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  1. A Thai, at least one, who has an expired passport, can get a new one the same day in Bangkok. As best I can determine this was at the Klong Toei office and the applicant probably needs to be there first thing in the morning. This is second hand, but I saw the new passport. To make things more interesting, she lost her queue card and fee receipt after turning in the application. They found her in the computer although my impression is they weren't in a rush to do so.
  2. In and out in 20 minutes at about 10am the day after a holiday. That said, I got a multiple reentry permit although I only anticipate two trips outside the kingdom this year.
  3. Got 31.996 to the USD on a debit card purchase at Big C. Hasn't been to 32, rounding up or otherwise, in a while.
  4. I've always used the Limo Pattaya. Once or twice, didn't find the driver right away, called the office and got a quick resolution.
  5. I'm booked on the continuation of BR68 on June 10. I think they showed availability every day that week.
  6. Made a domestic trip (Phuket) out of and returning to Utapao last week, first time in a couple of years. Just a few things of note. The new terminal is open and quite nice. There seems to be a good size car park but can't comment further as I didn't park a car. Returning, we were 10-15 minutes after entering the terminal to get our luggage and out the door. It's a significantly shorter trip than the drive from Suvarnabhumi.
  7. nkped

    Ice pack

    I go through security at the Phuket airport yesterday. Pleasant young lady points at my carry-on bag and asks if I have ice pack. That seemed like a strange question for that situation so I give my best look of blank incomprehension. So she asks again, you have ice pack. She or one of her coworkers recognizes that wasn't working and says "computer". The curtain lifted, she had been saying iPad.
  8. You can make it from Jomtien to Central on the same baht bus for 10 baht. Going back, you'll almost certainly have to change at the school. If you get the rare one which goes from Beach Road to Jomtien, they charge double but it's well worth it.
  9. Ah, because the aircraft was flying at 200-300 knots or more
  10. I've been in the pentagon. I saw the twin towers. There was more than a bit of difference in the structures.
  11. I've sorted my finances with the reported need to show a monthly deposit of 65K+ baht via an international transfer. How to prove will be of interest. The bank book shows dates and amounts but is not plain language that it is an international transfer.
  12. It is that time of year so I headed for the immigration office on Jomtien Soi 5 with my TM.7, passport and copies. I arrived about 10am and got #835. They were serving #832. Knowing the new dispensation on proof of income was coming, I had gotten one last income affidavit at the end of November. It was accepted without comment. One of the pages they wanted copied is the admission stamp preceding your original visa conversion/extension. I probably missed that last year as well. My proof of address was a copy of the house book. The lady asked "Own or rent." My response was "Girlfriend." That wasn't the correct answer this year or at least it wasn't sufficient. She then asked if I had a driver's licence. Yes. Same address? Yes. I then looked at the licence and confirmed it was true. That sufficed for proof of address. Paid my 1,900 baht and was out the door at about 11am. Seemed a little longer than last year but still reasonable.
  13. Could be interesting in June. Eva premium economy is about the only combination of seat and price I can tolerate at this point in life for a trans Pacific flight.
  14. Or was an old fart/anal retentive who used the tech manual for bed time reading and figured out how to turn off a system which might fly the aircraft instead of him.
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