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  1. driving an automatic is a joy i tried it in Thailand ater 30 years of driving a manual in the uk just remember you only have one leg the right one try tucking your left away hardly use park or neutral just held it in rive using the brake makes it a lot easier drove rom Pattaya to Kanchanaburi also Phetchabun long drive over 8 hours each way good tip for motorway highway driving stay in lane two or 3 asyou will find the inside lane is damaged a lot by all the hgvs also at most left turn junctions you can turn on red as long as its safe to do also i you need car hire in Pattaya https://expatca
  2. just imagine how many mouths they could feed with what they are spending on remodelling a beach
  3. as i under stand the Phuket sandbox starting in July passengers have to arrive in Phuket and leave from Phuket also have to spend 14 days in quarantine in Phuket via direct flight only ....but that can change like the wind in Thailand
  4. I hope your right but i wouldn't hold my breath i have booked for 1st march with Qatar airways from Manchester luckily i have a flexible ticket valid for two years so will just keep changing until i can travel . just checked on the u.k site when will i get the covid vaccine calculator and it says i should get it in April 2021 so hopefully they will let people travel who has been vaccinated.so hopefully will travel for my birthday in July but like everyone else will have to wait and see
  5. Not looking promising for an early return in 2021 may be Christmas 2021 but who knows
  6. Its ok for the millionaires who can afford a private charter plane and two week quarantine for 50000-100000 Baht but the likes of me who comes twice a year its a no no i am lucky this time i booked for november i choose flexible tickets but im hoping the flights get cancelled and can get a refund because as i get older i have health problems and really was thinking this would be my last trip but its not going to happen
  7. I use zenmate and never had a problem with it and it lets you connect to different servers depending on what you are doing heres a link to the info and a free 7 days trial https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/how-to-get-a-zenmate-free-trial-easiest-hack/ hope this helps
  8. Thanks for your reply i was trying to find out if anyone has cancelled with the new flexible fare ticket as it says you can change your booking as many times as possible for travel up to 31st December 2020 or exchange for a voucher plus 10% extra bonus valid for two years or get a refund with charges.but cannot find out what the charges are ...
  9. has anyone recently tried to either get a refund or exchange for vouchers a booking for later this year and if so was it easy
  10. you can use the vouchers as soon as they land in your account and just change your flights at a later date
  11. you can purchase your flights now and if you book before 30th June for travel before end December 2020 you can cancel and re book for free for up to two years or just keep the 50% bonus and book within two years win win i think
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