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  1. Olded


    What app is better to use in Thailand, Whats-up or line?
  2. Olded

    Satalite Dish

    Thanks I'll try that
  3. Olded

    Satalite Dish

    I have True vision Gold package and on Jan 1 they removed 4 English movie channels but never replaced them with anything. I'm thinking of going with a satalite TV dish, does anyone have one or know if there any good for English TV?
  4. I found the best way is just put 800k in your Thia Bank account, 0ne year I tried a married ext for 400k and it was just too much trouble, they came to my house took pictures, wanted to see our wedding photo, talked to people around were I live about me. Next year I said f---- the married visa I just put the money in the bank.
  5. Yes I have I mil. in a Siam Back account with no ATM card, fixed and get interest on the money and that's what I use to verify my income.
  6. Olded

    re entry

    For everyone to get it straight I have a retirement visa, going to Cambodia needed a re-entry to Thailand. Getting back to Chiang Rai on April 25th but my 90 day check in is on May 6 but the lady said as soon as I get back to Chiang Rai come to the immigration office to check in.I asked and she told me the same thing, OK I'm smart enough don't start trouble at the immigration office just do what they say!
  7. Olded

    re entry

    No I should have 30 days on my re-enter, US doesn't need a visa for under 30 days
  8. Olded

    re entry

    I went to immigration yesterday Chiang Rai for my 90 day report and to get a re entry, when the lady gave me back my passport she told me when I return to Thailand come back and check in with immigration office. my 90 days won't be up for 10 day later. I been in Thailand for 14 years now and was never asked to check in with immigration on my return. Is this something new now?
  9. I been looking for a the cost of a flight to Sihanoukville but I keep coming up with no results, is the airport closed already? anyone know?
  10. Does Emirates have a bigger seats class like Eva? I'm not talking about first or bis
  11. siem reap was the one stop from BKK
  12. When I checked in January the flight BKK to KOS was one stop and about a 6 hour flight, I forget what it cost.
  13. Olded

    NFL is starting

    Yea I heard he found a new job too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpNPU6i_C2o
  14. NFL is starting soon, how many NFL players do you think is going to take a Knee for the National Anthem this year?
  15. I like spam sandwiches too couldn't find it at first and was bring it back from the US, now it's here for the price difference it's not worth the bother to buy it in the US, just buy it here.
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