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  1. Thankyou very much . thats up on what I got 4 years ago
  2. I'll be there for a month form the 9th april and whilst there dont mind the odd afternoon game if there is any going
  3. Whats the current rate on the street for the UK £
  4. I know this is a bit late but did you know that you can take your own Mobility scooter on the plane for free. I only found out a couple of years ago after spending a fortune hiring them in various places around the world . I take my own everywhere and it will travel with me in April when I next get to pattaya
  5. Like every other Sonkran I will avoid going out during the day and just veg by the pool with a few snacks . I am so glad to be getting back as its been since before lockdown since I was last there.
  6. I just booked a 1 month stay flying with Emirates for £710 and pennies . I have heard a lot of great things about Emirates and at this price and local to me, Stanstead, I can at last afford to try it out for myself. The savings in time and travel costs to Gatwick or LHR make it a good price and a great opportunity. I hope this might help anyone looking
  7. I am getting slow in my Dotage but I really don't get it ?.
  8. So has the dreaded weed been at last removed from the naughty list in Pattaya ?.
  9. Thank you guys I will look out for them when next in town.
  10. Egg and Banana Rotti are these a real thing? I just watched a video of this girl in Bangkok making these Egg and Banana Rottis and they look delicious, is there such a thing in Pattaya as I would love to try some on my next visit.
  11. If you can get a mate to lend you his Sky Go password there is a host of great TV there, including Game of Thrones, and a VPN should let you watch in Pattaya. I don't know that that will work but I keep hearing from people who know more about it than me who say it will. The new House of Dragons is also bloody good.
  12. Having looked, a little more closely, I can get a flight on Turkish for £463 and on Austrian and Swiss for £503 for my dates. Dont fancy Turkish so probably Austrian and Swiss.
  13. THAT IS TAKING THE PISS . I wanted a return and that was what I was quoted. I will have to look closer in future . But last time I flew with them the £380 - £420 was the price I was paying.
  14. Just go on Qatar air web site and put in, 10 May to 10 June. I did try to copy the page, but it did not work. prices are from £377.88 and up business £1683.32, and first £3499. These are the lowest prices I could find on that site I have not even tried the cheap ticket mobs as yet. These prices are from London Gatwick. On looking further there is a £1575 business fare but on a 22 hour total flight
  15. I can only advise on my personal experience, so here goes, everywhere you stay for a month in Thailand will charge for water and power the exact price you should ask about before booking and always check the meter. So far, and I hope I am not pushing my luck, I have not been disappointed with my choices especially when I take into consideration the prices I payer before and at the end of your stay. same thing with Wi-Fi, ask. AirBnB do not charge deposits AFAIK and I am a seasoned user on 3 continents. As for legal issues I have no idea what those might be but if the landlord is letting a plac
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