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  1. Thanks for your reply i was trying to find out if anyone has cancelled with the new flexible fare ticket as it says you can change your booking as many times as possible for travel up to 31st December 2020 or exchange for a voucher plus 10% extra bonus valid for two years or get a refund with charges.but cannot find out what the charges are ...
  2. has anyone recently tried to either get a refund or exchange for vouchers a booking for later this year and if so was it easy
  3. you can use the vouchers as soon as they land in your account and just change your flights at a later date
  4. you can purchase your flights now and if you book before 30th June for travel before end December 2020 you can cancel and re book for free for up to two years or just keep the 50% bonus and book within two years win win i think
  5. Hi just come across this if any one is planing to travel with Ethiad in the next two years grab a bargain for every 250 worth of travel vouchers you purchase the will give you an extra 50% so buy $500 dollars worth get $750 buy $1000 dollars get $1500 dollars up to a max purchase of $63000 dollars valid for two years but be quick offer ends 24th June heres the link to the offer hope this helps someone https://www.etihad.com/en-gb/book/special-offers/promotion/etihad-travel-voucher
  6. Is there any updated pictures of the beer garden i read in a Thai newspaper the mayor has reclaimed the land and they are knocking it down to replace with a tram station /stop which would be a shame as i have spent many a happy night in there
  7. Yes Ethihad had 3 flights daily same as emirates and Qatar and Oman air one flight
  8. I tried sky-scanner for 1st of November till 1st of December 2020 coming in at £402 from Manchester so not bad 17:50 MAN 14h 55 1 stop HEL 15:45+1 BKK 09:05 BKK 14h 55 1 stop HEL 17:00 MAN 12 deals from £403 Select 10:15 MAN 14h 10 1 stop HEL 07:25+1 BKK 09:05 BKK 14h 55 1 stop HEL 17:00 MAN 11 deals from £431 Select 17:50 MAN 14h 55 1 stop HEL 15:45+1 BKK 23:05 BKK 17h 10 1 stop HEL 09:15+1 MAN 12 deals from £403
  9. i cant see any good prices being offered after most of the competition goes bust they will have a captive customer base ....pay up or dont fly..........
  10. wow thats nearly as tight as the girls on soi 6 555555
  11. Hi is it possible to bring a uk eye test results and have a pair of glasses made in Pattaya as i for got i was due an eye test in the uk so went for one asap and was told i needed new glasses but will take a week to get replaced but i travel to Thailand in two days 7 th January so no joy and to make matters worse i have sat on my glasses and scratched the lens T.I.A
  12. yes but the engines would not fit because of the low under carriage so had to be placed higher up on the wing which affected the centre of gravity
  13. Not getting the 737 max certified safe isnt helping and iBelieve Turkish airline is now going to sue Boeing for loss of income also the engine problems with the dream-liner will take till 2022 to sort out
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