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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. A youtuber offering. I set the start of his video as he begins walking down Soi Pothole to his new bar. He has a good shot of the current condition of the road.
  2. Did a double take when I saw these guys. Acoustic leak detection maybe? Enlarging the the storm water drains on the north end of Beach Rd. Read on another forum plans are afoot to dig up the length of Beach Rd, again, and install larger storm water drains. Wat footpath and gutter on Pattaya Tai getting a cleaning. Soi Pothole will soon be getting a new bar.
  3. For today's Easy R-Con open sewer project update found them working on where the pumps will eventually be installed. And on the other end we have this. Live here any amount of time and you soon learn this is normal Thai construction method. Build it, then break it apart b/c they didn't plan ahead for whatever needs to hook up, or get installed. On a side note. As a bicycle rider, I wish they wouldn't install sewer grates parallel to the direction of travel. These will be ok for mtn bike tires, but when I'm on my road bike with skinny tires they're a trap for the tire. I'm now thinking this pump system is to help push more of the flood water into the drainage system. If that's the case then I'm left wondering how they'll keep the flood water from flowing back into the concrete sump via the large diameter concrete outflow pipe.
  4. Someone must have brought the hammer down on the guys working on the Easy R-Con open sewer project. They were working well into the night last night. The Y pipe seemed to be the focus of their attention. When I saw them cutting a pipe fitting in half they had made a couple of days ago, thought this can't be good. And today we see the results of last night's work. Note all the welded sections they needed to get the Y pipe to connect to the shutoff valves. Concrete road has been poured on the sides of the box. Building on the northside is getting a new step. I hadn't noticed the project sign before until a BM pointed it out. I ran it through Google translate and this is what the app spit out as a translation. Construction work, contractor work, construction period, parcel inspection committee, own town hall, Pattaya Rd. North Pattaya, Na Kluea Subdistrict, Banglamung District, Chonburi 20260 (038) 371-123 Construction of a well-drained pond in Soi Soi Kasem Yuwan (Soi Melon). Construction is low. ML size 7.00 hrs. 60. Number of cribs, installation of rainwater pumping, rate of type 2, extension of electric field with installation of transformer and 1 number of ports Prosper Solution Co., Ltd. (Head Office), Khlong Lam Chaak Road, Nuan Chan Subdistrict, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok 24230, starting on November 24, 2018. The period ended on May 22, 2019 for 180 days. Sanitation Technician 1. Field Kasama Girls Anantaya's activities. 3. Mr. Phairat Buranasil, Head of Design and Control of Drainage System Construction 4. Mr. Anawat Kaewboonrit, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Wachara Lumsap, Drawing Technician I Harn Work | 1. Mr. Maddaphat 5 Wanphaiboon Civil Engineer, Operation Kornkorn Paisarnwattanaphan, Civil Engineer, Operation 3. Hai Nat Lueangprasert, Civil Engineer Work 4. Mr. R The farmers aiming to inform the chief engineer, senior engineer with a Ouija 1. "The Bourne 097-348-493 well that the wearing of Engineering Contractors AVI CLAMIA.
  5. Today's update on the Easy R-Con open sewer project.
  6. @Chang_paarp great minds and all that. Coincidently I had a ride around the reservoir this morning and snapped the following pics. I took ride out to check on the progress of the new Mabprachan Bike Path. I was happy to see it's about 90% complete. Starting at the north entrance to the reservoir dam road, asphalt and lane markings are in. The only bit that remains is at the northwest end that connects with the Bang Lamung Exercise Park Bike Path. There are two remaining bridges that need to be constructed. Pilings are in. And one of the bridge support beams is almost finished. Work is also underway for the northwest extension of the Bang Lamung Exercise Park. This is the last of the two bridges that need to be completed, which will connect the bike path to Bang Lamung Exercise Park. On the other side of the park, the final touches on the new bike path connection are almost done. The north side of the park also is the start of a walk/jogging path that is separate from the bike path. One thing I noticed on my ride is the new asphalt seemed to be of lower quality than what I've seen on western projects. As proof to my thoughts I soon came across areas where they have already had to patch the bike path. There's a good chance the heavy equipment they're driving over the bike path is the main reason for the needed repairs. For the most part the bike path is separated from road traffic by steep, concrete lined storm water culverts. The few places where vehicles could enter they have a couple of low barricades, which is good b/c otherwise the Thais would soon be using the bike path as a parking lot. There were a few places where there was sand and gravel on the path, but I think once construction is finished that will be swept off and the storm water culverts will probably do a good job of keeping storm debris off the path. Not that it really matters, but the smaller culvert that separates the paths, someone didn't plan the fall correctly so the rain water won't make it all the way to the outlet hole. Nice sweeping curves on the bike path across from the Soi Siam Country Club arch. Looks like they ran out of shoreline, so the walk/jogging path ends about 800m short of the south end of the reservoir dam road. The bike path might eventually extend farther west, but for now you can continue your ride through the bike gap in the south end reservoir dam entrance. It's a 2.7 km ride, straight shot across the reservoir dam. The view from the north side entrance to the reservoir dam road. The green line in the map below marks the existing Bang Lamung Exercise Park Bike Path. The area to the west of the reservoir dam road has quite a few single track paths in the woods that make for an enjoyable ride in the shade on a mtn or hybrid bike. The ride around the reservoir is 10.3 km.
  7. You're right about needing a crane. Social media had another pic of the operation to extract the truck.
  8. Reported yesterday on social media a truck backed into a hole on Klang. Pics of the site from this afternoon, truck has been rescued. Edited to add: Just noticed this is a different truck and a different part of Klang than where the truck fell into the hole yesterday. And as long as I was in the area, here's a few more of the underground cable work on Klang. In the pic below you can just make out the hole they drilled through the sand to pull the conduit through. Seems to me that will also make a good path for rain water, and if so I wouldn't be surprised if there is erosion of the subsurface and subsequent collapse of the road above. Whereas on 2nd Rd they're digging a trench, laying down concrete raceways and filling with concrete.
  9. Today at the Easy R-Con open sewer project site they're manhandling the Y pipe into position.
  10. Not in the Pattaya area, but a bike path in Nakhon Phanom made the news. Unsafe new Mekong riverside cycling path closed A new cycling path along the Mekong riverbank has been closed after part of it collapsed only two days after an inaugural cycling event to promote tourism. The cycling path, in Muang district, is about 1.1 kilometres long and only recently built, and was still awaiting acceptance by the provincial hall. A viewpoint section about 50 metres long collapsed on Tuesday. Engineers from the Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning examined the path's structure and found many structural cracks and a mudslide had already affected its foundation. The engineers said the structure as built could not withstand the riverbank erosion caused by recent heavy rain. The collapse occurred only two days after the Tourism Authority of Thailand and local authorities held a cycling event along the path on Sunday to promote local tourism. Chanchai Sribenja of a Nakhon Phanom cycling club said on Friday that cycling events organised alongside the Mekong River in Nakhon Phanom were popular with local tourists. The collapse of the new cycling path could have a negative impact. Enforcing construction standards would be an effective solution, he said.
  11. Work continues on the underground cable project. Drilling under the road on the north side of Klang near the Buakhao intersection.
  12. It's been six days since I last checked in on the Easy R-Con open sewer project status. First thing I noticed is they added another concrete box on the Buakhao end. Looks like the addition is where the shutoff valves will reside. And a good guess is this section of pipe will be going here. Other end of the box they're working on the support framework for the sewer grates.
  13. They're now backfilling around the Easy R-Con open sewer project. Sure hope they're going to use more than just sand as a road base. Wonder if they'll move the garbage can, or just bury it. With the backfill in place you get an idea of how the new road surface level will impact the businesses on either side. I'm leaving Pattaya for a five day holiday. Hopefully others walking around the area over the next couple of days can post pics of the progress.
  14. Thanks. Never imagined when I snapped the first photo of a smelly hole in the soi on 24 February that this project would drag on for as long as it has. If I had it would have been worthy of its own thread. How they'll work the top of the box into the existing road surface and accommodate entrances to surrounding businesses is another mystery of this project.
  15. That would make sense, having a system to empty the sump before cleaning. This pic has the two shutoff valves. Could be the other two blue things are the check valves.
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