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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Would have it gotten 24/7 coverage if it had augured in in the US? Yes, but it is getting a good deal of attention in the US media. The FAA dithering and lobbying at the top level by Boeing cetainly drew critical comment..
  2. Just noticed, if you have given a greenie or a red or whatever the other options are on a post, an x in a black circle will appear. Press it and your vote will disappear.
  3. I don't go very far down market using a credit card in Thailand. I wouldn't set out to use one in one of W.S.'s fine establishments, but the last time I had a cc number go walkabout was after I had used the card at the Hilton Hotel in Portland, Oregon.
  4. No foreign transaction fees on BoA credit cards so not that rare. Same with USAA if that is available to you. Many big and some not so big commercial establishments, e.g., Bangkok Hospital-Pattaya and Big C take debit/credit cards without nicking you for an additional fee for using the card.
  5. I've seen reports of complaints from pilots in the US suggesting that the problem had occurred and the pilots were not at all happy that they had no advance warning. I'm sure it's recoverable if the pilot does the right thing. That's not the same as saying the plane is safe.
  6. The 737-800 has been in operation for several years now. The Max 8 is the newest iteration.
  7. The food truck had been across the street from the darkside Tops. Ed has a FB page for it Up 2 You, hasn't been updated in a few weeks.
  8. If you have a Thai bank account, you can top up on line.
  9. Having to move a bit of money to Thailand recently. For once, spreading it out may benefit me.
  10. Thing that seemed odd was that going from the two year license to the first five year licence, there was no suggestion of watching the video. It was going in the next toom.
  11. Actually 3,600 for 50, 25 for each of us. There was minor variation depending on the ammo.
  12. A review I did not expect to write. Saturday, the GFE provider says she wants to go to the firing range. We end up at the Pattaya Shooting Park, her idea. It is on the south bound railroad bypass a km or so before the south end. Google Maps and the signage should get you there. They had four choices of hand guns. I chose a .38 revolver because I had had experience with one in the military back before the dawn of time. She chose a 9mm semi-automatic. For 25 rounds each, it was 3,600 baht. They had good ear protection My biggest concern had been safety. Their answer was an attendant who loaded the weapon, handed it to you, and made sure you grounded it when you were empty. Basically, all I did was hold it and fire it. He stood to the left and a step back. I suppose his go to hell move would been to slam my arms down. The targets were 10 meters or less away, although they could have been run out further. I was pleasantly surprised that I could still see the sights with two rebuilt eyes and could still manage the basics after 30 years. The GF had done it once before 10 years ago, so she was not starting totally from scratch. I'm a better shot than she is. Let us hope that will never matter.😜 We were the only ones there. I might have been more concerned if there had been a bunch of idiots who thought they were at Westworld. And, yes, it was fun.😀
  13. I'm the servant of a hyperactive, one year old husky with prehensile paws. He's figured out how to open sliding glass doors by jumping up and pushing the handles. If he is inside, he occasionally misses and pushes the locking slide up. Last night, I had stepped outside for some reason. The SOB then locked me out.🤯 I tried to talk him into unlocking the door, no luck. Fortunately, I found an unlocked window which allowed me to open the back door.😀
  14. The wording on the 65K a month option is interesting. Unlike an earlier iteration, it doesn't seem to be limited to pension deposits. No, I'm not counting on that possibility. I have been to Bangkok Bank and did the forms to open a direct deposit account and to deposit a qualifying monthly check to it.
  15. A bit concerning although I fly with them going the other way. Several years back had the flight out of Bangkok significantly late, probably the incoming flight from the UK was delayed. Got to Taipei and thought there was no way I was making the connecting flight. "Boss, guess where I am." No, it was still there, possibly waiting for us as it was Eva as well.
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