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  1. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/31-stone-tourist-who-forced-14434527
  2. Apparently, he died a couple of weeks ago in Thailand, according to officials at EVA.
  3. Not really, airlines do increase prices again after having a sale on!
  4. The UK has now banned them from take off, landing and flying overhead UK airspace!!! I believe they may also be banned from flying in EU airspace too!
  5. Thanks Butch. Got a few more photos to put up in a few minutes time.
  6. Doing both things I believe. I'm sure I've been told that the Sanctuary is an ongoing project that's not likely to be finished within our life time.
  7. 3 out of your 4 posts are all asking about questions of other foreign national girls working in Thailand! Ever thought about maybe travelling to those countries concerned and checking out the girls for yourself? Just sayin' like!
  8. You cant of been on any BA flights recently then!!!! Talk about ear-splitting noise!
  9. I' only going to be in Istanbul for 4 nights in the middle of "The Grand Tour".
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