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  1. It is sad to see the old Walking Street Tree today. When I look at my old pictures I can see it has not always been this way.
  2. Over time, I have taken quite a few photos of the Ganesha shrine on Soi Buakhao. They show that the surroundings have changed. But the shrine is still there, and it will likely remain for many years to come.
  3. One and a half year ago I took these pictures from the same aria. At that time there was a more open view from South Pattaya Road. In the past they were seen everywhere in Pattaya.
  4. Soi Buakhao Sutus Court from Soi Buakhao Sutus Court from the backside LK Metro Sothern part of Second Road just before it hits Third Road. This picture is from the daytime. But after dark this aria is full of freelancers who offer their service to Arabs (and Indians). The language is English. I heard a lady said: β€œ1000 baht” to an Arab. But I didn’t hear the question he had asked her πŸ˜€ Xzyte spirit houses Mirror Club – a relatively new Gents Club behind Big C at Pattaya Klang Mirror Club at Facebook: https://w
  5. Soi Buakhao The neon is looking good – but Walking Street don’t have the same vibe as before Keep a good health – Jomtien Beach Just before sunset Phra TamNak 5 There use to be a lot of Family Mart in Pattaya but they are all gone. Many of them are now Tops Daily.
  6. Night market Udon Thani is the traffic quietest major city I have visited in Southeast Asia. Cars and motorcycles don't even run red lights πŸ˜€ Thai-Chinese Cultural Center The shopping center, Central Plaza Not far from the shopping center are the bus station – sometimes with freelancers hanging around in the neighborhood Day & Night Two sisters – 20 and 25 years old
  7. Chinse temple Day & Night in the daytime Nong prachak park City museum - not open
  8. May 2024 Udon Thani is located in northeastern Thailand (Isaan), not far from the border with Laos. You can fly there; from Bangkok, it takes about an hour. The city is best known for the American airbase located there during the Vietnam War. Today, many expatriates still live there. Udon Thani's central nightlife area is located in and around Soi Samphan Thamit. Day & Night is a beer bar complex in Soi Samphan Thamit. Central Plaza is a big shopping center – close to the night life area. The train station is also wi
  9. Update 2024 Benjakitti Park is still beautiful and it is still evolving
  10. Free entrance - so how are they extracting baht from visitors?
  11. Soi Diana where it meets Soi Buakhao at the first night with one way. Hope it is better now.
  12. Go there by SkyTrain (Green Line). Get off at the station: Royal Thai Air Force Museum It takes 40-45 minutes from Nana. Free entrance
  13. Soi Boomerang Soi 6 – Midday When did the name change from Central Festival to … Ganesha Shine at Soi Buakhao. Everything around it changes but the shine still stands. The biggest 7-Eleven in Thailand is at South Pattaya Road Pattaya SkyTrain 😁 - Pattaya Waterpark
  14. Pattaya water supplies depend on the upcoming rains PATTAYA, Thailand – The ongoing drought in the central provinces, including Chonburi and the Pattaya area, is causing concern according to the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). The report shows that the three-province Eastern Economic Corridor in 2023 suffered a 60 percent decline in rainfall from normal levels, though current reservoirs still have 52 percent of total capacity. The hope is, in spite of El Nino, that the current dry season will give way to rainfall from the middle of May ... Read the rest at
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