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  1. I have just watched an Edward Sweeney video on Youtube, it was his journey earlier this week from London to Bangkok with Eva Air. The flight looked pretty full, now there are not many direct flights on the route, have members found that there are very few available seats on these flights? I guess at the moment, a lot of long stay tourists are heading to Thailand, the ones who probably come back about March time. For myself? I don't know if I will be going in January, quite a few things to consider. ?
  2. I guess it is a short runway there, how does it compare to Ko Samui runway length? I think Thai used to fly a 737 into USM.
  3. I think that all board members should stay at the Nana Hotel at least once. I stayed there one time, but I would stay there again in the future. The Deluxe rooms rather than the Standard rooms are best, I had no problem in getting a massage girl from downstairs to relive my stresses in the room. Years ago, there was a lovely lady in the Hotel's barber shop who would shave you down below if you asked. When I stayed there I went for breakfast in the restaurant but was directed upstairs to a very large room where the residents dined. Tick the box, even if it's for only one nig
  4. Thanks for your valiant effort Jacko. I have stayed at Ma Maison many times, the main reason was it was a clean GF hotel with a small pool very close to the beach and Beach rd Songthaews. Also it was quiet, The Sportsmans was just up the Soi and it was only a 2or 3 minute walk to Second Road, and finally a reasonable room rate. Thanks for the mamories MM. ?.
  5. If any members pass this boutique hotel can you have a look if it is open? I fear that it is closed. When I come over in early November I would like to stay at Ma Maison if possible. TIA
  6. Gus


    I am not very keen to fly Economy these days because I am not a small person and BKK flights are usually almost full, so a very cramped position, having said that, my first few trips to Thailand back around 2003/04 were in Evergeen Class, which was exceptional good value back in the day. My last flights in February 2020 were Business in Emirates and it was the best experience I have ever had on an aircraft, they even collected me from home in a big Mercedes, but I am definitely not going to be paying £1000 more than 2 years ago for the privilege. Whilst we are very similar, for fligh
  7. Gus


    Finnair is not perfect Jacko, I will just have to see nearer the time, maybe the Russia war will be over and oil prices drop down to enable fares to fall also. There are some good youtube videos of the Finnair Business Class.
  8. Gus


    When I last went to BKK from the UK 2+ years ago I flew Emirates Business Class for around £2400 rtn. Looking for later this year the fare is around £1000 dearer, not for me thanks. So I had a look around and had a look at Finnair as they now have the A350 on the HEL-BKK route. The fares surprised me. HEL-BKK return is around £3,100 in Business plus you have topay for LHR-HEL, I thought this would be cheaper because of the high UK airport tax. So then I had a look at LHR-BKK via HEL and I can get the flight for around £2,000 although that would be using BA from London to Stockho
  9. Hello All I am thinking of visiting LOS from the UK again late October/ early November time, I have not seriously looked but the airfares I did look at were very expensive. Is it that all airfares have gone up anyway or is the World Cup affecting fares.? I thought that it wouldn't affect Eva, but their fare was also high. TIA
  10. I am going to leave it until after Christmas anyway, but I hope to go to LOS (does anyone still call it that?) around 24th January. However, I want to make sure that bars are open etc etc, the purpose of going to Thailand is to have some fun, if that is not possible then i can wait. I have not ruled out a Pattaya, Koh Samet, Koh Chang holiday if I go, patience is a virtue. ?
  11. Yes, that's a good tip worth looking into yselmike.
  12. Thanks BM's, I am not booking until after Christmas anyway, so things may change. PG's website seems to indicate you have to clear immigration at BKK, I tried on the EK web site to book BHX-USM but it wasn't having it. Yorta, that's not a bad call, I'll look into it.
  13. Hello again BM's, I'm getting itchy fingers.:) and thinking of going to Koh Samui in January. If I fly Emirates to Thailand from the UK, I think that I have to book two seperate tickets, the UK one with EK from BHX-BKK and the BKK-USM one with PG. Given that it is not a through ticket but Koh Samui airport is an International airport, can I transit through BKK without going through immigration and checking back in again, and then go through immigration/customs at Samui? I seem to remember a few years ago when returning from Samui with Bangkok Air and Eva Air I was able to leave
  14. I have been double jabbed and I will be happier when I have the booster in the Autumn. November 9th ish is when I would like to go to Thailand, fortunately I can leave it until late September early October before I decide if a trip is feasible. If not then the alternatives will have to be considered.
  15. I was fortunate to fly on the TG A350 when it was briefly on the LHR route a couple of years ago, IMHO it's a lovely aircraft.
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