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  1. Why on earth would anyone want to walk from Nirun to Sukhumvit? You would just get a MC taxi, there us a rank right outside! Or you could just walk up Soi 9 or 11 to Suk, done that many times for exercise when I lived there
  2. I have lived near Soi Arunothai for 15+ years. We walk there a lot and have never had any personal safety issues. We often eat at Nirun restaurants. The only real danger is that it is a narrow, two way road with very poorly surfaced edges. Easy to trip or get collected by traffic.Just get a motor bike taxi home at night
  3. Yes they have but limits on who is allowed in. Most tourists or casual visitors will not qualify at the moment. Check Immigration website for restrictions. I am in Angeles, the lockdown is quite severe here and getting around is not easy
  4. Not a cynic, just a realist. I know 5 guys who use agents, none of them "legally" qualify. Just follow the money trail from agent to IO!
  5. They actually gave a 400 room hotel, ut only about 12 rooms rented so wanting no customers there. The villas are actually at the back and all seem to be long term stayers. If it suits you, great location, it might pay you to call into reception and enquire
  6. A friend has been renting a 2 storey, 2 bedroom villa at Golden Sea in Soi Buakaow for 2 years. Air con, kitchen, small garden front snd rear courtyard, 2 pools etc for 17k a month probably a better option than a condo for many
  7. During the last water shortage some years ago they had the chance to dig the lake out deeper. They did nothing and will do the same again!!
  8. This reminded me of a true story. Some years ago a guy wrote a TR about his Pattaya trip on a board here. He had some problems with his bowels while here but one day he ended up in a soapy. While on the mattress, going down on the girl, he felt a fart coming on and he let it go. Sprayed s...t Everywhere. Paid the girl a big bonus for the mess. I met the guy several times, very much a newbie but enjoyed his trip despite a lot of misadventures.
  9. Imagine how much worse it would be with the usual tourist numbers
  10. Sailingbill, I have read a few posts suggesting that guys on o-a with a retirement extension should start again, enter on a tourist visa and convert to an o, then get a retirement on that!
  11. I was here in the last big water shortage many years ago. They talked about doing it then, had lots of meetings, probably allocated a budget....... And did nothing. They did say a pipeline had been built and it would never happen again!!
  12. Thats what they said when it was low the last time, 15 Years ago!! . Never happened then either.
  13. Starbucks has to be a goldmine in Thailand (and Philippines) charge American prices but pay local wages, taxes and charges
  14. On the day you apply you must have been in oz for 2 years. Once approved it is portable, mate has had it paid into his thai bank for 15 years. No annual adjustments tho. Another mate had to return after 15 years in BKK. Had no family there, had to rent accom.
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