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  1. The bloke who wont answer his calls is Prince Charles, his dad, "apparently"! The guy up above is Maj. Hewitt, who had a 4-5 year affair with Harry's mum Princess Diana!!!
  2. Pot, Kettle and Black spring to mind right now!!
  3. ................................. And on that note, before the circles we are going in get any smaller, its time to say goodnight!
  4. I think some of them used to have restricted Mod powers so they could moderate small (sub)sections of the forum.
  5. You've implied that the government have said all restrictions to be ended!!! Please quote your source!
  6. Please please please post where you are quoting from that says 100%, guaranteed, not a day later, that the government will take away all travel restrictions from mid June???
  7. Fake news!!!! No decision whatsoever has been made as to when the travel bans will be lifted!!
  8. @VPI78 I wish you would continue your thread here, that would be great. CnP is more than welcome. Im sure there is more than enough interest in your thread.
  9. Im only starting episode 3, but its been great so far!
  10. Highly recommend this series on Netflix. Japanese manga comes to live. A cross between Battle Royale and Saw set in a computer game. Pretty gory and some graphical scenes!!
  11. I had the same Qatar ticket, and received my refund within 48 hours!!! I was well impressed!
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