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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. They introduced charges recently same as liverpool,you get 5 to 10 minutes for £3 then £10 then £20 if you stay up to 30 minutes or something like that,I know that because my niece picked me up once from Liverpool she arrived early cost me £20. I now fly into Manchester from Amsterdam and can get a direct train to Flint and that's five miles from my sister's place. If anybody is interested you can book train tickets online via an app called the Trainline, set up an account and the earlier you book the cheaper the ticket is. It's paperless travel now my flight and train ticket are on my phone and the fast track is downloaded to Google drive.
  2. The security is a scrum including the fast track but for a fiver it's just about worth it, don't be late and find out what terminal and what floor you need to be on etc. It has a train station,Birmingham has a train station also
  3. I have just been through Manchester airport and heard an announcement for a flight to Dubai and Emirates have very competitive prices just have to find one that has suitable departure and arrival times for both legs but for me 17-8 hours max duration may be a struggle,not forgetting what you may have to spend on food and drink at Dubai airport.
  4. Back in the 70s I traveled outside the UK for the first time and I could only take out £100. When the UK went decimal the prices rocketed and when the Euro was introduced it was with a feeling of dread (I moved to the Netherlands) but they were clever all the prices shot up September- oct-november so by the time we knew what had happened they could say come February that they hadn't raised prices. The euro is now at an all time low and it's still falling that's all I know, it's lower now than it was when I was on Samui march 2002.
  5. Middle 90s I arrived in Thailand sick from a nasty virus I was with a mate who was on a two week trip,Bangkok, Hua Hin,bang sapan then he left and I went to Laos. I spent 3 nights in Vientiane but I was not feeling good so I thought I would go back to Thailand and get down to the coast maybe visit some islands.fetched up midday in a bus station in Nakon nowhere looking in the rough guide for a place to go and a bus to take me there, a girl who spoke good English started talking to me and said she was on her way to Pattaya to meet her German boyfriend and I should go there the bus leaves in 20 minutes.We fetched up in the Sawadee hotel on what was then the edge of town it was cheap cheerful and basic and I had the time of my life. Came back almost every year untill I became jaded and the pollution and attitudes got to me, spent some trips in Sihanoukville untill I got jaded and the attitudes and traffic/police got to me, now I go to Jomtien and only go to Pattaya for the shopping.
  6. Are the prices from the airlines or from agents? I see cheap flights from Skyscanner all the time but the reviews of the agents offering them are dire across the board,the prices from the airlines are always more when you put your dates in, have to pay for checked and bags seat selection etc. Though I believe Lufthansa do a budget ticket no checked bags or seat selection so if you can travel with only carry on deals are there,KLM do it but it's not that cheap but compared to the other fares it seems cheapish Emirates is looking the best at the moment for jan29 to Feb 27 from Amsterdam under €600,no seat selection but 25kg checked luggage.
  7. Use the Bell bus,after the bus arrives in Pattaya they transfer the passengers to mini buses and deliver you to the hotel. You need to book and pay online. The bus to Jomtien does stop at a couple of places as it passes through north Pattaya on the way to Jomtien,the usual scrum of Moto's fighting over the passengers
  8. Just walk through Rompo left hand side past the tree right to the end, turn left and the MPs are right there,a happy ending used to be factored in to the 300 price of the massage plus a small tip,a couple of years ago it was all in for 500 probably 1k now,a bit like soi 6 Jomtien but less LBs.
  9. I go in the afternoon so carrying soap and towel is not a big deal and I stay in Jomtien plus they fit nicely in my man bag.You do all have a man bag?
  10. The MPs top end of Rhompo are geared up for a more "fulfilling" experience, sadly hygiene and fluffy freshly laundered towels are not guaranteed,simply put they are knocking shops much like the ones on soi 6 on beach road Jomtien but they are the cheapest I know.
  11. After the oil massage and any extras you may feel the need for a shower and a clean towel is a bonus.
  12. From second rd walk up past the bars on Rompo right to the end turn left there is a line of 5-6 massage places, 1k used to get the full works,take your own towel.
  13. Halloumi has to be made in Cyprus and feta must be made in Greece that's in the EU mind, Traditionally it was made from goat and sheep milk now cows is also used it's gained in popularity so they now import some milk but it's made in Cyprus so it's authentic go figure.keeps for ever unopened in the fridge.
  14. 84 to the pound was around the Asian currency crisis about 1998 so it's not a good comparison, about 55 to a pound would be a more realistic number. Really the pound is a low as it's ever been since the Baht was floated in 97 and my Euro is about where it was when the notes and coins were introduced in 2002 and it's not over yet.
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