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  1. How much do I miss Pattaya after looking at those pics ?
  2. Where did you get Xanax from ? I can only find the generic pills
  3. Done that MM and they have told me no probs their end , they told me to take it to a PC shop as it looks like a virus.
  4. For some reason I cannot get onto the secrets or my facebook web sites..I keep getting this when I try to load the page..keeps coming up blocked by DNS..can anyone help? This domain is blocked. Site blocked. www.pattayasecrets.com is not allowed on this network. This site was categorized in: Adult Themes Contact your network administrator Sponsored LinksLG's Blu Ray DVD Player No Ordinary Blu Ray Player, It's Something Better, Only From LG. www.LGE.com LC Technology International Technology Computer Recovery Software. www.lc-tech.com Dvd Player for Your Ca
  5. My planes keep changing if you look at my EBOOKERS web page These are my flights Depart London Qatar Airways 2 Economy | Airbus A346 6hr 40min 20:30 Heathrow airport (LHR) Stop 1 Doha 06:10 Doha airport (DOH) Change planes. Layover: 1hr 20min Depart Doha Qatar Airways 610 Economy | Airbus A333 6hr 20mins 07:30 Doha airport (DOH) Arrive Bangkok 17:50 Suvarnabhumi Int'l airport (BKK) Return Sat, 5 Apr Total time: 18hr 45min Depart Bangkok Qatar Airways 613 Economy | Airbus A333 7hr 0min 09:15 Suvarnabhumi Int'l ai
  6. millwallfc check your new messages
  7. oi bushwacker..say you get the mighty eagles the 1st few games of the season ? running away already..same old millwall always running...see you at east croydon station my son..
  8. jennys star bar..under marine..dont listen to any one..they are not men.
  9. if you join the alliance and leister bank,they give you free world wide insurance every year.
  10. i agree with the above,but you will have to shell out a lot more dough in bangkok,a lot more. cheers gaz. p.s. unless your a tight cunt like tony6499.
  11. hello pete, im in pattaya now,and can log on ok,but as soon as i try to look at a section it comes up error occered you are not allowed to view, could you take a look please cheers gary
  12. i stayed there in may,and they charge 1000 baht a night for guests. cheers gary
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