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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. It's getting worse nearer 34 for a € now according to a photo of a TT exchange on another forum
  2. I am quoting the Superrich rates for the euro in Thailand from their web site not the pound,I usually bring cash.the TT exchange in Pattaya gives a rate about the same.the € and the £ are struggling.
  3. The € has gone under 35 so that's definitely over for my annual trip,I don't see any reason why it shouldn't keep falling at least till they get a final decision on what the UK will do over Brexit.Its all doom and gloom unless you have decent funds then you will have a great time because the European and Brit may be thin on the ground soon especially the two week millionaires,fill your boots.
  4. I use earplugs and Bose noise cancelling headphones,about as quite as it's possible to be on a full aircraft.tablet full of books or pick up a new book at the airport.life is easy.
  5. It's because Theresa May has ruled out no deal,well it's been forced on her,also it looks like there may be an extension to A50 (not the road).
  6. The best I have had for my euro, in Thailand 50 baht,in the UK 1 pound for 1 euro,one time in Cambodia I got $1:50 us for one euro.In march 2002 just after the Guilder was dropped and we got actual Euro's I was on Samui I paid my hotel bill with my MasterCard and the rate was 32:93 for one Euro that was painfull.I don't really see any prospects of Euro rising significantly ever.Been in Jomtien 18 days now taken one girl and not had any massages of any sort in that time working on my tan and reducing my waist size.
  7. The euro is taking a bit of a kicking against the baht.
  8. Hurry up and go for your compensation it might be tricky after Brexit on 29march.mind you they put you up in hotels and that may be all they have to do.
  9. 35:95 for one Euro with super rich at the airport today ,35:93 from TT jomtien this evening,western currencies looked down across the board.
  10. When I was looking in June to fly out in January I saw some great prices but when I reviewed the online agents without exception they had dire reviews, I booked directly with EVA
  11. For some reason the euro sign is not appearing so it's 500 accommodation 660 flight+visa the basic trip is 1000-1200 all in Euros.
  12. If mongering was the main reason I couldn't afford it now I am on a pension thank God for the lack of libido,a guest house in jomtien 8-10,000 a month,I hardly drink.I have to eat wherever I am only buying bottled water is different. 500+- for accommodation max, 660 for flight and visa.there are plenty off opportunitys to get laid in jomtien 4-500 baht in massage parlors to 1500 for a bar girl for the night.Walking street may as well be on Mars. My trip will cost me about 1000-1200 i dont count food and the odd beer and night out in Pattaya as I have to eat and go out wherever I am,The only extra is any girls I take and I don't do that much I prefer the massage places and I have early nights,as I come in January February I am not heating my house etc,it's still reasonable if you are not a longer and you want to get away from the winter back home.
  13. EVA the price you see is what you pay no agency fees or CC surcharges,and leaving from Amsterdam I can check in and download the boarding pass to my phone.I binned my printer, so if you get an Epson printer you can't use cheap ink cartridges as it blocks up the heads just so you know.
  14. They want 1500 now if you take a public taxi from the rank and as it was very busy they don't even negotiate below 1500,maybe if it's quite but the airport is rammed now days all the time.
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