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  1. Ebookers and Opodo are not a search comparison site like Kayak! They are their own travel agent!
  2. My family are from the Halifax and Holmfirth area, and they are some stunning (although derelict) warehouses and buildings along the canal in that part of Yorkshire.
  3. Low tide along that part of the Thames. On that stretch of river, it is actually quite narrow and very shallow. Not the same as you go further into London on the river. Those tyres were originally there for a reason. Where they are used to be full of old boats and tugs that people lived on, and part of the job for the tyres was to help keep upright the boat, and also to not allow it to slide back into the river and roll over and submerge!! I think a lot of people have the same thinking as you when they see the tyres close to the Quayside and river banks!
  4. Yeah, that one does look a little "derelict", but either side of this they are building Barges in their dry docks! Guess this one must of gone bust a few years ago.
  5. I've no idea what that boat was, I cant remember. Don't have a photo either! Where these abandoned boats are used to be full of house boats only 2 years ago! Looks like the council are swooping in and getting rid of those boats in that particular bit of dockside! Didn't see any derelict buildings though, or do you mean the buildings before this photo in the thread? If so, they are the barge building and maintenance building sheds for the barges along the River Brent at the lock.
  6. Low tide in those pics. Its always like that around that time of day.
  7. Very much working class back in the day. Brentford used to have a big barge building community there and a huge dockside/wharf area along the river. Very much an old dockers town area!
  8. Yeah was Brentford. Brentford is in the middle of a serious redevelopment right now that will take a few more years to complete.
  9. Was the hottest day of the year so far.
  10. Thought I make the most of the hot weather (without knowing that today was going to be the hottest day of the year so far) and take myself down to the River Thames for a walk. Started in Brentford, over Kew bridge and down the towpath, through Richmond to stop of for a few beers at work, and then carried down to Teddington where I called it a day and took the bus home! IMG_9783.MP4
  11. Just watched Mr.Jones, based on a true story. The movie only really skims the surface of the horrors of the Holodomor, but at least it gives the viewer a rough idea what it was like.
  12. Why should they care? Its not their job to know if Americans or Brits are allowed into certain countries! That's your job to know that! You cant blame the airline or company because of your own stupidity!
  13. What date is your booking at the 24/7 for? You wont be able to dispute a charge until after the date of arrival has passed. Once that has passed, if you booked on a credit card, open a dispute at the bank and they will investigate. May take a few weeks for your money. If you booked on a Debit card, open a dispute and get your money refunded instantly whilst you are still on the phone with your bank! I'm in the middle of a dispute on my credit card and on my Debit card too for flights with Turkish Airlines that should of happened back in mid April. Instant refund on dispute for my Debit card but have to wait for the investigation on my credit card.
  14. Do you have a link to this?
  15. I stayed at the 247 back in January. Nice little place. Wifi was shite though!
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