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  1. Land it’s my balcony here in Pattaya. The problem is I like the odd plant but the wife has turned it into a mini garden. The last 6 pictures are our land in Udon which I have built a house on now for my wife and kid basically for if or when I move on to the other side 😊
  2. I have the Plant or Tree shown below I don’t know it’s name I suppose it’s a kind of Palm and I see them around I think somehow they are Chinese origin and some story about good luck you see them outside a lot of companies. Anyway my quandary is how to look after it we had it 3 or 4 years. Periodically new Palms shoot and a couple of times almost immediately insects attack them often killing the Palm. Does anyone know if you can cut the old Palms off or just let them die and drop off ? What kind of spray would be best to treat it with to stop the insects without hurting the tree ?
  3. Not sure how this will pan out in the future when the rain arrives 🤷
  4. I have fond memories of this small place with the live music it was in there I agreed with my then boss to my first contract to work here in Thailand in 2015. Sorry to hear it’s not opened back up.
  5. I don’t know if it’s possible but why don’t people transit out of Manchester to Paris or Amsterdam for me it always works well with KLM or Airfrance. i give up on Heathrow years ago even getting a hire car was a pain in the ass.
  6. I booked last Saturday with KLM BKK - BHX business THB 62k that’s cheaper than the booking I had to cancel in January. Will fly out in 3 weeks. Of course it all depends on your flexibility to fly on the midweek days. But if you are flexible and shop around flights are not really not that much more expensive than pre Covid. My mate coming out from Germany with Lufthansa told me he was seeing flights around €650 eco which ain’t bad or at least compares to be before.
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