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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I just asked my wife the original question of how many weeks in a year she came back with 48. I gave up trying to explain that she was wrong 🤓 I come to the conclusion it’s irrelevant so not worth even thinking about from her point of view which perfectly illustrates the lazy brain syndrome. And she is a lot smarter on things than me if they have some relevance to her.
  2. Absolutely I’ve seen Mapprachan go down from being the fullest I’ve seen it. What makes it all the more ludicrous was the open encouragement to poor water down the drains for a week in Pattaya to celebrate Songkran.
  3. Many of the owners I know around town have shut up shop and gone away until after the madness has finished. I personally have no issue with a bit of water throwing but what I cannot accept is the fcuking ferangs with those blue water cannon type guns which are definitely a danger to anyone on a motorcycle. I’m tucked away up north at our house and the kids are playing water and one Thai wanted to plastered me with powder I politely said no thank you and off he toddled which is how it should be. If I was in Pattaya I’m fairly sure it would have resulted in violence !!!
  4. Anyone been waiting for there lost luggage can find it at the back of Tukcom 😊
  5. Now that would be worth forgoing the odd shower for. But actually it’s a good point I doubt the authorities gave that a thought.
  6. I keep an eye on the water levels over at Maprachan when I’m out that way and the lakes is still relatively full compared to the drought years but I have to say that more and more land is becoming visible just wondering if we’ll be able to survive the hot season round the corner without water outages.
  7. It’s before my time and have no clue really but hazard a guess at Soi 15 ?
  8. Brought a smile yesterday with its Celtic shirt on.
  9. Anyone know a pharmacy where can get these from ?
  10. Not too sure he’ll hang in there until next Christmas he’s looking pretty knackered.
  11. If there is one view in Pattaya that always brings a big smile as you drive down the hill at any time of the day this is my most favourite.
  12. Very calm and clear water this morning doe on the beach.
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