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  1. Just walking down a small Soi off Soi 5 Pratumnak and stumbled up on these wonderful examples of British Cars when they was in their prime. Pattaya just never ceases to amaze what it has to offer in many different ways.
  2. Not Pattaya up country burning the fields no wonder there’s poor air quality drifting across the country.
  3. Just shows how much notice I take of these things I’ve been taking Azilsartan I assume for Cholesterol and Vivacor for BP for the last 6 or 7 years. i was taking Rampiril from the UK for 5 years before and after a while being here I started to have a reaction and my whole face swelled up and it only happened when I ate Prawns. Of course everyone said it was seafood allergy but the BPH doctor changed my tablets and since then no problems and BP well under control. BTW I had full heart check a couple of weeks ago at BPH the full monty and I thought the price of about 6k baht was very r
  4. Might seem a bit niave but what are all them pills for ?
  5. Just a selection from around Pattaya when the family have visited and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
  6. I ended at one on Chaiyapreuk road was ok. Then later I saw there is one in the Threprasit market as well.
  7. What is it they don’t seem to last long at least once I start using them. Used to the one on the bottom of Threprasit road near third road until suddenly it was demolished. Was until today using the one on Soi 5 Pratumnak just went today same again demolished almost overnight. Both these business seemed to have a very steady trade all the time. Does anyone have any other recommendations I think there has to be a market for the mobile valets you get back home ?
  8. I was stopped at the WS lights looking at the roadworks pondering if this puddle was a hint of things to come or if I was just being a bit pessimistic about all the drainage improvements and everything will be just great when it’s done.
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