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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. awesum4

    Boeing 777x - The future?

    That's a real pity. Emirates A380 was probably the quietest most comfortable plane I've ever flown on. I choose to fly economy as I can survive a 12 hour flight if I have more to spend on accommadation food drinks and girls. But the A380 was definitely the way to go. Came back on a Quantas 747 and it just wasn't as good.
  2. That grossed me out, and that takes quite a bit of doing. I wonder how he us getting home again because hopefully he is banned from all the airlines until he pays for a caregiver. But who would want that job.
  3. Thanks for posting these great photos. I really like the river, and the temple complexes, so many interesting sights that are so different to home.
  4. awesum4

    The Sanctuary of Truth, Naklua.

    Thanks for these photos. The Sanctuary is an amazing place, but the photos I take never come out as well as these.
  5. I use thaifriendly to chat to thai women while thinking about my next trip. I use free membership until its time to travel. It means I can only send one message every 10 minutes but that's plenty. Most girls will give you their line details within a couple of messages if they are interested in you. There are lots of women in Pattaya who say they are looking for serious only, I'm surprised you can't find any. If you put that you are looking for longterm and in a realistic age range you should be swamped with contacts.
  6. awesum4

    Good Movies / TV Shows

    Went to Mortal Engines last night. A very good movie. The story is predictable but the acting is fine and there is plenty of action and it moves along at a fair pace. The CGI is amazing; the City of London trying to capture a small German city was impressive.
  7. Thanks for all your hard work Frosty.
  8. awesum4

    Local islands

    If you have the time and inclination I would suggest going to Koh Chang and then hiring a speedboat to one of the small islands off its coast. There are deserted beaches on Koh Chang itself on week days if you hire a motorbike and cruise around the island. But it's a several day trip away, not a one day trip.
  9. awesum4

    Fruit bowl at the Party

    Advert for our testing authority who decide if your vehicle is safe to drive on the road. Gary appears right at the end......would have been earlier but he's a little tied up.
  10. awesum4

    Increasing Indian presence

    Sam, The OP obviously doesn't like to stick only to his own kind, and seems to treat the women he meets quite well. So he doesn't meet your stereotype of what an Indian is. The first sentence of your reply was perceptive, the rest nasty and unnecessary. If you had said that was the perception of Indians it would have been accurate. But the OP by posting here has proved that not all Indians are the same.
  11. awesum4

    Good Movies / TV Shows

    Atlas, I don't mind in the least. A good clip, Awesum4
  12. awesum4

    Monkeywatch - November 2018

    Already is in New Zealand. Next step is banning smoking in your car if children are present. As restrictions increase on tobacco they ease on marijuana. I have never smoked tobacco, it helped kill both my parents, did smoke some dope in my younger days. But the dope now is 10 times as strong apparently. All drugs cause problems with booze being the biggest by far. But at what point do we let people be adults and make there own choices? There is a strong move here to treat all drugs as a health problem, not a criminal one. Probably a good thing, criminalising it hasn't worked.
  13. awesum4

    Good Movies / TV Shows

    We went to "Bad times at El Royale" last night. Quite enjoyed it. Doesn't really fit into a particular category could be a thriller, or film noir, or action, but best described as drama. I thought the actors all did a great job, especially Jeff Bridges and Cynthia Erivo, who I'd never heard of. I never look at reviews before I go to a movie, prefer to experience them with an open mind. When I read the reviews they either loved it or hated it. So if anyone else watches it, I'd love to hear their view.
  14. My check in bag is a green canvas hikers pack I bought 46 years ago. It is the only one like it on any luggage carousel. So it cannot get taken by mistake, that's why I've never replaced it. But it did get sent to the wrong airport once, to New Plymouth instead of Napier. We were off to a wargame tournament and my wife was upset about it, it only had clothes and toiletries in it. I still had my army so was fine. Women get upset about the strangest things.
  15. I think it's a good idea. If the staff can speak and read Chinese all of us will get through quicker. The amount of time wasted by Chinese who have no idea of what's required and how to fill in forms is enormous at the moment. The same thing happened when we went to Hawaii a few years ago. It's not just in Thailand