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  1. Just walk through Rompo left hand side past the tree right to the end, turn left and the MPs are right there,a happy ending used to be factored in to the 300 price of the massage plus a small tip,a couple of years ago it was all in for 500 probably 1k now,a bit like soi 6 Jomtien but less LBs.
  2. I go in the afternoon so carrying soap and towel is not a big deal and I stay in Jomtien plus they fit nicely in my man bag.You do all have a man bag?
  3. The MPs top end of Rhompo are geared up for a more "fulfilling" experience, sadly hygiene and fluffy freshly laundered towels are not guaranteed,simply put they are knocking shops much like the ones on soi 6 on beach road Jomtien but they are the cheapest I know.
  4. After the oil massage and any extras you may feel the need for a shower and a clean towel is a bonus.
  5. From second rd walk up past the bars on Rompo right to the end turn left there is a line of 5-6 massage places, 1k used to get the full works,take your own towel.
  6. Halloumi has to be made in Cyprus and feta must be made in Greece that's in the EU mind, Traditionally it was made from goat and sheep milk now cows is also used it's gained in popularity so they now import some milk but it's made in Cyprus so it's authentic go figure.keeps for ever unopened in the fridge.
  7. 84 to the pound was around the Asian currency crisis about 1998 so it's not a good comparison, about 55 to a pound would be a more realistic number. Really the pound is a low as it's ever been since the Baht was floated in 97 and my Euro is about where it was when the notes and coins were introduced in 2002 and it's not over yet.
  8. No I'm saying the MEPs via the European parliament don't have a veto,it's countries that can veto some legislation and deals,say after brexit and the UK comes crawling back asking to be readmitted it would mean that all 27 would have to say yes it only needs one say Ireland to veto it.
  9. I don't think they have a veto and the brexit MEPs are 28-9 out of 750.The 27 other countries may have a veto so good luck getting anything by the Irish.
  10. He can't just call a general election because he must get a majority of two thirds of the MPs that's about 430 to vote for it,that's because of David Cameron's fixed term parliament act. If they vote to make a law to stop a no deal brexit and labour vote against a general election he is in trouble.
  11. Back then the Baht was tied to the $us at 25baht to one dollar.It was floated in 1997 in 98 it peaked at 90baht for one pound.
  12. EVA from Amsterdam seem to now have 6 versions of economy seats ,some of them you have to pay for seat selection and that's new don't know if it's the same from Heathrow. With a general price rise plus paying for seat selection a quick scan through looks like a €120+ hike on last year's trip. It will require some effort and research through the options to decide what's the best deal and seats on their flights now. Like more than a few of us 12-13 hours on a direct flight is knackering, I don't have any real health issues and can't afford the better seats so a stop over in the middle East might be an option, 6 hours then a break then another six hours might be ok as long as it's only a 2-3 stopover.
  13. Boris claimed during the campaign for brexit that a deal would be done within 30 days, Merkel threw it back in his face yesterday.
  14. It's the price,the total hours of the trip,the time of arrival in Bangkok,the time of departure from Bangkok and the time of arrival back to the UK/Netherlands.Heathrow would probably have the best options for the UK but I guess it's about Manchester not Amsterdam.
  15. There's been a charge on seats with extra legroom for years but I need an aisle seat (stiff left hip and a weak bladder) The ME airlines might be a solution due to the stopover that's half way between Amsterdam and Bangkok,it's just finding a flight thats not 27 hours on the return leg and or gets you back late in the evening and with a price I want to pay.Should we expect a drop in price come the end of the year if the expected downturn in the numbers coming from the £.€.$. lands materialises?
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