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  1. The rates don’t remain completely static during the weekend. But there are not changing as much as from Monday to Friday.
  2. Last tree PL matches for Chelsea: Bournemouth – Chelsea: 4-0 Chelsea – Huddersfield: 5-0 Man C – Chelsea: 6-0 Next time it is home against Tottenham. If they want to continue the same way they have to win 7-0
  3. I have stayed many times at Opey de Place and I can say it gives good value for the money. Guest friendly - no joiner fee.
  4. What a surprising day! Chelsea – Leicester 0-1 Man C – Crystal Palace 2-3 The biggest winner must be Liverpool.
  5. Southampton is the new Stoke. To go there feels like going to the dentist 😭
  6. Wolves did again. First 1-1 against Man C and now 1-1 against Man U
  7. I think it will be Man C again. But I hope I am wrong ...
  8. maik

    World Cup

    To be honest Denmark has in this tournament not played the kind of football I like – a WC winner has to have more than a good defense.
  9. maik

    World Cup

    It is not before now WC starts for real ...
  10. maik

    World Cup

    Two bad matches from Denmark – four point. But of course the WC winner never play well in the first matches
  11. maik

    World Cup

    As mentioned before this tournament has no clear favorite. But I vote for Germany because of Gary Lineker: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/gary_lineker_422219
  12. maik

    World Cup

    I am very disappointed – why can’t I vote at Denmark Remember 1992! Even this time Denmark has better chances then England Actually I don’t think this tournament has any clear favorite. I have to wait a few days before I decide what team to vote at.
  13. Now it is official: Unai Emery is the new boss in Arsenal
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