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  1. Debbie Harry's photos popped up elsewhere so here's my favorite Blondie song...the old gal is 75.
  2. I never cared for his scream in your face comedy but he had a large following. I think I read that he was a former preacher. Go figure. He was killed in an auto accident. I think he was still in his 30s. At any rate he was pretty young and in the prime of his career.
  3. The attitudes of people, like those refusing to wear masks on airplanes, is nothing new but has been exacerbated by the extreme polarization in the USA. Anti vaxxers are not new. They existed in the early 20th century during mandates for smallpox vaccinations. There were formal organizations as there are today. What makes all of this unique is modern so called conventional and social media...again, back to the extreme polarization. Common sense has given way to emotional narcissism. Given the psychopathy demonstrated by some passengers these days, I don't think the mask wearing passenger
  4. they never have as far as I know. Animation is voice over work.
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