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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Fly on the 2nd .... it's now the 6th .. if it takes that long i won't fly with them
  2. All my best trips were when i went by myself, it would not be long before you had many girlfriends
  3. nidnoyham, most times its not a good idea to buy on the airlines web site you pay more. I looked on 2 sites lon/bkk/lon 13 apr to 17 july. westeast had cathay pacific 484.00 etihad 523.00 .... expedia had jet air 502.80 ba and qantas 587.00 hopes this helps and happy new year prices are total with all taxs
  4. BBB ..... Did you look at the westeast site, i just looked and got 495.00 fly out 9th April from lon
  5. looking at the thaiair web site yon can get london / bangkok for 517 all in... april may
  6. I now have ticket i fly out on the 20th Dec i've gone for the day flight with Thai airways the flight takes off at 11:55 and lands Bangkok on the 21st (which is a Friday) at 06:10 ..... Now the first flight to Udon Thani is around 09:30 then 13:30 (about) which flight would you buy the ticket for?
  7. Thanks vaneltinoxxx, i'll try and have a look at oasis. The other point i was trying to make is Ba/transaero flight is the same flight as its a flight share, but one is 705 and the other is 1800
  8. Just been looking again and the ticket i'm looking at is a one way London to Bangkok, if you buy as a Transaero ticket its £705.00 for business class, i see you can buy as a BA ticket same flights £1800
  9. Any one been with them .... what are the planes like and is it a good idea to fly into Moscow over xmas ... i ask as have a good business class price thanks for any help
  10. Thanks for all the help .... talking with Joy, she has just told me you can fly with Air Asia from the new airport to Udon Thani, looking on the Airasia site .... shes right ... BUT, the Thia airway plane is due in at 15:55, the airasia plane takes off at 16:15
  11. Booking my flight to Thailand and my first port of call has to be Udon Thani, ineed to know how long it takes too travel from the new airport to the old ...... Can you from plane landing at Suvarnabhum travel to Don Mueang to get next flight in less 2:30 hours. Thanks Gerald
  12. In Joy's passport her name is SIPAKDI her sisters passport SEEPAKDEE her fathers passpart SEEPAKDI but all the same in Thia
  13. Have Thia air got a date for the new airbus A380 ... flying London to Bangkok Is it going to be this year
  14. Thats 7 hours less in Thailand ..... Thai air flights can be found for around £430.00. So you save from £30.00 to £60.00. NOW if you were to ask me if i would pay £30.00 to £60.00 for 7 hours in Pattaya it would be a big YES
  15. Jaime I've looked on the sites, Joys got to buy 4 tickets; i just wanted to know if you save much buying in a travel shop in Thailand. On the thai web site london to bangkok comes in at over £500, but you can buy here for £410 with tax
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