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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. The front 80% is a standard gogo with girls dancing in bikinis...some remove their tops. The last bit has 4 to 6 girls naked and playing with each other. Every now and then one of those would join a guy watching and have a play. Neither the gogo girls nor the naked ones would make eye contact with us... I tried to go upstairs (had amazing ...expensive) time there in 2019 but was told it was closed even though there was nothing closing it off.
  2. One of the things I love about Thailand is its total inconsistency. A place is wonderful one night and humdrum the next. But it doesn't matter as there are plenty more places and it will all be different tomorrow. I'm travelling with a mate and we can't work out how some places work. Went to Kink were sitting by the naked girls on stage section. Guys behind us and on both sides were getting personal attention from girls. New guy would arrive and a girl would be on him in seconds. We sat there alone and got no attention whatsoever. Went to Sugar Sugar and were swamped with very lovely
  3. We went to Heaven Above and it was packed with punters and naked girls. Too crowded for us. The club next door was deserted. Club Fate had some lovely friendly girls.
  4. I'm finding out later this week. I get the Line of ones that have potential to be more than short time. A quick video chat soon sorts out really doctored photos. Roll on 1am Thursday when I hope to be going for a walk around the Buakhau area.
  5. I watched a video filmed on Walking St a couple of days ago. There were cars and motorbikes parked along the street and cars driving down it regularly. Admittedly there were few people walking along so called Walking St. Video of Buakhau and Treetown taken about the same time showed lots more people. I'm expecting we'll spend most of our time there after we arrive next week.
  6. Bugger....I arrive a week too late. It's great that you are re-opening. I look forward to going there for a meal and to enjoy the view.
  7. Sorry I can't give advice on the driving as I have never hired a car to drive myself. If things go wrong you are in a power of shit so I'd rather hire a local to drive me. But I can highly recommend going to the archeological dig at Ban Chiang if you are into history and wanting to know more about Thailand. You will gain much face with any Thai lady you take there.
  8. That is brilliant.
  9. That's what I do here at home. I have no interest in going to Chatachuck or any large market anywhere in the world.
  10. I hate shopping, especially in crowded places. I go to buy a specific item, know the shop that sells it and the price I'm willing to pay. In, select, pay, and get the hell out of there. The first couple of times Thai markets were fun and interesting. Now I avoid them unless someone I'm with wants to go, or to buy food. I'd rather go for a walk on the beach or around the local area. The bigger the market the worse it is.
  11. Yes NZ dollars. Crossing the Tasman adds quite a bit to fares.
  12. My friend and I have just booked return flights from Christchurch NZ to Singapore then Bangkok for $1,500 each. That's over $100 cheaper than when I last flew in 2019. Only 1 stop with 3 hours one way and 1.5 hours on the return. It's brilliant. The flights can be changed at any time until a week before departure for no additional charge other than difference in the flights.
  13. Bloody foreigners coming in here taking our girlfriends....
  14. Nope. Belt, braces and carry some string in case all else fails....5555
  15. So you won't go to a warm place to drink beer, eat amazing food, and have fun with beautiful young women because you are frightened of a q-tip up your nose for 30 seconds? I've had 2 Pfizer shots, as have virtually all my family and friends. We all have the same complaint....our cell phone coverage hasn't improved.
  16. I've had several of those internal prostate exams. Even when it was a very cute Chinese lady doctor I had no desire to masturbate. Am I abnormal?
  17. Its great to have you back Phil, glad you have recovered from your problems. I hope to be back there early next year to have one of your delicious steak pies. So hang in there mate, look after yourself and your staff.
  18. Thanks for starting this thread, will be great to see it develop. Are the tracks really only 1.435m wide? Seems very narrow to me for a train hurtling along at 250kph.
  19. Can I suggest Thailand as a good destination for them?.....555
  20. I think I recognize those hotties from when I visited you last year.....its great they've installed a pole in the rec room.....555
  21. And an inability to spell........a women....duh!!! But she is fucking hot....
  22. How the fuck did he get a splinter there? Maybe he was a treehugger
  23. I did enjoy reading this, as I always do. You take great pictures of some lovely ladies. Thanks for sharing them and telling us of your adventures. It gives me hope that one day I will return to have a few of my own.
  24. You post lots of really funny jokes and they make me laugh. But possibly you should post these in the political jokes section rather than here.
  25. I read Charles stopped answering his calls because Harry kept hounding him for money. He used to give him over £4million a year. H&M want to live independently, not rely on the Royal Family for support...then moan because they get no cash. Spoilt brats....but I would fuck her if she asked nicely.
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