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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Some pics of the repositioning of the pile driver on the construction site opposite Soi 15 on Buakhao Think this contraption is for driving support casings into the ground The Nirun market now has a roof
  2. I was wrong, not a Xmas tree at T-21, but a Gift Fest tree...
  3. Of course there are, but it would be more relevant to this discussion if they were used on credit card chips.
  4. As @midlifecrisis posted, not all contacts are gold.
  5. Both cards are about two years old. I keep them in a separate pocket within my wallet. I suspect it's just a case of oxidation on the contacts. Used to have the same problem with circuit boards in desktop computers. Same trick of pulling them and using an eraser on the contacts resolved quite a few memory, HD, or screen issues.
  6. Over the last couple of months first my Kasikorn and then Bangkok Bank ATM card were getting rejected from some ATM machines with the message they could not read the chip. It was strange as the same machine that would reject one card would read the other bank's card. I just figured it was due to the typical Thai lack of maintenance on anything and that the ATM chip reader was getting flaky. Today I had occasion to stop in at a Bangkok Bank branch office for another banking matter, so while there mentioned the problem with the reading of my ATM card's chip. Without another word she took my card, pulled out of a drawer a big eraser and proceeded to clean the chip with the eraser. After the cleaning the card worked fine. I never really looked closely at the chip embedded in the card. I just figured the chip used RFID technology, which doesn't require physical contact with the chip to read its contents. Looking more closely now I can see there are obvious contact points the reader needs to touch in order to read the chip's contents. Over time they either get oxidized or gunked up, which an eraser can quickly clean off. Hope this helps others with the same problem.
  7. The other day I missed seeing this Xmas tree going up. Balloon chaser alert. Staff party this afternoon at King's Club. Looks like your first drink is on the house. Be forewarned, since it's a staff party they expect the customers to strut around naked for the entertainment of the staff.
  8. New electric control box is now installed. The King's sign is getting much needed maintenance work. And to paraphrase an old saying, a wet and dreary day in Pattaya sure beats a good day in the office
  9. Slowly the new market by Nirun is taking shape. Soi X Zyte market Across from Soi 15 on Buakhao they're digging holes for the support piles.
  10. Fixed the link so the video will show up embedded in the post. The trick is to hit Enter after pasting the URL into the post and wait for the forum software to convert it to an embedded video before clicking on Submit Reply. Excellent video by @misteregg showing not only the history of the many places he worked, but also a history of places that are now but a memory.
  11. When I saw this had to do a quick memory check to remind myself what month it is. Hard to believe they're putting up the Xmas tree when we're still a couple of weeks away from Halloween.
  12. Looks like they're building a new base for the electric junction box and running a new, buried line to it.
  13. I think you'll find the more recent builds have less sq meters of living area than older builds. If it were me, I'd be looking at best price/sq m, and then comparing amenities and condition of the rental to make my final selection.
  14. Over at Mabprachan Reservoir water levels are still down as well. There's is a bit of water feeding into north end of the reservoir. Can just barely make out the stream amongst the heavy growth of weeds in this pic. This is the source of that water. Mabprachan Park is off to the right.
  15. Only one month left to the rainy season and water levels are still looking bleak for this time of year. From this morning, the current condition of Huai Chak Nok Reservoir.
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