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Found 33 results

  1. With bars reopening, I made the trip to check out the scene. Once again, stayed at the Rembrandt Suites Hotel, great value at 1050 per night for a 4-star hotel. Asked for a higher floor this time. Over to the basement at Robinson's for a bite of oyster omelette, 60 baht. Dessert upstairs at McDonalds, never saw the place so empty at 6 PM A brief stop at Terminal 21 The Asoke Intersection at 7 PM Needed to freshen up after the bus ride. Could have showered at the hotel, but I don't come to town just to bathe myself, so I hopped the MRT over to Ratchadaphisek Road. Back to Sukhumvit, and Soi Cowboy was nearly empty. Baccara had 80 girls with 8 customers, can't see how they can sustain it for long. I stayed 2 hours and seven Hoegaardens but I expect they'll be shutting down the upstairs soon. After Baccara I went next door to Sharks. Really like the unisex restrooms, usually some girls doing their hair you can talk to while taking a whizz. Finished the evening at Crazy House. Breakfast at Chu's, the berry pancakes were a major disappointment. The 'maple' syrup was awful, should call it sugar syrup with barely a hint of maple. When I was a kid my grandpa would visit from Ste. Sault Marie, Michigan and bring a gallon of pure maple syrup. An Imperial gallon no less, so we got an extra quart! That was awesome. Next day I went back to the smoked salmon eggs benedict, served over buttermilk biscuits, better way to start the day. Headed over to the clinic for my monthly Vitamin B-12 injection. Asked if they could mix in some Lysol to fight the covid, as suggested by President Trump, but they won't poison customers. Benchasiri Park A brief break at Em Quarter Next was my Photoshoot with a Thai Playboy Bunny I had a craving for a burger before going home, so I headed over to my old stomping grounds, Soi 11, which was empty. Supposedly, the best burger in town is at El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse, but I can't justify spending 750 baht for a burger. A little further up, at 'the T', Dainiel Taiger has the best affordable burger in town. There's no blue cheese on this burger, only cheddar, so I ordered a Rochefort ten percenter as an accompaniment. Those Trappist Monks know how to whip up a powerful elixir. 646 baht for the pair, and it was a mighty tasty burger!
  2. Lumpini Park recently reopened after being closed for a few months due to covid. I took the opportunity to spend a few hours there. The park covers 360 rai, on land donated by King Rama IV in 1925. A statue of King Rama IV decorates the entrance in the southwest corner, facing the Sala Daeng BTS station. Entrance required a temperature check, although few people were present mid-day. An oasis in the heart of the city An artificial lake covers much of the grounds, people like to feed the fish. The grandstand previously hosted a free concert by the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Sunday evenings from December to February. The concert was moved to Centenary Park on Chulalongkorn University for greater capacity and better acoustics three years ago, although currently suspended. The concert is free to the public and I highly recommend it, it's really outstanding. Although biking and jogging is allowed now, the exercise equipment is still off-limits. There's some artwork on display An abundance of wildlife Lots of crows, and they make quite a racket Mom here is feeding the young 'uns from a dead turtle But I came into the park specifically to shoot these beasts, the water monitors. They remind me a bit of The Creature from the Black Lagoon, if you've seen the movie, and they're everywhere. This one looks like Nessie Only found in SE Asia, they can scale a tree like a squirrel with their sharp claws. Otherwise, they don't move very quickly on land, but they walk with a swagger, and they're great swimmers with the long tail. Except for the Komodo Dragon, they're the biggest lizards on the planet, and carnivores, although primarily scavengers. The first description of the monitor in English literature is credited to Robert Knox in 1681: There is a Creature here called Kobberaguion, resembling an Alligator. The biggest may be five or six feet long, speckled black and white. He lives most upon the Land, but will take the water and dive under it: hath a long blue forked tongue like a sting, which he puts forth and hisseth and gapeth, but doth not bite nor sting, tho the appearance of him would scare those that knew not what he was. He is not afraid of people, but will lie gaping and hissing at them in the way, and will scarce stir out of it. He will come and eat Carrion with the Dogs and Jackals, and will not be scared away by them, but if they come near to bark or snap at him, with his tail, which is long like a whip, he will so slash them, that they will run away and howl. They were aware of my presence but didn't seem particularly concerned. The adults have few predators. I thought this one was going to attack me They usually stay near the water, but not always. This guy went for a stroll. I don't know if he liked the paparazzi following him around.
  3. I lived in lower Sukhumvit for seven years, until early this year. Hadn't been back for four months. It's a bit different, first things you notice now is the uncongestion and the clean air. There's social distancing everywhere, in the malls and restaurants. I always felt cramped living here because things were sized for Thais, but now I can enjoy my space. Even had a free seat next to me on the bus coming in and out of town and didn't have to pay for it. Gateway Mall I booked the Rembrandt Hotel on Soi 18 for half the regular price, there are some excellent domestic travel deals now, it's a 4-star hotel. They closed down the Rembrandt but put me in the Rembrandt Suites Hotel next door, facing Soi 20, it's newer and the price was less than the Nana Hotel. Hardly any guests were present. An exercise room but I had surgery last month and it's too soon to start working out, would be easy to rupture a tendon after all the antibiotics. Didn't stop me from taking a dip in the pool since they repaired my hernias. Perhapes I'll start weight lifting again in another 6 months or so, if I wish to turn my abdominal wall into swiss cheese again. The hotel had a breakfast buffet for 473 baht, but for the same price I walked over to Chu's at the Exchange Tower for a Norwegian Scramble with a cappuccino. The scramble featured smoked salmon on sourdough toast and the coffee included a small chocolate disk with Chu's stamped into it. I hadn't stayed on Soi 20 since 2003, then at the Windsor Suites, recently closed. At that time I would eat at the German restaurant Bei Otto, so I stopped there for breakfast, the farmers breakfast for 295. I had lunch at nearby Terminal 21, steamed crab in black pepper at the Thai Terrace restaurant I also had lunch in the food court, duck with sesame noodles for 40 baht. The biggest change I saw in the 'hood was the extension of the BTS sky walk at Asoke, now all the way to the Sofitel Hotel, with the Art Box on the south side. If they extend it another half-block, to the Hyatt Regency, you'll be able to take the sky walk between the Asoke and Nana BTS stations. Amazing how uncrowded Sukhumvit was in the mid afternoon on a weekday, here at the Asoke intersection. The first order of business was a haircut, it had been four months, so visited my regular barber on Soi 23. Crazy House was 'open', in a sense. Airing it out for an anticipated re-opening on Wednesday, I guess. Soi Cowboy had the usual food vendors in the afternoon. I visited my regular massage girl, she's talented and pretty but too shy for a photo, and headed over to the Art Box for dinner. Most places were closed and attendance was sparse, but I managed a small chicken burrito with a bottle of water at the Margarita Storm kiosk for 200, and Axe throwing was still in progress, but no bands were performing. Light traffic on Sukhumvit for an early evening Over on Soi 11 it was even more empty, quite a contrast to the days with the VW cocktail buses when every night was a block party. This was at 8:30 PM and nearly deserted. They've now opened a 24 hour Taco Bell to compete with Margarita Storm, just a block from where I used to live. I ordered Beef Taco Supremes for 208 baht, not cheap, and I had to pay 60 baht extra for the beef, with was runny. I should have stayed with the chicken, the best things were the sour cream and crunchy shells. If you consider Taco Bell as Mexican food, that's 9 Mexican restaurants within a kilometer, 10 if you include the Margarita Storm kiosk at the Art Box. The others: Mexicano at the Rembrandt, Soi 20 Margarita Storm, Soi 13 Slanted Taco, Soi 23 The Mexican, next to formerly Annies Massage on Soi 2 Tacos & Salsa, Soi 18 Sunrise Taco, Terminal 21 Cali-Mex Bar & Grill, Soi 11 La Monita Taqueria, Mahatun Plaza I lived in California long time, so enjoy Mexican. The Ambassador, looks like only three floors populated in the tower at right. The string of massage shops that used to be in the alley leading to Soi 13 have been replaced by restaurants. Ole German Beerhaus on Soi 13 but without many customers On the third and last day it was time for my photo shoot with Ammy Then, over to Soi 8 for dinner at Monsoon, this was as far west I went, never made it to Soi Nana, and Lolitas BJ off Soi 8 was closed. Had some Penne Seafood Pasta with a blueberry shake for 480. The Monsoon also serves Mexican, BTW, I've tried their taco salad. One of my favorite restaurants in lower Sukhumvit, good fusion food and not expensive. A very relaxing three days and two nights, and now it's time to head home. I'll be back next month when Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza re-open.
  4. A Thai, at least one, who has an expired passport, can get a new one the same day in Bangkok. As best I can determine this was at the Klong Toei office and the applicant probably needs to be there first thing in the morning. This is second hand, but I saw the new passport. To make things more interesting, she lost her queue card and fee receipt after turning in the application. They found her in the computer although my impression is they weren't in a rush to do so.
  5. Just had an email through from Etihad, with another 6 day sale on finishing Thursday next week. Return flights to Bangkok in September can be had for £382!!!!! Plenty of other dates to choose from.
  6. For anyone that hasn't been to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, its well worth the money to spend a few hours wondering around the grounds of this palace and temple. Don't let any touts outside tell you its shut, as it is open 365 days a year, unless civic or royal engagements take place. Photos taken at the tail end of September 2015
  7. Just a few shots of cruising down the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok at the end of September. And yes, it was raining on and off all day long.
  8. Love it or hate in Bangkok, one of the most popular places to visit in this great city is the Khao San Road area. It can be a great people watching area, and when the sun sets and the lights come on, its quite something to see. Unluckily for me, it was raining this day, so i didn't hang around to long here. The first hotel i ever stayed in in Bangkok back in 2002...................................... Still love the old 60's style buildings in this area..................................... If your looking for that certain lucky number for your Thai lottery win, then Ratchadamnoen Road is the place to find. There must be millions of tickets on sale down this road. Just makes you wonder just how big the Thai lottery really is?............................................ The food of champions. Time to stop for a quick (late) lunch....................................... Then my camera decided to take a dump with humidity in the lense........................................... 5 minutes later and all is good again!................................................. What i like in this area is this little soi, Rambuttri Road. Just set slightly away from Khao San road, its more relaxed, more chilled, more quiet and not in your face, and though it still has some backpackers here, its not full of those "gap year, not going to wash my hair in a year and have dreadlocks" arseholes!! Some fantastic little eateries on this street too.................... Hope you have enjoyed the Bangkok photos. Thats all i have from this trip of Bangkok, next up will be the Hanoi photos.
  9. Well, i've been back from Vietnam and Thailand a week now, and this is the first chance i've had to get some photos organised for you. These are photos from my walk on day 1 around Bangkok. Started off on Sukhumvit, all along Ploenchit then to the Erawan shrine, down and into Silom, then back out and through Lumpini Park, up Wireless and back through Nana and to my hotel. I believe it was along where these benches are that the bomb was set off a couple of months ago............................ Armed guards all around the shrine now.................................. Boris cycles in Bangkok.................................... When you have you have to sleep, you gotta sleep. Although i think he was shit faced or wasted on some kind of substance!!!!!................................ Now wouldnt we all like to dine at the "lady buffet".............................................
  10. A few photos of scene's in Bangkok, taken back in January this year.
  11. Kind of like Marmite, you either love it or hate, and the same can be said for Khao Sanh Road in Bangkok. I think for me, the road could actually grow on me, there always seems to be something new or different down there, but i have to say i do like this road at night fall, when the sun is setting and the neon lights come on........................ All photos taken back in January this year. Its just been busy so far, and this is one of the first chances i have had to start posting photos.
  12. This is one of my favourite places in Bangkok to visit. Its just so quiet and so calm, its very relaxing in a city that never really sleeps, and that is so noisy and dirty. This place is an Oasis of peace and tranquility.
  13. Wat Saket , more commonly called The Golden Mount in Bangkok. Is this the most natural highest high point in Bangkok?
  14. Whilst in Bangkok a couple of weeks ago, i decided that i wanted to repay a visit to the Royal Thai Air Force museum up near Don Mueng airport, but unlucky me, i had picked the one day of the year that i shouldnt have visited, National Childrens Day back on Saturday 10th January. The whole place was packed out with kids everywhere, dragging their parents from 1 plane to another, and from 1 stall to another. As much as i thought i would have hated it, fighting my way through children for the day, it actually turned out to be great day and one of the highlights of my trip. Follow the adventure through the photos...............................
  15. There is more to Swampy than just a duty free area and a departure gate, before you board that long flight back home. If only that guy in the BBC show who was 14 hours early knew about this, maybe he would of been more attentive to his flight time.
  16. I saw this on Facebook, and thought if you hadn't seen it before (as I hadn't), you might find it interesting. This was made in 1937, before the nation's name "Thailand" was used. http://youtu.be/YFXTbiOZk8w
  17. Hello everybody! Is it possible to get from Bangkok to Pattaya after 23:00? I'm going to the concert at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre and need to be in Pattaya by morning. What are the options? Thank you in advance
  18. Photos taken about 2 weeks ago. Decided to visit the rally sites for the couple of days I were in BKK. The whole area (between Centralworld and Siam) just seemed to be one big street market and party, with the odd shout on the microphone from someone trying to gee up the crowd every now and again.
  19. I always enjoy this trip every time I take it. There is always something new to see whilst cruising down the river. It has to be one of the best trips you can take anywhere in Bangkok, and for only 15 baht per journey, without doubt the cheapest trip to do. Photos taken 28th Jan 2014.
  20. Is there any more of a depressing site in the world other than the check-in area of Swampy? Finally, the observation deck on landside seem's to be open to the public at last. Other times I have tried to access this area, ive never got any higher than the top of the escalator, but this time you can now make it to the top. Not really a lot up there though, apart from a view of the flight apron, the post office/CAT office, and a model of the entire airport complex and perimeter. Photos taken June 2013.
  21. The departure gate is always a depressing sight to me, especially when you now you have to be up and out of the hotel at 05.00am for your flight back home at 08.30am. Taken June 2013. t%202/DSCN1109_zps3dbe825f.jpg[/url]
  22. Not quite sure what the food festival was in aid off, but it did seem to be well attended by Thai's, with very few falangs. If the Thai's are eating there, then the food must be good! Photos taken back in June 2013. Only just got around to posting these now.
  23. Victory Monument and the surrounding roundabout. Photos taken June 2013. And for people who didn't know just how close Victory Monument is to the Expressway, the cars in the middle of this photo are on the actual Expressway..................
  24. This must be the biggest market ive ever seen in Thailand dedicated to selling just one thing, Buddha amulets. It seems to follow the road all along the river around the Grand Palace/Wat Po area, and must stretch for at least 1.5 miles in length.
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