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  1. Travel insurance gets more expensive with age and most companies cut you out at 75. But its pretty expensive at that age. I am 75 in October so unless LOS changes their Covid policy I may not be able to return after 20 years of visits
  2. I have never seen as many Lexus 4Wd as in Phnom Penh. Every NGO there must buy them for their staff.
  3. What a great idea. Its a great shame that Thai senior management couldnt have shown such innovation and creativity when times were less drastic.
  4. I gave it a πŸ˜„ as I thought it was a good comment on how the media can alter the narrative to suit their own agenda/prejudices
  5. What a great TR, thanks. What sort of price is a photo shoot, please and do you use an agency. I presume it's photos only as well
  6. Nice video, the shots of the landing at Swampy brought a tear to my eye. Welcome to the board
  7. When I travelled by motor home in Oz I would often meet people who had never been more than a few hundred miles from their country town.
  8. I planned to retire at 50 but saw a chance to get a big redundancy payout after 36 years with the company so waited another year. Bought a motor home and travelled, then discovered Pattaya and Angeles and spent less time in Oz I am 74 now and didnt qualify for any govt benefits so have been self funded all these years. I have never done any paid work, never bored as travel and sex kept me occupied. 😁 Still travel a lot (pre covid) with my Filipina partner of 8 years. Happy with my life and past choices
  9. Yes, they havnt made a profit in years, even in the busy times. Mainly for the reasons you mentioned, run as a private airline for those who are connected. Face, will most likely save them, unfortunately for the taxpayers but the Govt would just waste any money saved on military hardware anyway
  10. Well done Hammer, heres hoping that ee can all be there for your 16th😁
  11. 'I have always had a soft spot for the old beach road path design.' Yes I liked it for being able to sit down, chat to the girls, lots of seats. The flowered area in your first pic was taken away for MB parking, controlled by guys who had no authority to do it as far as I could see
  12. 'They have the building of 7-11's down to a science, so it'll be interesting to see how many days from the pouring of the footings to the grand opening." We live just off Arunothai, near Big C Extra. Went back to Philippines for 2 months and when we returned what had been a lot with a building on it was now an open Family Mart which had been trading for a while
  13. I heard the same tale in Oz, except the victim was an aborigine
  14. Why on earth would anyone want to walk from Nirun to Sukhumvit? You would just get a MC taxi, there us a rank right outside! Or you could just walk up Soi 9 or 11 to Suk, done that many times for exercise when I lived there
  15. I have lived near Soi Arunothai for 15+ years. We walk there a lot and have never had any personal safety issues. We often eat at Nirun restaurants. The only real danger is that it is a narrow, two way road with very poorly surfaced edges. Easy to trip or get collected by traffic.Just get a motor bike taxi home at night
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