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  1. The problem would be that the travel insurance documents could be in many different languages causing delays at immigration
  2. Same for me. DATY with almost all the hundreds of P4P girls I have had in Pattaya and AC cos I love it. That feeling when they clamp their legs around your ears and shake and cry out.!! My LLT comes with a pussy licking in under 3 minutes..... just as well she doesn't know why I am so good at it. 😁
  3. Happy new year RT, loving your report. You would have had to carry me out after just 2 of those cocktails!
  4. There was a shop on the corner of Soi Buakaow and Pattaya Thai that had a lot of 2nd hand bikes. Tied in with a new sales outlet I think. Also in Third road over Pattaya Klang on the left side heading south about 200 yards. Next to a moto taxi stand. It had a lot of 2nd hand bikes. Perhaps also try a post on some boards, 247 thailand, Pattaya addicts etc
  5. I love Larson. A friend once bought me a Larson desk calendar, one for every day. I kept it for years, a great sense of humour.
  6. "The facilities were built and maintained and paid for by the locals so a tourist paying extra is only fair." Many of the places charging foreigners more are privately built and owned, eg Nong Nooch etc do locals paid nothing towards their building costs. "I grew up in a tourist area where discounts for locals were sometimes available," Yes, me too but it was done to to encourage locals to bring visitors there not to discriminate. Also it was not available to EVERY ONE of the countrys nationality, as the Thais do
  7. The Philippines has the 'ber' months when they start celebrating xmas. Our lights and tree have been up since mid September, tho she is still adding to them.
  8. I have always pre-booked a taxi, usually Mr T, both ways. I never had any bad experiences catching the cabs at the airport but the long queues and higher price put me off.
  9. We had to cancel our Oct 2020 trip, at 75 its impossibly expensive to get CV cover. We permanently rent in Pattaya, 11 years now, and usually spend 5 months a year there but wont make it back till next year. If they dont drop the compulsory CV insurance it will be somewhere else for a month or so.
  10. Travel insurance gets more expensive with age and most companies cut you out at 75. But its pretty expensive at that age. I am 75 in October so unless LOS changes their Covid policy I may not be able to return after 20 years of visits
  11. I have never seen as many Lexus 4Wd as in Phnom Penh. Every NGO there must buy them for their staff.
  12. What a great idea. Its a great shame that Thai senior management couldnt have shown such innovation and creativity when times were less drastic.
  13. I gave it a 😄 as I thought it was a good comment on how the media can alter the narrative to suit their own agenda/prejudices
  14. What a great TR, thanks. What sort of price is a photo shoot, please and do you use an agency. I presume it's photos only as well
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