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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. It's the price,the total hours of the trip,the time of arrival in Bangkok,the time of departure from Bangkok and the time of arrival back to the UK/Netherlands.Heathrow would probably have the best options for the UK but I guess it's about Manchester not Amsterdam.
  2. There's been a charge on seats with extra legroom for years but I need an aisle seat (stiff left hip and a weak bladder) The ME airlines might be a solution due to the stopover that's half way between Amsterdam and Bangkok,it's just finding a flight thats not 27 hours on the return leg and or gets you back late in the evening and with a price I want to pay.Should we expect a drop in price come the end of the year if the expected downturn in the numbers coming from the £.€.$. lands materialises?
  3. Basic economy on KLM will charge €50 for checked bags each leg so add on €100 for a return flight,EVA is cheaper but now charge for seat selection in basic economy.Thats flying from Amsterdam.
  4. That's where I am at,October 31 is the day.I have just had a look at the euro-Dong rate and it looks like it's on a slippery slope downwards."Now is the winter of our discontent".
  5. And Trump keeps talking about other currencies being kept artificially low by governments to give their exports an unfair advantage.I see the € has gone under 34 that's me well out the game,it's going to be a long dark winter.
  6. Morgan Stanley are predicting parity with the dollar for the pound if there is a no deal brexit,tin hat time.
  7. China air stopped the direct Amsterdam Bangkok flights September 2016 that left KLM and EVA with direct flights,KLM are now charging €50 each leg for checked luggage for their basic economy not sure if you have to pay for seat selection, but they usually worked out about €100 more than EVA so I flew with them,now they are charging for seat selection I'm guessing at €28 a leg ,they offer a maze of 6! different seats in economy.when I paid just over €600 for a direct return trip it seemed like a good deal it now looks like it's going to be about €750 with seat selection, that and the exchange rate and my general dissatisfaction with Thailand make a trip this winter unlikely if it's going to happen I may try Vietnam.
  8. Are there direct flights to Manila from Europe? I don't fancy the local airline.
  9. Is that the world cup? I was thinking more of the Indian premier League of cricket.
  10. They want me to pay for choosing my seat in economy now from Amsterdam.
  11. Oooh when looking for flights from Amsterdam to Bangkok on Skyscanner,I checked the reviews of the agents that offer really cheap flights they were across the board scathing of the customer service if something went wrong only contact was via email and most of them just don't answer.Normally I would always recommend booking direct with the airline but in this case.......
  12. There is no end in sight it's going to get worse before it gets better and that may not be enough,you had better get the Indian cricket channels on your tv.The Snowbirds will not be on their annual winter migration this winter.Good luck.
  13. Just looked through the log on my fitness app that stores all the info from my Garmin fitness tracker, seems I did 25km one day in February in jomtien I sort of remember it in that I was knackered for two days afterwards,but I lost 6-7kg in seven weeks by walking everyday.
  14. The good thing is you have a better life style,fresh food with vegetables home cooked? cutting down on booze and sugar and walking more,lost weight?
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