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  1. Not the least bit certain, but some times cops go for what will definitely work even if the real motivation is a bit equivocal.
  2. How to put it, would a reasonable officer of the law thought you needed to be off the street and the lack of a passport provided convenient cover? Yes, I'm sure you didn't see it that way.
  3. If it is October 31, just glad I did my last 90 day report on July 15, so I will avoid the next round of panicked hordes.
  4. My specific flavor of Blue Cross Blue Shield covers me in Thailand. They will pay directly at Bangkok Hospital and some other hospitals. That had been inpatient only but now includes outpatient. Still believe a high limit credit card is essential out the door kit.
  5. A good many Hilux, Fortunner and equivalent. A Tiger might stand out.
  6. Today, the Porsche, small SUV(!?!) was back along with BMWs parked next to each other. Some years back, I was in Orange County, California on a business trip and was driving a rental Ford Focus. I thought I was going to be ticketed because my car was too cheap.
  7. I think around 1,600 baht a month.
  8. Do my sweating at Jetts Fitness in the Little Walk complex on Sukhumvit. While performing penance on the treadmill, looked at the cars parked in front. In ten parking spaces there were three Mercedes and a Porsche. One of the Mercedes left and another pulled in. Not unusual to see more than one high end car there such as these and BMWs.
  9. Express VPN gets me into some US sites which I could not otherwise access overseas.
  10. Retired at 62 so not really early. Could have retired earlier but there were significant financial benefits to hanging in as long as I did. The last five years were a bit month to month due to my boss. Looking back at those five years, the most positive memory was the folks who worked for me. A few months after I retired I found myself asking whether I had done the right thing. Then I thought about the commute which hadn't really been that long and almost had a panic attack.
  11. I didn't really know when mine would have been due but for the amnesty. Last report was mid March and did my extension in late March. Always before I had headed back to the US within 90 days after my last report or arrival with the extension coming in between.
  12. Knew that I was almost certainly going to have to do a 90 report so went today avoid the panicked multitude at the end of the month. Got there at 9:50 and was out the door by 10:05. Not all that many people. Two thirds of the seats have do not sit signs but no problem finding a seat. When my number was called, the officer handed my passport back in probably a minute.
  13. On the biggies, this and atrial fibrillation, I've done well, although I did wonder about the delay. Had one or two misses such as overlooking a crack in my shoulder.
  14. A few years ago I had cataract repair (other eye) at the Rutnin Eye Hospital in Bangkok and had been going back there for annual exams. That just wasn't an option for something this urgent. Perhaps a month before I had some blurring and floaters in the left eye and saw a different, male doctor, at the BPH eye clinic. He was a bit of a jerk and said deal with it. In the US, I might, for the first time ever, be giving some thought to a malpractice action. I might even consider it here, but seeing Dr. Attaporn and and other doctors in the hospital, that would probably be taking a dump in my own mess kit.
  15. That was my theory. Americans eat sausage for breakfast, both configurations. A hot dog is a sausage, more or less true. Something got lost in translation. My first thought on the original question was some sort of Mexican scramble.
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