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  1. I couldn't see that and was getting a bit frustrated , then I saw it and cant keep from seeing it. A really good pic
  2. Are they going to put that stuff back on the shelf ?..
  3. I seem to be missing the point , if there is a point.
  4. This reminds me of a day a few years ago when I got on the lift at the 7th floor all alone and it stopped at the fifth floor where 3 young Thais got on and I dropped a particularly nasty one , whereupon the three young Thais started hitting the lift button so they could get out at the third floor. And all they got from me was a smile and a slight shrug. Sometimes Thai food takes me on a journey others would rather I not travel.
  5. ????????????????????????
  6. I hope they do it better this time that they did last time because my memory of it was that it lasted for about a fortnight and then everything they had done was washed onto the beach
  7. Surely You wrote that wrong , as always has 6 letters, wouldn't you agree.
  8. Dont get it ?.why is this funny?.
  9. would that by any chance be Biden's new number 2 ?.
  10. I once watched a very similar act almost 40 years ago in Hamburg . Unfortunately the lady who did the act was a bit of a battle axe and her act was so poor she was almost demanding applause from a fairly unimpressed audience the upshot was her storming off at what I thought was not the end of her act. The rest of this all fucking all sucking show was a great hit and I was lucky enough NOT to get a close look feel or kiss of the tranny Boy who was offering tricks to the audience, before he took off his pants.
  11. can you tell who the girl is in your gif i've seen her tits so much I am beginning to think I know her.
  12. Sin, if you dont mind , where are you staying? I am happy here at at Northpoint but rent 20,000, wifi 1300, electric 2000 for a studio. My visa costs will go from 3000 /year to 30,000 and possible much more. My choice as with the OA I dont have any extension or bank issues.And dont want any.  But with the insurance change that visa goes away so looking to offset. I looked at Pattaya Hill, Star beach on the realty website. Good reviews, Need a good pool as i swim every day. Any thoughts appreciated, Bill.

  13. Like most things, when it comes to money, the driving factor is not how much things cost as how much do you have. I holiday in Pattaya for much less than most because I do not drink ,I do not smoke and my mongering days when in town have dropped a great deal since my first visit 16-17 years ago. Today I pay for accommodation on the hill in newers condos £275-£300( 1200baht) a month and that includes wifi, with services around 2000 baht. I have a 2 hour massage every other day that costs 200 plus tip 20, I eat in fairly low priced places , not the lowest but I rarely spend much more than 600 baht a day on food with drink ( pepsi max) A shave every other day 100 + tip 20. I love the quiz nights to be had in many bars around Pattaya and do 5 a week with my average bar bill at 250 baht for pepsi max. I rent a Motorbike for a month at 2500 plus 500 for fuel and laundry around 1200 baht Accommodation wifi water power 14000 cleaning 1000 Massage 1800 Shaves 1800 food 18000 transport 3000 Laundry 1200( approx) That's 41000 baht just for the essentials that for me include 5 nights out . I go to the cinema and that's cheap , even when I occasionally want a little mongering that is not a great cost either but I don't miss out just because I have a limited budget I do what I want when I want ,its just that I dont have the urge to spend thousands buying drinks for bar girls and their many friends and even had I unlimited resources that is not something I need or want to do. Each person has to do what he wants with his time and money I see no reason to feel underrated just because there are some who enjoy wasting what they have because that is not how I live my life. I am and will continue to be a Cheap Charlie and will have enough to come to Pattaya for many years yet. PS I always look for ways to get there more cheaply and always use 1 stop travel so my flight costs are usually less than £ 400 and I have in recent years discovered the bell bus and use it to get to Pattaya when I can ,depending on the plane times, but always book a taxi to the airport from Pattaya as its just more convenient. PPS I know a couple of guys on nothing much more than their pensions , approx 34000 baht a month who live there full time in fairly basic accommodation who do OK even if they do not live like kings, its so much better than living in penury back in the UK with it horrible weather
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