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  1. Where folks in the high rises hung their laundry out so that it would be dried by the jet exhaust.
  2. Been to it. Don't recall any free weights.
  3. There's a new Jetts Gym in the Royal Garden shopping mall. Haven't been in it, but their location on Sukhumvit has free weights.
  4. Drove past it this evening. The sign on the front of the clinic building, which looks new, includes Bangkok Hospital. I think that is a change.
  5. If I took something which knocked me out that effectively, I would be afraid I would wake up to discover Joe Kicker had replaced St Peter.
  6. Looking around, discovered that China Airlines has premium economy on their A350 and 777 aircraft.
  7. I want to say the signage says Jomtien Hospital, nothing showing continued affiliation with Bangkok Hospital.
  8. Appears it is no longer affiliated with Bangkok Hospital.
  9. I once figured out what I would pay for the same service now as a % of my income and the price may have gone down.
  10. Fifteen years ago, I seem to remember 29 baht to the USD. Of course, I also remember 20 baht to the USD in 1975 but a red note went a lot further then.
  11. Maybe I live a sheltered existence, but I doubt the government hospitals are getting much medical tourism.
  12. Went back and looked at the OP from August 2016. The USD hasn't slipped as much as the £. For some reason, that doesn't make me feel better.😳
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