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  1. So can someone please answer a simple question, with a simple answer. Is the snow and ice tied up now in glaciers and on mountains and the polar ice caps more or less or the same as 20 years ago?
  2. The red one that points to a thinner version of your penis when you saw this young lady
  3. Thank goodness for the arrow, I was a bit lost for a while...
  4. Atlas, Fascinating video. As I said earlier this is going to cost Boeing billions. This has also seriously damaged FAA who have been almost god-like in their ability to impose standards on aircraft manufacturers and suppliers. I worked for a company that supplied aircraft carpet, if you weren't FAA and Boeing certified you couldn't sell to any reasonably large airline. The bureaucracy was unbelievable.
  5. It looks a very nice place to stay, and at a good price. Is it guest friendly?
  6. Those made me laugh, great way to start the day. Thanks Bugus.
  7. Who the hell came up with the practice known as Alabama hot pocket?
  8. If this was an internal conspiracy perpetrated from within the USA, it would require thousands of people to keep their mouths completely shut for the last 18 years. The last two years have proved that Anerican politicians and everyone else can't keep their mouths shut about anything. It's been proved on this forum by all the posts for and against President Trump, and about possible Russian collusion. If the plane that hit the Pentagon was shot down long before it hit there would be wreckage over a large area as happened with the MAS flight shot down over the Ukraine. The area the Pentagon plane was supposedly shot down over is not thick jungle or vast ocean. It's a fairly densely populated area. Lots of people would have seen it. Or are you claiming all the people within 50 miles of the Pentagon are part of the conspiracy also?
  9. Our local news reported initial findings on the Ethiopian flight is that the pilots knew what to do, turned off the faulty system, the plane righted, they then turned the system on again, the plane dived and crashed. The pilots made an error and paid with their lives. But the system is obviously crap, should never have been put into service. Planes should have been grounded months ago. Boeing will pay millions in compensation, and lose billions in future sales.
  10. I saw President Trump ordering them grounded yesterday. Boeing then said they were about to ground them anyway.
  11. I'm not a pilot, and only have a very basic understanding of the intricacies of jet flight. But post #6 by the fiend makes scary reading. If I understand it correctly, Boeing built a plane with a very complex automatic system for overcoming serious problems in some situations. But they didnt explain it to the airlines because the pilots wouldn't have understood it, and besides the pilots wouldn't even notice when it happened. There are some very serious and very expensive implications here for Boeing I think.
  12. That's a real pity. Emirates A380 was probably the quietest most comfortable plane I've ever flown on. I choose to fly economy as I can survive a 12 hour flight if I have more to spend on accommadation food drinks and girls. But the A380 was definitely the way to go. Came back on a Quantas 747 and it just wasn't as good.
  13. That grossed me out, and that takes quite a bit of doing. I wonder how he us getting home again because hopefully he is banned from all the airlines until he pays for a caregiver. But who would want that job.
  14. Thanks for posting these great photos. I really like the river, and the temple complexes, so many interesting sights that are so different to home.
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