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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. if you buy a hand baggage only ticket t on BA, you cant then pay for a checked bag.
  2. I am having a crown removed and replaced in UK in april and the cost is £525. the dentist says this is a discounted price since I am a long time customer (ie regular check-ups).
  3. I never found out the price since I was young (er) and innocent in those days.
  4. years ago I was travelling on aeroflot. the woman sitting beside me asked in heavily accented english "why you go moscow". I replied "business". she then said "I do the business in the toilet".
  5. I was definitrly in a dolphin pool room. the rooms look OK but check all the exposed wiring in various corners and the amount of black sticky tape used.
  6. last thursday I arrived in pattaya in one of mr T's cars and checked into a dolphin poolside room at the sabai lodge. I was intending to stay at least 3 nights. went to my room but could not get air con to work. went back to reception who said they would call in the engineer but could not say how long this would take. I said since I had not unpacked, could I have a change of rooms rather than sweat 'til the tech arrived. a guy from reception decided my problem was that I was just unable to work the air con controls so he would go back to room with me. he hit all the buttons and eventually a trickle of warm air came out of the vent. five minutes later it was still only warm air. but then the expert arrived who took down ceiling panels and then a large filter which was totally clogged with all kinds of filth and he went off with this. I then asked the receptionist if he could get the standard lamp to work. he fiddled with the lamp resulting in a brilliant flash and all the power went out at least in my room. I was then offered the next room which seemed OK 'til I plugged in the kettle for a cup of coffee. It didn't work. On my way out for the evening I asked reception for a new kettle. hours later when I returned there was a new kettle but this one didn't work. I now realised it was the power socket that was not working. the problem was that the kettle had a 3 inch cable and it could only reach one socket. I eventually solved the problem by standing the kettle on an upturned glass by the sink in the bathroom so that I could plug in the kettle and make a morning cup of coffee. when I told the duty manager I was unimpressed by the electrical safety in these rooms and by the level of maintenance I was met with total indifference. thirty minutes later I checked out. That was the last time I will stay at the sabai lodge.
  7. looking at other boards, it appears that the white rose is the preferred hotel in kuta. anyone stayed there recently? what other hotels are recommended please?
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