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  1. Thought I'd add loop I usually do when updating the Shrinking Pattaya Reservoirs topic. It's a relatively easy 40km loop with minimal elevation gain. The km distance included in parenthesis above each photo corresponds to the waypoints in the Google Map at the end of this post. The starting point for the route is the railway road intersection at Soi Khao Nois. (0.0km) When you get to the sign for the Indoor Stadium, turn left. (4.8km) At the bottom of a small rise in the road turn left. (6.9km) Within a short distance of about 100m you'll make another left. Another
  2. Next up, Mabprachan Reservoir. On the far shore, the white structure is the water intake for the reservoir. No more having to keep dredging a deeper channel to feed water to the pumps. For many years there's been a poorly maintained dirt track by the water filtration plant. Looks like they have plans to commercialize the spot. Was surprised to see the work going on to clear this area. Hopefully it'll be another addition to the Mabprachan Reservoir Park. A new side path to the main bike path with nice looking landscaping. The
  3. Eight months since the last update, so about time I got out there again and checked the reservoir levels. No surprise with lack of tourists and a decent amount of rain the reservoirs are in great shape. First up, Huai Chak Nok Reservoir. The side reservoir that was being used by a jet ski business is full, but no more jet ski business. The dredged out pond on the right is new. No idea what that is used for. The dogs were the smart ones. Those that bothered to open an eye probably had a good laugh at the stupid human passing by on a bike in the heat.
  4. Thought it was because they bought the lease, but not the name, thus the slight change in name. Same happened when Heaven Above moved out of their location on WS and to a new location on Soi Boomerang. The new business in HA old location dropped "Above" from the name and called itself Heaven Agogo.
  5. The Zero Bar location has a new name A few snaps from Beach Rd.
  6. Progress update on the 747 self-loading cargo terminal.
  7. Soi 15 road work update. You can still get through to 2nd Rd through the Avenue parking lot, but probably for not much longer. A few pics of Soi Boomerang. Since elections are on the 22nd, guessing this has something to do with that.
  8. The new building on Soi 15 near the Buakhao intersection is almost done. And on Buakhao opposite Soi 15 the new hotel is almost completed.
  9. Don't think anyone outside of immigration can definitely state if use of an agent is legal, or illegal.
  10. Looks like they're laying a foundation for a large structure next to the 747. Perhaps a terminal for self-loading cargo.
  11. I don't believe you could ever convert an OA directly to O. Only route that I'm aware of is to let the OA lapse, re-enter on a TV or exempt, then get the O in country.
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