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  1. Bottom left....Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. It took me a while to spot him.
  2. On Tiktok there are dozens of posts saying the photo is doctored because Kate is actually dead (murdered by "the firm") as no one knew she was due for surgery and hasn't been seen since. Also William's side piece has given birth to his son.
  3. I believe the traditional method in this circumstance is to brand the forehead with an A. For some reason only for the woman involved.
  4. It may be about Australian parrots but it's actually a New Zealand TV show. See we are interested in animals other than sheep.
  5. You need to invest in a larger wallet...
  6. It took me a while, but I got it in the end...
  7. Are talking bust size or cock size?
  8. Here some boys 14 to 16 years old got girls in their home town (of a few hundred people) to send them fully clothed photos. They then used AI to produce nude photos and pornographic photos. They then blackmailed the girl's families into giving them money or they would release the photos on Facebook and other sites. They may have blackmailed some of the girls into sexual acts. I think the girls were between 12 and 16 years old.
  9. Sorry the urination sign is my fault, I was drunk and it was dark, but I thought I did it quietly.....555
  10. Are you really older than 12? That's the age most kids grow out of fart jokes
  11. I've not got checked baggage traveling light this time. I normally check in a pack which holds heaps of things I never actually wear or use in Thailand. The actual time in the air is about 18 hours, have two stops on each leg adding another 4 hours in total. If it saves me several hundred dollars I can handle it. I've never bothered with seat allocation I can sit anywhere as long as I don't get stuck between 2 extra large people. It hasn't happened so far.
  12. I have been looking at flights all year for late June. Last year in May I got flights for $1,500 return. This year I looked and looked and couldn't get it for less than $2,500. Then I decided to try Booking.com who I use for accommodation. I got return flights with reasonable (not good) travel times for $1,900. So $400 more than last year, but $600 less than travel agents or airlines themselves.
  13. I loved the story about the guy who didn't want to pay for sex. Thanks for brightening up my day.
  14. Dozens of cars with Samoan flags flying proudly here, and quite a few houses have them too.
  15. I watched the final of the Women's Rugby World cup between the Black Ferns (NZ) and the White Roses (England). Probably the best game of rugby I've ever seen. Drama from beginning to end. A lot less messing around than in the men's games and two teams who were just overjoyed to be there playing. I won't tell you the final score as you may be able to find the game on YouTube or somewhere else.
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