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  1. Opera for me, free download and Mac compatible.
  2. I had a couple of trips to LoS in the second half of 2019, so not missing it as badly as some seem to be. In fact, I've enjoyed the last few months of 'lockdown' in the UK, as it has allowed me time and opportunity to do so many projects on my main property here that would not otherwise have been prioritised. I'm not bothered about a 2020 visit and won't be hopping on a plane until there's a reliable treatment for C19 or better still a vaccine, and even when a vaccine arrives I'm not sure I want to be first in the queue to try it. I will return, but only when it's responsible to do so and statistically safe. I have a pile of THB sitting in a Thai bank account so the finance for future trips is already in place, I just need to get there and get my paws on it. Safety first, I'm not straining at the leash.
  3. A strong deterrent would be a civil action for damages. Those involved would have to sell all current assets and maybe have future liabilities too.
  4. Of course. Same as many other types of business in Funtown,where dirty money is washed and recycled.
  5. Good one MGDN! I've been watching the hurricane on MSNBC and they have been overplaying the drama too,shouting their pieces to camera and standing in two inches of water but dressed in storm clothing. Must be in their contracts to used the phrase "hunkered down" in every third sentence.
  6. Same in 1992 when I first dropped in. Back then though,local prices were exceptionally cheap so good value to be had everywhere. That's no longer the case.
  7. I had some luggage go missing recently. The on-site officials wouldn't allow me do describe the colour as orange in the missing bag report (which was correct) so I had to declare that it was yellow..... Seems extraordinary that there are so few official colours allowed to describe missing bags! It was delivered to my house in the UK a week later,around midnight. No idea where it was for the missing days.
  8. Is this the food court at basement level,or is there another one? I assume there is one on an upper level,hence the word 'loft'?
  9. I'm still laughing.....a few hours after seeing the clip.....
  10. An explanation of what you want to achieve would be useful! I might have a crack at it if it is interesting and not too intricate.
  11. Billions


    I thought I clicked a green "like" but instead hit the red button,so erasing the "like" and reducing the count to zero when it should be +2. Sorry A2!
  12. That probably leaves one sign which is legal.....
  13. Well,the authorities stopped the deckchair mafia taking over the beach entirely,finally stopped illegal construction at The waterfront,demolished a few hotels that had abused planning laws,cut out the smoking of shisha,cleared Walking Street of mobile vendors in the early hours,enforced scrutiny of documentation at hotels,stopped the widespread Soi 6 regulation avoidance,clamped down on the zero-dollar Chinese tour mafia,got the motocy guys to play ball,display fares and get licensed,stopped the littering and flyposting in telephone kiosks and on street furniture,clamped down on the Cambodian beggars,rounded up a few International villains,closed down loads of Thai pubs for drug infractions and underage patrons,kicked out the corrupt City Hall governance and replaced it wholesale,terrified go-go security into compliance instead of brutality,closed down previously invincible go-go bars for license irregularities,enforced opening hours,now regulating massage employees,hanging the Sword of Damocles over the seaside of Walking Street,stopped the open sale of many previously available pharmacutical products,looking into unlicensed hotels and guest houses,huge crackdown on drink driving abuse.....and probably plenty of other things that have been cracked down on. They are getting there,one step at a time...
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