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  1. Don't fuck with old folk they will get you in the end.
  2. Sometime just a bit of spit and a wipe dry with a tissue will clean a card that can then be read.
  3. If you have a bike on your IDP then you dont need a test as they will just give you a licence when you go to the licence place with all the crap you need as well as the fee. I did it years ago and it took half the morning and I got both my bike and car licence with no hassle at all.
  4. The simple answer for me is those companies that don't put the price up front and central I don' look at. Price will drive my interest towards looking at other info ,but price is the driver for initial interest and should be for most people.
  5. I couldn't see that and was getting a bit frustrated , then I saw it and cant keep from seeing it. A really good pic
  6. Are they going to put that stuff back on the shelf ?..
  7. I seem to be missing the point , if there is a point.
  8. This reminds me of a day a few years ago when I got on the lift at the 7th floor all alone and it stopped at the fifth floor where 3 young Thais got on and I dropped a particularly nasty one , whereupon the three young Thais started hitting the lift button so they could get out at the third floor. And all they got from me was a smile and a slight shrug. Sometimes Thai food takes me on a journey others would rather I not travel.
  9. I hope they do it better this time that they did last time because my memory of it was that it lasted for about a fortnight and then everything they had done was washed onto the beach
  10. Surely You wrote that wrong , as always has 6 letters, wouldn't you agree.
  11. Dont get it ?.why is this funny?.
  12. would that by any chance be Biden's new number 2 ?.
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