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  1. If you like Spy/Espionage/Action/War movies, then Israel have been producing some good TV shows in the past couple of years. Finished Fauda a couple of months, and have just finished Tehran yesterday. Now starting on Valley of Tears today.
  2. Just finished season 1 and season 2 of Apple TV+ series "Tehran". Pretty decent viewing. Just started yesterday on a new series called "Valley of Tears" about the 6 day war.
  3. Very interesting perspective of WS! You're a brave guy to walk under there.
  4. I dont think BA have flown to either of these places since mid to late 2020!
  5. Yeah, I can Boris shitting himself over that one! Putin is a fuxking crazy fuxked up lunatic!
  6. Question how many of those views were Bots!!! His camera is shite, his photography is beyond fcuk'ing shite, and he's a bully and a thief!!!
  7. At least out of the UK it is. Even if you buy a non-refundable ticket they would have to refund your taxes paid!
  8. Its a legal requirement to pay back at least the taxes!
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