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  1. Morris was recommended by a friend some years ago. Then, one of his clients asked him if he would like a permanent job as his Carer. Morris agreed, and so I lost his services for two or three years. I had various drivers to and from the Airport whilst Morris was unavailable, both good and bad, and some very unreliable. Then, unfortunately, Morris's elderly client died and so I was able to use Morris again. So, if you are sick of being let down, then this may help.
  2. Do you have another Band lined up Martin?
  3. Yes… totally agree with everything said here about Rhythm Tracks. The Band are a big part of why I go into FLB, and will continue to do so when I visit Pattaya. If you haven't seen the Band yet, and you don't fancy the long walk up Walking Street in the heat and humidity, get a Motor Bike Taxi and tell him "Soi 16, Walking Street." FLB is just a hundred yards on the left from the bottom of Soi 16. I was lucky enough to take some Video shots of the Band a while back. The Video below is one of them. This the first time this vid "Sex Bomb" has been posted anywhere. There is a little bit of nostalgia at the end of the Vid which demonstrates just how much they have improved their presentation during the last couple of years or so. And continue to improve. This is an HD Vid, so if you have a fast Broadband connection watch it in Full Screen. It's great. This Vid of the Band I posted sometime back. "Bohemian Rhapsody." There aren't many Bands who would take this one on.
  4. I've made an adjustment to the code in Vimeo. It seems to be working now.
  5. Thanks for your response Guys. Before the Forum changed it's software, I had no problem in pasting Videos. Switch on HTLM, and Auto Line Break Mode, and it works. However, in the New Forum software the "Auto Line Break Mode" is not there to select. This is what I want to do: (Widescreen, no 'Letterboxing." http://www.pattayata...with-the-girls/ It's a Video I posted in August 2011. Mods, can you help me please.
  6. Please let me know. This is a test Video from Hua Hin. A full trip report follows shortly. If all you can see is the code, would you please let me know below. If the Video works would you also please let me know. Unfortunately the "Auto Line Break Mode" function is not available so I'm not sure if it works. Thanks.
  7. http://pattayathailandvideos.com/sanctuary-of-truth-video/ Hi Trvlr, From Big C it's just five minutes in a Baht Bus down the Naklua Road. It's sign posted off to the Left. I haven't been there for a couple of years so I don't know if it's finished or not. They've been working on it for more than thirty years and it will probably never be finished. They just keep adding to it. No Matter, it's just absolutely incredible. You can't leave Pattaya without seeing it. I have a video I made of my visit there if you want to have a look at it. When it loads it's in widescreen... there's nothing wrong with your computer. :) http://pattayathailandvideos.com/sanctuary-of-truth-video/
  8. Taser Phones are legal in the United States, Thailand and other Countries but not in the UK. You could be facing a long spell in Prison if you bring one home. Have a look at this News item from Sky...
  9. Some of my kids are coming out to join me on this trip. One of the places I want to take them is for a day out on Koh Larn. I have been there many times, but have always used the ferries. I want to make this trip to the Island a little special for them and want to hire a speedboat. Can anyone recommend a place to hire a boat for the day? I know I can get a boat from the Beach, but having read about the scams on Speed Boats, and Jet skis, on Pattaya Beach, I would prefer to avoid hiring a boat from the beach without a recommendation. Also, I usually go to Samai Beach, but it is very stony at the water line and I would like to try another Beach. Which one do you recommend and do you have any pics? Thanks.
  10. A while back, I move a load of furniture for a Girl. Cost me two hundred baht, and the driver did most of the lifting.
  11. Thank you. ============================================= Thanks for your comments everyone. Much appreciated. B.
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