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  1. chippendalesam

    The rate on the street.

    Thanks for the update Jacko with the real-current, "boots on the ground" ex-change rates.
  2. chippendalesam

    Taco Taco Tex Mex (Updated Nov. 25, 2018)

    BUMMER.Thanks for that feedback cbrib.
  3. chippendalesam

    Taco Taco Tex Mex (Updated Nov. 25, 2018)

    WHY ??? I was looking too visit his restaurant when I arrive.
  4. chippendalesam

    Under 300 Baht ... And Mediocre (Updated 10, 2019)

    Comical and very enjoyable read Evil. It was such a great read that I felt bad for you emphatically.
  5. chippendalesam

    Dining at Terminal21

    Atlas, you have a way with words. I enjoy you writings. Thanks for the entertaining read. And Cappy let me know if you find out anything about the chinese sex shows.
  6. chippendalesam

    Dining at Terminal21

    Evil thanks for that SUPER post. All three of the rest. that you ate at looked great and the prices and presentation were extremely attractive. Oh yeah, the girl you took a pic of and for was attractive. Was she desert???
  7. chippendalesam

    Steak in Pattaya

    Yes rawhide i read that and it sounds very good. I am SURE i will try it when i arrive in Pattaya just to take in the scenery if nothing else.
  8. Super great report tallguy. Thanks for all your time and effort bringing it to us.
  9. chippendalesam

    Steak in Pattaya

    Thank you Evil for possibly trying it in the future. I hope i did not talk you into a possible negative experience.
  10. chippendalesam

    Steak in Pattaya

    Rawhide, has anyone to your knowledge done a first hand report on that place you just wrote about? I would be very interested in evil's opinion as I hold his views highly.
  11. chippendalesam

    Steak in Pattaya

    To me Evil, that picture of your steak presentation looks horrible. I don't think I will ever give the "Kitchen" any of my baht.
  12. chippendalesam

    The Beach

    Jacko, do you ride a bicycle or a motorbike? I will be buying a bicycle after i arrive in the Pattaya-Jomtien area for retirement. For local trips, daily errands, sight seeing and a tiny bit of exercise. Anyone currently doing this? Please feel free to give me feed-back. Thank you all in advance.
  13. Very good information from all of you gentlemen. Very informative on costs and insurance. Thanks again.
  14. chippendalesam

    Airbnb in Thailand

    Thanks Sinbinjack for that feedback.
  15. How was the party and turn out? I wish you another 13 years plus of good fortune.