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  1. My driving certificates usually come in the post with a QR Code which I just scan and move on calculating my savings against what it’d be cost in England 😊 Who said ferangs always must pay more not all bad in Thailand ☺️ I was away in the uk for a few weeks meanwhile the sneaky buggers installed a camera on the Bowin bypass needless to say I flashed past at 130 and when I checked the limit was 90 🙁
  2. I think a lot of people went for the 10% return spiel I had a guy ring me promoting it. Fortunately I am old school thinking that if something sounds to good to be true. However it doesn’t hide the fact there’s a lot of empty Condo buildings around there and its interesting to see how that pans out somebody presumably the banks own them.
  3. It never ceases to amaze me at the rate that this place is growing in what literally seems like overnight especially when Covid was over. There’s bars and restaurants literally appearing over night or at least that what seems like. Just noticed this morning another place has appeared on the end of the Siam Condo Soi. I don’t know where people are getting their confidence from but good luck to them. Yet one thing that seems quite odd and ominous is there doesn’t seem to much activity at many of the Orange New Nordic Condos I think there must be getting on nearly 20 buildings barely anyone in t
  4. Yes another very moving place I have been. So many young men laid to rest there and quite a few from my home town.
  5. I lived in the Cz Republic for 5 years and went there several times in the depths of winter and it is one the most lasting poignant places I have ever been to in my life. Somehow the feelings you get there is hard to put into words it may sound wrong but anyone who gets a chance should go there. Even seeing your pictures again made me feel the cold silent atmosphere and I’m sat here in my condo in Pattaya now. In a good way a very good reminder of how lucky we was and are not to have lived during that nightmare. Thanks for sharing. BTW did you get chance to go into the Salt Mines also a v
  6. Real pity about Dynamite it was just getting going as well. Just another example though of how tough the business is in Pattaya to survive. All about location location and foot traffic of the masses . Any ideas why I cannot upload anything above 1MB always say file is too big ?
  7. It never ceases to amaze me what I stumble across in this city. Met some friends at a Thai restaurant round near the Land office tucked up on the small Soi’s. The restaurant is full of all sorts of stuff pretty amazing god knows where they got it all from. The food wasn’t bad either but a bit slow because it’s busy.
  8. I am there now first time we’ve been here quite impressed I am surprised at difference between here and Pattaya. It’s seems quite busy I’m also here with the wife and kid so been to the market and tonight on the pier for thai street food. Staying at the Hilton and it’s a really nice hotel can’t fault it.
  9. This picture really gives a perspective that you don’t imagine when you drive along second road
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