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  1. Not much progress on the Easy R-Con Bar open sewer.
  2. WTTB. Would be great to see any pics you took from your years past in Thailand.
  3. Air Canada did the same in the infamous Gimli Glider incident.
  4. I agree, Picasa was easy to use and was disappointed when Google gobbled them up and merged it into Google Photos. As for linking to Google Photos on this forum, from what I've read Google doesn't support that feature. For that reason, plus I don't like the file structure of Google Photos, I moved to Flickr.
  5. The URL is forums.pattayatalk.com, thus the reason you're getting server not responding, or in my case when I tried just pattayatalk.com, the site can't be reached.
  6. Soi behind Big C Extra going from Klang to Pattaya Nua has the same wheelchair footpath. Probably put in b/c Father Ray Foundation, a school and home for the disabled, is on that Soi. I frequently see wheelchair bound children and young adults using, or trying to use that footpath. You would think the selfish bastards that park on the footpath would get a clue when they see kids in a wheelchair having to use the street because of their selfishness. Worst example though is up closer to Pattaya Nua. Trust Residence has been using the footpath for overflow parking ever since the path was constructed.
  7. Working on the open sewer today. Thought the steel panels would be used for retaining walls, but that doesn't look to be the case. From next to Adelphi Hotel, Buakhao Soi 19. Construction site 3rd Rd near Klang.
  8. They've constructed a nice park at the NE end of Huai Chak Nok reservoir. Unique style pedestrian bridge. Picnic table icon is the park location.
  9. Setting up for some unknown celebration at the Klang intersection.
  10. Work going on to reinforce the point on the north end with caged rip rap. No cracks yet in the concrete pad at the Klang intersection. Typical Thai pride in workmanship, couldn't even be arsed with trimming the excess plastic off.
  11. No progress on the open sewer, other than dropping off a load of steel for retaining walls. Backyard of Nirun condo still a garbage dump Clearing the jungle from the front yard though
  12. From yesterday at the Klang intersection... Now looks like this. It'll be interesting to see how many days the concrete takes to start cracking.
  13. 7th Heaven location will soon be reincarnated as a very small agogo. The soi next to Easy Corner Bar is now an open sewer. And on the soi next to the Buffalo Bar a swanky, new Thai restaurant will soon be opening.
  14. Concrete pad going in today across from A One Hotel using the rebar on top of cling film method. Got lucky today and got a pic of them taking samples for strength testing. Is it normal to get nine samples from one load? Across from Soi 5. And at the Klang intersection. Can't believe they intend to pour concrete over the rebar in this section. Even w/o the rebar there won't be enough depth to the concrete for it to last long.
  15. Always good to see Pattaya of old pics. Earliest pics I have are from my first trip in 2008. Here's one from Loy Krathong that year. They used to have a stage set up at the entrance to WS for the Loy Krathong traditional dance. And here's a pic of the "Hilton waterfall" from Oct, 2013. Can't remember how many times they repaired that section only to have it wash out in the next heavy rain.
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