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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Nope. Belt, braces and carry some string in case all else fails....5555
  2. So you won't go to a warm place to drink beer, eat amazing food, and have fun with beautiful young women because you are frightened of a q-tip up your nose for 30 seconds? I've had 2 Pfizer shots, as have virtually all my family and friends. We all have the same complaint....our cell phone coverage hasn't improved.
  3. I've had several of those internal prostate exams. Even when it was a very cute Chinese lady doctor I had no desire to masturbate. Am I abnormal?
  4. Its great to have you back Phil, glad you have recovered from your problems. I hope to be back there early next year to have one of your delicious steak pies. So hang in there mate, look after yourself and your staff.
  5. Thanks for starting this thread, will be great to see it develop. Are the tracks really only 1.435m wide? Seems very narrow to me for a train hurtling along at 250kph.
  6. Can I suggest Thailand as a good destination for them?.....555
  7. I think I recognize those hotties from when I visited you last year.....its great they've installed a pole in the rec room.....555
  8. And an inability to spell........a women....duh!!! But she is fucking hot....
  9. How the fuck did he get a splinter there? Maybe he was a treehugger
  10. I did enjoy reading this, as I always do. You take great pictures of some lovely ladies. Thanks for sharing them and telling us of your adventures. It gives me hope that one day I will return to have a few of my own.
  11. You post lots of really funny jokes and they make me laugh. But possibly you should post these in the political jokes section rather than here.
  12. I read Charles stopped answering his calls because Harry kept hounding him for money. He used to give him over £4million a year. H&M want to live independently, not rely on the Royal Family for support...then moan because they get no cash. Spoilt brats....but I would fuck her if she asked nicely.
  13. I enjoyed walking there a few times. Spent a couple of hours watching the old men playing the Thai version of Chinese chess. Their english was almost as bad as my thai but it was relaxing just watching. Now I've reached old age myself.
  14. Nah. I just remembered the general conversations. When you got all shirty instead of admitting you had said these things I used the search engine to find them. Why dont you just man up and admit you had the same conversation about mods being paid last year so we can all move on. Appreciating the unpaid work the mods do to keep this forum running rather than abuse them for being human isnt sucking up, it's simple politeness.
  15. Your posts on "the Reputation System and how it works" thread in the off topic section. Page 5. Post #105 I dunno what sort of wages they're on but I'm available if they need someone. Post #110 if they want me on the firm I'll want paying. I've never worked for nothing and I dont intend to start now. I wouldnt mind doing a few hours a week for £50 quid a week.
  16. Now you are being pedantic. You asked about the role and the remuneration. On being told its was an unpaid role you said you were no longer interested. Same end result buddy.
  17. Yes you did. But Yogi turned it down when he discovered he wouldnt get paid for doing it.
  18. With all the perfectly good planes in storage in various deserts why would any airline be buying new planes? I think both Boeing and Airbus have some very lean years ahead of them.
  19. I read the original post to mean its 100% guaranteed that all travel restrictions from the UK are to be lifted. But his post number 9 says it's not guaranteed. So Firth is correct and Shitcreek isn't
  20. I have a friend here who is a sharemilker and sometimes i take the younger grandkids out to see his farm. Before my trip in 2019 I had been chatting to a lady in Buriram and she invited me to go visit her friend's "buffalo" farm. I was slightly underwhelmed to find he kept his herd in a pen and brought them freshly cut grass everyday. His herd consisted of 1 buffalo, 2 cows and 1 calf. I tried to explain about farms here having over 1,000 cows but he just didnt believe anyone could be so rich. Seemed a pretty stressfree (boring) life, cut grass in the early morning. Slee
  21. With all the bars that have closed there must be lots of unused jenga and connect4 games, unless the girls took them back to the village or their room.
  22. I like this one for some reason. My wife was not amused when I woke her at 3am to tell it to her. Rather ironic I thought.
  23. The drunk guy at the end of the bar keeps burying his bone in my garden
  24. Can you give us a source for that statement please......555
  25. That true, I walked to the end of the beach then went inland slightly and continued. After a couple of kms turned right and headed back towards the sea. There was a small fishing village which had a great seafood restaurant. I dont like seafood but the lady I took there that night loved it. Was way cheaper than the big restaurant at the south end of Jomtein.
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