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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hope you speak arsehole, reports are that The Base is overrun by rude Chinese tourists.
  2. I've driven here, it's not that bad. As to an IDP. you'll have to get it in the UK, if you're here already. it's too late.
  3. Hand her the keys and see how fast her attitude changes. 😋
  4. Pause it, no. But you CAN rewind up to an hour (even if you've just changed to that channel) then skip ads when watching - it's more of a "jump forward a minute at a time" than the sort of fast-forward with picture you're used to. Better than nothing though. Me, I only really watch sport & news live, with the time difference, most programs I want are on at bad times for me - and on catch-up, you DO have a pause.
  5. This one, yes came in a few days iirc. I believe there are UK versions, but I have no experience of those - no VPN needed with this, I don't know if you bought in the UK. One strange thing though, its UK Sky, but Southern Irish adverts. I'm guessing that's where they get the feed from. Weird though, seeing adverts you recognise, but with totally different accents. 🤔
  6. I use this; https://www.iviewhdthailand.com/ I can't record, but there's a 7-day catch up on most channels. You can load the service on your smart TV or computer, but personally, I use the Android box they sell, just link to your wifi and you're off. Seems pretty bulletproof.
  7. Found it. Firefox/Options/Language and Appearance/Advanced/ there's an option to allow sites to choose their own fonts, instead of using the ones I prefer. Unticking that gives me back black lettering. That'll do me until/unless there's a new skin that does the job better. Thanks forcebwithu for the line spacing advice. Thanks all.
  8. The font is fainter and doesn't display as well now. Increasing the zoom helps, but the font is definitely a lightish grey now - not so good for older eyes. Also, when I post, lines are double-spaced. I can't see anywhere in the user settings where I can alter it, am I missing something? Using Firefox on Windows 10 if that matters. Other forums haven't changed, so it is just a Talk thing. Thanks
  9. So Ron, gave up on finding a young, pretty one and settled for what you had.... oh wait, that was me! 😋 Congrats on nailing her down, it's embarrassingly obvious how much she cares for you. Never mind the age difference, she looks like a strong lass, she'll probably survive the wedding night. 😁
  10. It seems unlikely that they would accept those, Immigration can't be expected to understand assorted documents from assorted countries, or to know which are genuine. Sorry.
  11. That machine on the beach, why isn't that going up & down from dawn to (say) 09:00 every day when the beach is empty? Cleaning the surface is all very well, but you have to keep doing it as the crap below works its way up. That would mean planning ahead I suppose, not a strong point here.
  12. Worst, dumped a bike doing about 80, flight was only about 30', but the landing was a bitch. Air though; Biman. All the quality and cleanliness of your average corner shop. Never. Ever. Again. Not even if it was free. Best, got bumped to business for both legs on Etihad once, nice. Single leg though, bump to business on Qatar, that was quality.
  13. Had a para-umbilical hernia fixed 3-4 years back, now have an 8 inch scar just above the navel. Np mesh. Was back at work in 10 days - it was a desk job and I was bored - probably 3-4 weeks before I could move normally without risking messing up the surgery. Thank god I had a bum gun fitted at home as I didn't dare reach for my ass for a few days.
  14. I'm afraid I'm a bit guilty, haven't set foot in a bookshop or library since I bought my first Kindle (Sony actually) over 10 years ago. I love the feel of a book, but Kindles are just so convenient.
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