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  1. WTF are you quoting me for that nonsense for? jeez. It had nothing to do with my comment! Red I'm beginning to see you as the new buffoon of this board.
  2. Good one! The brother with that first name is stoned outside of Denver. Plays a decent harmonica though. The other one lasted only a few months with banjo lessons. I lasted an even shorter time with the clarinet.
  3. If you find a place as safe and easy to get to, as much fun as Pattaya and for a similar or lesser cost, I hope you will clue us in.
  4. My brother in elementary school took banjo lessons lol.
  5. I love my Tacoma but I am thinking I might get a smaller SUV with AWD. Not sure which.
  6. Almost 70 and the same for me but only two flights to get there. I am hopeful for one more trip but I am a realist. It may not happen and I still see no alternative. At least I have had the experience multiple times.
  7. With the passing of RBG, I wanted to recommend her biopic "On The Basis of Sex". I am not being political when I recommend this. It shines a light on the life of an important US citizen. One may not agree with her but there is nothing wrong with understanding her.
  8. I saw a biopic about Jeff Beck and he is into hot rods. He saw some American B movie as a kid and has had a lifelong love affair with them. He not only collects them but works on them. A bigtime collector in America is Jay Leno. I read somewhere that he uses very expensive 3D printing to make some parts. Similar - "...will leverage 3D printing to build a digital inventory that helps road test, refurbish and retrofit classic vehicles and supercars in Leno’s collection." https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/jay-leno-partners-with-stratasys-to-3d-print-custom-parts-for-classic-vehicle-and-supercar-collection-164385/#:~:text=As an extension of Stratasys,169 cars and 117 motorcycles.
  9. At my age? It's more like balsa than oak. Looking for the right description. Malleable is correct. You have to beat it into the proper shape. But then it's golden!
  10. Had I that kind of disposable money, I would do a classic car collection. I always wanted a Woody.
  11. Wishing you, Adam the very happiest of birthdays and celebration!
  12. C'mon. The virus doesn't kill all but it does kill some. It isn't your country. Let them do as they think is best for themselves and focus on what is best for your country.
  13. It is of course the right of all nations to decide how to handle this. We didn't know this virus even existed nine months ago and there seem to be some that think it is completely resolved. I have been hoping for a return next fall. It would be nice if it is sooner but even next fall is not a guarantee. First one or more of the vaccines need to be in mass use and effective. Then countries need to re-evaluate entry of tourists. I expect that some countries might expect proof of vaccination. That could be a bureaucratic nightmare. I don't at all think that Thailand doesn't want tourism or doesn't hope it returns to normal. They seem to have what some members do not have - patience.
  14. When I was working still, my company had private big name insurance. I went on vacation to Thailand, got so ill I had to be hospitalized toward the end of my trip in Bangkok. Insurance wouldn't pay directly so I had to front the hospital bill. They sought authorization from my CC company and I was in two nights. Otherwise I would have been at an ATM... Anyway, when I got home I was reimbursed for all but the $100 hospital co-pay. Now I have medicare and a private supplemental plan. Medicare would not give a reimbursement certainly but I wonder what Blue Cross and others cover? Also, perhaps someone can offer an opinion on short term internationally accepted medical insurance for tourists? There must be some. They can't be exorbitant for such a short period of time...I hope.
  15. Yes, our American insurances won't cover us and most of us are beyond the age limit to get overseas insurances. Is that 62?64? 65? I looked into it before I retired early and have forgotten because I know I no longer could even if I wanted to.
  16. The beginning of this song is a practical joke played on the star. Dylan starts on time but the studio musicians just let him go on until he figures it out! How often have we heard Bob Dylan laugh?
  17. Funny! But for the only time it's good my mom has passed on.
  18. Not many live versions are close to the studio version but the Eagles nailed.
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