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  1. Update on the 2nd Rd project to enlarge the storm water drains. From the news yesterday The same place, now with barricades.
  2. Work has started on the pilings for a new building on Soi 15 near Buakhao.
  3. Easy R-Con open sewer project update. They're back... Can't see the guy, but there's a third worker bee down there in the drain line hammering away with a jackhammer. Seems to me it would have been better to take care of clearing the drain lines when the road was tore up, but then again, I'm not Thai so what do I know.
  4. They're finally getting around to repairing the broken boardwalk. About two years overdue on the repairs.
  5. It's a shame Thanya Club didn't survive. Had one of the best bands in the area. I see a few of the band members are now playing at Nonnoi Bar at the rear of Tree Town.
  6. Your post would be a fair post if you had started it with what you wrote as your last sentence. As others have pointed out, Nam quoting a price that you don't want to pay doesn't make her dishonest. In fact she was doing you a favor by recommending an SUV for your group of three as that is what most people would choose if they're traveling with luggage.
  7. One day later and I have to retract my post that they were finished with the Easy R-Con open sewer project. The workers are making a lifetime career out of this project, and giving us a lifetime worth of photo material. Another BM was asking about the state of the debris clogged drain. Still clogged.
  8. After six months of work, twice as long as planned for, the Easy R-Con open sewer project is finally done, at least until the first heavy rain. Photos of the entire project, beginning with the first photo taken on 28 February can be seen at this link.
  9. The Angelwitch of old had good tunes to go with their well choreographed shows. Shame we don't have anything like it today.
  10. This site has a good listing of festivals, although I see it's missing the dragon boat races just held. https://www.thaizer.com/thailand-events-festivals/ You're in luck though with the buffalo races, assuming you're here in Oct. Chonburi Buffalo Racing Festival: 12th October 2019
  11. I was worried I would have to face the dreaded two tier pricing when I saw all the fencing around the area. As we were walking to the entrance I warned my TGF I wasn't going to put up with any "farang pay more" nonsense, and if they wouldn't except my Thai DL for the Thair price I would be doing a quick about face. As it turned out there was no entrance fee and it looked like the fencing, and razor wire believe it or not, was just to separate the spectator areas from the competitor areas.
  12. A lot of smiling faces out today. Plenty to do and eat too.
  13. Had an enjoyable afternoon out at the dragon boat races. This is a selection of the photos I took. All of them can be seen at this link.
  14. Reported on PA the shop was closing this month.
  15. Today's update on the Easy R-Con open sewer project. Two days ago they ripped up the concrete around the drain grates. Today I see they've poured new concrete and added a bead of sealant in the joint. Puzzled as to why they did this. And on the other end, more destruction taking place on the framework for the valve compartment covers.
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