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  1. The toilet in supposedly one of the better a-go-go-s was a hole in floor. You could see the beach when the tide was out. They probably were not the only business along there with such "modern" 🙂 plumbing.
  2. The Golden Crab is/was on the same side (north) of the street as, and just before, Ma Maison as you are walking down from Second Road. The Sportsman was across the street and just east of The Sandy Spring Hotel. The Haven, now gone, was just west of The Sandy Spring. Walking towards the bay is west.
  3. I've heard the Ava Pub has changed and if you are not a Japanese businessman, you are not welcome, but that was years ago. True or not I don't know
  4. My apologies for the duplicate messages. Every time I tried to edit the original post the software added another quote box. So, anyway from the rules: DO not use the internet to find the answer. If a day (24 hours) goes by without an answer, then it's fair game to use the internet to find an answer.
  5. Hello? Anyone home? 😀 From the rules in the first post of this thread,
  6. Is the Ava Pub still on Soi 11? It was located next to the old Federal Hotel. Met a couple of truly beautiful women in the Ava Pub. IIRC, it was owned by a lawyer from California.
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