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  1. On the day you apply you must have been in oz for 2 years. Once approved it is portable, mate has had it paid into his thai bank for 15 years. No annual adjustments tho. Another mate had to return after 15 years in BKK. Had no family there, had to rent accom.
  2. "Linked in the Philippes but not in Thailand, in the USA but not in Canada. " Not in Australia either and we even have Queen Liz as our head of state!!
  3. Philippines is one country that does. Very easy to stay long term with no immig hassles
  4. When I renewed my 5 year last Nov out on route 36 I only had a tourist visa and they would only give me a 2 year.
  5. First trip 1998 spent 2 months touring around, 2nd trip 1999 another touring trip but caught up with an ex boss living with a gogo girl in BKK. He suggested meeting up in Pattaya (I had never been) after my travels and that was where my life changed. Stayed at the White House hotel close to WS., went for a stroll and heard music from a bar, Shadows instrumental as I recall. FLB it was and spent a lot of nights there after that.
  6. In my younger days I would have wild, raunchy sex with a staunch catholic girl. She would go to church and confess and then come back for more!!
  7. and yet the cynic in me says that nothing will change!!
  8. GF and I were regulars at the old park. Dropped in last week and surprised how small and expensive the new one is. As you say you can eat in a small local place for less, without the crowds. I won't hurry back
  9. I don't really have a tipping point I guess. GF and I live in RP but spend 5 months a year here, 3 trips. The Oz $ is at a terrible rate..... BUT Flights are cheap, Cebu Pacific is often under $180 return each. we have rented the same place for 10 years (I lived here before) and the rent is still the same price and GF is a great cook, tho we eat out quite often. Neither of us are drinkers or smokers so our expenses are low. GF loves it here, lots of Filipina friends so I would face a real battle not to come anymore.
  10. We arrived sunday at 4am. Immigration almost empty, no more than 3-4 people in each line. We went thru the "old farts" queue first in line. Had no problem with the scanner, tho we have used them in KL and Singapore. I can see how first time travellers could be confused tho.
  11. Most of them are around 27-28 sq mtrs in those blocks. They are about 38-42 sq mtrs in the high rise block.
  12. Bob, you need to head to the food court on the top level. Very cheap meals, from 35 baht as I recall. I agree that some of the restaurants are very over-priced.,
  13. Just spent 2 weeks in Nha Trang Vietnam, a lovely beach resort city. The place is full of Russians, couples, families, young folk and old folk. Russian signs, menus etc everywhere and all the locals assume you are Russian. Now I know where they went after Jomtien and, comparing the two places, I dont blame them.,
  14. Yes, mine as well. Still get 10 hours plus from the battery. Unfortunately when I bought it I just didnt have enough knowledge to understand its limitations. You cant beat that 10 inch screen !!
  15. I have one of these and the biggest negatives are the poor camera performance, less than 1mp, especially in anything less than bright light and the lack of memory and processing power. I bought an Huawei Y9 phone to solve these problems but still love the big screen for accessing forums, news sites, reading books etc. when I bought I naively assumed I could expand the memory, an expensive lesson learnt. Unfortunately most newer apps require lots of memory and processing power.,
  16. GF and I just used them from HCMC to Nha Trang, something like $20 each. They are very competitive on domestic flights within Vietnam.
  17. Just a small tip, the food court on the top floor is really big and very cheap. Lots of other restaurants around but many are pricey. I hadn't been to the BKK outlet so was quite impressed with the themed decor
  18. My Jomtien experience 10 days ago:- Went to get a Residence letter to renew my driving licence, hich I first got 15 years ago when I was here on Non Imm O visas. Lady on info counter said I had to do a TM30 report and gave me the forms. I am on a tourist visa, I am a Philippine Resident here for 60 days and have only come on TV for the last 6 years I filled in the form, waited at the TM30 counter and queried with the IO why I had to report. Yes she said, I definitely had to report. Gave me the paper slip and I went to get another set of photo copies for Residence Letter. I am no wiser as to why I had to do this report.....
  19. I saw this in quite a few towns in Vietnam. One town had a guy standing on the roof of a pickup who threw it across the road to another guy, also on the roof of a pick up. Rarely missed a catch on the nights I watched them.
  20. Jacko, I regularly book on-line with LCC and find that they automatically preselect almost every option for you. Things like meal, seat selection, travel insurance etc and you have to go thru and de select them or get an inflated price.
  21. Yes, I think if I was in the US I wouldnt bother with the long, expensive haul to Thailand, particularly if you dont get a long vacation break. Like many others I have noticed a lot of changes in the last ten years or so, not all for the better.
  22. I got a Res certificate to renew mine with only a Tourist visa and proof of renting last year. However, unless you are holding a long-term visa licence office will only give you two year renewal.
  23. Jaco, it depends on who you get at the entrance. I was told by the counter woman when I renewed that I needed one, tho I pointed out that their website said I didnt. "Out of date" was her response, so off I went to get one, a wasted few hours and a 32km trip. When I returned, a different lady who didnt ask for med certificate (which I had in my bag) and just gave me a number. For 100 baht I would save a possible extra trip and get one in advance.
  24. Atlas, must have been the same school as me!
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