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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. PS.i was a 50 Gauloise a day man.Stopped when I was 40.
  2. "I have the right to a smoke free workplace".I took some stick over that one.In the UK and many EU countries the unions led the fight to get smoking in public places outlawed.They deserve the credit.
  3. I and others I know or met all have tales of poor and slow wifi internet in their rooms.I didn't try any wired connections or even if they exist. The systems are at their limits.I hope your friends doesn't rely on the internet for work or business.
  4. I stayed in five different guest houses/hotels from 20 November to 9 January.All of them had flaky wi-fi,my two mates who were in pattaya at the same time had the same experience.Waiting at the check out of the supermarket the guy in front was held up by the dodgy connection while trying to pay with a card,he commented that it was just like the wi-fi in his room.If you need a fast stable connection for work you may struggle,if my experience is anything to go by.
  5. KLM and EVA are the only airline's that do direct flights to Bangkok from Schiphol,not exactly spoiled for choice.Both are always fully booked in high season.I usually go for EVA.One option for me is to go via the gulf and then stay for a few nights in Bangkok,then make my way to pattaya.I will then not spend a few nights in Bangkok at the end as I have done for the last 25 years.I like to go shopping in Bangkok but I really don't need any more clothes, certainly no stuff.
  6. The flight i would go for allows changes,€50 plus flight costs.Thats a biggie for me because I come for 4 weeks and then get an extension if I want to stay longer.KLM have always had the attitude that we should be grateful they allow us on their planes.
  7. I won't book yet! In the past July is the month to get the best price for a flight in January.I am just curious to see what's going on with flight prices.Same as I check the exchange rate on the TT website.I don't expect €600 flights any more.Things could get strange.
  8. I see the prices have started to drop for the direct flights from Amsterdam.EVA have dropped a couple of hundred Euro's,under a €1000 now.KLM just over 1k. That's for flights from the the first two weeks in December till the last two weeks in January,around 50 days.Would get me away for the darkest and longest nights.
  9. I forgot the bit where they have drill out concrete and grind off the rebar.
  10. True but there is a proper beach now days and it's getting used.lots of families with small kids mingling with the hookers.They have also got rid of the mass of wires that were an eye sore.It actually looks good at night with all the lights,especially north of Klang.Get rid of the dogs,find a way of sieving the sand to get rid of all the cigarette butts,finish the sidewalks, replant the trees, pressure wash and hey presto there's a half decent promenade.
  11. The one on second road seems to be observed ok,but I still don't trust the f***ers.Aproach with care.
  12. Border force is planning a strike over Christmas and New year.All the airports are going to be affected.Thats if it actually happens.if you haven't booked already be prepared for extremely high prices.
  13. The soi 15 is walkable ok but I wouldn't want to try it when it's been raining,it's the bit from the hideaway to just before the avenue that's messy.
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