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  1. Israeli flight from Thailand faced attack by 'hostile elements' This is the second time such an incident has occurred in the past week, according to the report. By JERUSALEM POST STAFF FEBRUARY 18, 2024 15:31 Updated: FEBRUARY 18, 2024 22:08 "Hostile elements" attempted to take over the communication network of an El Al plane flying from Phuket to Ben-Gurion Airport on Saturday night and divert it from its destination, Israel's national airline confirmed on Sunday. The plane reached its destination safely.
  2. Some upscale options: The InterContinental Pattaya Resort. The sunset view from its Infiniti restaurant is spectacular. If you're looking for a high-class Christmas dinner but don't want turkey and trimmings, this could be an option. And here are the details for the Christmas Day buffet and party. It looks to be an excellent choice for a very merry Christmas Day. The Hilton Pattaya: Dusit Thani:
  3. A bunch of restaurants in no particular order. Fraser's in Jomtien and the Hideaway on Soi 15 not far from Soi Buakhao. The Nest on Soi Diana near LK Metro The Beefeater on Soi Diana has three sittings Dec. 24th and 25th: 5.00 p.m., 7.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m.
  4. Somewhat surprisingly, the Robin Hood Tavern at The Avenue has the year's most expensive Christmas dinner at 3,999 baht. The second sitting is already sold out, but places remain for the first sitting. I'm sure it's a very good dinner, but it would have to be heaven on a plate for me to pay 3,999 baht for a carvery dinner. That's more than double the buffet at the Hard Rock and about 1,500 baht more than the massive buffets at hotels like the Royal Cliff, Dusit Thani, Hilton, InterContinental, etc. It's a bold pricing decision by the Robin Hood, but appears to be succeeding.
  5. Regular posters on Pattaya Talk will by now almost certainly have made their arrangements for Christmas dinner, but I'm starting this thread just in case someone hasn't or possibly their plans have fallen through at the last minute. What follows is a collection of restaurant Christmas dinner ads from Facebook, Web sites and other Pattaya boards. I'm not in Pattaya now, but I think it's interesting to see the wide range of options available for Christmas dinner. I've concentrated on traditional Christmas dinners in this thread, but not all of them are turkey with trimmings. If you've nev
  6. VLogging a Dead Horse is one of the bigger scumbags in Thailand. I've only watched a couple of his YouTube videos, but they have been among the worst I've seen. The guy has no respect for Thai people or their culture. In one video he manages to eat a breakfast buffet at an international resort in Thailand without paying. Normally what happens in such cases is that the hotel management will hold a Thai staffer responsible for the retail value of the unpaid breakfast. Since buffet breakfasts at the big international hotels cost 800 to 1,000 baht or even more, that could be two or three days
  7. A man from (insert whatever country you like- or dislike) was living in the U.S. and married to an American woman. The couple takes a trip back to his homeland so he can show her where he comes from, a tiny farming village deep in the countryside. It doesn't take many minutes for him to show her everything. They come to a large tree on the outskirts of the village and he says, "I had my first sexual experience under that tree." "Wow," responds his wife. "It seems very open. Didn't anyone see you?" Yes," said the husband. "Her mother watched the whole time." "Oh my god,"
  8. I'll start with this golden oldie: A man on a transcontinental flight from New York to San Francisco finds much to his delight that he is seated next to a very beautiful young woman. As soon as he fastens his seatbelt, he asks her politely," Are you traveling for business or leisure?" "Business," she answers with a bright smile. "I'm attending the National Convention of Sexologists." "Wow! That's interesting," says the man. "Are you a delegate to the convention?" "No, I'm a lecturer," she responded. "I use my research to debunk some of the popular myths about sexuality..
  9. Most members of Pattaya Talk will already have made arrangements for Christmas Dinner, but in case you haven't, what follows are menus from the Web sites of various Pattaya restaurants. I'll start with some old reliable favorites, which also happen to be among the less expensive. The all-you-can-eat buffet at Chik-N-Coop bar is probably the best value-for-money Christmas dinner in town. Coop's buffet always tastes just like your Mom made, assuming you had an American mom. Tigglebitties Tavern is usually sold out before Christmas, so best to jump now if you're interested.
  10. According to its Facebook page, the Marquee Bar has raised the price of its Sunday roast dinners to 120 baht from 100 baht. Roast dinners are available on Wednesdays as well as Sundays. . PreCovid the Marquee was doing about 200 roast dinner covers every Sunday and and they were always sold out by early evening. I had the roast chicken dinner quite a few times and was always happy with it. I didn't much care for the beef or pork variations- industrial block meat- but you can't expect too much for what was then 100 baht. Chicken was fine, though, and a big enough portion for me
  11. I got this email from Kinnaree: I don't know if it's the same offer as pre-Covid, but it used to be the Sunday roast was free if you had a high-enough tab. Evil
  12. A couple of "walk-through" videos on YouTube. The BTS link looks like a decent option if you only have light carry-on luggage, but I wonder how much time you save considering all the walking involved, especially from international arrivals at DMK. The big problem I found with the AirLink from Swampy was buying the tokens at the Phaya Thai station to connect with the other BTS lines. AirLink was popular with the Russian, Indian and Chinese groups, so there was a big crush of people (no real queues) at the machines which sold tokens. Often the foreign tourists didn't know how the kiosks
  13. Authorities say the building is likely to collapse. UPDATE: Gas leak believed to be cause of massive explosion at restaurant in the center of Pattaya Evil
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