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  1. thanks but doing it every two is a pain will just let the missus drive
  2. last time I renewd only got 2 years , will not bother any more but my wifr saids if I get name on house book will get thev5 years even though only have 60 visa? Sound right to you knowledgable gents
  3. gee that will make Teelack happy πŸ™‚
  4. These photos are great and do give me a laugh LOL. Thanks.
  5. Yes Stickman is right they had too many complaints and limit going back to 30kg
  6. Since the US rate cut the Oz dollar increased a little bit but I don't think the short spike will last for long.
  7. LOL funny as always 😁
  8. I fly with Thai because they are the only ones who offer a direct flight from PER to BKK. Have only flying cattle class but yep they do have a lot of Indians on the plane even flying from Perth. Either we have a hell of a lot of Indians in Perth flying, but I believe they may be on the plane from over East on route to India or Europe somewhere. If anyone ever finds a direct flight from Perth (Australia) to Bangkok please let me know.
  9. Shite Jacko that is a sad sight for us Aussies 😞
  10. Would taste the same wouldn't it?
  11. Hey CDMA used to be great for out in the sticks in Oz, all other phones couldn't pick up a signal but my trusty CDMA phone could.😁
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