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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. The question is why is the baht so strong? or is ours (all of us) weak?
  2. Reading classes? I am already there, sort of. I had both eyes done for cataracts. One eye is distance and the other near. They call it monovision. So at 68 I can sit here at the cpu or read a book without glasses. Driving = glasses for depth perception. CPU and reading is basically two dimensional. I did it for a number of years working. You adjust. I can watch TV with my right eye or at the movies but I wear glasses for those too. Might miss a nipple with my left eye.
  3. Finally feeling better about getting old. I had baht and sold it here years ago. I wish I kept it but maybe with the new king the old money wouldn't be accepted. I will just have to be more frugal. No parties like I used to at FLB and Cherry Bar. Just quiet bar beer evenings and a couple trips to see naked dancers. Lots of ways to get laid there if you don't want a Mercedes and can settle for a VW. Still a decent ride.
  4. I get a little bit from my bank for the trip to Pattaya and the rest when I hit town. Never at the airport.
  5. Yes, one of the most lopsided matches I can recall but Thailand did qualify for group play and the game did need to be played. We will see how Thailand does against Sweden and Chile. I don't think she will advance.
  6. I missed a lot of games back then due to military service. Cal was a true iron man. His dad was a great baseball man. I see Billy on TV from time to time. Dempsey was a hard nosed ball player. They all were back then. Senators miss Harper. I think this is part of what you are talking about.
  7. Moving up here to the Portland Metro region I have left behind the Giants, A's, 49ers (the Raiders are always leaving so the Hell with them), the Warriors and the Sharks. For football and MLB you have to drive hours to Seattle. Hockey is in Vancouver, Canada. What we have here is the NBA and pro soccer, which is fairly popular. My Giants had a run but they now suck. They aren't much better than the Orioles and trending downward. I liked the Orioles of old when you had Palmer and Cuellar and McNally.... What a great team.
  8. Women's soccer, at least at this level, is probably more popular in the USA than men's but I am not sure. I follow British soccer, not USA soccer. I think the ladies get more commercial endorsement money that do the guys. That is an indicator of that. as to whiiping their shirts off...not as exciting as one might wish.
  9. It's USA - Thailand or was. Not sure if I should post the score....nah. Anyone can google it. I'm just surprised it isn't being discussed. Then again, Americans likely don't care and I won't speak for you ferriners.
  10. a bit too paranoid for me.
  11. lol I can picture more people snapping on airplanes and we have enough of that as it is.
  12. All I know is that the guy next to the no cuts sign appears to have taken cuts.
  13. I have my Kindle. I am going to buy a tablet for music and videos and internet but with movies on the plane, and more on my tablet plus reading material, I can pass on internet access for a day each way. It seems like a poor business model for the airlines. I am curious if they make money this way. Add a couple of bucks to the cost of a ticket and offer it for free.
  14. I have been watching HBO's True Detective season 3 Mahershala Ali is brilliant. He plays three ages. The last being his character as an old man. I won't say more than that. Then I have to finish season 2 of "The Deuce" which is about the seedy times of the south of Times Square area. 1970s. Three episodes to go. Then I am thinking Chernobyl. Thanks to you guys for the recommendation.
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