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  1. That's what I found,the other problem is finding exactly what it costs extra to add a bag,also what it costs extra to pick a seat.It seems that you only find out after you book and pay.That gulf air is a cracking deal as long as it's actually happening,the t&c will be eye watering though.
  2. Nutmeg,mace,thyme,salt,lots of black pepper are standard maybe sage as well.ginger powder, cayenne are used as is all spice.
  3. Cumberland use a little sage and thyme,salt and lots of black pepper. Lincolnshire are dominated by sage.
  4. As well as the COVID insurance I will also need the normal medical insurance I suppose.I always get medical insurance to cover any stays in hospital and to fly me back home if I needed. That's another cost that's sure to rise.
  5. The algorithm's will dictate price.I'm still not convinced we will be traveling on mass this winter,happy to be wrong about that.Basic flights,no hold luggage or choose your own seat,are looking good but wether those flights actually take of or not is another story.personally I think prices in Pattaya will rise with demand if there are very few tourists/long term visitors prices will be stable but Thailand is not immune to global market forces especially fuel hikes.There will be some serious drinking if we do arrive on mass LK metro will be jumping,looking forward to it.
  6. A KLM flight for specific dates in Jan/Feb has gone up €9 in 4 days.Theres some ok deals from Amsterdam at the moment but they all have restrictions and some are non refundable! It's buyer beware time.
  7. They have just arrested a Boeing test pilot who worked on the 737 max! Falsifying data or some such shenanigans.
  8. I checked the flight prices last night,the first time since December 2019.I fly from Amsterdam,EVA have no direct flights,I don't know if that's permanent or if they will revive them when demand picks up.KLM direct is €829 with seat selection and 23kg hold luggage,that's what I paid last March.All! the cheap flights have no seat selection or hold baggage.Qatar had flights €780.The M.E may possibly be ok 6 hours each leg.I want/need,seat selection,one 20kg hold luggage,arrive Bangkok no later than 14/15:00,arrive back in Amsterdam before 18:00.I miss the days when I had the choice between EVA,
  9. It's ok for the guys who have a home base in Thailand,wife or condo and can just get on a plane with hand baggage.For the rest of us I foresee having to pay extra for everything,that had already started before COVID.Pay for choice of seat,not just premium but if like me you want an aisle seat,pay.Hold baggage,pay.even meals.I think a basic flight from Amsterdam will be over €1000,before EVA would cost € 600 if I booked early.
  10. I'm a pensioner and my concern is that prices will rise across the board.To rub salt in,I am going to take a hit on my household energy bills,and because of the rise in gas prices I will take another hit in the inevitable rise in food costs.If I have to pay 1k for a ticket add insurance,possible rise in accommodation also food and drink prices. I am a natural pessimist but I fear I have taken my last trip to Thailand.
  11. According to the Times,the boss of Lufthansa has said that prices will rocket as the airlines try to claw back their losses.
  12. Don't hold your breath about travelling any time this year.The Thai authority's are saying that they expect daily infections to double over the next four weeks,that's going to get close to 50k a day,by the time it's peaked and then fallen to accepted levels to allow travel may not be reached this year.
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