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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Not too life changing for BM's so I will tag it on here, TG are reducing the hold luggage allowance to 20Kg from 30Kg on their lowest economy fares from April.
  2. Thai flew the A350 for a short period on the LHR route and I loved it, much better than the 773. As for 10 seats across in Economy, I already feel squashed if my 3 are full. 🙂
  3. I was looking on Flyertalk the other day and I noticed a post about Eva now charging for exit row seats, any BM's aware of this?
  4. No probs Butch. Whether it be Eva, Thai or whoever at LHR, the airlines appear to have dumped their own loyal staff and employed agency staff to cut costs. i suppose it is the price we have to pay for fares being very similar to what they were say 10 years ago.? Bizarrely I migrated from using Eva to Thai because I thought there would be more empty seats on TG with the airline having 2 flights a day on LHR-BKK but TG load well even their midweek flights.
  5. I had another look on flightradar as to what happened to the aircraft of the cancelled flight. (B16705) It arrived at LHR normal time 1917 ish on the 22nd, then it departed on the 24th at 1609hrs arriving BKK 1002 on the 25th as flight EVA068D, whether it was carrying any pax I don't know.
  6. I always flew Eva but now I fly Thai, Eva had a lady called Debbie who was usually helpful, but I understand that both BR and TG use mostly agency staff. Have a good time anyhow. 🙂 I have just looked at Flightradar24, Tue 22nd Flight Cancelled, Wed 23rd LHR 2143 BKK 1613, Thur 24 LHR 2144 BKK1605, so it looks like just the one day when things went tits up, although BR may have attempted to get BR68 away ay lunchtime on the 23rd. Presumably there was an empty BR flight from LHR to Taipei at some stage.
  7. Currently in the Fullers London Pride, it is £4.95 for a pint of Pride, not unreasonable for Cockneys though.
  8. I am on TG917 tonight I will be using The London Pride pub supplemented by a 'Meal Deal' from next door. PS: Hua Hin for me nowadays.
  9. For any UK guys over 70 with pre existing try justravelcover.com an agency based in Sunderland.
  10. I have just phoned the number kindly provided by Butch, English wasn't the first language of the person I spoke to, but from what I made out, the Plaza lounge T2 serves Chang and Carlsberg but only in bottles.
  11. I saw the travelzoo.co.uk offer and that was what I was thinking of going for, now I am not so sure if there is no draught beer, I have to say that London Pride in the Fullers pub goes down well. :)
  12. marleyboy and others In a couple of weeks I will be departing LHR T2 and I am thinking of using the Premium Plaza lounge rather than my usual watering hole of Fullers London Pride. Does the Plaza lounge have draught beer available (I know not Pride) :) or is it just bottles/cans? TIA
  13. Before I booked I called Travel Trolley on their 0208 number and TT told me that I could only book my seats after the eticket was issued. Last night my eticket came through and now I have just called them and booked my seats, seat availability is available either through the TG web site, Expertflyer.com or Opodo so I could see availability. I was going to use Opodo but they wanted about £14 to book specific seats. I did speak to TT about my booking because there is no space between my given name and 'Mr' which looks like "G*****paulmr" on the Thai Air reservation system but TT told me that wasn't a problem, hoping not anyway. :) Overall I was very pleased with my dealings with Travel trolley.
  14. I have booked my flight today and have the eticket for the 30th October flight, LHR-BKK-LHR with Thai Air. Thai web site it was £575 and Travel Trolley £471.91 so a saving of £100, Happy Days.
  15. Cheers marley For this year still £577, for February £529, but I will be going this year for 7 weeks so I have to see how much is left in the pot at Christmas before I consider next years trip. :)
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