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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I watched Midway last night. I enjoyed it. Attached are clips and trailers.
  2. As you quoted me, the differences can be discerned. I didn't edit it in the manner I think you are alluding to. Again, you post without reading in full or comparing. Just a quasi accusation. I certainly didn't edit it in relation to you or your post. As I said to jacko a few minutes ago, it was not appropriate to the topic which I apologize for. I plan to let this die.
  3. as I also said, that is my concern also. Money is also a commodity and perhaps I should not have posted what I did as it isn't relevant here.
  4. What did my post say? You didn't read the whole thing. I was explaining to another who asked me about a previous post. I explained that my interest is vs the baht as well.
  5. https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/currency I am not an expert by any means on currency trading but generally the higher the number the better. Buy low, sell high. I am not into currency trading. The highest was 163.83 in the 1980s when the Fed had interest rates at 9%. The number is an index sort of like the DJIA or S&P500 is to stocks. I like the dollar value increasing but more so in relation to the baht. But buying dollars is going up in markets as the graph shows in the link. Currently. You can also see all of the dips and peaks over time. Under the graph allows you to set a time period. The lowest on the ten year is 72.xx around 2011 and the highest in the last ten years was around 103.xx in around December 2016. The U.S. Dollar Index (USDX, DXY, DX) is an index (or measure) of the value of the United States dollar relative to a basket of foreign currencies, often referred to as a basket of U.S. trade partners' currencies. The Index goes up when the U.S. dollar gains "strength" (value) when compared to other currencies. As measured by the DX. F, the all-time high for the dollar was 163.83 on March 5, 1985. That's because the U.S. Federal Reserve raised the fed funds rate to 9% to combat stagflation.
  6. I think I saw on MSNBC that the dollar is tarding close to 1.00. It has been on the rise. Good for us tourists but not good for our exports.
  7. In almost every major sport whether FIFA or the Olympics or you name it, money ends up being a big corrupting influence. Violations are often not dealt with until someone decides they have to make an example of some organization. That is often political in nature because they don't fix the system, they just make an example of someone while ignoring the rest of the violators. I hope City is successful in their appeal but the deck appears stacked against them.
  8. I have considered this. I could Uber to the airport or have my son drop me off on his way to work. When I flew from Portland to Fresno a year ago, I was waiting in an area that was next to the Portland to Seattle flight waiting area (actually a shared large area). That flight was cancelled as I sat there. That is likely rare but makes me a bit skittish. When I lived in the Bay Area, there were a couple of shuttle services that went to neighborhoods along the route to SFO to pick up people who had reserved transport. Door to door. I don't think we have that type of service here. It would be ideal for me. I have considered mtrack to Seattle and staying overnight in a hotel with a shuttle service. It would be even better if Amtrack had a station at or near Seatac. I don't know. I don't think they do. Lots of time to figure this out.
  9. Same for me when I required hospitalization for a food related illness in Bangkok years ago. Wallet size! I have 4 cc's I travel with.
  10. You are lucky. I can walk around without ID here but have to have a DL on my person to drive. If stopped by police, I have seen people briefly detained for not having ID but not arrested. I need someplace to carry my AAA road service card. As it applies to cars in am riding in even if I am not the driver, it needs to be on my person. A lot of things require some sort of ID to prove who you are here. I have to keep my medical insurance cards on me. This and more are a convenient wallet size. Thank God I don't have to carry a purse. A lot of things I can now have on my cell phone. Doctor's appointments are usually placed on cards (wallet size) as reminders. I can now put that information on my phone. So things are moving to fully digital but for that to eliminate the need for wallets will require governments and businesses to all buy in and I don't see that happening any time soon. A slow but not steady march forward. Every so often I go through the clutter in my wallet. I did so yesterday. I still had things in it from the previous state I lived in. Wallets can be a bit of a bother but one adjusts to the system one lives in.
  11. No have been to Thailand but not Pattaya and yes I have checked. For west coast late afternoon return you leave Swampy around 3 PM. That part I have not checked. They have been known to change the schedule. Currently November gets me to Swampy at 10:40 AM. Takes off from Seattle at 00:20. I just checked return. Leave Swampy at 14:40. Lands at at 14:40. Then a two 2 and a half hour drive home. Just need to figure out best way to and from Seattle. May drive and park. Looking for hotels that you can overnight going and park for free in their lot. Did it for Germany once years ago.
  12. How far back was that? I flew on many EVA 747s but never realized they did this.
  13. Liverpool doesn't play great and still wins. Norwich had their chances.
  14. I only fly EVA now. It is the only airline that allows me to get to Pattaya by mid afternoon. I don't like arriving in the middle of the night. I have to spend a night in Bangkok and prefer to get to my destination and party the evening I arrive. Thai airlines years ago had such a flight. I believe it was even direct back then but I never flew them and all of the negatives I have heard make me just as glad that I didn't. Unfortunately, airline thats I would love to try are not available here or I would have to fly the longer direction to use them. Flying west with a stop is long enough.
  15. I tend to wear either tight Levis (shorts too) or shorts with zippered pockets, even in the USA. Because of sciatica years ago, I put my wallet in my front pocket. When walking I brush the pocket with my hand every other step. In crowds my hand is touching the outside of my pocket at a minimum. The same applies on public transportation. When I was on a crowded baht bus, I used to ride on th3e back. I read a couple of years aago that was no longer allowed. When I can, I put myself next to the rear exit. I do everything I can think of to avoid a problem but nobody is 100% safe. I leave documents I don't need in the room safe. I did have one robbery in a Pattaya room safe so I tend to use TCs and cash them as needed. So I have little actual cash in my safe and only what I think I will need on hand. I used to make a colered photocopy of my passport and cary that around. I took it with me as a temporary indication that I have one. I took the passport with me only to exchange money, then back in the safe. These days they have a small card you can get with your passport. It's the size of a US drivers licence. I carry that now. I have never been stopped and asked for it but the card should at least allow me to get back to the room for the actual document if needed. Maybe not but I doubt it is a big deal. How many westerners are wandering around Pattaya without documentation at all. I see guys in speedos and tank tops often, for instance.
  16. If there is a better harmonica player than John Popper please link him or her. My brother plays. He's pretty good but not this good. Popper is amaaaazingggg! Miserable Bastard is dedicated to all who love 'em and leave 'em.
  17. That is certainly getting your money's worth! The last time I was on a 747 it was on Eva six or seven years ago or longer. That was one of the last years they flew them to the Pacific west coast of the USA. Takeoffs were like I was in an old rattle trap jalopy from my youth.
  18. You should go back to the UK in her warm, dry season. What week is that again?
  19. Man City penalized big time. Manchester City has been banned from UEFA club competitions for the next two seasons -- beginning in 2020/21 -- and handed a $32.5 million fine by European football's governing body. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/02/14/football/manchester-city-uefa-competitions-ban-spt-intl/index.html Deliberately inflating price of sponsorship deal. And not cooperating with the investigation. They will appeal the ruling. 5th place this year qualifies for the Champions League next year.
  20. Which is a shame as they miss many of us.
  21. That is a very important match. Chelsea needs a win to go four points up on Sheffield United who are playing well. Also important is Man City - West Ham, relegation looms for WH. I expect they will lose though. Positionally AV - Spurs is important to both clubs. AV is just above relegation and Spurs are still hopeful of a top four finish. A win by Aston Villa would put them in 15th while a Spurs victory would put them in 5th. A Spurs win and Chelsea loss would mean only two points separate 4th through 6th. The top three on the table are in a strong position but both City and LC need points as only two points separate second and third. The winter break is dragging things out but finally we get a bunch of games with the makeup game next Wednesday also. Should be fun.
  22. I love your signature quotes, especially the last, although they are all apt currently as well as timeless.
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