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  1. You find Bangkok City Pillar Shrine – San Lak Muang – next to Grand Palace, north-eastern corner.
  2. Danmarks Nationalbank write on there homepage: https://www.nationalbanken.dk/en/about_danmarks_nationalbank/frequently_asked_questions/Pages/Exchange-of-withdrawn-banknotes-and-coins.aspx
  3. No, I have never made a stop in Sattahip maybe I should do it one day.
  4. Open: Wednesday-Sunday 8:30-16:00 Fee: 200 baht
  5. It was the same four weeks ago but only in the weekend. This time it has been since Thursday.
  6. Walking Street last night. Zeus – a new (beer?) bar next to Skyfall. Not many ‘Russo Touristo’ in Pattaya. Soi 15. Frog – the new beer bar complex. And two from LK Metro.
  7. Thai bar at Sai Sam Soi Buakhao Bling, Soi Buakhao Tree Town Soi Bongkoch 8
  8. Wat Phnom National Museum Chinese ready to go home
  9. Many bares with a lot of girls Chinese shrine at Wat Phnom
  10. River City is a center for arts and antiques located by the Chao Phraya River near China Town
  11. Last night Bamboo Bar reopen. I walked by 21:30
  12. A new beginning for Walking Street! The Walking Street Tree got a new Spirit House. 😀
  13. Does anybody know for sure if the rooms at Sutus Court (2) at Soi Buakhao got in room Safety box? At Sutus Court’s own webpage (www.sutuscourt.com/rooms.html) it looks like they got Safety box. But when I look at booking sites like booking.com or agoda.com it looks like they don’t have it.
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