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  1. Surprising number of YouTube videos 1 year old or newer.Judging by the hotel videos and a breakfast only video,it looks fair value at 199b. I like the location but the newly renovated B building faces the bay but is very loud and the windows aren't soundproofed. I usually stay in a condo or something more a little upscale, but this may work for 2 weeks. It does have a great view from the rooftop pool area.
  2. YouTube was my next step. 83EC6FD1-1EEF-4262-A76C-A5C77CAF50FE.heic
  3. I searched and there is nothing recent. Many posts go back as far as 2005, which predates my time in Jomtien long ago. Anyone have an opinion or heard anything recently? Are there better options in that price range? Ideally,I'd like to stay between 2nd Rd. and Beach Rd. Thanks
  4. Why would some idiot downvote this 4 years after I posted it?
  5. I meant recurrent training for the pilots, which is done on a yearly basis. I'm sure quite a few haven't flown recently. I could see the 777s for sure.
  6. I don't think they will ever leave the ground with paying passengers. Too expensive to operate from fuel standpoint. Plus flight deck crew training again and spares,ect.
  7. The makket is flooded with so many airframes already. A340s have zilch value. Their fate was sealed long before the pandemic.
  8. Chansin Treenuchagron is stepping down to become one of five administrators who will attempt to restructure Thai Airways. HUH? https://simpleflying.com/thai-airways-whats-next/
  9. https://www.theflightdeal.com/2021/06/17/qatar-airways-new-york-bangkok-thailand-659-roundtrip-including-all-taxes/ Be sure to use the code MPMEMBERS. There are similar deals from other cities in the US but none as good as ORD,SFO and JFK. But they have 12 US cities to choose from. Fare Availability: Valid for travel from September – early December or January 2022 – May 2022 for Sunday through Thursday departures and Sunday through Wednesday returns. A 7 day minimum stay is required. Must purchase at least 28 days in advance of departure Here's a sample itinerary wit
  10. That's what the code is for-to recognize their new affiliation with AS. But strangely enough, you don't have to be a member of AS frequent flyer program to use the promo code! I had originally booked from ORD but decided to pay the extra $30 to depart from SFO since I'm in Baja. Right,no premium economy. As an aside, Air Canada has a great deal where you can bid on premium economy and business seats if ticketed in economy. Simple process and you can increase,decrease or cancel you bid at any time. Pretty cool. You are absolutely correct about flight times.My flight time from SFO to DOA is
  11. The PM said today he expects the country to open to those who are fully vaccinated in 120 days w/o quarantine.
  12. As low as $619 from ORD and $651 from SFO. Other cities also but higher than these 2. Use promo code MPMEMBERS. I just booked for April arrival. And their change/refund policy is very fair.
  13. Sometime I just shake my head when I read about perceptions regarding airlines and travel agencies. But I guess 32 years dealing with passengers at a major US airline gives me a different perspective, even though I left 15 years ago. I was about to post about how we handle passengers during an irregular operation/IROP but I didn't want to get into a discussion about policies and the 1 off or 2 off experiences here because they differ between carriers and of course, agencies. But I will continue to follow this thread until it reaches a point when perception is passed on as gospel and then I'll
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