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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I think I will book Nam. I do want to understand taxis as a backup. I have always had pre arranged transportation. It used to be Secrets years ago...I have not been there in about eight years...and that service no longer exists.
  2. I just looked at Nam's site. The prices are a year old but given things haven't changed much, she quotes a sedan from Swampy to Pattaya as 1200 baht. What do the taxis charge? Do either, both or neither charge for tolls? I am leaning toward hiring Nam's service next trip.
  3. Why? The cost is about the same so it must be features. I know nothing about either.
  4. Will do! I need a new watch. Their top of the line is $160 on Amazon!
  5. Guys. They did the angiogram and although I have some buildup of plaque on the artery walls, they said I was not a candidate for a stent. Graymatter. They prepped my groin but they went in through my right wrist. This doctor is among the few I think using this technique. It speeds up recovery I was told. They said sometimes with the wrist method they can't turn a corner and the fallback is the groin. So, why am I feeling shitty? Why the bad palpitations? Why a stress test which showed an occluded artery? When I move north Tuesday I will have to find another cardiologist. More questions than answers. However, I am not going to have a heart attack. I can't use my wrist for a few days because of fear of bleeding from the artery. I am strapped to a board - fingers free. My cath lab experience was similar. I was awake the whole time. they sandbagged by extremities to prevent moving. Very mild sedation. One really cute and friendly Hmong nurse. We have a lot of Hmong immigrants here in Fresno. Anyway, thanks to all. With the test I know that at age 68 I have some heart disease but it appears to be not as bad as the doctors expected so I am going to move north, eat heart healthier and get more exercise. Certainly being retired I sit more. My neighbor stopped by and told me to keep moving and that sitting is the new smoking.
  6. Getting an angiogram and likely stent today. I hope it works. I have been feeling crumby for weeks. A chemical stress test scan showed a partial blockage in one ventrical artery under stress. It better work. I am moving out of state Tuesday.
  7. The dollar against the baht is low the last I checked so it is quite a deal to ride the distance you suggest for under a dollar at most.
  8. Thanks! I didn't see it on the web page.
  9. I have a separate account in not my main bank with a separate debit card for emergencies. And of course I put this in the wrong section.
  10. Thanks to both you and Jacko for the info. It has been 15+ years since my first trip and baht busses cost the same. I have no idea how the make money but pleased to see stable prices. I have no problem giving 20. With my old knees it is worth it. I will look into Grab App but I have issues with Uber and cc. At least there you pay cash. Only been almost killed once in Pattaya on a motorcycle taxi. On a night drinking on WS and not wanting to wait for baht busses to fill up (not to mention ladyboys on Soi Diana), MS taxis are better than walking or waiting. The passenger helmets are such a joke. One thing I love about Pattaya and the third world in general, there is risk to life and limb that has been legislated out of our western lives.
  11. In one week I get an angiogram and a stent. I don't expect it will affect any trip as it is a 24 hour recovery. As to you, it isn't math, just simple arithmetic but I don't keep count and I am not sure of the motives of those who do.
  12. What is the current cost for baht bus? Please include route served. What is the cost for a motorcycle taxi? I used to negotiate. Is Nam's the best service to and from Swampy? I am thinking of a dual hotel trip on opposite ends of Pattaya. I don't have a lot of baggage but enough and configuration to think that a motorcycle taxi is the wrong choice (and baht bus the really wrong choice) to transport me and my belongings from/to. Thinking a decade back, I do not recall seeing actual taxis in Pattaya...Bangkok of course. Motorcycle taxis and baht busses but not taxis in Pattaya but they must exist. Thanks in advance.
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