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  1. According to The story below by Pattaya Daily News The German National died in Pattaya yesterday. Under-fire German National Collapses Dead in Pattaya A German national in the midst of an ongoing court case pertaining to child sex accusations has died in unknown circumstances while riding his motorbike in South Pattaya on Sunday. Pattaya, the 17th of October 2010 [PDN]: On Sunday, Pattaya police were notified of an accident involving a foreign man in Soi Buakao South Pattaya. According to the police report, the man, now known to be Dr. Malter (alias) [52], was riding his motorb
  2. Last year (June 2009), I was staying in Pattaya and was planning to spend the last 2 weeks of my holiday in Bangkok so I emailed them and they asked for credit card details. I suggested to them that I would go to the Dynasty Inn Hotel in Pattaya [same owners] and pay deposit which they accepted. When I went to the Dynasty Inn the receptionist made some calls and confirmed my reservation without any deposit being paid.
  3. Stayed there from 2/7/2005 til 17/7/2005 in a deluxe room in the new wing. I paid 1440 baht/day.
  4. For some reason I always felt better sitting at the bar near the cashier girls. She always smiled and seemed a very nice person. These are really sad news. My condolences to her family and friends.
  5. I stayed at the Penthouse when I first visited Pattaya, February 2004. I thought it was OK at the time, although my mobile was stolen from the room by one of the staff ( I saw him leaving the room just as I was coming in, he was surprised when he saw me). When I informed the reception that my mobile was stolen, all she said was why you didn't put it in safe box. This year, last month, I stayed at the Lek hotel, soi13 and I can tell you it's much better than the Penthouse. I paid 1200 baht for a standard room in the new wing which is half what I paid at the penthouse. No joiner fee, and they
  6. Last month I stayed for six days at the Lek in Soi 13, 1200 baht per night for a standard room in the new wing. Excellent hotel, very close to pattayaland 1 & 2. Also stayed at the Royal Twin Palace Hotel for 1 week, located exactly opposite the Marriott on 2nd road. Again 1200 baht per night, The rooms were very good but I preferred the Lek.
  7. I stayed in the Lek, also in January. The rooms are very clean, and the satff friendly. I liked it very much. I've been in other Hotels in Pattaya (Royal Twin Palace, and the Penthouse), but I preferred the Lek.
  8. Again the problem with screen capturing software is that it captures only the part which appears on the screen. My point is as follows: if you go to http://www.bahtbus.com/map/ you'll get a big map, and all I want to do is save it as a file or something just like you save any normal image. In this case it doesn'twork. Thanks anyway ting tong
  9. Same problem. It won't work because you'll be saving just the part of the map which appears on the screen.
  10. Don't worry, maybe somebody else can help. Thanks anyway. Sam
  11. It doesn't work in this case because they are flash type files. So if you right click on the map you'll get the macromedia flash player settings.
  12. What I meant is that I cannot save the actual maps as jpg files (right click and save as) just in case they go off line.
  13. The reason I like these kind of maps, is that they help you to remember the names of the bars, especially if you want to write a trip report.
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