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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Even after looking up the answer, thanks to your hint, I'd expect only those with an advanced mathematics degree would have heard this one before.
  2. Seems immigration is following the pattern I've seen elsewhere with Thais is they insist that a required document is on a single A4 sheet. Purchasing my motorbike in my lady's name they gave us grief when they required a photo copy of her ID, front and back, and I showed up with the copy on two A4 sheets as that is what I needed to do to get a copy of the front and back. After listening to several minutes of them go back and forth in Thai I interrupted to ask my lady to translate what the problem was. When she explained I took back the two sheets and used the edge of the table to rip them
  3. The only way I know to get the A knocked off the visa is to leave the country without a valid re-entry permit. When you return to Thailand the original visa is no longer valid, thus allowing you to go the non-imm O route. As dumb luck would have it, that's what happened to me 12 years ago. Stupid me left the country thinking the expiration date on the O-A visa was enough to allow me back in again. To add to my stupidity I didn't realize I could jump through all the hoops myself to get the O visa and instead paid 20k to a "helper". But in the end my error turned out to be a blessing in dis
  4. Please define "catastrophic". While infections are up considerably, the number of deaths is nowhere near the pre-vaccination days. In addition hospital admissions are not showing a corresponding spike in numbers. All in all the numbers appear to show the vaccine is doing its job and while there is a large increase in new infections, it appears they're mostly asymptomatic or with mild symptoms that don't require admission to the hospital. Hardly a catastrophic situation. Of greater concern is what new variants might mutate out of the large rise in infections.
  5. I would expect same requirement for the extension to stay if the original visa is O-A. All the more reason to go for the non-imm O, although I wouldn't be surprised if at some point they also add the insurance requirement for that visa as well. What is a real kick in the backside with the insurance requirement is you can only obtain the insurance from a Thai company. On top of that, it's overpriced for what you get.
  6. WTTB. Once you decide on where you're going to live, ask the housing manager for maid suggestions. As this is not an uncommon request, chances are good they'll have a few recommendations.
  7. No idea what these two were fishing around for. The shutoff valve maybe?
  8. I call BS on this. If it were a mass sickout by ATC it would affect more than one airline. I really wish people would do at least a rudimentary search when an article like the one the OP quoted relies on twatter posts for their news reporting. A simple search comes up with multiple news articles about Southwest canceling flights for dubious reasons. One such article... Southwest Cancels More Than 1,000 Flights—Pilots Say It’s Not A Protest Over Covid Vaccine Mandate
  9. Rainfall has been good this year. First time in quite a few years the cumulative total is tracking the average. source: http://www.pattayaweather.net/ I also see a website I bookmarked years earlier has been updated to show almost real time reservoir levels. For Mabprachan it's now at 103%. source: http://www.thaiwater.net/water
  10. My 2nd AZ jab is scheduled for three months after the 1st.
  11. Pretty sad when you need a cop to direct traffic at a roundabout. Beach chair vendors had to resort to building sand ramps over the abandoned tree and footpath destruction project. Surprised the storm damage from the 8th hasn't been repaired yet at this spot. Nearby they're harvesting sand from the beach exposed by low tide.
  12. A flyover makes much more sense. So much so I wonder why a tunnel is even part of the proposal.
  13. Ongoing work at the Soi Xzyte Market. Wonder if the market they're going to after are the Chinese tour groups.
  14. The idea of continuing the underpass, or overpass, to Thepprasit is alive once again. Pattaya locals object to planned Sukhumvit-South roads tunnel Best quote from the article... "Residents claimed, without evidence, that the underground tunnel would flood. The same fears were raised initially about the Central Road tunnel but it has never flooded." Unlike the Klang intersection, where the underpass was built on a high point, the Pattaya Tai to Thepprasit north end entrance/exit is at a low point on Sukhumvit. They've worked unsuccessfully for years to resolve the flo
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