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  1. My experience as well with a US card which covers fees for two ATM withdrawals a month. The rate is withinin a few satang of thr TT rate, same when I use it for purchases. Haven't had an ATM ask whether I wanted with conversion or without for several years. Occasionally, a merchant will ask whether I want a purchase charged in USD or baht as they have the question on their screen. Always baht.
  2. Not actual leasing, but you can rent for an extended period for a price which is not that bad. Rented for six months, a walk around upon return and all was good.
  3. Okay, it ended at a year on a phone. The ten year chart is interesting. No surprise there was a fall off after 2008. As I thought I remembered, the run-up to 36 was over a comparatively short period. May you live in interesting times.😰
  4. I couldn't figure out how to make it go back more than a year. The USD touched 36 witin the past few years but I think it fell back within a day.
  5. This incarnation as a Thailand visitor/resident--2002 to present--seem to remember the USD at 29+ for a fairly extended period.
  6. You have to dribble a little bit of money into a Kasikorn account to keep it active. I have done that on the possibility I may switch to the 800K option in a year or so. Keep it in a separate bank to reduce the temptation to dip into it. Yes, it's easy to transfer between banks but it wouldn't be sitting there looking at me when I signed on to Bangkok Bank. Filed FBEN reports, more than 10K, a few times. It's easy on line and I have never heard anything back.
  7. Saw this t-shirt in the gift shop of an aviation history museum. I considered buying one for the GFE provider but I would fear discovering we had acquired a duck if she discovered the meaning.
  8. The cancelation list now shows through 21 July. BR 67 and 68 are not on it. I suppose they could be using supervisors who are flight qualified to continue a limited number of flights.
  9. According to their website, they are still running the 777 on the Taipei-Seattle route in April next year.
  10. First time around, Nakhon Phanom in 1975, I seem to remember truly impressive rain beginning in May.
  11. Got 30.36 to the USD for the direct deposit to my Bangkok Bank direct deposit account which posted on 1 July. That always lags a bit compared to the TT rate.
  12. Yes, due to premium economy.
  13. The Eva website indicates some flights are operating, BR 67, for example. Not quite sure I believe it.
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