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  1. They're still working on cleaning out the muck in the drains. Also noticed they've put in curbs to block storm water runoff to the beach at the low points from Pattaya Klang north. Kind of self-defeating IMHO if the goal is clear the roads of flood waters ASAP. Wonder if they'll close the swing gate once the tide comes back in.
  2. Over on the south end of Buakhao, crews are taking down old, unused utility lines.
  3. The finishing touches, and stocking the new 7-11 today. And just up the soi work is progressing slowly on another market next to Nirun.
  4. That would be Ursula Martinez.
  5. A cool halo around the sun now for those in Pattaya.
  6. Don't know the tax system here, so can't say if that's the reason for the garden. Another possibility, as vegetable prices are now quite high due to the drought, someone may have decided to use the land to earn some money from a garden until they plant a building there.
  7. The vacant land next to Pirates on Soi Full Love Inn was fenced in about a month ago and is now being used as a garden.
  8. Saw this mentioned on another forum. Can't believe the owner thought this was a good idea. And what were the ladies thinking to allow what amounts to permanent advertising on their body's. And then there are the idiots liking the FB post of this.
  9. Good question on why so many 7-11's. This would be no. 4 in a span of 350 m, if all the others stay open. I watched the guy backing in. He was really working it to get as close to the building as possible for unloading. I think he didn't care about getting stuck as off to the left was a tracked backhoe that he probably planned on using to get himself unstuck.
  10. Five days ago the 7-11 construction site was a stack of 7-11 parts. And today the site looks like this.
  11. Looks like another large structure is going up on the Soi Xzyte grounds. Some beautiful, blue skies today too. The foundation pillars aren't very deep, so it won't be a tall, heavy structure. Perhaps another one of these The parts for the 7-11 were delivered this morning. They have the building of 7-11's down to a science, so it'll be interesting to see how many days from the pouring of the footings to the grand opening.
  12. Pouring footings today for the new 7-11 next to Nirun.
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