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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Yes. I will start at the beginning.
  2. I gave up on season one. Now you have me rethinking it.
  3. I fly EVA for one reason, it gets me to Asia from the US west coast around mid day Bangkok time. Everything else from here is late night. EVA doesn't thrill me. It does get me there on schedule.
  4. I am six episodes in (7 is available) and I am not as negative about it as you are but the writing could have been better. I will finish this season but, if it returns, I doubt I will still be on board.
  5. found this on the Drudge Report site
  6. You do understand that if someone with covid-19, with lung problems, saw your hilarious posts, they likely would need a ventilator.
  7. How's EVA's cash flow? A lot going out and almost nothing coming in.
  8. Just watched on Netflix Badland
  9. That's Trump? The mask worked. hehe
  10. Is that a Fox show? I get it on Epix but it is only about six episodes so far.
  11. I volunteer to go into her head first. I'll make fisting look like amature hour.
  12. You do find some hilarious ones.
  13. Amen. What if...? 1. We have no vaccine for MERS or SARS. What if we are unable to develope a vaccine for Covid-19? 2. What if we don't develope immunity to this virus and run the risk of reinfection? 3. Are we to stop our economies for ever? Our ancestors accepted death. They didn't stop commerce or living their lives. In 1918, the Spanish Flu infected roughly 1/3 of the world's population (500 million) and killed roughly 10% of those infected. People went on living. There is no evidence that this virus will be any worse than the yearly max of flu deaths worldwide (under 700,000). I'm in a higher risk group. I take reasonable precautions. Many are in a low risk for death group. They need to go to work but people like me need to stay away from them or wear protective gear. I was having groceries and sundries delivered to my house. Now, with so many staying home, I can't get a delivery time. That forces me and others in a higher risk group to go to the store. I have faced death. I won't be cowed by hand wringers. No one gets out of here alive. I don't want to hasten death but I won't live in fear of it. Get back to work or even more will die in poverty/homelessness when the worldwide depression hits. Finally, these pandemics of undiscovered viruses are happening more frequently. Are we supposed to shutdown for every one? We need to learn to live with these since it is obvious we can't prevent them from happening...yet.
  14. Have most of the ladies gone back home?
  15. And God said, "It's on my to do list."
  16. Kareem seems to forget that Hollywood never gets things perfectly accurate.
  17. Season two is much better. I finished episode four last night. Four has a one on one character exchange with Jimmie Simpson that is brilliant.
  18. This might help Boeing with their problems. They were likely going to lose business to Airbus and now they have extra time to work out their problems. They will still lose money but now so will Airbus.
  19. My dream funeral is a cremation followed by a Pattaya street construction project.
  20. I had HBO for one and forgot I hadn't wached season two. I am working on that now. I will still run out of new season 3 episodes and be forced to wait.
  21. That is on the mind of our leaders. One good thing is that they want to keep domestic airflight going as strong as possible and offer low interest loans to struggling companies, even beyond airlines...cruise lines, restaurants and on and on. The big problem here is a demand problem and not a supply problem. Grubhub seems to be making money. Of course the stock doesn't reflect it.
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