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  1. ”Bake n Brew” should have that. Amazing little breakfast resturant, Highly recommended!
  2. Amazing photos! Thank You for sharing. I like the photo Of ”good everything” Beer bar. Thats the bar Where I first fall in love with a thai woman. It was back in 2009 and I was just 21 years old at the time. Her nickname was ”Apple” a beauty from Nakon Ratchasima. Even paid get a visit on the country side! But a lot of water have run under the bridge since Then. another fun thing is the hotel behind ”good everything” (Page 10) Thats Where I Will stay in month of June during my comeback in Pattaya. Not Been on Pattaya for 4 years so i Am very excited. Perhaps i find a New appl
  3. The thai Playboy Bunny look so much like my x girlfriend Namfa. Could it be the same ?
  4. Yeah Thats What I worry about when it comes to dating sites like Thaifriendly and Thai Cupid. You can never be sure its the ”real deal” Then the moment of ”personal chemestry” is lost. I meen even though a girl looks Really Nice it might not be your style at all when You meet. From my point of view I Really Hope that the gogo in LK Metro and Walking street soon Can open up again ???
  5. Thanks for your answer. Damed 1000 Bath was a bit expensive I have to say! is that for gogo clubs or bars? Perhaps its time to move over to internet flirting instead. But half of the pleasure is to leave a club hand in hand with a New friend ? What about I-Bar and simular discotheque? Are there any action there now?
  6. Well understood! as long as the bath bus is still cheap I will survive. ? And hopefully the Hotel prices stay low under my visit ok month of june ? Thanks for info
  7. Very good price still. Thats good news! Cant wait until Im back on Soi Buakhao ?
  8. How is the price situation now in Pattaya? Has it stay the same as pre-covid? Note: I normaly stay in second road (Soi Honey) In price class Between 600 B - 1100 B hotels and mostly go LK Metro, Soi Buakhao, Walking Street. Example: Hotel: 2-3 star Barfine: Bar, gogo Girl tip: Bar, gogo Food: Thai food, Farang food Alcohol: singha, sang som Transportation: Bath Bus, motorbike Uno
  9. Yeah Guess your right. Time is changing Indeed. But as long as Thailand depend on tourism its a good chance that We Will see the return of adult Disney land.
  10. Alright! Thanks for the tips! I received a lot of gogo tips in Bangkok from RhinoTusk. You have Any advice Where to go in Pattaya at the moment? Even tho i Understand pattaya gogo not yet open up like pre-covid it might be Some funny place to visit? Uno
  11. Alright! Sounds interesting. i Work as a sailor and have Been onboard my ship for 6 months. And luckely I Will sign off in Asia now in middle of May. I was not sure If it was worth it, to stay in Thailand, But After your post i will continue my Thailand plan for sure ? Any good advice on gogo to visit in Bangkok?
  12. Alright. Sounds reasonable, same rule should apply in all city’s I suppose. Well, I might start with 3 days in Bangkok and then continue east to Pattaya. After that I might post my own Experience ? I think either city is better then Sweden at the moment anyway. ?
  13. I agree completely. I Can highly Recommend the norweigian Singer Kevin Boine. First song You should listen to is ”Drommeland”
  14. Thank you all for your response. Highly appreciated. Hopefully Pattaya Will be back to normal in time for the world cup (november -december). Will stay during month av June. So perhaps Bangkok is a better place to stay If I Am looking for “social interaction” so to speak.
  15. I wonder if You guys have Any info about when the GOGO bars at LK Metro is opening again? And also when I-Bar and insomnia is back to normal? All the best Uno
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