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  1. Sorry the urination sign is my fault, I was drunk and it was dark, but I thought I did it quietly.....555
  2. Are you really older than 12? That's the age most kids grow out of fart jokes
  3. I've not got checked baggage traveling light this time. I normally check in a pack which holds heaps of things I never actually wear or use in Thailand. The actual time in the air is about 18 hours, have two stops on each leg adding another 4 hours in total. If it saves me several hundred dollars I can handle it. I've never bothered with seat allocation I can sit anywhere as long as I don't get stuck between 2 extra large people. It hasn't happened so far.
  4. I have been looking at flights all year for late June. Last year in May I got flights for $1,500 return. This year I looked and looked and couldn't get it for less than $2,500. Then I decided to try Booking.com who I use for accommodation. I got return flights with reasonable (not good) travel times for $1,900. So $400 more than last year, but $600 less than travel agents or airlines themselves.
  5. I loved the story about the guy who didn't want to pay for sex. Thanks for brightening up my day.
  6. Dozens of cars with Samoan flags flying proudly here, and quite a few houses have them too.
  7. I watched the final of the Women's Rugby World cup between the Black Ferns (NZ) and the White Roses (England). Probably the best game of rugby I've ever seen. Drama from beginning to end. A lot less messing around than in the men's games and two teams who were just overjoyed to be there playing. I won't tell you the final score as you may be able to find the game on YouTube or somewhere else.
  8. Thanks for posting this, looks a very interesting place. Have you been to the Chinese temple in Sattahip? It's another place full of interesting stuff, I particularly liked the statues of the various Taoist deities.
  9. 3 years ago my daughter returned from Melbourne at Christmas paying $360. The cheapest flight she can find this year is $1200. She's deferring her trip for a couple of months at least.
  10. Be bloody sad if you couldn't find good Thai food in city in Thailand.
  11. I love the guy with "SECRET SERVICE" on his front....not much of a secret is it.
  12. Thanks for the photos RT. Its not surprising you don't remember the others after Kink, it's best to have that as your final destination of the night. Treetown comes alive after dark. The Buakhau and LK Metro are the area to visit. Walking St is a waste of time in my opinion.
  13. The front 80% is a standard gogo with girls dancing in bikinis...some remove their tops. The last bit has 4 to 6 girls naked and playing with each other. Every now and then one of those would join a guy watching and have a play. Neither the gogo girls nor the naked ones would make eye contact with us... I tried to go upstairs (had amazing ...expensive) time there in 2019 but was told it was closed even though there was nothing closing it off.
  14. One of the things I love about Thailand is its total inconsistency. A place is wonderful one night and humdrum the next. But it doesn't matter as there are plenty more places and it will all be different tomorrow. I'm travelling with a mate and we can't work out how some places work. Went to Kink were sitting by the naked girls on stage section. Guys behind us and on both sides were getting personal attention from girls. New guy would arrive and a girl would be on him in seconds. We sat there alone and got no attention whatsoever. Went to Sugar Sugar and were swamped with very lovely
  15. We went to Heaven Above and it was packed with punters and naked girls. Too crowded for us. The club next door was deserted. Club Fate had some lovely friendly girls.
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