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  1. Their is a 'capsule' hotel on the bottom floor in the mall, close to where the buses leave from. Stayed there a few times, not luxury but OK.
  2. I am amused when I see the money that the city is spending on road signage etc. Bright re-painted ped crossings, cross hatching at intersections (do not block) etc. All of which will be totally ignored by Thai drivers.
  3. Congrats Adam, made the first one but have to miss this one unfortunately. Have a great night.
  4. Thanks for these, never watched him before. He talks a lot of sense and I like the way he pokes fun at both sides of politics
  5. RT, thanks for the update. Always like your TR, and much appreciated.
  6. RT, I do enjoy your 'Food' photos, so a couple of pics of the Hoi would be appreciated 😁
  7. Hi RT, just wanted to say thanks for your many great TR over the years. You certainly live life to the fullest, beautiful girls, very delicious food and exotic drinks. Just a small amount of envy from me... Keep enjoying it mate.
  8. It's Thailand, everything is a scam, usually involving 'public servants' getting a government salary. Nothing will change, part of Thai culture.
  9. Great news, had the same agent for years so will visit them when I get back. Thanks
  10. Stuck overseas for 2 years so the tax on my 8 year old Click has expired. Can an agent, who does the 5 year+ test as well, renew it for me or must I go to the DLT? Anyone know, please?
  11. Looks like the place I have always used on sukhumvit. Think it's around Soi 41 or 42 heading north on left side
  12. Correct, but I was reading a report that more Thais now are staying seated... Wonder why that would be!
  13. You can almost guarantee this will happen when there is a different person on the counter. They all have their own interpretation of the requirements/rules
  14. Flights with PAL from Manila to Bangkok Jan and Feb have doubled in price in a few weeks. Cebu Pacific the same.
  15. ' What is surprising is the area still had flood waters during last Friday's storm that were high enough to force the closure of Sukhumvit.' You shouldnt be surprised, I have been waiting 20 years for them to solve the flooding problem. At least it provides a regular employment opportunity!
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