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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Now that the Thai government has suspended new applications for the Thailand Pass as far as Test-and-go is concerned, can anyone confirm whether it is still possible to book via the Phuket Sandbox system, and get a Thailand pass. I usually travel to Pattaya, but if this is the only way of getting to Thailand and seeing my friend, it seems like a good idea. Anyone know anything about this? Also, any recommendations for hotels in Phuket?? Where are good locations to stay??
  2. It now seems official that the Sandbox concept is being extended to Pattaya from 1st November. You still need to be double-vaccinated, have 50,000 US dollars special covid insurance, have negative RT-PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure, and have proof of hotel booking and pre-paid tests - RT-PCR on day 1 and antigen test 5 days later (or maybe 6 or 7 days?). Also need to have a Certificate of Entry, although this is being replaced with a "Thailand Pass". However, at present there doesn't seem to be an official list of Sandbox hotels in Pattaya. Also, you have to travel from B
  3. Ate in Chunky Monkey last December. My girlfriend had the salmon and I had gammon steak. Both were significantly over-cooked. Edible, but not very good. On the other hand my friend had the prawn sandwich and thought it was excellent.
  4. Regyai - years ago I had an insurance company which was quite cheap. Then they said they couldn't cover my pre-existing conditions because they had a new underwriter. I tried a number of different companies. Always the same story, answer lots of questions, and at the end they can't cover me. Got really fed up with this, so tried price comparison website. At least, I don't waste a lot of time on pointless questionnaires from companies who won't cover me because the very first querstion is Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions and your details are only passed on to companies who WILL c
  5. Try MoneySuperMarket.com they should give you a cheaper quote. I'm paying £186 for my November trip to Pattaya and I'm 10 years older than you and have a couple of existing medical conditions to be covered, so you should be able to get a cheaper quote.
  6. Sorry if my last post was a bit mixed up; I tried to copy the details from Google but screwed it up a bit. However, if you Google "prostate steam" you will be able to see the whole article. Don't know how widespread this treatment is outside of the UK, but it certainly seems to be far superior to the old operation procedure.
  7. The NHS has been given the green light to deploy a new steam treatment for enlarged prostates that could help millions of men avoid the risk of impotence and sexual dysfunction. On Tuesday the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) said there is enough evidence that the procedure, which shrinks the swollen gland, is safe and effective as an alternative to surgery. Enlarged prostate affects more than two million men, roughly half of men over the age of 50, and serious cases have relied on surgery using a laser or cauterising p
  8. I had the TURPS operation about 8 years ago. There were absolutely no adverse side effects. It didn't affect my sex life at all. No impotence, no incontinence. I think these are possible but not of a high probability. The thing is, after wearing a catheter for 3 days, I am convinced it stretched my cock and made it longer than before.
  9. This may not be obvious to a newbie. When you barfine a girl, Never pay in advance. She'll make up some excuse to leave early. Wait till you're finished with her and then pay.
  10. I stayed at Flipper House in November last year. I like the fact that breakfast is available up till 12 noon, so you can have a lie-in and still be in time for the free breakfast. It's a standard buffet, as good as anywhere else. The rooftop pool area is really nice. Lots of sunbeds. Permanent staff available for drinks or snacks. The location is OK. Pig & Whistle restaurant is just down the road. Only a 10 minute walk to Central shopping mall. Only about 10 minute walk to Soi Buakhao. A bit further to Walking Street, but Beach Road is just at the foot of Soi7 so quite convenient. Lots of
  11. My return flights from Edinburgh to BKK in November cost me £510 with Qatar. The good thing for me with Qatar as opposed to KLM or Air France is that the travel is split into two roughly equal parts. The bad one is going through the security check at Doha airport which is always totally crowded, In February I was worried I might miss my connection, so I went to the first class security check, and got through in a couple of minutes. Of course, with the troubles Qatar are having with their neighbours, flights may have to detour, and this may cause delays. But hopefully this will be resolved befo
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