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  1. Admin/Mod Team Have you been able to increase the size of my photo storage space on the forum. At the moment I can not post any pictures directly on the forum and the 'way round'. using a link from Flickr does not seem to be working either. Thanks.
  2. It is an interesting temple, per se, however for photography it is quite challenging. Inside the lighting is quite dim, which of course makes things difficult when strong direct light shines through the windows. The exhibits on the ground floor are very closely packed together which makes things tricky. Outside the main issue is very directional strong sunlight which leaves half your photograph slightly over exposed and the other half under exposed. Lightroom and Photoshop can do a lot but they don't do miracles. I may return on a day. when the sun is more subdued.
  3. A large team to repaint the pedestrian crossing on Beach Road, including press briefing.
  4. I have posted the above Jet Ski photographs using a link from Flickr. It is a bit of a pain. I will downsize photographs in future if someone is able to increase my allowance limit.
  5. Gents - I seem unable to load any more photographs. When I try I get the above message.
  6. A few from the Jet Ski World Championship, plus an uninvited spectator.
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