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  1. For those that have gone electric, PEA has charging stations on Tai. CAT on Tai closer to 3rd Rd has a couple of charging stations as well, but they didn't look to be in working order.
  2. On this morning's ride I explored an interesting hidden gem in central Pattaya. It's an undeveloped area off of Pattaya Tai, behind Pattaya City Resort. From the road the new shops going up on Tai look like nothing special. But behind the shops is a nice park area around a small lake. The hidden gem is farther back and on the other side of the lake. There's a dirt road that circles around a large undeveloped area with a lilly filled pond. The area is currently being used to grow various plants. I hope the city sees the value of keeping some green space and that
  3. More construction at the Nirun market site. Wonder what these new structures will house.
  4. I wouldn't be stepping into what's left of this shower with bare feet.
  5. Canopy covers at the new Nirun market going back up this morning.
  6. Sounds like you'll miss the next topless killer pool game by a few days. Some nice titty pictures of the last game, which I'm surprised the FB censors didn't catch. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=122158081118089195&id=61552675856847&__cft__[0]=AZWnN110-tWMSL64JLOhnLDH3DxxoR9phxBtOfbxL46e-tWCzqoQ2srRHxMpDMsTkBf-km5OCe3oRB5LWgM2HhkLdZXWxtN-I7b7FdC875ku0q180F4gkj_F_QeNRPpFcQ4iODoP1R7jVEbgopagyXSAAfRH7ZQymLNTrBLoBBvlr9A9x8tUdr_oMLX_viu8icmNYHUDT5blXf6-_sygJhOv&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
  7. The footpath around the Bali Hai area is still used as a parking lot in some spots, making it an obstacle course for pedestrians. It's a shame there isn't parking nearby. Oh, wait, what's this directly across the road... There was a news report a week or two ago about the big clean up operation in the Bali Hai marina to get rid of the broken pieces of floating piers and derelict boats. Seems they missed one. Over on WS the old tree is still hanging in there. And those temporary, illegal bridges city officials
  8. Looks like one use of the middle steel structure is support for the lighting at the new market. Attaching 220v lines to a steel structure, what could possibly go wrong. What's missing is an insulator between the attachment point and the steel support cables. A good stock of electrical goods at the new, nearby store, including a couple of e-bikes.
  9. One simple solution to resolving the bottlenecks that occur too frequently on Buakhao is to allow parking on only one side of the soi for the entire length. Of course, while simple in practise, the reality is it would never work as laws are only suggestions and are generally not enforced so are regularly ignored.
  10. No idea what they'll be selling at the new place next to Nirun, but I expect those synthetic canopy tops are going to look old and worn by the end of the year due to exposure to UV and the elements.
  11. No chance of anyone trying to sneak into the Edge from 2nd Rd. They've done a good job with the barricades to stop right turns from 2nd Rd. Soi Honey might be easier for an illegal entry. Just wait until the cop has his back turned.
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