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  1. Thank you sir 🙂 It wasn't The Wake Park. Appreciate your contribution, and I'll continue looking.
  2. Hi guys, This is a special (or weird) question, so please bare with me here. :) A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a Facebook page/thread that there was a lake (not ocean) 1-2 hours north (or north east) of Pattaya where there was a small Jet/Water Ski establishment. Why it caught my mind was the scenery: I remember it as a long/wide lake and you could rent the Jet Ski's for a decent length for a reasonable penny. Anyone know what place I might talk about? It wasn't a huge tourist attraction...
  3. Hi guys, Looking to rent in Pratumnak for my next 1 year trip. I need +40 sqm and I find projects built before ~ 2015 (built before the China-rush) offer a decent price/size ratio. I'm, however, a bit overwhelmed with the amount of condos out there - so I want to hear what projects you like. What are some of your recommendations? :) I did a similar thread the last year, with the opposite objective: only new condos. I couple of boardmembers advice me to go for the older projects as these are better in size. I should've listened - you were correct. :)
  4. Guys, of course I understand the rationale. However, now I'm looking for a particular project so if you know any names, please write them and I'll create a list. I can share the list sorted for year later :)
  5. Hi @tallguy 🙂 Great reply and thanks a lot for your effort. Just as you say I'm not necessarily super-strict at 2018 - but I do want it built within 5 years. Your names have been noted and I'll research them promptly. Thank you again sir 🙂 !
  6. Hi Guys, I'm looking to do a 1 year rental in Pratumnak (or close) this coming season. Would you know if any service or site where I can list properties by date of when the project was built? Or something similar. I'm looking for projects dated 2018+. Thanks,
  7. I've decided to bite the bullet and ride my 125 click up to sriracha. Perhaps 1 or 2 piss stops needed...
  8. Thanks! Do I understand you correctly that there are traditional baht buses going from Naklua to Sriracha for 35 baht? I salute your answer and I'll wait for more answers if there is perhaps a bus or van from central pattaya (or close).
  9. Hi, Looking to do a medical check up in Sriracha but the 40 km would be tiresome on my bike. I opened up my grab app and was qouted 800-1000 which is quite steep since I need to return as well. Are there any regular buses or van's going? Perhaps a website?
  10. Thank you guys, spot on. I just wanted to see if there where any "oh, I heard great about this complex" ideas. Currently staying at "Grand Avenue". New built (new years, 2019) and has a great pool with adjacent 2 x saunas. The rooms have a feeling of "new" as well (of course). However, I feel for example Pratumnak would be just fine for me. But there's like 20+ complexes and I dont know where to start... Anyways, just thinking out loud.
  11. Hi, I'm doing Pattaya about 6-8 months per year and I don't feel the need to live in the busy center any longer. Previously I have enjoyed the condos around Avenue (Centara, Urban etc.). My next sentence perhaps is up for ridicule but I'll say it anyway: I'm looking to come down to 12-14k per month from the current 18-20k I've spent. What are some condo names that you have heard of - that are not too many years old - that you could recommend?
  12. Hi, I'm looking to buy my first bike. As this is an area I'm somewhat lost I would like to go to a shop that gives me a fixed price that is decent. I'm willing to pay a little premium to not be hustled and I would appreciate if the shop deals with foreigners on occasions. Where would you recommend? :)
  13. Thanks Yogi! Reading my post again, perhaps I wrote to much. The essence of my question is: do "we know" if thai embassies check the validity of the documents. I guess things concerning citizenship and similar is scrutinized heavily, how it is with visas I'm not so sure.
  14. Hi guys, I'm under 50 years old and I currently spend around 6 months per year in Thailand. I work in consulting in my home country, and I'm able to support this way of life (not more, not less). As you might have heard it's getting harder to be granted Single Entry Tourist Visas from adjacent countries. And - to be straight - I'm not affluent enough that a Elite Visa for 500 k is reasonable. (Just go give you some background). I'm about to apply for my first Multiple Entry Visa, as this will (probably) make my 6 month stay a bit more hassle free. I do meet the criteria o
  15. Hi guys, I'm doing a border run to Cambodia in a couple of days with service from Queen Vic (Soi 6). Leaving 6am and should be back late midday/early night. First time doing this. Any advice of what to bring/not to bring? I'm thinking earplugs and eye-patches for some sleep... 🙂
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