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  1. I got it working in the end,so it's Bali instead of PP.€338 return from DM airport in Bangkok,plus €428 to extend my return flight to Amsterdam with EVA,double what I paid last year.I saw a video on Sihanokville on YT,I knew it was bad but it looks disastrous.I know some people on Bali,it's the wet season in February but if it's not good I will just fly back to Thailand.Arrive 10 January stay in Pattaya till 3 February then 3 nights in Bangkok all booked and payed for.6 February fly to Bali,24 February back to Bangkok, Depending on how I feel it's back to Pattaya/Hua Hin/Chiang Mai and fly hom
  2. Anyone else having trouble using the air asia and Bangkok Airways apps and web pages? I am looking into the prices for a round trip bkk-pp next February, if I decide to extend my trip,it's an option,that or spend 4k baht with an agent.The app and web pages just don't work,tablet or phone.possibly there's a three month limit or some such nonsense. reading the reviews something is not ok.
  3. The authorities have a cunning plan! Wait it out till one part collapse completely or partially,then declare the whole lot unsafe.Swifly followed with a total demolition.In the meantime screw the punters and tourists out of as much money as they can.Another reason to avoid walking street.
  4. I only book direct with the airlines,mainly for peace of mind,The reviews of the agents are universally dire,that always puts me of.
  5. I think the penthouse is salvageable,lots of work but doable.The rodeo boys is another matter,I wouldn't know where to start apart from a total demolition.
  6. I stayed in the classroom early this year,looked out over the rodeo boys next door to the penthouse.They are both going to need some serious work to get them into shape.lots of rats came out to play at night.Of course the locals fed the dogs that attracted the vermin at night and the birds overday.A few homeless slept there as well.
  7. It happens every year,it coincides with the low season for tourists.We all then get exited and book flights for next winter.Come the high season or when I arrive on my annual trip, it does a switcheroo and my Euro turns to dust.Every effing year it's the same.I have just spent €2400 on flights and hotels for january.youll all see.
  8. What's the ferel dog situation?
  9. If that's the price for June,what will they be like during the high season?
  10. There were flights with only carry on,no pre check in seat choice.They are not for me.Flights with a stop over and under 18 hour flight time we're all above €900.
  11. I have booked with EVA January 9 to February 6. Clearly the days of cheap flights are over. Paid €1085,pre COVID it was €600-650 .It's a direct flight,free choice of normal economy seat and 35kg hold luggage.KLM is a few hundred euro more.Flying via the gulf or Turkey was around €900 with the stopover.
  12. PS.i was a 50 Gauloise a day man.Stopped when I was 40.
  13. "I have the right to a smoke free workplace".I took some stick over that one.In the UK and many EU countries the unions led the fight to get smoking in public places outlawed.They deserve the credit.
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