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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Urban myth ... has anyone in the real world opened a safe with a spud?. I know that I tried it and wasted a rake of praties trying to open a safe ... even tried different varieties ... kerr pinks and roosters but to no avail. This video was most likely made by hotel owners that were too tight to put an electronic safe in the room.. you would fail to open those safes with a cold chisel and a 2lb lump hammer. I guess if you are really paranoid you should check if your girl is concealing a bag of spuds under her frock
  2. I was going to tell you to stick your ill-informed condescending opinion up your crusty old arse but I thought that my might be impolite ... you are one of those people that believe you must pay over the odds to get good value whether it be in room service or girl service ... I guess you are ignorant to what is available. The 500 baht rooms are not top notch but they are twice as good as the much spammed rooms at the secret guesthouse ... and it does have a pool + jacuzzi. If the OP wants top notch rooms for about 1000 baht then I recommend Soi 2 inn .... again pay no attention to advertis
  3. advertised rates are for Lame DupeOverPayers ... show up and ask them for their 500 baht rooms ... make sure you get a nice one . 600 baht is for people staying one night ,,, if you are staying a week or more they will gladly accept 500 baht.
  4. Reception is manned/womanned 24 hours at D apartments ... got my ket at 4-5am many times ...you can bring 3+ women there at anytime .....it is not shiny new but it does represent good value ...miles ahead of may of the spammed guesthouses that cost twice as much.
  5. For a little over half the price of secrets you could stay at D apartments on Soi buakow at the top of new plaza....on the bus route and very close to soi7/soi8 The older(very clean tile floor) rooms cost about 500 baht ...for that you get a huge room,fast free WiFi...,a swimming pool on the roof, a big comfortable bed ,an electronic safe,two free bottles of water ....and you dont get intimidated to drink in a bar with overpriced coyotes. The older rooms dont have a balconey but do have a large window Target bar on soi buakhow has nice clean big rooms for 450 baht ....prices correct as of m
  6. Nice photos but how about the sluts that sell their butts
  7. In my humble opinion the rooms at Royaltwins looked old and wornout 10 years ago... The new rooms at Chaba could be got for 800-1000 up until a year ago, lovely pool and on the bus route. Why stay with any place that jacks up prices. I usually stayed at a different hotel on every visit and it always felt like I was on holiday in a new place. Best deals are always walk ins because they know once you walkout that they have lost the business ... never accept their opening offer and always negotiate.
  8. It is not rocket science how to get decent rooms at a discount rate. During your trip you keep your eyes open for a new hotel opening. You go in and tell the people when you will be back on your next trip. If you like the place tell them you like it but it is a bit too expensive and ask them if they can give you a discount for a longer stay ... always look disappointed with their discount and say that you would love to stay but it is too expensive ... they usually make you a good offer. Lets say the rack rate is 1400 baht and they finally offer you 1100 you then say I can only pay 1000 ...
  9. Sorry I could not make to Pattaya as I was having a party in my room. The room needed to be cleaned... i had two lovely ladies working to clean things up since 6.00pm ... they got finished at 2.00am..... the provided a fantastic service. I might have to get 3 ladies to do the hooverimg tomorrow night. women work so much better in pairs than on their own. If I return to Pattaya I will be sure to visit mistys
  10. damn it papillon we must be shopping in the same town. 1400 peso (1000 baht) for the pair including barfine (18 and 22 years old with no babies).... no ladrinks, no taxi money request.... no condoms one of them allowed backdoor action. Thanks again paps for pointing me in the right direction. I hope somebody becomes a longterm sponsor for Pate at Mistys party ... maybe a rich guy like Jack or evil ( he might still be attached to his doll though but at least he is amusing)
  11. I turned down this girl an hour ago because I already had another 19 year old ST, so many hotties over here and no need to pay 1000 baht. Gabor has already posted pictures of the monsters that are available in Pattaya. Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like she mr big spender. I cant afford Pattaya so I have to settle for girls like her. I should have listened to papillon years ago ... judging by Gabors reports it wont be long before he joins us over here. I dont care you and the other keyboard warriors hate me coz I am in a much better place right now. I want to thank all
  12. Give my love to Pate won't you misty, tell her that I love her and I wish I could buy her brand new clothes. Tell her I am so proud of her and wont you you give my love to a true Pattaya rose. Pate called me last week after several emails and texts that I never answered. Pate was the love of my life a few years ago and the last time I saw her was last march ... she looked like a worn out bargirl. The lowlife fucktards that dragged my reputation through the mud here could never even dream about being with a girl like Pate at any cost ... money was never discussed with her but she was
  13. Are you suggesting that maybe this story is utter bollix
  14. Are you seriously saying that you don't like getting a blowjob from a girl??? ..... what will you do if you become too fat to fuck
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