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  1. With all the bars that have closed there must be lots of unused jenga and connect4 games, unless the girls took them back to the village or their room.
  2. I like this one for some reason. My wife was not amused when I woke her at 3am to tell it to her. Rather ironic I thought.
  3. In the words of the Talking Heads song.....say nothing once, why say it again
  4. The drunk guy at the end of the bar keeps burying his bone in my garden
  5. Can you give us a source for that statement please......555
  6. That true, I walked to the end of the beach then went inland slightly and continued. After a couple of kms turned right and headed back towards the sea. There was a small fishing village which had a great seafood restaurant. I dont like seafood but the lady I took there that night loved it. Was way cheaper than the big restaurant at the south end of Jomtein.
  7. Why? The beach was fine when I and hundreds of others were there last year. Looks to me like a solution to a problem that doesnt actually exist.
  8. That is one sad map to look at. Things have definitely changed for the worse this year.
  9. I got very offside with my teacher when I was 12 because I asked him to explain how eskimos were able to live and grow quite healthily on a diet of meat, fish and fat only. You are doing real well it's been a really interesting thread, keep it up mate, and all the best for the future.
  10. She is fucking hot as anyway....but that just adds another level.
  11. Special...because they are only for people returning home. No tourists or business people
  12. Wish I was there to chat to them and you MrEgg and to play a game of pool. Hang in there mate we will be back as soon as we can
  13. I hear all 4 of them saying Pat-tea-ya. But I am tone deaf, maybe that makes a difference
  14. I wish I could be there to pop in. A nice bar with nice girls and a relaxed attitude and a friendly manager. A great place to start the evening if you are headed to Walking St. Especially enjoyed the crawl I went in August 2019...
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