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  1. That seems to be S.O.P now days.I'm with you I pay to get luggage and seat selection.The other problem with Qatar is the flight time,30 hours was not the exception.
  2. You wouldn't get me near an airport between April and October and the Christmas new year madness.I always fly to Thailand usually with EVA from Amsterdam after 10 January.Flight leaves at 21:25 from a almost empty airport.Though there is a line to check in but it's civilized.I had to go to my dentist in Amsterdam today,everywhere was busy. The only sign that there was a pandemic were the odd discarded face mask.
  3. Good to see there's progress with getting rid of the cable spaghetti.
  4. Prices are moving! Just checked on the KLM app,direct ams/bkk return €740 Jan 12-feb 7. 25kg bag no seat selection.Roughly the same deal with EVA.No refund so it's use it or lose it.I ain't ready to commit though it's tempting.
  5. Like Jacko if I have to have a stopover I will do it in the M E.I can handle a six hour flight in any seat so I don't need to pay extra for an aisle seat. I am checking the fares with Skyscanner for January next year,I fly from Amsterdam.They are at least €250 more than pre COVID,if I can't afford that I probably shouldn't travel.KLM have said they are going to raise their prices! they are starting a premium economy that looks like it's close to business class,with prices to match.What will stop me booking early is the worry of COVID hitting hard come autumn/winter.I am expecting to have to pa
  6. The flights I saw all took between 24-30 hours.
  7. I read on here or Thaiger that they are blocking the traffic on walking street again.
  8. My travel insurance does not allow riding motorcycles,not sure about a push bike.Its considered a dangerous sport!
  9. You should be able to get any taxes back?
  10. That's what I found,the other problem is finding exactly what it costs extra to add a bag,also what it costs extra to pick a seat.It seems that you only find out after you book and pay.That gulf air is a cracking deal as long as it's actually happening,the t&c will be eye watering though.
  11. Nutmeg,mace,thyme,salt,lots of black pepper are standard maybe sage as well.ginger powder, cayenne are used as is all spice.
  12. Cumberland use a little sage and thyme,salt and lots of black pepper. Lincolnshire are dominated by sage.
  13. As well as the COVID insurance I will also need the normal medical insurance I suppose.I always get medical insurance to cover any stays in hospital and to fly me back home if I needed. That's another cost that's sure to rise.
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