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  1. Beware don't trust the star reviews, read them yourself. I was booking a taxi service for friends coming over and the taxi service had a 3.5 rating, I looked at their reviews and they had 13 5-stars and 3 4-star, 2 poor and 11 terrible, 9 out of the 11 was for taxi no shows and 2 was for taxi drivers who wanted more money when they came. Who would book a taxi service like this but they have a 3.5 rating??
  2. It might help the trash in the drain problem if they would put some trash cans around on the sidewalks so people don't have to throw trash on street. I know many people won't use them anyway but many would.
  3. Before I was pestered a lot by DVD sellers when I was eating and I didn't like it and one day a guy told me, you have to remember that these people are just trying to make a living, it's better if they sell something than them out robbing people.
  4. I think that is going take a little more than duck tape!
  5. Did anyone recently stay at Nana Hotel? Years ago it was turning into a dump, Did a new owner take it over? The internet has it as a 3.5 star hotel now?
  6. Not to get off topic but a few years ago a few Taxi services came out and said under the new Taxi rules they no longer can service Don Mueang airport. Did they change the rules?
  7. Olded

    Visa stamp

    That just shows that there is no set rules for immigration offices, but I didn't mind paying the 300 baht because I gave the lady the 2 passports and in 5 minutes she gave them back done.
  8. Olded

    Visa stamp

    I just got a new passport, I had to do my 90 day check in today so I asked them to put the Visa stamps into my new passport, no problem they did it and charged me 300baht for doing it.
  9. If anyone is planing a trip to Thailand soon make SURE you check out the hotels website for rates before booking with a agent. I checked a hotel website I liked in Pattaya for there rates for a room, then I checked a agent (agoda) for there's rates to see if cheaper and the agent wanted 300baht more a night for the same room. The Hotels is lowering there rates for business.
  10. Olded

    New Visa

    No, nothing about returning to confirm the money still there. (Chiang Rai)
  11. Olded

    New Visa

    A retirement with the money in the bank and they checked close to make sure it was there long enough.
  12. Olded

    New Visa

    Just got my visa renewed with no problem, no changes because of Covid.
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