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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I have booked the first week in the i-rovers,the next 17 days in the travellers rest soi lenkee,it's cheaper than the classroom.I can cancel anytime.Slight glitch in the matrix! It looks like it's 45 days instead of 30 days stamp starting from October.That means if I can extend my flight I can stay till 3 January plus another 30 days with an extension.I will make my decision during the first week,it's if I can handle 75 days in pattaya,maybe jomtien is better for me.Strange days ahead it might be cheaper to be in Pattaya than the Netherlands in the winter months because I will not be running t
  2. I vaguely remember them trying to shake me down when I was going to my room with two girls.Cant remember exactly how it panned out with the lift mafia,but I remember having a great time with the girls.
  3. Back in the day there was a night club/disco.it was rocking full of all sorts of girls from the gogo's and some students and shop girls out to supliment there income's.One girl told me that the security guys who had a table in the entrance to the lifts and stairs,gave the girls a hard time.From what I could gather they wanted paying to give the girls access to the rooms.I am not sure if it was cash or sex or both,they definitely had a very bad reputation with the girls.
  4. Thanks.I will leave the booking for now,it looks a bit dodgy,coming back at 3am in my cups.
  5. Anybody know roughly how soi 15 buakhao is doing with the road works? Looking at grand avenue condo from 27 November to 14 December. Any indications that it's nearly done? Cheers
  6. I had a Google and there are lots of links for the airport Pattaya run.One had fast track as an option! At least with booking.com you have some comeback if the driver doesn't show.And I know where they live in Amsterdam.
  7. According to booking.com "the driver will meet you at arrivals and take you to your vehicle".I am usually frazzled after the flight and now I am officially old I don't want any messing about.I will check the reviews and probably go for it.Its 1300 and something baht with my genius discount,add a tip so it will be 1500 and that's the rate from the taxi stand.Or of course there's the Bell bus there's one that leaves at 16:00 my flight arrives at 14:30 so I should make that,300baht.
  8. According to their web site they only had standard "smoking rooms" on offer.That will change when we arrive on mass the coming high season.
  9. All spick n span,and ready for all those high end tourists.
  10. Nam's it is then.thanks for the input.
  11. It's just for a week and I will use that time to scope out a few better places.I don't expect much from a guest house on LK Metro so I don't think I will be shocked.
  12. I got a message from booking.com that because I am a genius I can get 10% of a taxi to Pattaya from the airport.Just curious to know if anyone has booked a taxi with booking.com and how it went.
  13. 19 November, I am officially old.
  14. Ha should be 19 December. I tried for Metro apartments but they are booked out.I have booked the first week in the i- rovers,biggish room,good price pay in hotel.I wear earplugs so noise is not a big deal for me,light in the room is more of a problem.I will see how it's going on soi 15 before I check out the hideaway.I will probably try to get a room in the classroom,it seems to tick all my boxes and then book it for February if I decide to return.I usually finish my trip with 3 nights in Bangkok,not so many hotels are showing up on the booking.com map.The old Nana hotel is only
  15. I've booked with EVA fly out 19 December return 17 Dec cost €877 with baggage and seat selection,if I'm enjoying myself too much I can change the date of the return flight and extend the visa for another 30 days.
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