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  1. Brighton – Tottenham: 3-0 A very bad week for Tottenham 😁 πŸ‘
  2. Try this: get4x.com/en/thailand/pattaya/south-pattaya/tt-exchange-pattaya-sai-2-road
  3. It looks like we all vote for Man C - I hope we are wrong it would be nice to see a new champion.
  4. The rates don’t remain completely static during the weekend. But there are not changing as much as from Monday to Friday.
  5. Last tree PL matches for Chelsea: Bournemouth – Chelsea: 4-0 Chelsea – Huddersfield: 5-0 Man C – Chelsea: 6-0 Next time it is home against Tottenham. If they want to continue the same way they have to win 7-0
  6. I have stayed many times at Opey de Place and I can say it gives good value for the money. Guest friendly - no joiner fee.
  7. What a surprising day! Chelsea – Leicester 0-1 Man C – Crystal Palace 2-3 The biggest winner must be Liverpool.
  8. Southampton is the new Stoke. To go there feels like going to the dentist 😭
  9. Wolves did again. First 1-1 against Man C and now 1-1 against Man U
  10. I think it will be Man C again. But I hope I am wrong ...
  11. maik

    World Cup

    To be honest Denmark has in this tournament not played the kind of football I like – a WC winner has to have more than a good defense.
  12. maik

    World Cup

    It is not before now WC starts for real ...
  13. maik

    World Cup

    Two bad matches from Denmark – four point. But of course the WC winner never play well in the first matches
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