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  1. WTF, no idea why the driver of this bus thought it was a good idea to park on the footpath. 79 Mookata has only been open a few weeks and they're already expanding.
  2. It was amazing to see during the pandemic. We were in the midst of a severe drought. I could ride your bike across the middle of Mabprachan. And the authorities wasted what little water was available washing down the sois with the absurd idea they could wash away the virus.
  3. Business must be booming as it looks like 79 Mookata may be expanding. I'm guessing that as the new support pillars line up with the existing building. Quite a bit has changed at this corner over the last dozen years. From my photo archives this pic from the same position back in 2012.
  4. @blue_flag want to trade cameras? The photos you take are so much sharper and the colors brighter than what I get out of my Olympus TG5. Self-serve cannabis, for medicinal purposes only...
  5. This is why metallic light poles in Thailand should be given a wide berth, especially when it's raining. Shame it takes someone getting electrocuted before the city will take corrective action. This pole is on 3rd Rd near the Klang intersection, so it's not like it's in an out of the way soi and easily overlooked.
  6. ^^^ Pretty good except for the missing thumb. Why AI image-generators are bad at drawing hands AI-generated software has not been able to fully understand what the word “hand” means, she said, making the body part difficult to render. Hands come in many shapes, sizes and forms, and the pictures in training data sets are often more focused on faces, she said. If hands are depicted, they are often folded or gesturing, offering a mutated glimpse of the body part.
  7. The new Akara hotel just north of the Dolphin roundabout.
  8. Only going to get worse on the weekends next month with the music festival every weekend.
  9. blue_flag photos are usually from his early morning walks.
  10. Maybe another Mookata place, maybe not. Could be another 7-11 as we can never have too many of those.
  11. Yes, soi 15. At the end of the video you can see the backside of the Avenue.
  12. A little better this morning with an AQI of 90 and koh Larn is once again visible.
  13. From the article, Knowing the majority of air pollution in Thailand is produced domestically, what are the root causes? Well, this largely depends on the city and region in question. For example, 72% of the city’s air pollution in Bangkok was from combustion engines in 2022. On the other hand, in Chiang Mai, the most significant pollution source is field burning.
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