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  1. Just in the process of buying a condo i sent 40% of the price over by transferring the money into the sellers bank (Llloyds to siam in this case £20 charge) arrived within 2 days. I plan to take the rest with me in June and open a bank account in Thailand and then transfer the rest 60% into the sellers bank. Can anyone see a problem there any help would be useful. Cheers
  2. Cheers Guys for the info will stop buy in Feb...need a daily caffine fix.
  3. Day 5 onwards. Get out on the golf course and have fun! Day 6 Start to practise your swing in the mirror Day 7 Wake up in the middle of the night and practise putting Day 8 Go to the libary and pick up Nick Fados (play better golf book)read it 3 times Day 10 Grip everything like your gripping a golf cliub Day 10 .... i will leave it up to the other guys to add there feelings about when they first took up golf.
  4. I thought the reason i always play shite in Thailand is the amount of JD i had consumed the night before.. thank fuck i know now it is the ball!!
  5. Fuck me ray.... where do get all them holidays from you must work for the council!!!!
  6. Cheers Valentino Will give them a try.... i also have a Streamload account so if any members have an account leave your details and i will fire the video over to you for your comments. steveuk
  7. Can anyone point me in the right direction.... i am looking to store a few video files that i have knocked up from pic's taken in Thailand. I have tried various sites but they are very slow to upload and also they say no adult content. Anybody any help would be appriciated steveuk
  8. take a look at this very funny http://media.putfile.com/the_gayest_ref
  9. I believe same owners.... apparently the thai family owns a lot pf property in pattaya. (the place is owned by the daughter of the Lenki family who own the LK) Steveuk
  10. More... I believe the pool area is about 40meters away
  11. Well guys got a little pissed off with yahoo.... so i decided to do the work myself..these pics where taken by my friend who lives in pattaya and not me so i can't answer any questions on them....... the name of the of the place is..Keerati Homestay i will post more pics later when i have resized keerati_home@hotmail.com phone number oo66-(0)38416234
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