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  1. They are always impressive shows but once you’ve seen it the pictures you take all seem to be similar every year of course discounting the ones when the boat caught fire at the end a couple of years ago just a minor hiccup.😊
  2. Just read this article which doesn’t seem like a bad deal since BA and others have cancelled their schedules to BKK. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-10333689/Airline-Scoot-offers-upgrades-child-free-zone-flies-London-Gatwick-Bangkok.html May not work for everyone in Thailand.
  3. Not exactly bloody cold up north Trying telling a Thai that ☺️
  4. And the fact it’s bloody cold up north and the fires are burning to keep the locals warm. I was told up north it’s getting to single digit figures heavens above that’ll be the return of the ice age. Putting it in to context my grandkids went to Lapland last week was telling me it was -25 degrees.
  5. You’re a bit early for booking somewhere a year in advance not to mention your budget even in pandemic times maybe a bit on the low side. Good luck
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