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  1. The Brits are going nowhere,without a very good reason,if the deaths continue upwards and reach the projected 2k plus,one report has the government allowing people to only leave the house once a week!!!! The new west wing style press officer daily briefing has been pulled.Amanda Stratton the new press officer? was so good in the trials that she would make the current crop of ministers look like numptys.not difficult some may say.Northern Europe may be getting the beast from the east 2.0 this weekend.The Harris Tweed jacket I ordered ten days ago is still at Heathrow according to track and trace, friction less trade eh.
  2. That one up only lasted a few hours.The difference with this lockdown is that it will be a law come Wednesday,not just advice.Thats in England.you Scots are fucked anyway,between a rock and a hard place.
  3. Booking a flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok arrive 2 march, to leave on a repatriation flight 25 march.
  4. Don't hold your breath! So far there is the UK variant,the south African variant and a Nigerian one.I am hoping for February 2022 but there is no planning involved.
  5. I walked down beach road a couple of years ago and was surprised by the beach or lack of it and quality especially once you reach the fishing boats.The other thing was the massive high rise hotels and size of the resorts.Of course there were dozens of tour buses to service them so it makes sense to give them a beach so they don't have to be bussed to them,a win all round really.
  6. It's not going to happen untill January/February 2022.I now only want to be in Thailand during that time I am just a snow bird nowadays.The price of beer and ST-LT is of little concern.I will have a year to save up.though as I approach 70 you never know,one last fling and all that.
  7. Load of cobblers,he was a fake punk he had a team of stylists to dress him and do his hair and make up.loved his mum though.
  8. Only the beaches and national parks are staying closed.
  9. It's gonna be ok you can all relax, there's not going to anybody taking showers,having soapies or getting their laundry done for maybe another year or so. Plenty of time for them to expand or build more reservoirs before the unwashed hoards descend.
  10. The biggest problem in Jomtien is garbage, stinking overflowing trolleys on beach road,piles of bags and bins all over.Every undeveloped patch becomes a dumping ground and every tide brings more to the beach to add to the crap the locals leave after picnicking on the promenade! Garbage is closely followed by the dogs who spoil it for everybody, except of course for all you expert dog whisperer's.The locals have a chance to reboot but I won't hold my breath.
  11. It was not the daughter of the Thai airways top man!
  12. It was in the papers that a Thai airways plane was stuck for 8 hours in Germany because they couldn't pay for the fuel! The daughter of the top man was on it.
  13. That's the beauty of laying bricks/tiles on sand easy to maintain and repair when the sand shifts or rain and the sea affect them. If they maintain them is another story.
  14. I shall be 70 next June so I am sort of thinking about doing something then, but if things are back to normal come January I might not be able too resist a February break from the winter.The exchange rate will be a big factor in the decision about length of stay or if I travel at all and any health issues that may pop up out on the bicycle most days up to 50km a trip now.
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