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  1. The 1,200 baht is hardly a major concern. Have protection from a major hit using the payment information although that probably wasn't front of mind when I hit send.
  2. The https://thailandintervac.com/ site has been updated. For the old (60+) and the infirm, pre-registration at BHP in August. Pre-registration soon at Samithivej Sriracha Hospital.
  3. Saw this beastie on the walking path along the east side of Maprachan.
  4. Somewhere along the way, added Vimut Hospital in Bangkok as a Line friend. This morning got a message, in Thai, at 8:17. Google Translate is a wonderful thing. It was offering the opportunity to register for the Moderna vaccines at a cost of 1,650 baht, 1,200 baht to be paid in advance. They would send a payment link. Convinced one will need to be proactive, I registered. At 10:36am, got another Line message saying they were full up. At 11:12am, got the SMS with the payment link. Of interest, the link is good for 24 hours. After checking Grab Car to see they would take the hospital a
  5. Haven't seen any real information about sinopharm. With a difference of one week, I would wait for the AZ.
  6. Did as well. Any insight as to which vaccine?
  7. It may come to that. Apparently, sinovac is not indicated for us who are senior members of the caucus. I don't know about sinopharm. 50% efficacy would not be sufficient to go back to normal life but it would be a major improvement in the odds.
  8. Phyathai2 which opened for registration at 9am was out at 1030am. BHP is surveying for interest in Moderna, current patients only. Check their FB page. Don’t know if it will turn into anything but better than getting blown out of the water at the digital starting line because you were 10 seconds behind.
  9. I believe the advertised date is 15 October.
  10. The advertised registration at BHP was a complete cluster. Whatever they had reserved (250?) was gone by 1 am on 1 July. Clued in by FB, I'm registered for a shot at the Pak Chong hospital through Korat Prompt. You'll need a browser that translates to English. Chrome worked. It took my Chonburi address without complaint. Skeptical it will come to anything but falls in the category of it can't hurt, I think.
  11. Almost 14 months on, the eye is fine. Something I thought of. They clearly wanted to see if my insurance was going to pay for it. This was Bangkok Hospital after all. Don’t know if the surgery would have been scheduled sooner, but I should have told them don't wait for the insurance, put it on my credit card.
  12. Haven't had to research it myself, but won't you still need to get the certificate of entry through the embassy?
  13. Perhaps not conclusive but Al Udeid Air Base a major US Air Force and RAF base and the home of the forward headquarters of US Central Command is located in Qatar.
  14. They're now a code share with Alaska. Flight time wouldn't be that much more than trans-Pacific. I understand great circle and all that but it still seems strange, also no premium economy.
  15. Not the news we're looking for but this is a recent change so they are paying attention.
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