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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. The one about the postman is brilliant. I wonder if that's what happened to bigD.
  2. I was in Chiang Mai with my wife, my best friend and his farang girlfriend. The two ladies had to go back home for work, but we were staying another week. As soon as the ladies left my mate booked us flights to Bangkok with intention of getting a taxi to Pattaya. I was disappointed as I was having a good time in Chiang Mai. The guide book had said to avoid Pattaya. We didnt have anywhere to stay, taxi dropped us off at a hotel that catered to Arabs and Indians. We hit Walking St and met a couple of ladies who convinced us to move to the Lek. I threw away the guide book.
  3. I have a wallet full of cash. No need or desire to carry anything more.
  4. I think he's already had the whole treatment. Just letting us know how it went.
  5. Indian tailors do annoy me. But they dont seem as aggressive as they were 10 years ago. One small way Thailand is improving...555
  6. I resent the implication that I only have one screw loose.
  7. Butch that was one really sad story about your disappointing night. Definitely one for the weird files if a man of any age cant find at least one girl to relieve him of a substantial sum of money.
  8. Club555 had some lovely girls when I called in last week. The Den didn't. The others I cannot comment on as I didnt go to them.
  9. Fair enough we are all different. I had no problem with the Chinese except for the dozens of young ones having fun in the infinity pool on the 31st floor. I dont like swimming with lots of people, they were there first, so I swam in the 3rd floor pool instead. The location suited me, the condo was big enough for me and the occasional guest. But I certainly wouldn't want to live there for a long time. There is heaps of accommodation in the area.
  10. I had a good time in this area on my recent trip. I played pool at the Matador while my lady sang Isaan songs with the band. Met a wonderful woman late one night, she was having a catch up with friends after work. I wont call her a freelancer as she was not out looking for a customer. Jim introduced me to a great woman who runs one of the bars on the north side. Had a great night playing pool, chatting and considering possibilities that were never going to happen due to the circumstances.
  11. I will never listen to Bonny Tyler again.....
  12. How is it dishonest? She asked if you accept SUV or not...just reply we only need car not Suv ....she probably would come back with a price for a car. She gave you her recommendation based on years of experience. You not accepting it doesnt make her dishonest. By the way I have never used nam's. I use a lady I met on thaifriendly which has worked out fine.
  13. Yes it was. Just expanding on my earlier post which I think explains what happened. If you are really interested i suggest you go there. I can only say what happened to me. Each night is probably different and the girls also react differently to different customers. Go there with the attitude that you will have fun and you probably will. Remember this is upstairs...downstairs is different.
  14. The $NZ still dropping. Luckily I have enough money to last till I fly out on Sunday....I think
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