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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I didn't book with EVA, but im having the exact same thing happen to me right now with Turkish Airlines!! Have all the emails confiming refunds back to the payment card, but nothing in my account right now. These emails are all from 10 days ago and no money yet...………………………...
  2. https://www.emirates.com/uk/english/help/travel-updates/#3515 Looks like they will be starting repatriation flights though...………….. FLIGHT UPDATES Emirates will temporarily suspend most passenger operations by 25 March. Having received requests from governments and customers to support the repatriation of travellers, Emirates will continue to operate flights to the following countries until further notice, as long as borders remain open, and there is demand: the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, USA, and Canada. We aim to provide affected customers with updated information as early as possible. To receive the latest notifications on your flight, customers should ensure their contact details are updated by visiting manage my booking. Customers can also check the website for their flight status.
  3. If that's who I think it is...…………………………. Dodgeball.
  4. Good luck with the sale mate, I hope you eventually get some good news on this matter. Ive been following this exact same thread on another forum, and I cant for the love of Christ understand why you keep posting on there with all the personal abuse you keep getting from the same retard!!!
  5. Are you sure about this? i still haven’t seen or heard any evidence that UIA, or any other airline, were informed beforehand that ballistic missiles had already been fired at Iraq! If they haven’t been informed, then no reason to suspend flights. People seem to keep quoting the FAA warning US airlines not to fly in that area over that particular moment in time. Did they know something the rest of the world didn’t know? If so, why didn’t they relay any kind of message to other airlines, as quite a few European operators were already to and from Tehran at that moment in time!
  6. I’m following these events very closely at the moment. I saw the flight crew and attendants in KBP airport Tuesday night before they took off. Their flight took off 10 mins after I left Kyiv for Chernivtsi. its now been confirmed that the Iranians shot down the plane. So much for the word “impossible” I’m now sat back in KBP Kyiv airport waiting for my flight out. I’ve just passed the makeshift shrine to the lost crew of PS 572. It’s the saddest thing you will ever see in any airport around the world.
  7. Watched the Red Sea Diving Resort movie the other week. Based on a the true story of the Mossad and their plans to evacuate Jews from Ethiopia to Sudan and then onto Israel, by buying an old diving resort and using it as a cover story, only for the resort to be discovered by other tourists! They actually operated it for real and became quite profitable. Movie not quite as good as the true life story, but still not a bad watch.
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