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  1. Hammer you are a Great bloke , I was just about to slag you off , but I’ve met you in Soi8 and we had a chat and I was drunk as a skunk and you’d started early probably January.

    I know Dale , quite well I’m sure he thinks I am a Billy Hunt .

    Come on you Hammers

    1. Hammer


      Treat people as they treat you. Hopefully we can share some stories on soi diana in the future. And as you say come on you Hammers

    2. soisurfer


      Please ignore my post I was very brahmns and Lists

  2. I know this is in the wrong section , but this one gets the most traffic.
  3. I am sure this is in the wrong section, so what! A soldier Walking down Soi 8, a cute little girl runs up "where you go?" she says He looks her up and down and says "How much for my Company?". "For you darling 1000 baht only" she replies, Immediately he shouts "Company Halt ! "
  4. I didn't vote for him, I wanted the gay policeman. anyway watch this and see Mr. Johnson for the type of man he really is. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=CcgrZs4GXv4
  5. I was in the flipper soi 7 about 2 weeks ago. I think the reason they are full at the moment is that half the hotel is closed because they are renovating the old wing. I had a quick look through the window of 1 of the old rooms and they had completely gutted it, back to the concrete.
  6. I am thinking of staying in the landmark, but I'm unsure if it is guest friendly.
  7. up-grade at the airport is approx £440 one way. This is from economy to business. Double that if you want 1st class. For people not working in £'s times 440 by 70 for baht.
  8. I'm trying to book my next trip and I'm considering EVA as opposed to Thai. Just wondering what their departure times are from Heathrow, now I do like flying Thai as their take-off times suit me, but I've only read good things about EVA. So I think I need to try them. Tia..
  9. Thai 1st class is an electric lie-flat bed,very comfortable.The only thing is, once tried you can never fly economy class again.
  10. Iwan, don't forget to send a postcard to the ex wife.
  11. If you have to hire a baht taxi just for yourself you can save a great deal if you learn how to say 50 baht in thai ,because they will assume that you know the correct price
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