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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. You can almost guarantee this will happen when there is a different person on the counter. They all have their own interpretation of the requirements/rules
  2. Flights with PAL from Manila to Bangkok Jan and Feb have doubled in price in a few weeks. Cebu Pacific the same.
  3. ' What is surprising is the area still had flood waters during last Friday's storm that were high enough to force the closure of Sukhumvit.' You shouldnt be surprised, I have been waiting 20 years for them to solve the flooding problem. At least it provides a regular employment opportunity!
  4. Philippines Bureau of Quarantine are issuing an International Certificate of Quarantine, which you can apply for on line, but must collect. Proof of vaccination is required when applying, from the issuing City. There are probably hundreds of cities in the provinces giving jabs and issuing certification (we both have one) so this is a welcome step for international, and domestic, travel. Perhaps Thailands needs something similar!
  5. 'I will wait until,a western vaccine is available to me in Thailand' Pinetree, if you were like me, 75 and living in a country with a rapidly expanding covid rate and very few available vaccines for foreigners you might have a different view. By the time that Western vaccine gets to me I could be in hospital, or dead!
  6. GF (42) and I (75) had both doses of Sinovac at no cost here in Valenzuela City, just outside Manila. No problems at all, no arm soreness or headache etc. Not the best maybe, but at 75 much better than nothing, and better than friends in Pattaya at the moment
  7. Married his Filipina, took her back to the US and been working in real estate for many years.
  8. Yes, a really nice guy, hope he is ok.
  9. Just about anything from TAT can be ignored, just 'pie in the sky' schemes put out to justify their jobs. Same with business groups, just trying to pressure govt, without much sucess
  10. These tough travel restrictions have been imposed in the Philippines for many months and not very efficiently. I used to look with envy at how well you were doing, hope it isnt long before all back to normal
  11. I recall that during the last big water shortage (10 years ago? ) they said they would do this. It was a perfect opportunity as so little water left and lots of exposed land. Of course TIT, it rained and so they never bothered!
  12. Not true, a Harley rider would not leave his bike in the ditch!
  13. Happy new year RT, loving your report. You would have had to carry me out after just 2 of those cocktails!
  14. There was a shop on the corner of Soi Buakaow and Pattaya Thai that had a lot of 2nd hand bikes. Tied in with a new sales outlet I think. Also in Third road over Pattaya Klang on the left side heading south about 200 yards. Next to a moto taxi stand. It had a lot of 2nd hand bikes. Perhaps also try a post on some boards, 247 thailand, Pattaya addicts etc
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