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  1. New Akara hotel going up on Nakula Soi 31. Noticed the entrance to WS was blocked today, so had a peak at what was going on.
  2. Really enjoying the series Prodigal Son. I also see they just announced it's been renewed for season 2.
  3. One positive of the recent WS electrical fire is they've removed most of the rats nest of wires.
  4. A few shots of the new Soi Xzyte market progress. And a shot of The Edge from Soi Xzyte.
  5. Beach Rd drain update from this morning. North end they're now working on the opposite side of the road, tying the existing drains to the new drain. North end is getting new paving stones. Good to see the beach open again. Farther south noticed mostly Thais enjoying the beach. Beach chairs practicing social distancing.
  6. The problem with the current storms rumbling through is the heavy rain is very localized. We need a good, wide area downpour lasting multiple hours, or even better a day or two, to have a noticeable effect on the reservoir levels. This site is a good source for current and historical rainfall amounts. http://www.pattayaweather.net/Pattaya-Month.html Edited to add: Looking at the rainfall amounts I see April was above average, but for May we're below average at 71 mm vs an average of 155 mm.
  7. Crane activity at the Buakhao Soi 15 construction site.
  8. The drainage project and beach pics after the early morning storms. Surprised they still haven't cleaned out the sand from the north end catch basin. The longer they wait, the more the sand will get washed farther into the drains and the harder it will be to clean it out. Beach is still in good shape. The usual spots prone to flooding and beach washouts look none the worse after this morning's storms. Probably more to do with lack of heavy rain than the new drains doing their job. The new structure at the south end is for drainage diversion gates. Further proof this morning's rainfall wasn't much as only one of the three overflow pipes was discharging effluent. A peek inside the pumping station. Not sure what function this machinery serves.
  9. 30k for an agent is a bit high. Maneerat on Soi P.O. will get you sorted for 21k for the Non O. Extensions cost 12.5k. Like you I didn't want, or need the hassles of jumping through the new financial hoops. So after 9 years of doing the extension to stay myself, I used an agent, Maneerat, for the first time on my last extension.
  10. For those interested in a bit of off road riding, there are some nice paths around Mabprachan Reservoir on the west and north sides. The screenshot below are tracks from various rides I've made over the years around the reservoir. The area parallel to the dam is primarily eucalyptus trees with trails that are hard packed and easy to negotiate. While the area on the north side of the reservoir is a good mix of service roads, hard packed trail, and narrow single track.
  11. This month's update on the Mabprachan Reservoir. Weeds are higher Water level unchanged Weeds now poking up in the shallow areas Pumps are gone A few dead tree pics The spring fed stream is still flowing Used to be able to ride the bike across the lake bed at this point. Need a machete now to get through. There are some nice, quiet, scenic shady spots on the trails around the reservoir. A sea of green
  12. Pics of some of the construction and destruction projects around Pattaya. Watched these guys climbing from one balcony to the next. Happy when they succeeded as I didn't want the job of first responder.
  13. In no particular order, random shots from around Pattaya from late this morning before the dark clouds moved in. Odd they have a mini-bridge a few meters from its big brother.
  14. Today's photo update of the Beach Rd drainage project. Hard to see in this pic, but the catch basin is still almost 3/4 full of water, so they've not yet cleaned it out. I would have thought it would be easier to clean the muck out before they completed the concrete enclosure. First time I've seen them make an effort to sort the paving stones by color. Looks good when they match to the existing pavers. Not so good when they don't. Wonder what numbnut thought it was a good idea to spray paint a marker on the pavers.
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