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  1. I love the last photo....
  2. I picked up my money from the bank. Got 21 000 for my 1,000. So 60 more than quoted, and 2,100 more than I would from travelex. If I was prepared to carry large amounts of cash or prepared to risk leaving it in the safe or hidden in the room I would get more.
  3. Atlas designed the grille mesh on the new Range Rover Vogue.....he sure is multitalented
  4. awesum4

    EVA Wifi

    I turn off my phone completely on the plane. Read a book. Watch the inflight entertainment. Maybe play a few games on there. Talk to the people next to me if they are friendly. Try to sleep. I dont need wifi on the plane or at the airport.
  5. So TT Exchange allows me to withdraw bhat using my debit cards, not just change cash for bhat? I dont fancy carrying heaps of cash around
  6. Before my last trip I'd been talking to a lady from Bangkok. She was a hairdresser not a bargirl. The first 2 nights she took my wife and I out to restaurants. We were the only farang there, the staff didnt speak English. She had haircuts to do during the day. Then she took us to Ayuttha one day, and Nakhon Nayok the next. Saw sights that definitely werent on the tourist trail. When we came back from Udon Thani she met us at the bus station and took us to Jomtein. I rented her (and her female friend) a room at the same place. She took us to Nong Nooch gardens, Sanctuary of Truth and other places. I gave her 1000 a day plus I paid for everything. Was still cheaper than hiring a car and driver. Plus she was interesting and fun to be with. I like meeting Thais other than bargirls. She took my wife shopping at various markets which let me just go for a walk on my own. She enjoyed an all expenses paid holiday and a bit of cash as well.
  7. I decided to buy some baht yesterday as I like to have enough cash on me for the first few days. I'm planning on 4,000 a day roughly. So I figured $1,000NZ gets me 20,000bt. Looked up the rate for travelex, 19,770. Near enough. Off to the mall. Get there and he tells me....18,890. Forget it. Go home order it online from my bank 2,040. But takes 5 days and may vary slightly. So travelex would cost me a days accommodation every 5 days. Fuck them. Thanks for posting these each week Jacko, it's useful info to have.
  8. Or you could maybe find a woman with her own car. She is less likely to crash if it's not a rental. Her insurance covers it if she does as long as you aren't paying her to drive you around. If afterwards you give her a gift that more than covers her costs and her time everyone should be happy.
  9. The South Island especially has way more extreme rainfall differences than the UK. We have very tall mountain range (the Rockies little brother) running the entire length of the island at 90 degrees to the predominant winds. Those winds cross Australia and get hot and dry, they then cross the Tasman sea and pick up heaps of moisture. When they hit the Alps they try to rise but cant and so dump the moisture. I think northern India and surrounding countries have the same effect with the monsoon winds trying to cross the Himalayas. The only other place I've seen this (but even more markedly) is the Big Island (Hawaii) which is all volcanic lava. One side is really wet and the lava has broken down to produce really fertile soils ( remember the tv news about the lava flows last year pushing through lush countryside). The other side gets no rain the lava takes centuries to break down, it's a black desert.
  10. I've only ever been to Thailand in July or August. That's because by then I've had enough of winter. Here we are in a rain shadow area, it can drizzle for several days in spring and autumn. But we rarely get huge downpours. Some areas on the other side of the mountains get rain 300 days a year, and a total of 3 meters (10 feet) a year. My impression of Thai rain is that it buckets down for an hour or so then stops. It doesnt bother me as I'm on holiday and I just find a bar or restaurant to wait in. But the streets flood easily. I've never had it rain for more than a couple of hours. But maybe I've been lucky.
  11. Brilliant.....made me laugh out loud.....
  12. Why would you want to do that? Go through one airport, have your fingerprints read. Change your fingerprints and then go through another airport...….sorry you are not the same person, cannot come into the country, catch the next plane back to where you came from.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. Keyman, I just looked up View Talay 6, on booking.com they are charging $900NZ for 3 nights, Base is $150NZ. $600 is 12,000 baht I can spend on food, drink and loose women. Bob, They have lots and pans and large fridge and a stove from the photos. I'm not worried about hordes of Chinese as long as they are reasonably quiet in the corridors outside my room. Actually i wouldn't mind shagging one of the females if i could separate her from the crowd. I have booked for 3 nights only as i am planning on travelling to other places. I have until July 24th to cancel if i find another better place, so i am open to suggestions.
  14. Has anyone stayed at Base Apartments on Second Rd, soi 12. On Booking.com it's called Sea Sea apartments but the sign on the building says Base. I quite like the location, I can walk to soi LK or to beach road quite easily from there. Apartment is 376 sq ft, 35m2, so better than most hotel rooms. It even has a washing machine in case I or a guest feel like doing my laundry. I quite like cooking and this gives me the option of cooking myself a feed of bacon and eggs in the morning if I so desire.
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