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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. No restrictions that I'm aware of. There has been quite a lot of work going on around here laying new pipes, so it may have been a disruption of the service while they hooked up the old to the new.
  2. The problem here is the news reporting, at least in English, of infrastructure projects is pretty sparse. Might be because topics like the price of pussy are more popular. One of the graphics in the Eastwater report mentions plans to divert water from Bang Pa Kong River when reservoir levels drop below a set level. That would imply the pipeline has been completed.
  3. I've no doubt the data exists on a computer somewhere, but unfortunately it's data they're not making available to the general public. Some speculation, but I'd hazard a guess that in a western country I could walk into the water dept and request that data with a good chance of being given the data. Try that here, even if I were a tax paying Thai citizen and I'd probably not make it past the reception desk. Reason being, those in power want to control access to information as information is power, and that same information can be used against them to point out their failings.
  4. Thought I would reply in this topic rather than go to OT in the other thread. My guess is we would be in dire straits for water if it wasn't for the pandemic. Mentioned before in an earlier post is the Eastwater site which is a good source for weekly updates on the water situation. What I wish they had was a chart that showed water consumption over time. That would be good info to nail down just what kind of shape we would be in with tourists present. The graphic below has demand figures (brown shaded boxes) which I first thought was actual demand. But looking back at the graphics for the same week the past three years, I see the same demand numbers for 2018, 2019 and 2020, which leads me to believe these are guestimates of what actual demand will be. And even then, they're piss poor estimates if they don't revaluate and change them from year to year.
  5. Worked fine for me. When you click on Ignore User, did you also check one of the Ignore boxes before clicking on Update Preferences?
  6. I think if the IO sees the TM47 receipt in your passport it saves him the time and effort of looking it up.
  7. Thanks for the reminder the agent will handle the 90 day for free as part of the extension to stay. In the past I've declined that part of the service as it was easy and quick for me to do the report online. Now with the reporting website having been down for months, I can't be arsed to go to immigration myself so will stop by the agent's office to have them do it for me.
  8. Some good news if it comes to pass. Govt mulls visa rule overhaul for expats, tourists, investors The government could revamp immigration RULES this year to make it easier for expats and long-term tourists to stay in the country, part of a strategy to boost investment and tourism revenue once the pandemic eases. The proposed changes could mean foreigners would no longer have to file 90-day reports of their whereabouts -- a deeply deeply unpopular requirement, particularly now that the online filing system has been down for more than a month.
  9. Cleanup in aisle Arunotai today. Parking for four wheeler and jet ski maybe.
  10. Police checkpoint on 2nd Rd this morning. Saw them in the same place, same time during my ride about yesterday morning. And over on Soi Xzyte they're enlarging the drain openings.
  11. More death traps for those on two wheels going in on Soi Bong Koch. Almost as bad are the new drain grates on Soi 21. Don't understand why they couldn't have rotated the covers 90 degrees before installing.
  12. Wisdom Valley, next to Rugby School Thailand and near Khao Mai Kaew has opened a new mtn bike trail system consisting of 7, 10, and 21 km trail loops. I hope to get out there soon and do a picture report of the trails.
  13. The Tesco Lotus on that corner does a good trade. The Family Mart and large 7-11 on the Klang end of Arunotai have thrown in the towel though. Both are now closed.
  14. Based on how thin the concrete pad they're pouring this morning, think the Soi Love Inn and Arunotai corner is getting something more like the shops on the opposite side of the soi. And a bit farther up Soi Love Inn more decorative metal work going up on the Nirun market.
  15. They were putting down the forms for the concrete pad yesterday. Given how low in height the form was I expect it's just a thin pad they're going to pour, like the shops on the other side of the soi. Best guess is a low cost building/shack to house another market and/or food stall that when the time comes to build something better on the land, easy to knock down and start over.
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