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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I was looking for a place on Agoda,next January for 30 nights.The March hotel looks ok great location with a reasonable price.All the reviews give it a 10,given that I disregard the top ratings and lowest ratings I've not got a lot to go on.Anybody stayed there recently? Opinions gratefully received.
  2. Doctor Google will explain the rota virus for you.Just don't mention that there's a vaccine for it,there's some sensitive souls on here.
  3. Check the arrival times.the cheapest flight for January 3 on Skyscanner was Saudi.It arrived at 23:20. With 25 hours trip time.The EVA flight looks good if it's direct.
  4. What I saw on booking.com was €1100 or about 42,000 baht for 29 nights january 3 till March 1.with breakfast though.flipper house was €1564. They both get a 7.8 rating considered good.not sure I would like to stay a month in them,but if it's for a short stay I would be ok with the lodge.
  5. Still no change on the prices from Amsterdam in January,the cheapest is still Saudi.The out leg is 25 hours to arrive Bangkok 23:40! Agent prices on Skyscanner. My last two trips to Bangkok I have extended the return date, upgraded and payed online,no problem with EVA. I'm only asking,can you do that with a ticket from an agency?
  6. There was no mobility issues that I could see, relatively modern block with lifts.Maybe a few old fellas have died and they don't want to deal with that.Police, Ghost in the room.semi legality of renting rooms.
  7. I am searching for a room on booking.com and Airbnb,or better an apartment for my trip next year,two months January February.I found one I like but when I read the T&Cs.One of the conditions was "the apartment can only be rented to people between 18 and 70 years old" I have seen a minimum age often but never a maximum age. I will be 73 by next January and I don't want to pay up front and then told I have violated there terms,and then have to get my money back from booking or Airbnb.Has anyone come across this before? I'm not losing sleep over it,but I am intrigued.Also is it legal?
  8. I'm in the Netherlands not the UK.The reviews are horrendous,some of the sites are very dodgy.I did use one site for years "vliegwinkel" nl,even when they were a bucket shop on the Rokin in Amsterdam,I never had a problem with them.I just put my dates into Skyscanner and they come up with a list of providers and the cheap ones come with a long list of grievances,some are self inflicted like spelling the name wrong like,mike instead of Michael.
  9. The prices Skyscanner showed were all via agencies,not the Arline sites.They all seem to get negative reviews, customer service non existent etc etc.I only book on the airlines sites.High season prices December to March are brutal,no idea if they will come down but EVA only have flights from Schiphol 3 days a week.KLM daily but they are always expensive,ok if you only have hand luggage are prepared to gamble on where you seat. I'll be 73 by the time I fly in January I need an aisle seat.My prostate and sciatica nerve demand I move a lot.
  10. For my dates only two Saudi and one Cathay Pacific flights show under €1000.That's via Skyscanner,not sure if that's with hold luggage and seat choice.
  11. I have booked for my next trip 2 January 2025 till 1 March 2025.Direct with EVA from Amsterdam,€1200.Standard economy,choice of seat 23kg luggage. Premium economy for the return trip,it's over 13 hours so the better seat and service are appreciated.Cleaned out the old Eva tickets,a 2019 ticket same dates cost € 636. Looking on Skyscanner there are no cheap flights to be had,none! Because Eva and KLM are the only direct flights from Schiphol and lack of deals I decided to get it while it's a price I am willing to pay. The flights are usually crammed full mostly with older folks like me,as
  12. I arrived from don mueang yesterday.The last 3 kilometres to my hotel on Klang soi 12 took 50 minutes.The traffic was as bad as I've ever seen.Expecting the worst I was surprised to see all the island's and a bright clear morning.
  13. Do they burn fake plastic money as they do in Cambodia?
  14. I'm on my hotel balcony,Klang soi 12.Early most morning's I can smell burning.looking north east I've been able to see some hills in the distance maybe 3 times in 24 morning's,I first thought it was mist from humidity,now I believe it's only from burning, agricultural, industrial and traffic.
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