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  1. Soi 94 – the biggest barstreet in Hua Hin – and probably the best Nightmarked Market Village – shoppingcenter The new trainstation
  2. Nightlife I visited Hua Hun same time last year and in nightlife a lot has changed since then. See last year: https://forums.pattayatalk.com/topic/72403-hua-hin-may-2022/ Last year Soi Bintabaht was nearly a desert it is not the same any more. It is not a hotspot like it was in the past but many more bars have open and there are more girls and costumers. Some of the girls are even very good looking. Beside there are bars with live-music. Soi 80 has also more activity than last year but I like Soi Bintabaht most of the two arias. Some might not agree. Around town more bars h
  3. Pictures from around Town Phra Tamnak 5 Camel Toe – a good place if you are looking for fun early in the afternoon Soi Boomerang Soi 7 where Silver Star 2 A-GoGo use to be Soi Bong Koch 8 Every picture tells a story – but not always the truth 😁
  4. You find Bangkok City Pillar Shrine – San Lak Muang – next to Grand Palace, north-eastern corner.
  5. Danmarks Nationalbank write on there homepage: https://www.nationalbanken.dk/en/about_danmarks_nationalbank/frequently_asked_questions/Pages/Exchange-of-withdrawn-banknotes-and-coins.aspx
  6. No, I have never made a stop in Sattahip maybe I should do it one day.
  7. Open: Wednesday-Sunday 8:30-16:00 Fee: 200 baht
  8. It was the same four weeks ago but only in the weekend. This time it has been since Thursday.
  9. Walking Street last night. Zeus – a new (beer?) bar next to Skyfall. Not many ‘Russo Touristo’ in Pattaya. Soi 15. Frog – the new beer bar complex. And two from LK Metro.
  10. Thai bar at Sai Sam Soi Buakhao Bling, Soi Buakhao Tree Town Soi Bongkoch 8
  11. Wat Phnom National Museum Chinese ready to go home
  12. Many bares with a lot of girls Chinese shrine at Wat Phnom
  13. River City is a center for arts and antiques located by the Chao Phraya River near China Town
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