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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thanks for the great photos. I have 2 nights booked at the same hotel early next year so its nice to get an advance look at the city and hotel.
  2. I also used stay at the Sandy Spring in the 8th floor sea facing suites. There were always some noisy bars on Soi 13/1 which you could hear late at night. I imagine Hooters can only be the same, maybe at a higher decibel level. The bar music never stopped me from sleeping.
  3. Thanks for the review. Sorry you had such a poor experience. I've enjoyed the Sportsman many times while staying next door at the Sandy Spring. But my visits have almost always been for breakfast and their English breakfasts have always been excellent.
  4. Yes, I have bought numerous upgrades from Thai at BKK in the past. Just ask at check-in and they will send you over to the ticket office to pay if an u/g is available.
  5. Thanksgiving is always the second Monday in October.
  6. I signed up for it a few weeks ago and have been receiving regular e-mails promoting the addition of new restaurants. There is a huge selection in Bangkok and a reasonable selection in Pattaya. I plan on using it next month when I spend a couple of weeks in LOS. I'd love to hear about BM's experiences with it before then.
  7. I don't understand the problem with the 787. Is it just Qatar's 787? I've flown a 787 in premium economy and business on 2 airlines and I find it an excellent airplane. On a long flight you feel much better when you arrive because of the lower effective altitude inside created by higher cabin pressure and by higher relative humidity in the cabin. I'd fly a 787 any day over other aircraft unless of a course a specific airline had a specific 787 seating problem.
  8. Thanks for the new pics and the memories. Tapas and Snapper are excellent places and excellent value. I'm a little less impressed with Chez Pape.
  9. I would recommend Nini tailors to you, not on the basis of Trip Advisor, but as a client of theirs for over a decade. I have been very happy with their quality and excellent service.
  10. Double check those TripAdvisor posts. If you see a lot of posts by people with less than 10 previous posts and if you see a lot of posts written in excellent English by people who purport to reside in non-English speaking places, your antenna should go up. I once went to a tailor in Phuket who was top of the TripAdvisor list and whose tailoring skills were mediocre at best. Upon re-checking TripAdvisor it was obvious the great reviews were self-generated.
  11. They also have a sale from Canada. Book by March 17, travel before May 6 or between October 16 and December 12 for Cdn$1099 from Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal. Good price including all the taxes, fees,etc.
  12. I apologise. I think I mis-read their rules and you can't repeat the same route but you can go out and back from one base to different cites. I may have had RTW ticket rules in my head when I read it. They could make it clearer but it appears my interpretation was wrong. The pass is a good deal, especially the 20 credit pass if you were to visit several cities over two months that require 3 credits each way. The absence of a 2 credit price point is a bit bizarre. But in some cases you can do your own. For example, Phuket to Chiang Mai non stop costs 3 credits but if you go via Don
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