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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I was scheduled for late March,2021,got overly optimistic and rebooked for Nov 3,2020 and now have rebooked for mid-April 2021. I can change back to an arrival this year if things change as I much prefer a visit sooner than later. It is a long haul from South Florida that requires an overnight stay on the US west coast and then a change in Tokyo.And it gets more difficult the closer I get to 70. Just 1 more visit, please.
  2. I remember those shutters being closed once during an intense storm in 2011,but after just a few minutes, not a beat was missed.
  3. If the Kingdom ever allows Americans to enter again, count me in. Many good memories there.
  4. So great to see a TR! Thanks for sharing and taking the time to do it. Did you book the Rembrandt on their website?
  5. Passengers between the airports. IIRC,just show a ticket but it's been a while.
  6. I was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia last week. On the left, even though I'm a righty. After diagnosis,no pain until late one evening I had a series of short pains that lasted until 3am. By the time they quit,I was unable to sleep from being too exited in the wrong way. But I fell asleep ~6am and haven't had an issue since. Now I'm careful about lifting or making any sudden moves while bending over. I've been retired for 15 years from an airline career where I lifted my share of baggage and boxes. Mind you, not all 32 years but I guess enough to matter. The doctor asked what my profession was and I told him and he said that was probably the main contributing factor as that area had weakened over time. So I guess I'll have to leave my favorite gymnastic moves for the bedroom at home and say "you on top" in Thai! Welcome to 69 (years old)! 1 plus is the surgery is now out-patient and he said they basically just push it back in. Gawd!!!!
  7. (I just posted this in another thread) Throwing in the towel for a visit this year. A few weeks ago,I was booked for March 30,2021. Then I felt foolishly optimistic enough to change to a Nov. 3 departure for a 2 week visit. Foolish me!!! So I bit the bullet today and changed to an April 22 departure for a 16 day visit. Hopefully by then there will be a vaccine-I can always hope, right? And that vaccine may mitigate some entry requirements along with a negative Covid test result if required or an antibodies result. I'll be 2 months short of 70 when I arrive.
  8. I paid just under $1100 for my LAX-BKK premium economy on UA & ANA. Or I could switch to all ANA for same price but I wanted all 787s for my trip plus that cabin is only 3 rows on UA and 2 on ANA. UA has blocked seats but I don't see seats blocked on ANA.
  9. Valid for travel from January 2021 – early May 2021 for Monday through Thursday departures and returns. Availability is limited. Must purchase at least 21 days in advance of departure. https://www.theflightdeal.com/2020/06/20/american-phoenix-chiang-mai-thailand-691-roundtrip-including-all-taxes/
  10. I was referring to,"I doubt they will offer change, so you may find yourself buying superflous extras to avail it before expiry". Hence my reply of upgrading your cabin. As far as buying miles,I have no need but I do buy points from hotels when the the offer is at or near 100% bonus. As far as buying miles,UA is selling their loyalty program. "United to Put Up Frequent-Flier Program for $5 Billion Loan".
  11. Or upgrading your cabin where previously that wasn't a consideration.
  12. They receive billions in gov't subsidies. I don't see the government letting them fail.
  13. Quite the birthday present! LOL https://www.thestatesman.com/world/thailand-extends-ban-international-flights-june-end-1502889676.html
  14. I can guarantee that nothing similar to those is part of any breakfast in America. Possibly a child's breakfast though I don't even remember that. But then again,I've only had breakfast here for 69 years next week and my memory fades. I wonder who designated those as part of an "American breakfast"?
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