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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I was fortunate to fly on the TG A350 when it was briefly on the LHR route a couple of years ago, IMHO it's a lovely aircraft.
  2. Presumably these pods are very similar to the crew rest pods on long haul aircraft.
  3. Rawhide, how very true. I was recently on a cruise and one of the guest speakers was an ex air accident investigator and he pretty much said what you have said. He indicated that he had very little confidence in Air France. When I used to go to the USA a lot I flew Virgin Atlantic, many ex RAF pilots with VS. Nowadays I take pot luck, I had Eva and Thai but my next trip is Emirates, I am sorry but I couldn't fly BA in spite of them having the best flight crews in the world..
  4. Probably long overdue, although I do not fly BA. I know that BA are refurbishing their Gatwick based 777-200s and did intend to then start their refurb on the LHR ones.
  5. Now some of the 737-800s have been grounded due to metal fatigue on some bolts where the wing joins the fuselage, not a large amount of frames but enough to keep the press happy.
  6. Finnair have a special Business Class offer on at the moment, around £1680 and available from Manchester and LHR.
  7. And it does, but T2 has a Wetherspoon's and also a London Pride pub.🥂
  8. Butch, Presumably starting from the front of the aircraft first. 🙂
  9. Thank you all, especially severn. I may well give EK a go, I was deterred in the past as some of the flights were on a 777. Eva, I would only use if Elite Class was lower and that is not going to happen. TG, I liked the A350 but since Star Alliance their flights can be very busy.
  10. I am seriously thinking of flying Emirates and their A380's from BHX to BKK for my next Thailand trip but could do with some info from any seasoned EK BHX-BKK travellers. 🙂 Firstly as a generalisation which are the less busy flights afternoon EK040 or evenings EK038 plus their connections/return? Secondly, EK fares? Economy is currently showing at around £490 but you cannot book a specific seat until 48 hours before the flight, this could work 2 ways, if the flight is busy you may finish up in a centre seat, or if not too busy you can find an empty row and spread out. FWIW I will probably go on a Tuesday in late November. You can also pay a higher economy fare and get more luggage allowance plus the chance to reserve your seat including up top for an extra fee, this is not really on as the fare will then be approaching Eva Airways Premium Economy fare. I have always flown direct to BKK from LHR with BR or TG but BHX is closer to me and half of me says have a bash at EK and the other half stick with what you know. Any tips or info most welcome. 🙂
  11. I too remember the Eva Evergreen Class and all it's benefits, now the price gap between Economy and Elite is too great, plus the Elite cabin layout does not allow you to stretch your legs unless you go down the back. For the first time in along time I am thinking of giving Thailand a miss this year, the pound is worthless and flying is not so much fun as it used to be.
  12. According to Stickman, Thai are reverting back to the 30kg luggage allowance for new Economy Class bookings. I think it was April when TG decided to reduce the allowance to 20Kg. If you booked between April and August 10th you are still only allowed 20Kg.
  13. That will probably affect farangs more than Asian people because of peoples size, so i guess Cebu are not too bothered.
  14. It surprised me that the A380 was full at this time of the year, there must be a lot of folk still holidaying in Thailand in spite of the very poor exchange rate. I just have a gut feeling that since Thai and Eva joined this Star Alliance they pick up a lot of code share pax. I used to enjoy the flight to BKK but not so much in the past year or two.
  15. Co-incidental to the present problems, I too used to fly BR but have been flying TG for the past few years. My reasons were that Eva Economy was always too full and the Elite class was too expensive with a poor cabin layout. Since the recent changes I can never see myself flying with Eva in Economy again. My Thai flights last year were very busy, even in midweek, I think the flights may have become more busy because of the Star Alliance or whatever it's called. BA, I have never really considered in Economy but if their old 777's are being refurbished I would consider Premium Economy if the fare was good. 16 years ago I use to feel good flying to BKK in Eva's Evergreen Class, access to The SAS London Lounge and treated very well, not so nowadays with the sound of things.
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