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  1. My dog is certainly happy. She gets 2 long walks a day now rather than 4 short ones a week.
  2. That's a good thing if we look at it cynically, a few extra women for each of us. They already outnumber us slightly.
  3. Do they? I've just seen a clip where the Governors of Washington and Michigan and several other states and the mayor of New York were complaining they cant get the help they need from the federal government. 91% of health workers cant get the masks they need. In the same clip President Trump clearly said " I tell Mike Pence not to call the governors of Washington and Michigan". He cant even remember their names. Some leadership in a time of crisis.
  4. Brilliant mate, one of several that have made me laugh in the last couple of days. Keep up the good work
  5. They dont need to help spread it more. The USA now has the most cases in the world.
  6. They accepted it because they had no choice. But these days we have a choice and people and governments are having to make difficult choices everyday. Some are choosing to prioritise old peoples lives over keeping their economies going. Some are choosing to keep economies going over old peoples lives. Some are trying to do a bit of both. Each country (and city and region and state) is having to wrestle with that problem. Despite the tinhat brigade on here there is no overwhelming deepstate that's running things.
  7. The costs are extraordinary but that's what we are trying. What would be the costs of thousands dying and tens of thousands being very very sick like Italy? What is the cost of the 12 doctors there that have died so far? We have a fairly low national debt, so the government has decided it worth increasing that to cover some of the costs. Maybe it wont work, but it's worth a go.
  8. And God said "sorry I'm in self isolation, have been since that Martin Luther pissed me off"
  9. We were there to attend our Chinese students wedding to a Japanese guy she met here. Father was a very wealthy guy from Hong Kong. Flew 16 people from Hong Kong, 16 from Japan and us from New Zealand. Put us up in the Moana Surfrider which is definitely not the cheapest hotel in the world. Bloody lavish wedding in a chapel on the beach. Seafood dinners in the Hilton. I said to her "this must have cost a fortune". Her reply "way cheaper than Hong Kong, there we would have 2,000 guests". Father swam to Hong Kong from the mainland when he was 15. Started as a worker in a sweatshop and built his own massive fortune. Hated the communists with a vengeance.
  10. In most countries the strategy is to flatten the curve so health systems aren't overloaded. But here we are trying to eliminate it. All but 2 of the cases are linked to people arriving from overseas, so little or no community transfer. If people isolate the virus cant spread and therefore dies. So as long as no new cases come from overseas we would be free from it. Hawaii is even further from its neighbours than we are, so could try the same strategy. But it requires an almost complete shutdown and everyone following the rules. Kiwis are more likely to do that than Americans.
  11. If a total quarantine for 4 weeks actually stops the virus completely the economy will recover gradually. If lesser measures are used the economy could take a lot longer to recover, and people continue to get really sick and possibly die. Lots of industries especially tourism are fucked either way. How many tourists do you expect would holiday in Hawaii over the next two months if they left it open? We were only on Hawaii itself for a week, so one luau was enough, we went where our travel agent suggested. It's a pity we weren't in contact with you so we could have gone to one of the better ones. It was ok but the maori haka was way too gentle, native Hawaiians seem less aggressive than NZ maori
  12. Unless you are one of the people who dies from it. Remember men die at twice the rate of women, smokers die at twice the rate of nonsmokers, old people die at a much higher rate than young, people with serious medical conditions die at a much higher rate than healthy ones. If you are an old, male, who smokes, is overweight and already has health problems and you catch this once the hospitals have more patients than ventilators then you are fucked. But it would be a comfort to know tourists would still be going to the luau at the King Kamehameha hotel.
  13. New Zealand is closed to all except citizens and permanent residents returning home. The only exceptions are family of the above and some workers in the health sectors. Is she one of those people? If not she needs to check carefully before she travels here, they are refusing to let people in.
  14. Apparently it costs a lot to store planes for a year or more....if you had a really big backyard they would probably give you a couple for free as it would save them money. You could then refit them inside and rent them out on Airbnb
  15. I cant see any airline buying new planes this year. If 80% or more of their planes are parked up why would they buy new planes? Even when flights start again it will be months if not years before demand is anywhere near 2019 levels. The thousands of people losing their jobs sure wont be holidaying overseas this year. Both Boeing and Airbus are in big trouble.
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