. Used Air Asia for a flight to Nakhon Phanom last month. Probably made the reservation in August. App wasn't great but got the basics done.
  10. Had an actual change of address, so did a TM.30 through an agent. The next 90 report went through online without any apparent problem.
  11. nkped

    Visa stamp

    There is a form but it is only a couple of entries, name and maybe address. Bring a pen.
  12. To expand slightly, if you leave and come back on a reentry permit, you will need to do the first report in person 90 days after the reentry. Also, if you get a new passport, the next report will need to be in person. After that, the online link works like a charm.
  13. Many of us would have to make a taxable withdrawal from a retirement savings account.
  14. I think it's two. One showing the deposits for at least 12 months and one certifying you have the account open and balance on the date of the letter. Published information says the one certifying the open account has to be the date you file the TM.7. Don't know if that is rigidly enforced but went to the bank in the morning and Immigration in the afternoon just in case.
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