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  1. Olded


  2. Olded


    I never seen the baht so low !!! How low is it going to go?
  3. Yes in Thailand I got it in Chiang Rai on Oct 2009 and good to Nov 2020.
  4. The last time I renewed my license I got a 10 year renew, first time I got 1 year second time 5 years and last time I got 10 year license.
  5. Olded


    maybe because it's hard to wait for a taxi at the airport with a child
  6. Yes but don't a car have a front seat and small luggage on a 3 day trip. Why didn't they ask if I wanted a car or suv no they sent a e mail that said a suv will pick you up 1800 bath if you accept let me know. I think that is dishonest (IMO) when a car is cheaper and all I needed.
  7. IMO I would not book with Nam's taxi, I think they a NOT honest anymore. I booked a pick up for 3 people and a car would be fine for 1600 baht (I did not say car but if I wanted a SUV I would of told them) but they said that the pick up would be in a SUV and cost 1800, I said NO NO forget it I just booked with PT for the same pick up for 1400 baht and tolls free. I think Nam's taxi is way over priced.
  8. Olded


    Thanks I'll use one of them, I really wouldn't care about the taxi service but this time I'll have a 4 year old with me.
  9. Has anyone used Cherry taxi service before, are they any good?
  10. I been using Lazada for a few years now, never no trouble, I always pay COD (cash on delivery) it's a lot safer that way, you can check to make sure you order is right.
  11. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is one of the > brightest people in the current administration. She has a > very quick wit about her.During a recent press conference, a reporter with > MSNBC shouted out from the press corps, > "Where is President > Trump hiding his tax returns?”Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, astutely > responded, > "We've found a > very secure place and I'm certain they won't be > found.” > "And just where is > that?" asked the reporter sarcastically. > Mrs. Sanders grinned sardonically and said, > "They are underneath > Obama's college records, his passport application, his > immigration status as a student, his funding sources to pay > for college, his grad school records, and his Selective > Service registration. ..........Next question?"
  12. Olded


    What app is better to use in Thailand, Whats-up or line?
  13. Olded

    Satalite Dish

    Thanks I'll try that
  14. Olded

    Satalite Dish

    I have True vision Gold package and on Jan 1 they removed 4 English movie channels but never replaced them with anything. I'm thinking of going with a satalite TV dish, does anyone have one or know if there any good for English TV?
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