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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I forgot the bit where they have drill out concrete and grind off the rebar.
  2. True but there is a proper beach now days and it's getting used.lots of families with small kids mingling with the hookers.They have also got rid of the mass of wires that were an eye sore.It actually looks good at night with all the lights,especially north of Klang.Get rid of the dogs,find a way of sieving the sand to get rid of all the cigarette butts,finish the sidewalks, replant the trees, pressure wash and hey presto there's a half decent promenade.
  3. The one on second road seems to be observed ok,but I still don't trust the f***ers.Aproach with care.
  4. Border force is planning a strike over Christmas and New year.All the airports are going to be affected.Thats if it actually happens.if you haven't booked already be prepared for extremely high prices.
  5. The soi 15 is walkable ok but I wouldn't want to try it when it's been raining,it's the bit from the hideaway to just before the avenue that's messy.
  6. There's two versions of wheelchair rugby from what I could gather from the tv the last week.I preferred the original wheelchair rugby when it was called " murder ball".
  7. More like €1500,the €1000 flights were 30 hours or more each leg! and no luggage.The reasons given were that there's not so many flights,so the ones that do fly are fully booked,maybe overbooked so we can expect some shenanigans at the airports.Cost of fuel,always that one.Staff issues,they laid of all the security people and the loaders etc,surprise surprise they found better jobs.Now they have to find and train new staff,and they are struggling.I shall find out on the 19 November.I have a few expensive linen shirts and Marino wool tshirts I shall put them in my carry on,it would upset me if
  8. In a dutch paper today they wrote that flights to Asia were getting very expensive,it was behind a paywall so I only get the headlines.Out of curiosity i put in the dates of my trip nov19 to dec17.The cheapest was with Finn air,€1090 and the out leg was 32 hours! The best price for a 13-14 hour trip was over €1400.My flight with EVA is coming in at €1700 I paid €877. I have been flying to Thailand annually since 1996 and I have never seen prices anything like this,Can't imagine what the price will be for the Christmas new year peak will be.
  9. I travel direct from Amsterdam but if I had to make a stopover I would prefer via the middle east,mainly because it is midway between London/Amsterdam.Each leg is roughly 6 hours flight time.I see some of the stopovers are 20-30 hours.I am curious if those are the final prices when the actual booking is made,my limited research suggests otherwise.
  10. Airports are restricting flight as well,or are being forced to.At Schiphol they could not recruit enough staff for security so flights were being cancelled some at the last minute.They don't expect any improvement for the next twelve months.Though they have been forced to up the hourly rate for security staff.One of the reasons I booked for November and not the peak season off just after the new year.
  11. I fly out in November from Amsterdam with EVA,€877 that's €200 more than I would pay pre-pandemic.Around the peak Christmas new year it would be €1000 or more.I am 71 and expect every trip to be my last one.One advantage in paying more is the ability to change my return flight,with the 45 day stamp in my passport and getting the extension I could stay for 75 days.Pattaya is the one place I know that as an old white single European male I fit right in.There is nowhere that offers what Thailand and Pattaya has,so for a couple of hundred Euros more I can suck it up.The gogos have limited appeal I
  12. A basic flight with only carry on,with use it or lose it condition's are the only flights that are close to pre pandemic prices.Up the price for checked bag,seat selection,ability to change dates etc.
  13. Any body have any experience of Airbnb in Pattaya? I have downloaded the app and had a scroll through,there seems to be some good deals available for a months stay.I am concerned about hidden charges such as water and electricity also wifi and getting any deposit back,plus the legal issues.Any info or tips would be appreciated.
  14. I have booked the first week in the i-rovers,the next 17 days in the travellers rest soi lenkee,it's cheaper than the classroom.I can cancel anytime.Slight glitch in the matrix! It looks like it's 45 days instead of 30 days stamp starting from October.That means if I can extend my flight I can stay till 3 January plus another 30 days with an extension.I will make my decision during the first week,it's if I can handle 75 days in pattaya,maybe jomtien is better for me.Strange days ahead it might be cheaper to be in Pattaya than the Netherlands in the winter months because I will not be running t
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