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  1. firth1974

    Indian girls

    3 out of your 4 posts are all asking about questions of other foreign national girls working in Thailand! Ever thought about maybe travelling to those countries concerned and checking out the girls for yourself? Just sayin' like!
  2. firth1974

    50 years of the 747

    You cant of been on any BA flights recently then!!!! Talk about ear-splitting noise!
  3. I' only going to be in Istanbul for 4 nights in the middle of "The Grand Tour".
  4. I'll let you know when I get there on the 11th.
  5. Hahahaha, sorry! Promise not to do that again. We can leave that there on that other insidious board.
  6. Doubt i will visit anytime soon if t reaches that low! Off to Turkey next week, where the exchange rate has shot throught the roof in the past 12 months!!! August last year i got 4.7-5.0 lira to the £££, right now i can get 8 Lira to the £££££!!! BOOM!!!!
  7. firth1974

    R-Con Residence

    Ive stayed there once before, a few years back. Always surprised me how big the rooms were, and they are quite a size, compared to how small the bathroom was. The bathroom is the size of a shoe box, and the toilet is in there too!
  8. Nice to see you back posting Del. Long may it continue.
  9. firth1974

    Le Pub Soi Diamond

    Looking good Phil.
  10. firth1974

    post from the uk

    I sent a parcel from the UK to Nonthaburi 8 days ago. I see on Royalmail tracking that it is out for delivery today. So 8 days isn't too bad I don't think!
  11. Im not saying on long haul fights that there is a problem. If you read my first post, I stated short haul European flights!!
  12. I might start a separate thread about it later. Needless to say it involves a lot of stuff not really allowed under the board rules.
  13. Without doubt, and nothing to do with this weekends events, PL is fucked with the management it currenty has in place, so its a no from em too!
  14. Yeah, never had problems with flights to BKK and other places, but short haul fights to Europe, these fares never include baggage.
  15. I've started booking all my flights usually with the airline direct because of one reason only. (Most flights I take these days are short haul European flights). When using sites such as Kayak or Skyscanner, the cheap prices are always good to see, but these cheapo fares never include baggage on the cost total. So to make sure I get a flight with the baggage included into the final cost, I find it easier to go direct and use the airline website, and generally there are almost the same prize as on booking sites, and sometimes even cheaper. If I hadn't used the airline direct on some of my flights, I would never have seen business class fares CHEAPER than economy fares on the same flight!!!!