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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. https://loyaltylobby.com/2020/11/13/thai-airways-will-operate-more-special-flights-to-europe-within-asia-until-december-30-2020/?omhide=true In part: THAI is currently offering limited inflight services for special charter and repatriation flights. Please note that inflight entertainment systems and other full services amenities are not available on these flights. So you end up paying 80-90,000 THB for a flight in Thai Airways “Business Class” without proper inflight service or even an entertainment system.
  2. Good price for travel as late as Sept. 2021 when visitors MAY be allowed entry. https://www.theflightdeal.com/2020/11/13/american-los-angeles-bangkok-thailand-490-roundtrip-including-all-taxes/
  3. My airline must be an exception. I have received a pension check every month since October 2005. The PBGC guarantees airline pensions if the carrier goes belly up.It applies to those making a certain amount and my category is protected to 95% of what I'm making. Pilots were not so fortunate. Many of us became very familiar with the PBGC when airlines were filing bankruptcy in 2005,including mine, but my company is well ahead of what is needed to keep the payments coming. We receive a letter showing what % is in the fund annually.
  4. He is the article I was about to post: https://thepointsguy.com/news/thai-airways-boeing-747s-for-sale/?utm_source=TPG%20Daily%20Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=1694136&utm_usr=c7d890faeb5d7513b2d5ce72548d4b16522e03d7a469a7aea52607bf059a91e1&utm_msg=6380297e830146118843271344842693&utm_date=2020-11-06
  5. In part," We have covered Thai Airways for years and I’ve always said that the company has WAY too much staff which is a result of their “fat cat” management style where people are being hired and put into positions with good pay packages even though the company doesn’t really have much need for more employees. Normally companies would just grow out excessive staff by natural retirements but the Thai Airways modus operandi has always been to serve as an ATM for connected individuals and families. It doesn’t just include employment and pay but also generous benefit packages for employees, former management and the countless dignitaries in the country. These chickens have now come home to roost and unfortunately the staff is in the firing line. I’m not sure how the pension / retirement funds are structured as far as old staff is concerned or what would happen to existing employees. Knowing Thailand there would be an upheaval if they left everything with a wet towel in their hand, especially since the former state enterprise has many well connected employees. https://loyaltylobby.com/2020/11/05/thai-airways-sends-5000-employees-into-early-retirement-financial-reserves-to-run-out-by-december/?omhide=true
  6. Interesting take. https://loyaltylobby.com/2020/10/31/suite-saturdays-club-ocean-view-terrace-suite-intercontinental-pattaya-resort-thailand/?omhide=true
  7. Wait,let me get this straight. You passed both a Taco Bell AND adjacent BK for those tacos and burger? Where is your head,man????? Kidding!!! Looks like you made the right choice as usual. Great TR and thanks for sharing.
  8. I've never had an issue with the lady drivers from Nam's Taxi. Here is their e-mail address. namnamthailand@gmail.com
  9. My only experience arriving in Pattaya has been at night and nearly every return to the airport has also been at night, save for 2 trips to Phnom Penh. Late arrivals and early departures. And if my late April trip happens, both trends continue. Only once has a driver stopped en route. Count my blessings.
  10. The VA has done both of mine and as mentioned, the prep is the worst part. If you decide to use the VA,be warned that you cannot drive yourself or use Uber or LYFT. Your driver must stay at the facility the entirety of your visit. Hope it works out whichever option you choose. They even provide the bowel cleaning mix which looked like Kool-Aid. "Now the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new drug that could make preparation for the screening easier. Called Plenvu, this liquid drug is designed to replace the traditional, poor-tasting bowel cleaning liquid that patients drink to prep their systems for a colonoscopy".
  11. Now all of you living in the countryside have no reason not to get away....... https://loyaltylobby.com/2020/10/10/crazy-offer-stay-at-30-centara-hotels-in-thailand-until-december-31st-for-10000-baht-us315/?omhide=true
  12. Not a moment to be proud of. https://loyaltylobby.com/2020/10/08/epic-failure-thailand-delays-special-tourist-visa-indefinitely-48-hrs-before-first-tourists-arrive-no-refunds/?omhide=true
  13. All of these are 2 layers with a pouch inside for a 3rd filter if wanted. 1 guy I know trims a coffee filter to fit in the pouch but that's way over the top.Mine go in the wash.
  14. Or wash it. I wash all of mine with my laundry.
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