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  1. I know there is a project to remove overhead cables but this seems a little drastic 😁
  2. Where they are digging on Second road you can see large cracks in the road surface adjacent to the holes so entirely possible the same accident could happen again there.
  3. It certainly was, amongst other names during its existence. When it eventually closed it was imaginatively called 'Nana Disco'. Met the farang manager a few times as he was good mates with Ricky (ex Pandoras). Seemed like a nice guy. Can't remember his name but I remember his wife who was a nurse and was a great lady.
  4. Majestic suites just around the corner, not perfect but a much better option.
  5. Have you checked their business class prices? I'm hearing good things about it recently.
  6. I didn't even know she had fingers until you mentioned it! ???
  7. Well done Tallguy? With Evel stuck in the US I've missed food reviews.
  8. Excellent report. Well done and thanks for taking the time to post it. ?
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