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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I had the same Qatar ticket, and received my refund within 48 hours!!! I was well impressed!
  2. Loved the way you never named the owner of Secrets, instead just referring to him as "the owner"!
  3. Unless we have striked a deal before we leave the destination, ive never got into a a taxi that hasn't used a meter! but refusing to use the meter seems to be the way of life now for taxis. A few years ago I checked out my hotel and took the hotel tuktuk to the top of soi8 and tried to flag a taxi down. Managed to flag 6 down that all refused to use the meter, so just got that pissed off I ended up on the skytrain to get to where I wanted to go instead!!
  4. I find that more times than not, that its me that loads my case into the boot or rear seat of the taxi and its me that takes it out again once I reach my destination! Does this mean the taxi driver will have to pay me then instead of the other way round?
  5. Interesting to see that the COVID-19 insurance policy has now changed to specify Thailand in the wording! Your Emirates free insurance isn't going to cover you for Thailand then!
  6. Ebookers and Opodo are not a search comparison site like Kayak! They are their own travel agent!
  7. My family are from the Halifax and Holmfirth area, and they are some stunning (although derelict) warehouses and buildings along the canal in that part of Yorkshire.
  8. Low tide along that part of the Thames. On that stretch of river, it is actually quite narrow and very shallow. Not the same as you go further into London on the river. Those tyres were originally there for a reason. Where they are used to be full of old boats and tugs that people lived on, and part of the job for the tyres was to help keep upright the boat, and also to not allow it to slide back into the river and roll over and submerge!! I think a lot of people have the same thinking as you when they see the tyres close to the Quayside and river banks!
  9. Yeah, that one does look a little "derelict", but either side of this they are building Barges in their dry docks! Guess this one must of gone bust a few years ago.
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