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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. For those on a restricted budget and who dont need gogos and expensive bars and barfines there is a solution. Use thaifriendly to find a girl who lives miles from Pattaya. I am currently in Buriram meeting a lady I chatted to from home. She knows I am only on holiday, not looking for serious. She told me she wouldn't sleep with me, she is good lady but I decided to go for the adventure. Met her last night, she is even better looking in real life than on video. She brought her sister and her friend for protection. We went out to a restaurant, I knew I was paying so never even discussed it. Ordered 6 dishes plus drinks, all non-alcoholic as they dont drink. The bill was 460bt. We then went to the entertainment complex to listen to the bands. Drinks for 4 came to 165bt. Tonight we are going to the football with her son. Then he is staying the night with his aunt because she will stay in my hotel with me. There will be no money exchanged other than me paying for food and football. She has her own business and would consider an offer of money directly to be an insult.
  2. Now that is funny.
  3. Why is this in the funnies section rather than the politics and religion section. Maybe because the whole post is a fucking joke.......right?
  4. My apologies for my spelling. She was definitely not slimy in any way. A nice lady doing her best to earn an honest living. We discussed all sorts of things and she was neither sucking up nor trying to get more money out of me.
  5. Yes. 147cm 4ft 9. 45kg 99lbs. So not skinny but definitely not fat. Do you have a problem with slimish as a descriptor?
  6. I am happy with Base. Huge place, 1,030 apartments. They are small but all I need. Good location close to the action in Buakhow and Soi Diana etc. Guest friendly. Lots of Chinese and some Indians but I ignore them and they ignore me. Not had any noise problems. Some of the Chinese girls are really cute. There is an infinity pool on the roof, 31st floor. I will check it out today. Only thing that's weird is there is no reception. When you arrive you wait by the security gate and a lady comes get you. Any issues would be handled by ringing her, but so far I have no issues.
  7. I chatted to a lady on Thaifriendly who said she would pick me up from airport for 1200. We exchanged Line details. Yesterday she was waiting in car park till I came out then picked me up outside entrance 5. No messing around with changing cars. Nice to talk to, small and slimish, face was ok not beautiful, 45 years old which is in the age range I like. I didnt try to bed her as I wanted to wander around pattaya alone on my first night. But I may get her to take me to a resort in Rayong and have her stay with me.
  8. That's for sure ....
  9. Where are the corndogs and pizza? Jamie Oliver did a tv series about trying to teach American schools to serve lunch. The episode I saw the options for lunch were corndogs, pizza or deepfried chicken. He asked the kids what they had for breakfast that morning, 80% said corndogs, pizza or deepfried chicken. Sorry for threadfucking by being serious.........I'm glad Hyku isnt around to offer to spank me......
  10. Kiwi is holding steady. Good for myself and Teelak for our trips next month. Phew!!!
  11. The first couple of times I used the smartgate system there were hiccups and frustrations that meant I had to go through a manned gate. Now it works quickly and efficiently every time. I think there will be teething problems with any new system but they will get sorted. We waited for over 3 hours to get through in 2017. I'm hoping for a much quicker passage in 3 weeks time.
  12. Really great clip. I like Ed Sheeran, seems a really down to earth guy for a musical genius. He is really good in the movie Yesterday. 3 generations of my family love his music, the 7 year old and I do Irish dancing to Galway Girl.....she is a much better dancer...
  13. When I first went to Thailand it was 25 as you say. 2 years ago it had dropped to 23. Now 20. I hope it stays there or rises for the next 2 months.
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