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  1. Gym closed so went out at 6:45am to start a long walk. Felt distinctly cool. I thought, well, unless it is below 70F, it will be proof my blood has thinned out. Refreshed the weather info on my phone. The temp was 70F/21C.
  2. 7am, 64F/18C in Pattaya đŸ¥¶đŸ˜€
  3. We're approaching the most wonderful time of the year ("home" is Alaska). I'm safer in Thailand than in the US as far as Covid is concerned. A vaccine is coming. Okay, I've got plenty of time to get familiar with the website of the Thai embassy in Washington to see if I can suss out whether I would be able to return to Thailand with a reentry permit.
  4. GF sometimes talks me in for the Thai price pointing to my Thai DL. Once, when it didn't work, the response was "He doesn't look Thai."
  5. I've had the atomic soda pop and I've had the jug of salt water. I'll take the atomic soda pop.
  6. A bump on this as I should be getting one this year. Relatively certain, GP has a medical background so I will check the Phya Thai website as to who they have on their GI staff. BHP would be easier as far as transportation is concerned. My experience in the US was that they didn't knock you out but enough quality drugs that you didn't much care.
  7. Speculation, but I'm thinking the next major milestone is March or whatever you consider as the end of high season. FWIW I'm not optimistic. I am in Thailand by choice but would like to be able to make a trip back to the US.
  8. At Central Festival on Monday. A guy walks out of one of the shops in a bit of a hurry. He removes his mask and sneezes. I was a good ways away so I didn't deck him.
  9. Not the least bit certain, but some times cops go for what will definitely work even if the real motivation is a bit equivocal.
  10. How to put it, would a reasonable officer of the law thought you needed to be off the street and the lack of a passport provided convenient cover? Yes, I'm sure you didn't see it that way.
  11. If it is October 31, just glad I did my last 90 day report on July 15, so I will avoid the next round of panicked hordes.
  12. My specific flavor of Blue Cross Blue Shield covers me in Thailand. They will pay directly at Bangkok Hospital and some other hospitals. That had been inpatient only but now includes outpatient. Still believe a high limit credit card is essential out the door kit.
  13. A good many Hilux, Fortunner and equivalent. A Tiger might stand out.
  14. Today, the Porsche, small SUV(!?!) was back along with BMWs parked next to each other. Some years back, I was in Orange County, California on a business trip and was driving a rental Ford Focus. I thought I was going to be ticketed because my car was too cheap.
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