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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. On the biggies, this and atrial fibrillation, I've done well, although I did wonder about the delay. Had one or two misses such as overlooking a crack in my shoulder.
  2. A few years ago I had cataract repair (other eye) at the Rutnin Eye Hospital in Bangkok and had been going back there for annual exams. That just wasn't an option for something this urgent. Perhaps a month before I had some blurring and floaters in the left eye and saw a different, male doctor, at the BPH eye clinic. He was a bit of a jerk and said deal with it. In the US, I might, for the first time ever, be giving some thought to a malpractice action. I might even consider it here, but seeing Dr. Attaporn and and other doctors in the hospital, that would probably be taking a dump in my own mess kit.
  3. That was my theory. Americans eat sausage for breakfast, both configurations. A hot dog is a sausage, more or less true. Something got lost in translation. My first thought on the original question was some sort of Mexican scramble.
  4. Likewise. One was 30+ years ago, eh. Second one was 7 years ago at Bangkok Hospital, lady dentist. Other than the pain killer injection (upper palate ☹️😨), no pain at all.
  5. From another lifetime, a certified check would probably be accepted for deposit. It likely would not be credited until the check cleared. That might take a while. Don't forget the requirement to declare it to treasury if over $10K. Several years ago, brought about $4K in travelers checks to open a bank account. I'm risk adverse as to carrying cash. Had to have the account before making SWIFT transfers.
  6. A couple of other things that reflect favorably on BHP. The room was a bit warmer than ideal for me but not enough to complain. The GF noticed and told the nurses, hey, he likes it like a meat locker (loose translation). Repair guy showed up, fiddled with the thermostat and it was cooler. Dr. Attaporn told me to sleep on my side after the surgery. Said I couldn't, the bed was too hard. They rolled in a bed with a thicker mattress.
  7. Okay, it is 2020. Get up on Sunday, May 17 and there is a noticeable problem with the vision in the left eye. It was a shadow on the field of vision on the right side, couldn't see the tip of my nose. Detached retina came to mind, so I googled it. Yes, that's what it appeared to be and it's an emergency. Probably should have just headed for the hospital and presented myself, but didn't do that. Checked the BHP website looking for a doctor specializing in that area who had Sunday office hours. Picked Dr. Attaporn Suwannik, who is a woman. It was a good pick and the fact that she was a woman may have been a factor in my choice. Sent an email. Nothing was available, she was in surgery, but an appointment for Monday. Go in, the standard dilation and shining bright lights in the eye. Yes, you have a detached retina and surgery should be soon although not same day soon. Tuesday, go see my cardiologist to get his input. Also, got a covid test, not terribly pleasant but not as horrid as I feared. Check in on Wednesday, surgery late in the afternoon. General anesthetic. Not sure, but I think I may have vigorously tried to escape coming out of it. Eye bandaged, couldn't see much beyond light and color but not a lot of pain. The procedure is an incision in the eyeball and injecting a gas bubble to push the retina back into place. Sounds strange but it worked. There had been some hope of going home the next day, but ended up staying three. I think it may have been a matter of the pressure inside the eyeball. The GF stayed over each night, a great psychological help. Sent home with with a lot of eye drops. Been back three times. Progress was slow, but Dr. Attaporn seemed to think things were satisfactory so no panic. The gas bubble has not been fully absorbed . Going back on July 6. Improvement has been slow, but no longer oozing blood and the last few days observable improvement in the vision so I actually am optimistic as opposed to cautiously hopeful. Yes, the cost was real money--289,673.70 baht. I have the great good fortune to have employer subsidized health insurance which continued into retirement and which paid the hospital directly. Even in normal times, getting on a plane to the US would not have been an option.
  8. At the age of 34 (long time ago), I had no idea I had a hernia until the doctor said cough. There was no doubt as his finger was sticking in a gap where there shouldn't have been one.
  9. There are some outbound flights. The aircraft have to get to Thailand but I very much doubt you are going to get on one of them inbound without very special dispensation or at all.
  10. The answer should probably be that the airline would not allow you to board.
  11. My impression was that the last line of all medical warnings was "or you could die."
  12. I've looked before and I believe Bangkok Bank codes transferwise the same as my OPM check. However, the last extension in March, I had the distinct impression they preferred a monthly pension/annuity.
  13. Went to the Outback Restaurant (no longer Retox) the other night. Rather than a laminated menu, the waitress presented an I-pad or some other tablet with menu headings on the screen. I did have to touch the heading I was looking for. Obviously they should be cleaning the screen after each use and I can't speak to that.
  14. Eva is showing Bangkok-Taipei flights from 1 June on. Still no transit through TPE and severe restrictions on entry. Obviously subject to change.
  15. I wonder where the Chinese with money go other than the west coast of North America.
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