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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I'm not going to bother with my insurance. In the States, insurance is a huge problem, unless one works for the government, Fire department or Law enforcement. I have the 20/80 plan( I pay 20 dollars and the insurance pays 80), so its not even worth getting a receipt from BKK and file it with my insurance really. In America they charge about 100, 000 dollars for Heart bypass surgery. I'd have to come up with 20,000 dollars out of pocket. In Thailand that same procedure costs about 24,000 total. Medicine is extremely expensive in the States as well. We have citizens, if lucky enough to live cl
  2. Heard the pop and felt the ligament give way. Yes, M.C.L.. A friend from high school, physical therapist now, did the stability test on my knee. When he applied pressure by pushing ankle outward and knee inward, it felt like a table leg not screwed in lol. I told him, that's enough, my MCL is gone. He told me I'm looking at 6 months recovery time if I choose surgery now. 😕
  3. Thanks gentlemen. It's a knee. This America insurance refused to pay for a MRI but rather sent me to get a bone xray. I heard my MCL pop, during a sporting activity. What the Hell is a xray going to reveal? lol. I can see retirement far off in the distance and plan on forcing a surgery...one way or another. I just want the MRI to know for sure what I need repaired. 350 is far less than in the U.S. 👍
  4. How much would a MRI on a knee cost in Thailand? How long before the results are know? Bangkok.
  5. Just got back and oh how Pattaya has changed...or how the girls have changed, I should say. Never a time I could stroll down WS without getting my arms torn off by cute "Young" girls. Im a couple years into my 50's, no gut and can pass for late 40's easy. But that means very little on WS when there are 20 somethings fit guys willing to spend 5 thousand baht on a young hottie for LT. I had known for a long time Phuket was full of jaded girls but now Pattaya. I'm not saying it's no longer possible to find a willing 20 something but it not fish in a barrel either. LKM, Soi Honey etc are still
  6. Does anyone still use their original bank accounts from their own countries via online banking? Has anyone heard of problems/security issues accessing their home accounts while using internet it Thailand??
  7. A couple girls from my June trip to Pattaya sent me photos. One girl with her mother in their home and another at her mother's grave marker. She just turn 28 and is already without Mom. Has there been a mass exodus from Pattaya so that the girls can pay respect to their mothers? For you guys living with Thai wife/GF what do you do for her on mothers day? just curious.
  8. I don't know of any. But I was involved in a work league and we used the honor system. Using Yahoo, Our commission told everyone to draft their "Keepers" first. We used 2 keepers per team and we just simply used the first two round to grab our prearranged players. After the second round, all players were up for grabs. Maybe if some guys don't want to be present, they can queue their two players so they will be their first 2 players selected. Just have the commissioner create a untouchable list for those present.
  9. I live in the states and have dental insurance. The problem is insurance says implants are cosmetic and won't pay. Everyone I spoke to says to get an implant instead of a bridge. The bridge destroys 2 good teeth to benefit 1 bad tooth. I was going to do the bridge because the insurance would pick up some of the cost. What can I expect to pay for my situation in Thailand?..and its fucked: .... Bone graph, one extraction, two implants, one gum graph and two crowns/caps. My dentist called today to say my 2 tooth Flipper was ready. If this thing looks ok, I can wait it my next trip to see a
  10. For instants, say a built as 60 pct of its units sold and for some reason the build is never completed. What happens to the initial investors?
  11. I've heard there are quite a few Russian Developers in Pattaya and I can't stop thinking Mafia. Are there a large number of Russians in the real estate business in Pattaya and have buyers been duped out of their money? Has there been real estate fraud in Pattaya of any kind?
  12. Question. Lets say a person cashes out his 401K in January and receives a check for 100,000.00( nice round number to make it easier). Now in June of that same year, that person buys a condo in Thailand(he is a US citizen) for 40,000. Would he be liable for taxes in the entire 100,000 or only 60000 because the condo is an investment opportunity?
  13. Coming to the States, she would need a basic command of the English language. I been to 17 countries and everyone made an effort to speak to me in English. China and Cuba being the most difficult but the effort was put forth. I've seen countless US customs agents not even try to speak the foreign visitor's language let along find someone who can. Customs looks at these visitors as if they're stupid for not knowing English but if they speak their native tongue, the customs agent's face has this look of distain. I'm sure when those people are in their home country, sitting around the TV and see
  14. Yes Jacko, I was thinking he'd be better served, for 25,000 annually, to create a health savings account of his own. I just Googled a heart bypass surgery in the States. Its around $150,000 but only 15 to $20,000USD in Bangkok. So in 6 months time, one would have enough for that surgery.
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