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  1. More idiocy. Someone should tell the idiots a fire truck is used to put out fires, so use it to stop the source of the pollution. Unfcking believable. Toxic air still choking North "The causes were still extensive outdoor burning and the large number of fire hotspots in neighbouring countries, coupled with stagnant air."
  2. And you would be correct on that point. Fortunately we have enough hashers on trail to fan out and find true trail again, much like you would do for a check. https://www.pattayamonkeyh3.com/PMH3/RunReportLkup.html?103
  3. I commented on yesterday's hash trail the Thai are more afraid of Covid than air pollution. What prompted the comment is the trail took us through an active burn off area. This was outside Pattaya near Asian University.
  4. Spotted the wild Arunotai pig out and about yesterday evening. There's also a monkey that's been walking the area wires and rooftops, but I've been too slow to get my camera out to take a pic.
  5. The new pavers are not hiding stains very well. The stretch on the north end of the footpath is only a few weeks old and is already looking like its seen better days.
  6. Picture of the spacing of the no parking signs. If they had turned them to face passing traffic it would increase their visibility, but still they're close enough that you would have to be fairly nearsighted, or have your head in the phone too much to not see them while parking.
  7. Looks like a great place to wander about. It's also looks like you had the place to yourself. Is it too new not many have learned it's open?
  8. Plenty of no parking signs along the beach side of Beach Rd. About one every 25m or so. They'll probably get around eventually to painting the curbs (kerbs), but if the driver was the least bit aware he/she should have noticed the lack of cars parked on that side and figured something was up. But then again, Thais are conditioned to treat laws as suggestions.
  9. Some motorists are slow to learn they really mean it this time, no parking on Beach Rd. And if you do choose to ignore the no parking signs, don't be as daft as this guy and park within a few meters of the police station. Amazing Thailand... The backhoe operator is obviously enamored with the sight of himself.
  10. With no parking seaside having gone into effect today, traffic was moving much better on Beach Rd. I wasn't quick enough to stop and get my camera out, but they're sill holding up traffic to let the Chinese sheep cross the road to their self-loading cargo vessel. The no parking in front of Tree Town is a confusing. Only one sign and no clear indication of where the no parking ends. Result is a you get more than a few meters away from the lonely sign and it's parking as usual. IMHO, it's not the cars and bikes parked that is causing the congestion problems on Buakhao, it's the m
  11. The ultimate in an analog navigation system. Video queued to start at what I thought was the funniest comment, "oh you wind it up".
  12. Had a look on this morning's ride and saw only this laundry place on the Soi 15 stretch to The Avenue. The clothes come back in plastic bags so shouldn't be too much road dust on them. And if you want DIY laundry, there's this place on Buakhao just south of the Soi 15 intersection. As an added benefit you can cancel your hotel reservation and book a room there.
  13. As of this morning road in front of your hotel is in decent shape. The torn up bits don't start until farther down the soi. And the worst of it is in front of Centara.
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