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  1. It's up and running again
  2. Olded

    New Visa

    No, nothing about returning to confirm the money still there. (Chiang Rai)
  3. Olded

    New Visa

    A retirement with the money in the bank and they checked close to make sure it was there long enough.
  4. Olded

    New Visa

    Just got my visa renewed with no problem, no changes because of Covid.
  5. What happen to the I-Rovers camera showing soi LK, it's been down for a few weeks now?
  6. I know what your saying, I tried for a few years and just gave up on logic, now I just say OK
  7. That is the way Thais walk on the roads with traffic to there backs, the first time I walked with wife on a road I told her we are walking on the wrong side of the road we should be facing the traffic, she said NO if you have a accident on that side of the road the insurance won't pay.
  8. I just registered and no problems, they send a e-mail and I filled it out and submit it, got a reply I was registered all done in 10 minutes. Time will tell if it did any good!!
  9. I bet Megan was all smiles when CBS paid her 7 million for that interview! ( from CNN before it was aired. )
  10. Now you have to pay for your luggage when taking a taxi https://thethaiger.com/news/bangkok/taxi-drivers-in-bangkok-can-now-charge-handling-fees-for-luggage
  11. I went today and got a new drivers licence again, everything was the same but no brake reaction test but had two eye color test and had to watch that video again. I only payed 505 bath this time.
  12. https://thepattayanews.com/2020/09/09/airport-bus-service-to-pattaya-and-hua-hin-operates-again-after-four-months-of-covid-19-lockdown-current-schedule-provided/
  13. Olded

    Jail break

    Sorry I'll try again
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