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  1. All looks good here. Was worried I would have to try and remember my password but logged in smoothly. Well done! LF
  2. There must be quite a few bar or business owners you know who would pay for a spot ad? 2k a month from 4 or 5 and you have covered your costs? They could sponsor a section so have exclusive ads in that area? You would need to prove membership and daily views but that should be easy. Done properly they would not be too invasive and with the right management the forum could grow. I'd be happy to come over and be your sales exec. 120k baht a month salary and company car and I can be there tomorrow! ??
  3. We are looking to sell our popular little Thai Takeaway business in Lincoln. If anybody lives locally or is thinking of a move this is a great business all ready to go and expand. Please PM me for more details. Cheers! LF https://m.daltonsbusiness.com/thai-restaurants-for-sale/growing-thai-takeaway-and-cafe-lincolnshire-uk/432713
  4. That's Miki Haim's company isn't it? He always seemed on the level to me and has been around for a long time.
  5. Pattaya Players have got auditions coming up. They're a good bunch of people.
  6. Weird. Was just watching a movie today called Pusher with him in it and thought about him in this. Movie was crap though!
  7. Did all ours ourselves and Mrs flash now has a British passport. Just use thaivisa and thai UK for help. Just be careful as there is a load of bollox on the net - usually from thai lawyers!
  8. Thanks for a great year of monkeywatch!
  9. One of my first friends in sin city. Many shared experiences. Thinking of you buddy.
  10. I used to work for tudor court and know how determined simon is to provide top quality construction and unlike other developments this one will be completed!
  11. Had a super star combo last week and loved it. Even at 269 b it was a mighty fine burger...
  12. Great. My first night is the 4th and my last night is the 17th. Great timing!
  13. Thanks fellas . Good to know in advance
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