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  1. Would taste the same wouldn't it?
  2. Hey CDMA used to be great for out in the sticks in Oz, all other phones couldn't pick up a signal but my trusty CDMA phone could.😁
  3. Hey thanks Evil for 100 bahts sounds like a great deal, have seen the bar before but never stopped there, but next holiday will try it out as I might stay in View Talay 6 this time around.
  4. Just out of curiosity what happens if a bank goes bust and your $800K disappears somewhere into the coffers?
  5. Silly question how do I get new content only to show thanks on new board.. No complaints from me Frostie looks and works good for me thanks heaps.
  6. hmm yep after the last post know why I am not too partically fond of them. you sound like do it our way or you are infidel?
  7. Hey but at least they will be able to shoot up from the home made pen needle in peace without that cigarette smoke bothering them, LOL.
  8. LOL good update Jacko and yes it does look pretty good at the moment. Cheers thanks for the update
  9. Yep I think they are cunning and just put it in loosely now as would be easy to fall out, then hit you with a fine or something for not having it.
  10. thanks for all the info, couldn't get hotel above but staying in sichang palace on monday for two days. May do a mini tr depends on what happens. Cheers Kev
  11. Jesus Jacko you are getting worse in your old days mate, "putting stiff into seat into pouch of the seat in front" - LOL
  12. on another note sort of related to this topic if in Australia and want to transfer money to a Thai bank I use https://smartwaysystem.com.au/HomePage/Login they give a pretty good rate and fast transfer times, current rate in 23.15, which is better than KTB offering for a TT transfer.
  13. Cheers thanks for the info, lol wonder how many bikes drop into the water and yep real sea worthy ferry that one.
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